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I recently bought an acer laptop a couple months back from curry's digital and had the special offer with it that i get a free upgrade to windows 7 when its released. I have been told by a few others with similar deals that i can get the free upgrade by downloading rather than send it through the post. Does anyone know any way of doing this?

I have been to the acer website and it doesn't help much it only gives a "3 step guide" for postal delivery, but i figured that there must be someway of getting the free upgrade by downloading? Also i found out that if i send away for the "free" upgrade that i need to pay £20 for the postage and packaging - so that doesn't sound very free to me to be honest!

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Win 7 Free Upgrade

I have had nothing but the most frustrating experience with gateway for my free windows 7 upgrade 5 hours on the computer and on the phone just to be told contact mentor media, (whom by the way don't answer their emails and have no phone no to contact them) gateway is not taking any responsibility for this free upgrade promotion. All they say is every manufacturer is having the same problems. Yet my laptop through hewlet packard my disk was received within a few weeks. Some of the blogs say that gateway is handling this in house this is incorrect.

Basically  they are saying too bad so sad. But we as consumers need to say the buck stops here. Mentor media is responsible to microsoft who is responsible to the manufacturers  who are responsible to us their customers. Why is it microsoft did not check into this company to see if they had proper abilities to distribute and somewhere other than an email that they don't respond to for customer contact. They have no problem  getting this disk on the shelves for people to purchase, but have no intention  of keeping their promise for the free  upgrade. If anyone  has a phone no for mentor media would be much interested to getting it.

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Free Upgrade From Vista

I bought a new dell laptop with vista installation disks with the promise from that i get a free upgrade to windows 7 when it was released. Now that windows 7 is released i would like to upgrade because my desktop program keeps breaking and my 3 month computer is being slowed to a crawl which is completely unacceptable . Theres so much clutter on the website that id sit here ours trying to find the upgrade link. So please if someone could go about explaining where this link is, i would be very much appreciated since i really don't have to go on and chew them out on their lies.

The whole reason why i didn't decide to pay the extra $150 to go to my favorite os, windows xp, is because of the hope to going to windows 7. The computer is the new studio 1555 so dont try to tell me that it was not out when the windows 7 free upgrade from vista was being incorporated into new laptops.

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Upgrade Over Vista - Not Enough Free Memory

I am trying to install windows 7 upgrade over vista and am being told there is not enough free memory. I've deleted all my documents, virtually all applications, etc. , But still don't seem to have enough free memory. What else can i delete. I am running windows within parallels virtual machine on a mac. I've already increased the memory for the vista virtual machine to more than what windows 7 says i need. Still no luck.

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Free Word And Excel

I bought a new computer, running windows 7. Problem is it didn't include any office programs. I would really like to have word and excel, but can't afford to purchase. When i look for a free download, a lot of alternate programs come up. I don't want to download inadequate programs. Does anyone know how to download word and excel for free, or some good alternate programs. I just need to write letters and sometimes make a spreadsheet that an be sorted.

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Region Free Software

I don't want to change the region on my laptop so i got region free software (dvd region + css free, trial) but it doesn't work. I have used this before and it was fine but i'm wondering if my windows 7 upgrade has something to do with it. I'm in region 4. The first region 1 dvd played fine at first but then it totally shut down the player every 15 minutes and i had to keep re-starting it and re-selecting the subtitles and find the chapter. The second one doesn't even recognize the software and asks me to change my region (no way). What's a good region-free software pack? I have heaps of different region dvds so i don't want to be stuck with just one region.

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Minimising Windows Free Up Memory

Can anyone confirm this:"if you're running an application then it'll inevitably consume ram, but there's a way to reduce the amount: minimize it. If the app isn't doing any work (it's just a browser with several tabs open, say) then when it's minimized windows will reclaim some of its memory to give to other applications. So it's always preferable to minimize inactive programs rather than just leaving their windows open on your desktop. Read more:

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Cannot View The Drive That Is Full To Free Up Space

After installing windows 7 it asked me to do a backup of my files so i did that but the backup filed up my d drive and i cant view my d drive to free up space. My question is how do i get to view everything thats in my d drive so i can do this?

