Cannot Install Wmp 11

I'm still on wmp 10 for some reason and i wanted to connect my pc with 360 to stream videos. I downloaded the update but it was telling me to go get the rollup update 2 or something, so i attempted to install that and it told me i needed to go get .net framework 1. 1 and .net framework 1. 1 sp1. I went to download those and install them, but it's telling me that "the upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program". I've googled it, tried all sorts, uninstalled sp3 and tried it and nothing.

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Downgrade Media Player 12 To Install Wmp 11

Want to remove wmp 12 and install wmp 11 on windows 7. I do not like the new wmp and would like to uninstall it, i already have a program that allows me to take ownership of files. A walk through would be nice, thanks in advance. I'm also on the 64 system.

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Issue With Wmp 12

Yesterday a friend of mine gave me a flash drive which contained a couple of music albums that i wanted to copy to my music folder.

Before i copy the albums to the desired destination (its path being like this c:usersmynamemusicartistnamealbumname ) , i temporarily copied them on my desktop (i wanted to change some things [important: i did not change any names] before copying them to the desired destination) and from there i listened to a couple of the songs , thus adding just those two songs to wmp's music library.

So far so good. But ultimately, i moved the albums where i wanted, and restarted wmp 12 in order for it to update its library to include the two new albums, as it did.

The problem now is that the two songs i had listened to when the music files where still on the desktop (or , if you want, in the desktop folder) cannot be played and wmp gives me an error message that informs me that the file i am trying to play is not found in the directory c:usersmynamedesktopartistnamealbumnamerack. Mp3 , which is true since i moved it to the desired destination. However, for some reason i cannot delete these two faulty entries from wmp's library!

I recreated the destination path that wmp is looking at, when i do this the tracks can be played like normal, then i tried to delete their entries again but with no results.

So, to sum up, i have two albums in my wmp's library that their registered path for the tracks they contain is c:usersmynamemusicartistnamealbumnamerackname. Mp3, except for one song from each album (2 songs in total) . The exceptions' registered path is c:usersmynamedesktopartistnamealbumnamerack. Mp3 , and for some reason cannot be altered nor delete these specific entries from wmp and then add them back again from the right destination path, which means that if i want to listen to these two songs i need to have two folders on my desktop , each containing the respective song.

My question is : why can i not delete the faulty entries from wmp 12? Is there a way to do so ? Because right now wmp does not look in my music folder in order to play the 2 songs, rather in the desktop folder.

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Unable To Delete Albums In Wmp 12

After deleting the album from win media player 12 the album remains with the individual songs still listed however they cannot be played. When clicking on the songs i get the following: 

"Windows media player cannot find the file. If you are trying to play, burn, or sync an item that is in your library, the item might point to a file that has been moved, renamed, or deleted. "

I tried going into windows features and unchecking "media features", restarting, then rechecking media features and this does not change anything. Any clues?

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Wmp Play To Stops After Hour

I had recorded a tv program using windows media centre - duration 1hr 26 mins. After completion of the recording i used the wmp play to feature to stream the tv file to a samsung led tv that supports dlna connectivity. After 1 hour of play, the stream stopped automatically and could not continue. I am however able to watch the entire 96 mins using windows media centre directly on the pc. I checked the event logs for the time the streaming stopped and found the following:

Warning level message:

The windows media player network sharing service cannot process the request for uri

'http://[::1]:10243/wmpnssv4/2299935590/ezvemjlfquq1ltdfmemtndq1my05nki0lti2qzbgnui2qzc5nh0umc44.jpg?Albumart=true, formatid=13'

From ip address '::1' due to error '0x80070490'.

Error level message:

Proximity detection failed due to unknown error '0x80004004'. The best proximity time detected was -1 milliseconds.

The error message occurred about 90 seconds after the warning.

I have noticed this in the past as well (streaming for video ending after 1hr) but never played much attention to it. It appears to be occurring with video playback only, as i'm been able to successfully stream hours of mp3 music to the same samsung led tv.

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Removing Sound Files From Wmp 12

I recently let wmp 12 do a scan on my system for random mp3 files. When scanning, it picked up all the system sound files. (Ding. Chord. And a few hundred others) and added them to the library of wmp 12. I wish to remove these files from wmp 12, due to the fact its playing havoc with my backup to the mp3 library, which is pretty extensive, and the autosync always includes the system sound files, which obviously, i do not want in the mp3 library.

