Windows Speech Dictation Not Working Except In Wordpad

How to make windows speech dictation work outside of wordpad? I would like to use speech dictation to reply to email, but i can only make it work in wordpad. In every other application, it just says "what was that?" What am i doing wrong? Options|enable dictation scratchpad is checked.

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Dictation Scratchpad Not Working

I went straight from windows xp, to windows 7, and have been playing around with speech recognition. I have found several programs that won't dictate to, and mr. Of the understanding that a scratch pad should pop up to enable me to copy text to these programs. So far i haven't had that happen to the searches have shown that in vista, there was a setting two enable dictating in all programs. There definitely doesn't appear to be the same option in  windows 7. So between not having a scratch pad pop up and not having  the vista setting i haven't been able to dictate into any non speech friendly programs. Any one else having this problem too? 

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Text To Speech Stopped Working

We are using some homeschooling software & the text-to-speech feature quit working. On the software's help page, they said to look under the control panel in windows 7 to see if the tts was working. Unfortunately, due to maybe some update, two of the previously-seen voices are missing (only see microsoft anna now) and when running the "testing" part of tts, it doesn't work either.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I'm not exactly sure when it quit working, as we don't use that feature often, but it's an out-of-box feature for windows 7 ultimate. Anyone know of a ms fix or some other way to make tts work again? My other sound features are working fine, as we use media center for viewing dvds & also use ie & firefox for watching music videos & hulu.

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Speech Recognition With Open Office

How do i to get speech recognition to work with open office? I have just got a new computer running windows number seven, 64 bit. I have configured the speech recognition software that comes with windows seven, and it is working well in a word notepad, fire fox and my e-mail programme.
However, it is not working at all for open office. When i tried to use it in the open office the cursor even jumps around or the text that is produced is total garbage.
I know that the microphone is set up properly because i can use it in other programs. In fact, it is being used at this exact moment to type this message, yet as soon as i try to use it in open office it starts behaving strangely.

I can use all of the commands as well as get text to dictate - that works fine. I have not changed anything on my pc since i started using this as this is the first time i have tried it. I set it all up, went through the tutorials, then practiced dictating in a word pad document, in my e-mail program that is not a ms one then i tried open office and it will not work.

I would appreciate any help or guidance that you may have so i can get this working in open office.

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Speech Recognition Slow / Delay Problem

My question pertains to windows speech recognition (wsp). I am using a fresh install of win 7 pro on a brand new dell inspiron with a core i3 processor and 4gb ram, so i assume system specs are not the culprit here. When i say "correct x" (where x is some word or group of words), there is an unacceptable delay before the correction dialog box (bizarrely titled the "alternates panel") comes up. I mean 30+ seconds here sometimes, even when there are only a couple of alternates offered. There is a comparable delay when i choose one and say ok.

To clarify, when i give correction commans, the dialog on the small wsp window shows that it is receiving my commands immediately, it just hangs for a long time before acting on them. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? I need to use speech recog due to rsi in arms, and i've previously been using dragon a lot. I thought i'd try wsp, and i've actually mostly found it superior in so far as training time, accuracy, and overall integration with windows (though not in ultimate tweakibility). However, this one problem is major enough that i'm leaning towards moving back to dragon.

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Getting Old Wordpad

Is there anyway i can get a pre-seven wordpad program? I do not like the new update to ms wordpad. I liked wordpad because it was so simple. On my laptop, which came with seven standard, it takes me a minute or two longer than it should to customize my workspace. I can't simply click on the font, type the name of the font i want, tab over to size, and type a number for the size.

I didn't ask for word. The paint update i can handle, though i'm not that found of it, either. I was even upset when vista didn't let me customize my desktop to the classic 98 scheme like xp did.

I really want my old wordpad back.

Can anyone help me?

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Wordpad Win7

I'm having a problem related to printing a document made on windows 7 wordpad. In the windows 7 advanced appearance settings i have the window font color set to teal and background set to black. On wordpad i have the font set to automatic. So that it would appear as my window setting, teal font on black background, but print black font and white background. With this new wordpad it is not doing that.

With the font on automatic it is printing the the font teal on the black background. Automatic does not seem to be working as it usually does. I did not have this problem with previous versions. Is there some other setting or is this a error or program change? I checked on my laptop and the same thing happens.

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Win 7 Speech Recognition Detected Background Noise As Commands

I have a quick question about speech recognition in win7. So far i'm having rather good success with it but i have an issue. Sometimes when i type on the keyboard, it starts recognizing the noise made by the keyboard as commands. Since the software learns over time, it starts learning these noises as commands. Is there a way to tell it that the last command was just background noise?

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Wordpad Doc Files

Hi, i really like new wordpad in windows 7, because he fulfills my very basic office needs. But this new version cannot open .doc files. From time to time i get in e-mail some .doc files, but i cannot open them. I don't wanna install/buy word or download openoffice, because i really don't need that software, so here i my question. It is possible to add some way to wordpad .doc file support? Through some addon or plugin or whatever?Maybe word viewer could do the job, but there is only version 2003 with 2007 compatibility pack what is imo not good and obsolete solution. Ideal would be view .doc files in wordpad. Why is this feature not included anyway?

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Unable To Open A Url In Wordpad

I used to be able to open url's i saved in a text document in rich text format by opening the document in wordpad and simply clicking on the url. Now i get this error instead: "wordpad was unable to open the url. Check the url and try again. If you continue to see this problem, you might not have access to the url. " When i copy the url and paste it to my browser, it works just fine.

The only thing i changed on my system before this error occurred was that i installed the latest k-lite mega codec pack. I really appreciated the convenience of just clicking the url in wordpad instead of having to copy and paste it so i hope you can help me get it to work again.

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All Applications / Programs Opens In Wordpad

I just got this netbook 2 days ago and installed a couple of programs that i need. Suddenly when wanting to install an exe file it opened in wordpad. Since then all the programs i click open in wordpad. Nd each time when i want to shut it down the computer says it's installing 26 updates (windows 7) taking 20 minutes or so. And when i start it it is configuring windows updates and takes another 7 minutes to actually start up. Anyone any ideas what happened? Can't run my antivrus checker neither.

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Restoring To Previous Save Point For Wordpad Document

I was working on a document in wordpad and saved it before going to bed last night. When i re-opened the document today, it was returned to the condition it was in last night before i started working on it. The computer did shut down unexpectedly and when i reopened the file the changes i'd made prior to the shutdown had been recovered. I continued to work, saved my files, and shut down the computer. Please tell me, is it possible to restore the file to atleast the recovery point? I don't understand how the information was lost to begin with.

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