Email Client Recommendation

I have been hesitant to upgrade from vista (which i dislike) to win ver 7 home premium because of my past experience with microsoft. So, i ran the advisor, did the uninstall of appropriate programs that i was told to do, then it says, i need an email client. I want to use my former client. Why does microsoft have to make things so difficult for the simple user?

So, i stopped the upgrade, and want to know, which email client is recommended so i can have an email function similar to the outlook express? I do not have a hotmail acct. I don't really want a hotmail acct.

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Standard Email Client - 3rd Party Email Program

I work on a danish high-school, and i need to use a 3rd party email- and conference program as my standard email client. The client is first class. When i install it, and marks it as standard email client, windows 7 doesn't recognize it, and when you click on a mailto: in explorer it pops up with a message saying standard client not installed correct.

I have tried to edit standard programs, but only windows software appears in there, and i can't get my 3rd. Party client to appear. How do i solve this problem?

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Email Client

As a potential corporate deployment looms, i question the removal of the "free" email client we have previously utilized in either outlook express or windows mail. For those stand alone pc's that still require an email client but not the functionality of the full office version of outlook (never mind the added financial impact) are you suggesting that we utilize the crappy live mail?  Surely you jest?  Is there a planned email client to be released (aka win mail) even if there is a cost incurred?

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Email Client In Ie8

I was wondering on a fresh clean install of windows 7 build 7100 with default settings (nothing altered or changed) ie: no other programs installed except the drivers for the hardware etc. How would someone go about choosing the email client. I will explain a little more. When clicking in a link in a website to sent them an email a box pops up with this message.

Could not perform this operation because the default email client is not properly installed.

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3rd Party Email Client

When trying to send a comment or reply, (ie) a website that has their own email contact form, not normal e-mailing, i get a message that refers to a pop3 server cannot be found, which
Yahoo was my regular home page. I changed home pages to msn and even have a g-mail acct. I've
Tied going through internet options and settings to change email accounts, don't know how to change pop3 if that is what i need to do. Normal emailing is ok whether its msn/gmail/or yahoo. Yet no matter what service i use, even though it says it is going through windows mail. I keep getting error message yahoo server cannot be found.

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Setup Default Email Client

How the heck do i set up my default email client? The site i use through my cable company does not appear on the drop down to choose. I have spent hours trying to figure this out and am exactly nowhere. I am using windows 7 and yes, i guess i need to use windows live? Somehow? I really don't want to set up a new email address. Default email account (i said client cause i thought that's what it said on the drop downs etc. )

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Win 7 Version Recommendation

Running the trial version of windows 7 right now. Trying to figure out which of the the 3 versions to purchase. I'm leaning more towards the premium version, but my main concern is whether or not i'll be able to still do vista based applications. The only real thing i do is capture video with a dvc 100 usb capture device. Just want to make sure i get the correct version of windows to run it. I don't do it in vista mode, but the drivers are for a version based on vista. 'sides that do a little gaming, but my pc is mainly for multimedia purposes.

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View / Add Printers To Client Pc

We have a windows 2003 domain and a mix of windows xp and windows 7 pcs. I am using a windows 7 pc. I can view a remote machines simply by typingcomputername just fine. With xp machines i can view they're locally installed printers and make changes to them. On windows 7 clients, i cannot. I get "you do not have sufficient rights to perform this operation". I cannot view the printers on any machine nor can i add a printer to any machines.

Once again. Everything works fine on windows xp clients. How can i correct this? I turned on network discovery and file and print sharing. It didn't seem to make any difference. Even when clicking on the 'view remote printers' of any windows 7 client pc, it shows 0 items even though there are 5 printers installed locally. I am a domain admin with local admin rights on all pcs. What is going on?

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Vpn Client Error 742

I recently bought an imac and i am running windows 7 ulitmate on vmware fusion. I am trying to set-up a vpn connection that i had on my previous computer which was running windows xp. When i tried to establish the connection error 742 - something to do with encryption, came up. From reading postings it is my understanding that if i am trying to connect to a vpn host that is running an earlier version of windows, i am unable to connect. I have no control over the settings on the host end and i have recently come across a 'workaround' solution that is applicable to windows vista. Is there a 'workaround' solution for windows 7 ultimate and if so i would greatly appreciate the help.

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Default Mail Client Is Not Properly Installed

When i am on a web page and there is no e-mail address just a send a e-mail box and i click that a box pops up and says could not preform as default mail client is not properly installed. I am using windows vista home prem. And windows mail is set to my default and works fine so far. Also when on a web page and in the upper right corner if i want to send a link or page by mail it use to say the same thing but know when i click on it there is no option at all as they are not able to be clicked .