"Trusted installer" wont let me delete the files out of my library, which in a way is good, but it doesn't help me in removing the sounds out of the library i don't want to delete the sound files, just remove them out of the library. I've tried everything. But nothing short of deleting the whole media center, and beginning again. Anyone have any ideas?

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No Audio On Mpeg 4 Files In Wmp 12

I have identified that the audio for some of my mpeg4 home videos shot on my mobile phone will not play in wmp12, however they will play in quicktime and real-player. These video files will not play in media center.

The audio for some of my mpeg4 home vidoes shot on another device will however play. Clearly this is to do with the audio format that my phone records (only i do not know what format that is). Does anyone know of an audio decoder add-in that i can download to fix this? I have tried converting an mpeg4 file to wmv in realplayer and then playing it back in wmp12 and media center and that works fine, but clearly i don't want to do that for all of my videos!

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Wmp Error Refuses To Play Dvds

Everytime i try to play dvds on one particular machine of mine, i keep getting this error:
"Windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "Vlc and powerdvd work just fine but i prefer wmp to work (i'm a geek i know - but some of us like wmp).

Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit (all latest updates installed)gateway m675 laptop pentium 4 3. 2ghz, 2gb ram, ati mobility 9700 with latest drivers installed. Ny help would be appreciated

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Wmp - Minimizing To Taskbar And Still Using Volume Control

How do you minimize to taskbar so you can still use volume control etc. ? In wmp 10 [i think] you could minimize the window to the taskbar so you could adjust volume/track/visualizations without having to re-open the window. How can i do this on the windows 7 version?

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Wmp 12 Exits Fullscreen When Starting The Next Video

If i create a play list of videos, despite switching into full screen mode wmp switches back to windowed mode when starting the next video:video 1 (full screen) ends -> wmp switches to windowed mode -> video 2 starts (windowed). Is there an actual fix for this?

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Wmp Video Playback Freezes Randomly

Setup: windows 7 ultimate x64 clean install, asus m5w dh deluxe mobo, intel dual core 6420 2. 13ghz, 4mb ram, 2 seagate barracuda hard disks 0. 5 & 1. 5tb, nvidia geforce 8800 gtx 768mb (latest x64 driver 195. 62).

When i play videos (mostly dvds or legal ripped dvds), playback will sometime freeze my whole system for 3 to 4 minutes (always the same duration). Sometimes i can play a whole movie without any freeze, at other times it can freeze as early as 10 or 20 minutes into the movie, or as late as 1h30m after the start.

I use mostly built-in wmp12 for playback, but i noticed the same behavior with vlc or kmp players. It also happened once with the miro player, and it also happens when playing wmas on wmp. I disabled all other applications or unnecessary services at some stage, to no avail. This machine has a dual boot with vista ultimate x32 on the smaller disk, but the same playbacks work just fine.

There is absolutely no error in any event log, and i really wonder why this should happen only to windows 7 (x64?). How can i debug this, and how can i fix it? I am starting a new topic for this, as other similar topics do not seem relevant to these symptoms. The weird thing is that the system always resumes after that 3-4 minutes freeze. The only thing is that the wmp playback seems to need to catch up with that delay, video and sound are kind of accelerated and not in sync for a while.

The system is partially responsive during the freeze too: i can see the play button bar when i hover with the mouse over the wmp window, the clock still counts the minutes in the taskbar, at least until i try to click on them: then the donut mouse icon replaces the arrow, and the clock does not change time anymore.

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Album Art Size In Wmp 12 Now Playing Screen

Have just purchased new computer with windows 7 and wmp 12. Have transferred my music over to new computer but now i only get a small pathetic sized picture of the album in the now playing screen.
With wmp 11 i had all my album art modified to 646 x 646 pixels using microsoft office picture manager, so when a song was played the album art was displayed full size in the screen which looked great. Is there any way to have now playing album art displayed large instead of a small picture?

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Wmp Doesn't Play .wmv Files

I have problem with . Wmv files and wmp 12. When i double click any of . Wmv files wmp says: "the file you are attempting to play has an extension (wmv) that does not match the file format, playing the file may result in unexpected behavior. Do you want the player to try to play this content?"

When i click yes it says, "windows media player can not play the file. The player may not support the file type, or may not support the codec that was used to compress the file. "

I found when i change the extension to . Wm everything is ok and wmp plays my files without any problems. I checked some of my . Wmv files on other machine with windows xp and wmp 11 and everything is ok. It plays my files with . Wmv extension so it isn't problem with my files!

This problem is irritating especially when i receive mail with . Wmv file as attachment. I have to save it and change extension before i open it in wmp.could you help me fix this problem?