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Error Message - There Is Not Enough Free Space To Store Temporary

I'm trying to upgrade from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and get the following error message:

"There is not enough free space to store temporary windows installation files. Try using disk cleanup, uninstall old programs, or move files to an external location such as a cd, dvd, or external hard drive. "

However, my hard drive has 91 gb free out of a total of 149 gb. I have no partitions and so this is the only hard drive that windows can be installed on. I also have 3 gb ram. Anyone have any thoughts on what i can do?

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Enough Free Disk Space Issue Using Easy Transfer

Why does easy transfer say i don't have enough disk space when i'm trying to transfer 141gb to a hard drive with 585gb of available space? I just purchased an hp pavilion 6347c with windows 7 home premium. I'm trying to transfer data from my old computer with windows xp to the new machine.

Easy transfer works to the point where the actual transfer should be made, at which point i get an error message saying there is not enough disk space. I've called hp tech support, and they told me i'd have to pay for support as this is a "third party" issue.

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Graphic Adapter Cannot Find Enough Free Resources Code 12

This device (graphic adapter), cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)
Netbook aspire one - display adapter resource conflict? Cannot find the other conflicting h-ware? Graphic cards intel graphic media accelerator 3150.

If you want to use this device(graphic adapter), you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. I bought this unit 6 weeks, i cannot get the max. Set-up for my graphic cards. Only 800x600 -32 bits. Please tell me what to do. And aspire or windows 7 customer support phone#'s.

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Error - Not Enough Free Space To Store Temporary Installation Files

Not enough free space error when i have 190 gig free on drive c? When upgrading from vista hp 64 bit to win 7 hp 64 bit, following the "checking compatibility" function of the upgrade process i get the following error message:

There is not enough free space to store temporary windows installation files. Try using disk cleanup, uninstall old programs, or move files to an external location such as a cd, dvd, or external hard drive.

I have done that, moved all pics, music, uninstalled itunes and done everything the program recommended. My c drive is 286 gig and it has 190 gig of free space. Clearly, there is plenty of room. So what's up with this error message?

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Delete Win 7 Failed Install Files To Free Up Space

Windows 7 install failed and left install files on my drive. Now i don't have enough room to install again. How do i delete the files and free up space. Error had something to do with not finding setup.dll or setup.dll was corrupt.

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Win 7 Reports Wrong Free Space On Hard Drive

I have 4 partitions set up on my hard drive. 1st partition has my windows 7 installation and some other microsoft products such as the office suit and visual studio and such.

2nd partition is empty and i'm not using it right now
3rd partition i have encrypted with the bitlock and use it for important files
4th partition i use for everything else. This partition is 219 gb in size. I have movie files, music, pictures, software iso's and the program files folder with lots of software.

Total all that data is exactly 48. T gb. I got this number in two different ways both equaling 48. 7 gb: first i manually calculated the sizes of all the folders and then to verify i used a utility called jdiskreport which confirmed my calculation.

The problem is that windows tells me that my 4th partition is completely full and only 1. 3 gb is left when clearly that doesn't make sense. I am missing 160gb which is a large number. I looked at all possibilities: hidden files, system restore files but there's nothing there. I would like to know if anyone out there has any idea as to what's going on and how i can fix it. Absolutely any ideas are welcome.

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Student Programs Funded Free Copies Activation Problem

I'm a student at the university of washington, and recently student programs funded free copies of windows 7 ultimate and office 2010 pro. The faq on the uw's site for this specifically states that you can install both of these programs on all of the computers you own. However, having upgraded first my main laptop from windows 7 home premium to ultimate 64 but, then doing the same on my netbook (but 32 bit) resulted in windows telling me that the activation code provided by my school cannot be used to activate windows on the second computer (the netbook). I do have my operating disc for the netbook, but have no external optical drive to do a fresh install of windows on it. So this is a problem. Can anyone help me out?

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Upgrade As Clean Install Using Upgrade Media Using One Hard Drive

I need help with planning my upgrade to windows 7 from windows xp pro. Can i do this upgrade as a clean install using upgrade media if i've only got one hard drive? I'm currently running 32-bit windows xp professional and want to upgrade to 64-bit windows 7 professional.