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Control Wmp On Remote Host From Client Computer

I have a desktop with win7 home premium that is running wmp11. It has attached speakers. This is the "remote host" i have a laptop with win7 home premium. This is the "client" computer. These are connected via wireless network. How can i use the client to control wmp on the remote host. So that when remotely push "play". Wmp will play music from the speakers connected to the remote host?

Remote desktop connection is one possibility (if i upgrade the remote host to win7 professional or higher) but does this give the client control over programs (i.e. , Wmp) running on the remote host? I don't want to stream music from the remote host to the client. I want the client to tell the remote host to play music from it's speakers. How do i do this?

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Error - Default Mail Client Is Not Properly Installed

How do i fix this:  "could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed". I receive this message whenever i try to respond to a job application email online.

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Live Mail Client Won't Search / Index

My initial problem with wlm stemmed from not being able to search email messages for content using the default search bar in the client. For example, i would like to search email content for a search phrase, but results only searched subject lines. If go through the normal live mail search edit > find works well for searching message content. But i want to use the default search bar. Fter doing some troubleshooting, i determined that i needed to rebuild the index on the pc.

After hours of fiddling with the indexing options and terribly slow performance, i decided to just index windows live mail. However, it seems that indexing won't work on the windows live mail folder. I've fiddled with file types and deselected other folder locations just to focus on windows live mail, but in the end it won't index. I've got at least 4000 emails on this pc and not a single one of them indexes. I tried a registry fix at to no avail. Any ideas?

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Email Problem

Occasionally, when either receiving or sending emails on bell sympatico (canada) a horizontal bar appears at the bottom of the email. This has the effect of making sentences and paragraphs appear on one line only, thus necessitating cursoring onto the bar and moving it to the right to see the entire sentence. This wastes time and is annoying. The bell sympatico technicians said it was probably a hotmail issue and they so could not solve the issue. Fyi, windows resolution is 1024 by 768 and an increase in resolution did not solve the issue. I just have a normal pc and nothing is wireless. I have windows xp.

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Email Attachments

I cannot upload email attachments. I have tried files from 3-7 mb but no luck. I have used outlook 2007, as well as directly through ie on msn hotmail and The upload times and says it could not upload the file. I have shut off the firewall, unloaded anti virus and reloaded new antivirus (bitdefender). I have turned off scanning email. I can upload at will on another computer in my house using xp. I have vista ultimate on this machine and connect through a netgear router to my att/bellsouth broadband router.

Email address removed for privacy

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Live Email

For the last month or so, i believe you did an update or change to, it is very frustrating. It loads, reloads, reloads, clicks and clacks before i can get started addressing my emails or writing an email. The send to space will not take a name unless i mouse click it. When i open email i have to wait while it loads and reloads about four times. Very frustrating. I loved it before, but can't have an email account that wastes my time as i use it for work. Is this only my problem or a problem with the new update?

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Email On Win 7

Because of all the questions and problems being told about the windows mail that is non existent upon downloading windows 7, as of yet i have not installed windows 7. Why change or rather why not include an email program with windows 7 as of before, what unearthly reason could microsoft have for not including a workable email program especially for the home users, and for the people that are newbies to using a computer.

We all love to send stationery and icons etc. To our family and friends but according to many people this is not an applicable thought with the windows live mail. Personally i did not like and still do not like microsoft outlook mail program, but i loved and it was easy to use outlook express, with having vista i have gotten used to using windows mail even though some stationery programs do not work well with it. If we want to have a decent email program that we can use our stationery with we have to pay extra for an email program.

I do not consider that the new windows 7 for all of its new features is beneficial to the new computer user especially with not having a user friendly email program that even a new user can understand and use regardless of age. Recently i bought a new laptop for my mother who is 87 years of age, i had to teach her how different vista was from windows xp and the email program she had a ton of problems with, ended up teaching her how to use gmail and since i had never used this email
Program before it was hard for me to teach her how to send a basic email or to even forward a basic email without her having to end up deleting all emails that she wanted to keep.

Looking forward to an answer and to a better compatible similar to email program with any new windows coming out.

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Attachments To An Email

When composing an email i used to be able to click on the "attach" tab and a drop-down would appear and i could choose to attach a picture or document. I could choose one or the other and it would take me to my pictures or documents. I would select what i wanted to attach to the email and then download to the email. I am unable to do that now. If i choose the attachment tab now, it takes me to a series of questions, email address, pop3 server, etc. , Which i don't know how to answer. What has changed? Is there a new procedure for this function?

I am using windows vista.

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Email Removed

I'm new at this, i'm at my wits's end. Some months ago i download windows steay state. I've tired to remove this gremlin but removing it is somehow block. A note box popa up with "this cannot be removed as long as windows disk protection is enabled. I can't get into windows steady state to disable windows disk protection. This gremlin is resetting changes made. After getting updates from microsoft, ir restarts my computer and changes are gone and some change to documents are reset.

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How To Setup Email?