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Control Wmp On Remote Host From Client Computer

I have a desktop with win7 home premium that is running wmp11. It has attached speakers. This is the "remote host" i have a laptop with win7 home premium. This is the "client" computer. These are connected via wireless network. How can i use the client to control wmp on the remote host. So that when remotely push "play". Wmp will play music from the speakers connected to the remote host?

Remote desktop connection is one possibility (if i upgrade the remote host to win7 professional or higher) but does this give the client control over programs (i.e. , Wmp) running on the remote host? I don't want to stream music from the remote host to the client. I want the client to tell the remote host to play music from it's speakers. How do i do this?

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Music Syncd To Usb Drive Will Not Play In Wmp 12

I created a playlist in wmp on windows xp and then syncd that playlist to my usb drive. It all worked perfectly and synchronization was a success. All of the files were exported in . Wma format on the usb drive which is just fine.

The problem is when i try to play the music directly from the thumb in wmp12 on windows 7. In the left-hand pane i can navigate to my usb drive, expand the 'music' node and then see all of my music as expected. It all looks great. The problem is when i double click a song to play, or single click and then press play. Nothing happens. No error, no message, no loading, nothing. I can't change the rating of the music either. It is like the songs are there but not accessible by wmp12.

Now interestingly enough, if i manually navigate to the song in windows explorer and open it, sure enough it loads into wmp and begins playing. I don't want to do it this way though because the play is not continuous of an entire album; i want to play these songs through wmp.

I also don't want to copy the files locally; it is a work machine, and i prefer to keep the music files just on the usb drive. So what is the issue here? How can i play these songs directly from my usb drive without copying them locally?

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Failed To Load Media Player Wmp.dll

I had this problem after i install antivirus "bitdefender 2010". The error message is " failed to load control 'windowsmediaplayer' from wmp.dll. Your version of wmp.dll may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. "

I had uninstall and install back windows media player use control panel.
I try to install windows media player 11 to my laptop.
I also try to use fixwmp software but it.

But all didn't working.

I use microsoft windows 7 - 32bit evaluation copy.

Anybody can help me?

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Wmp 12 .avi File Shows Picture Ok But With No Sound

Im using windows 7 ultimate x86 and windows media player 12. All software are up to date. No wmp setting were touched by me. And, i'm not using any third-party codecs. The problem is when i open an some . Vi video film with wmp or windows media center the picture goes ok and no sound i hear; in the left bottom corner of wmp window the dolby logo is displayed. When i opening this film with winamp - the same problem. But, when i opening it with media player classic - the sound and video is ok. I dont want use this deprecated media player classic to watch all my films. So my question is what the h3ll is going on and what can i do to eliminate this problem. Digging thru the microsoft help didn't give any results. In this file's properties under the audio i see: 48khz, 448kbps, 6 channels

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Wmp 12 Freezes When Plug / Unplug Lan Cable

Wmp 12 freezes when unplugging or plugging in lan cable. As the title says. It is very annoying. The only way to get wmp running again is to restart. Please help.

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Wmp 12 Black Screen When Playing Live Stream

Looking for help about the well spread issue between wmp12 on w7 and the windows media live and on-demand streams (black screen with audio ok). This happen on embedded player for sure (not sure in stand alone) in ie and firefox. The same issue exists on xp and vista, and it is easy to find how to fix but after searching for hours i cannot resolve it on windows media player 12 for windows 7. If you now what settings have to be tweaked please respond.

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Cannot Add Picture Files To Library In Wmp 12 And Media Center

Cannot add picture files to library in windows media player 12 and media center i am not able to see any of my pictures in windows media player or media center. I have tried removing folders from the library and then adding them again. They then show up, but disappear when i close the program and open it again, even though the folders show up in the library. The files show up fine in other applications. I have also noticed that the library retains some old filenames when i try to delete them but cannot open them. Any suggestions?

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Deleting Problem Audio Files From Wmp Library In Win 7

Trying to delete music files from windows media player after i have deleted the music files from the windows library i have downloaded, listened to and burned music mp3 files from the internet using my new dell xps 9000 series computer with windows 7 home premium os. I subsequently deleted the music files from the windows library and computer but the files were not automatically removed from media player. I tried deleting them by right clicking on the files and then selecting delete as directed in windows media player help but nothing happens. How do i now remove the files from the windows media player window? I assume that by deleting the files from the windows library and computer first that i somehow broke the link between the media player and windows library.