My laptop only has one hard drive on it, so installing "fresh" to a separate hd isn't possible. Since i already back up all my data to an external hd, i'd like to just format the internal hd and install windows 7 onto that. Will that be possible though using upgrade media? How does it verify my existing xp pro license?

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How To Upgrade Hard Drive At Same Time I Upgrade To Win 7?

How should i upgrade my hard drive at the same time i upgrade to windows 7? I plan to upgrade my laptop from win xp pro to win 7 pro and want to at the same time upgrade my hard drive. I don't know what i should do to ensure that the win 7 install program recognizes the prior win xp installation.
Would it work to put the old (win xp) drive in an external enclosure connected via usb? Alternatively, what would i need to copy from the old hard drive to the new in order to have the win 7 install recognizes win xp?

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Cannot Upgrade From Vista Home As Straight Upgrade

Just obtain windows 7 professional and it states it is an upgrade for windows vista. When i start the upgrade the program states that because i have vista home i cannot do a straight upgrade. The box does not say so. Installing the windows 7 professional as an upgrade i find i cannot do it from windows vista home as a straight upgrade. It must be a full clean installation. The documentation does not say so.

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Xp Upgrade

Had registered copy of xp on backup laptop, xp crashed and requested xp disk to fix. I tried to fix but xp disk could not find hard drive so i installed windows 7 from copy i have on another computer. Everything works fine but windows genuine advantage now says i have 19 days to buy a new license key or apparently my computer stops working.

My question, can i buy a retail version of window seven professional upgrade to get a valid license key? How can i prove i had xp professional on the computer? There is a tag on the laptop with a xp product key but can i put the key in manually?

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Os Upgrade

How to upgrade my os ?On the pre-installed windows 7, how can we proceed for reinstall from scratch when no install media was given with the pc ? Is it possible to download or get them from somewhere ? I don't understand why they are not available with a new pc sold nother question, i switch to linux because it is far more performant, safe and reliable, but i have no choice every pc is sold with pre-installed os. Is it normal or can i get discount if i don't need windows ?

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Can I Upgrade?

i bought a second hand computer from ebay in july, which has windows 7 ultimate. Being a know nothing non computer type, i didn't realize that windows 7 had not even been released yet.

I received notification from microsoft 2 weeks ago that i was in fact running a trial version and needed to buy the proper release. I managed to get in touch with the ebay seller and he said he still had the computers original os software, xp, which i can have if i want.

I like w7 and want to keep running it, i'm not bothered about ultimate, the basic home will do me, but i'm not 100% clear on what my options are though.

I currently have:

Windows 7
Evaluation copy. Build 7100

Ideally i would like to go with the cheapest option which is an upgrade to home-is this possible?

I have been told i need to reinstall original os (xp) to qualify for an upgrade-is this true?

I am in the uk by the way.

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What To Upgrade?

I installed the rc and have used it with great joy until i had a conflict between outlook and 7.

After two hours of microsoft teck having control of my computer they sent me a link whereby i down loaded a clean full copy of 7. Old install went over vista. So i took everything of the computer and reloaded everything and i mean everything. Since then till now been great.

Now with the computer turning off i am in dire straights. Cant back up but more importantly i do not know what version i am supposed to purchase as i have been told the upgrade will not work and the full version loaded by the teck to sort out a flaw in the system will cost me $400 plus. Screaming here as i do not know what product i need to get. I have been waiting on microsoft to get back to me , 12 days now. I'm in trouble as i can't go back to vista or xp for that matter without redoing everything all over again; 1-2 days work.

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Upgrade On New Hd

I have an inspiron 1720 and am doing a switch of drives. I have windows vista installed on my primary hd and have bought windows 7 upgrade. I want to make my current hd the secondary drive and install a new bare drive as my primary drive.

Can i install the new bare drive as the primary drive, do a complete install of windows 7 using the upgrade version and then format the old drive to be the secondary drive? Or do i have to upgrade my old primary drive first with windows 7 upgrade and then switch it to be the secondary drive and then install windows 7 upgrade on the new primary drive?