How do you set up email using windows 7? I just bought a laptop with windows 7. I was using outlook express on a computer with xp previously without any problems. With the new laptop, i was using the comcast website for email. I frequently send data files as attachments for my work. When i sent it through the comcast email it when through okay on my end but the formatting was messed up on the other end. These are small files, approximately 84 kb. I have also found out that i do not have a default email sent up. Before i screw something up, i thought i would see what suggestions you have for which email service to use and how to set up the email default.

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Email A Photo

Okay, all i need to do is send a picture & make it so that the person who gets it can download it & keep it. I have a  windows 7 home premium. I try to send it from my "pictures" but it always says that i do not have the "permission". I've tried everything i can think of (i know nothing about computers; it's just for the home). I am getting very upset over this. I don't want to send it along on "snapfish" because, from what i've seen, the person can't download & keep the picture on their computer. All i need to know is how to get "permission".

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How Do I Use Sync In Email ?

We are sharing the same address and email on two computers. Even after i click or double click not all the emails that showed on the other computers were transferred to mine.

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Error - There Is No Email Program Associated

I'm using gmail, but i get error message "there is no email program associated. " When trying to email documents or reply to an email address. Im using gmail and when i try to send email from documents or reply to email on a site i get message there is no email program associated to perform this request must create a association in the default program, im lost here gmail in windows 7 internet explorer.

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Live Email Vs Outlook

I used to use outlook to get my mail, now windows 7 doesn't work with it. I did the steps to add my email account to their windows live email and set my password. With regular outlook, when i would click the icon, the small password box would first open and the email window would not appear until the password was entered. When i click on this live icon, the email window opens (the preview window pane) and then the small password window appears in the middle of it.

Granted, you can't actually click on the folders in the mail window without entering the password, but you can see the messages waiting in the preview pane! What's the use of needing a password if people can still kind of see some of your emails? How do you get it to work more like outlook, where the email window will not open at all until the password is entered? Plus, nothing from my email account has come over to this live account (i.e. My contacts or the messages in my folders, including any new messages). I thought it was supposed to transfer the email account when i went through the add an account steps?

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2nd Email Account

I've sent up my first comcast email account without any issues. I've then created another identity on the computer and tried to set up my second comcast email account but have run into this problem. It tells me i'm successful but when it tries to send or receive email i get a "logon to box asking for my user name and password. I type in what i think my user name for my second account is but it still won't "authorize" to get or send emails.

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Email Is Jumbled Mess

I have windows 7 with office 2002 installed and i'm using microsoft outlook fo email. Some emails come to me in a jumbled mess- showing the path and return path of the email from it's origination appearing as letters, equal signs, letters in both cases with numbers. Pictures are rows and rows of capital letters. This has appeared from three different senders, one being yahoo mail, others are independent email providers. Many emails from other senders come through ok.

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Email In Arabic Language

My friend is using windows vista premium home edition, when working with email like gmail/hotmail/yahoo mail etc he cannot write the subject and body of letters in arabic language, while search field and address fields are ok for arabic. He can write arabic language in other applications like ms word/ notepad etc with no problem. But in the above subject and body letter field, when he tries to write in arabic, the keyboard keys displays numbers and other special characters. I checked different options of regional languages and internet explorer language settings, but i couldn't able to fix the problem.

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Email Removed For Privacy

[1420] failed to initialize usb driver: error 0x20000007 ("internal system error")
[1420] start usb connect attempt.
[1420] attempting to reconnect usb devices on user request.
[1373] closing all usb connections.
[0] failed to initialize usb driver: error 0x20000007 ("internal system error")
[0] start usb connect attempt.
[0] could not open macro.ini for reading settings. No macros loaded.
Guncon2mouse driver (32bit 
Didn't work on x64 win 7 and correctly detect
http://goods. Tw/item/show?11091205376523

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Email - Attachments - Pictures

Okay, a few weeks back i was attaching pictures to an email when i clicked on attachment and pulled up my picture folder i was able to view every picture now when i attach a picture from my picture folder some pictures i can see while others are blank, although i see only a blank picture when i send it the recipient is able to view the picture also when i go into my picture folder through the laptop itself (not using my email) all the pictures appear. How can i fix this so i can see all the pictures again while i am attaching them to an email (yahoo or gmail)?

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Ie8 - Cannot Email Hyperlink

I am in the process of trying to fix a problem with sounds on my home pc. I'm running w7 ultimate (32 bit) with all patches (including the infamous "bsod" one). In the course of diagnosing the problem, one suggestion was to reset ir8 to the defaults (tools/internet options/advanced). Most all the resulting changes i expected. However, one i can't get around. If i try to use the "send link via e-mail" function, i get the message:

"Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request. Please run microsoft office outlook and set it as the default" i checked and every place i can look, outlook is the default and the pop3 account is defaulted as the sender. Any ideas where to look? Is it ie or outlook?

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