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After Win7 Install Should I Install Programs Then Backed Up Files ?

After windows 7 complete install. Should i install the programs then the backed up files or the backed up files then the programs. Windows 7 complete install. Should i install the programs then the backed up  files or the backed up files then the programs. I saw where microsoft recommended installing the backed up files first then the programs so the programs know where the files are located.

I would think installing the programs first would be better to minimize defragmentation. Os then programs, then files.

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Can I Install And Use Xp Programs ?

I'm using windows xp and i have some programs (ex. Learn to speak french dleuxe 9) that don't work in vista & windows 7. If i buy the new windows 7 ultimate edition version 6. 1 can i install and use xp programs without using windows.

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Where Do I Install My Programs To?

I am building a simple installer for some software that i want to install on some of the computers here at work. I'm using a very simple open source installation program, and it wants me to set the default installation directory where the software i have written should be installed. The computers at work are a mix of windows xp, vista and soon windows 7 computers. I have been installing to c:program files before, and that's been working fine.

But since vista came out, its been a bit unpredictable. I understand there is something to do with 'virtualization' of folders, which i don't really understand, and i also believe that this has all changed again with windows 7.

Is there some 'best practice' guide for where to install programs to?  The users who will be installing the software are just regular computer users (ie. Not administrators) and therefore i need a solution that works on all platforms and is safe and won't create security issues.

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Cant Install Any New Programs

For some reason every time i go to install something new, ie quick time, java or itune, my computer is telling me i cant install something until i complete the installation currently in progress. The thing is, i have no idea what is in progress, and have had this problem for almost a month. I*ve restarted my computer and even done system restores to try and clear it up. I also cannot uninstall programs. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to pinpoint exactly where or what the installation may be. Or if there is something i can do to cancel all current installations.

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Install Kb980182

I am running windows 7 enterprise 32bit. I had a user install update kb980182. After installing the update and rebooting, windows 7 display was off, not loading his profile. The following prompt was displayed: location is not available c:windowssystem32configsystemprofile desktop refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be on a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet of your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have moved to a different location.

This is a standard desktop pc with windows 7 installed on the local hard drive. I tried this on another windows 7 enterprise computer and received the same error. Is there a problem with this update? Is there a fix for this issue?

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Cannot Install Hotfix

Hotfix pwd does not work to unzip the hotfix. I have requested 4 times and have tried manually and copy/paste. This is for the 64 bit patch. I can download and successfully unzip the x86 patch, but i don't need that one (just a sanity check). I can't respond to the email and i can't contact support because msft wants to charge for the support. I just want a password that works for the 64 bit hotfix or someone to contact. This is pretty ridiculous there is no qa around this.
Kb article number(s): 982927
Language: all (global)
Platform: x64
Location: (
Password: *va@3bkm

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Install Media

I've got 2 computers with windows 7 - a desktop that i have just done a clean install with a windows 7 home professional retail license, and a laptop that came with vista that i updated using the upgrade programme.
My issue is that the version of windows 7 i got for upgrading the laptop was 32 bit only (although it had 64bit vista and has 4gb of ram), so i was wondering if i would be able to do a clean reinstall on the laptop using the 64bit installation media from the retail copy of win 7, but using the key from the laptop upgrade package? Would like to get some idea if this would work before wiping the laptop, and help welcome!

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Un-install Trouble

I tried installing an older version of palm desktop (win nt, 95) on a windows 7 system. The install worked, but i couldn't hotsync with the palm device. I later found a vista version i wanted to install, but it requires the older version to be uninstalled first. When i run the uninstall from within add/remove programs, the uninstall starts, but then stops with an error message (error number 0x80040702 - failed to load dll:palmdevc. ) The uninstall then terminates.

By the way, i searched the hard drive and the original installation disc for a dll file named palmdevc, and could not find it. Any ideas how i can uninstall this program?  Not only is it wasting some (minimal) disk space, but now every time, i boot up, it displays a message failure to hotsync, which is annoying.
Thanks from hdjeff

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Cannot Install Win7 From Xp

I am attempting to load windows 7 64 bit to do a clean install from optical drive boot. I have ascertained that the bios is set to boot from cd. My processor is intel core 2 duo e4500 which supports 64 bit. I currently have installed windows xp  which has been fully updated. On booting the pc the display shows that the files are being loaded in a strip at the bottom of the monitor.

However it then goes on to start to load windows and i only get the initial 'blue flowery pattern splash screen'. It then refuses to go on to the 'install now' frame. I get no error messages.

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