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Is Win7 Best Upgrade For Xp ?

Is windows 7 the best upgrade for windows xp? Will windows 7 delete all of my programs after being loaded? Will my hp printer work with windows 7?

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Upgrade From Xp - Do I Need To Have Xp Installed ?

If i buy a windows 7 upgrade, and upgrade from xp to windows 7 do i need to have windows xp installed, because i currently have a virus and can not get into that hard drive, is it possible to present a old cd during the installation? Xp home edition to windows 7 home premium, currently i have a corrupt version of windows xp on it, would that be sufficient, is it possible to run the upgrade from the boot disk, even when i have a corrupt installation because of the virus.

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How To Upgrade Drivers?

I have been using win7 for the past few weeks and it was great! The only thing i didn't like about it that it didn't have aero in it. I did the windows experience index and it was 1. 0 :(. I checked out the "troubleshoot transparency and other aero effects" thing, and it said this: "video card driver does not support aero. " How do i update my 'video card'? The win7 os is on my desktop computer. I had to format win xp and install win7.

Oh, also, heres a few details of the pc:
Os: windows 7 ultimate
Ram: 512 mb
Processor: intel® pentium® 4 cpu 1. 60ghz
Video card:? How do i find the v. C. ?

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Beta Upgrade

This beta version ran out yesterday and i just got my upgrade license thing ie. Skipping around the net i realized that it's not possible to activate windows 7 beta like you would windows 7 home premium to professional for example. I wasn't given any cd with this upgrade license, just a cd key - what am i to do?

I could of-course just buy another version of windows that has a cd. Then again. Wasting 100$ ain't my favorite thing to do. Can i download an image of the cd from your website? I saw some rather complicated solutions around the net and i can't really be bothered with them to be honest.

Edit: reading a bit more on your website it seems it was made so on purpose, not being able to upgrade that is. ?

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Upgrade Problem

I just bought a dell laptop. As i initiated the computer and windows vista premium, after it automatically downloaded whatever upgrades where there, after attempt to shutdown and reboot, got blue screen. Windows fix it program could not. Restored. Worked ok until came to automatic update. Again, blue screen. Called dell. Did a mirror restore and was told by technician to shut off automatic windows update. Did so. Has worked fine. I have trend micro as my security software.

3. Questions.
1. Is the problem with updates the trend micro software?
2. When will i be able to download updates?
3. How critical are the updates? 

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Upgrade Prices

Somebody know final prices for next upgrade path:

Vista ultimate > seven ultimate
Vista business > seven business
I read before in news for first option it will be around 220usd and for second 200.

Just i can't understand if home basic edition price is something around one hundred usd(minimum of abilities and features and i afraid to think about starter edition), why in case ultimate to ultimate upgrade (as we are know q-ty of abilities and features increased minimally only core of the os upgrade) we are should pay in two times more then minimal cost of core product. I say it as angry ultimate owner who spend four hundred usd =) maybe you are don't know but in russia and china only small part of users buy retail products for home use, all others buy microsoft products for home only as part of oem.

Well in any case i don't know read or not microsoft's marketeers this forum, but i think next my proposal will be good idea for them. Program for home users like for business: rent os in another words software assurance. You are pay every year small price for right to use same edition of os(like antivirus software).

Sample: 20 usd per year for one license to home premium feature pack, but  of any revision of windows. Xp, vista, seven it's doesn't matter. 40 usd per year for one license to ultimate feature pack.

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Anytime Upgrade

I installed an upgrade from vista to windows 7 home premium a while back, from original disk with product key. I had previously installed it on my old laptop. It worked fine. A while later i discovered the anytime upgrade option on my laptop and was told i could upgrade to windows professional free of charge, i had never heard of "anytime upgrades" but was given the product code and it seemed the obvious option. All of this was through microsoft so i assumed it was fine.

Now i'm getting messages saying that i have an illegal version of the operating system and that it won't activate. I don't know how to revert bact to my original upgrade either, i'm not exactly a whizz where computers are concerned, or technology in general for that matter. What should i do?.
Bit of a thicky so walk me through it

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