Upgrading From Vista To 7 Then 7 Again

I received a discounted copy of windows 7 32-bit through my university. I over-installed it over my existing copy of vista home premium 32-bit. This did not require a key to activate, which is nice as the copy i received does not come with a product key!  But now i've purchased a ram and a hdd upgrade, and am going to upgrade to windows 7 64-bit. Again, it does not come with a product key, so, will my product key for vista home premium 32-bit (came with laptop) work for upgrading to windows 7 64-bit?

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Upgrading To Win7 From Vista

I bought windows 7 and tried to upgrade from vista premium. It would not let me upgrade so i did the other option which i think installed the whole version. When i went to start up my computer after it was all done i had to choose between windows 7 and vista to boot up. Now i have no space on my computer every 5 minutes a little box pops up and says low recovery space and i need to uninstall programs. I want to uninstall vista but cant figure out how. I don't have the disk that it was installed with or the product key anymore so im not sure what to do any information would be great

I cannot get my product key. Its a long story but there is no way i can get it even doing all the things you suggest. Is there anyway to get vista off my computer with out the product key? I just want it gone i don't need to save anything off it or anything just uninstall it.

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Upgrading From Vista To Win 7 In Other Language

I bought a computer laptop compaq hp cq with a french vista and french keyboard. (2 weeks old)_is it possible to upgrade to 7 in dutch language, keyboard no problem.

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When Upgrading From Vista Can I Use New Hard Drive ?

When upgrading to windows 7 from vista and doing a custom install can i use a brand new hard drive and keep my old hard drive for back-up.

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Remove Xp And Vista From Computer After Upgrading

In upgrading to windows 7 from xp professional, after i upgrade to vista, and then upgrade to windows 7, can i then remove the xp and vista from my computer so they don't eat up memory and storage space?

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Upgrading From Vista Home Premium

Multiple questions about upgrading. I currently have vista home premium installed on both my laptop and my desktop. Vista home premium is 32-bit. Can i upgrade to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit or do i have to continue with 32-bit? Windows 7 ultimate upgrade is licensed for one install, one computer. What happens if i want to buy a new computer a few months from now which has windows 7 home premium installed and i want to upgrade it to ultimate? Do i have to buy the software once again or can i upgrade with the software already purchased and installed on an old system, actually transferring the license to the new system?I now have vista on my laptop and desktop computers.

If i upgrade the desktop to 7 ultimate, will i also be able to upgrade the laptop seeing as how the two are used for business and travel access - same purposeslso, if i have to leave vista home premium on my laptop, installing ultimate only on my desktop, will i be able to take advantage of the remote desktop access in 7 ultimate using my laptop which will have the vista os?

If i want to, or need to, upgrade both my laptop and my desktop to 7 ultimate using the same piece of software, will i need to purchase a second license/key for the second computer? If so, how is that accomplished and how much will it cost? I'm hoping it isn't necessary to purchase the software twice in order to have it accessible on both my laptop and my desktop . . . What are my options?

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Upgrading From Vista Using Student W7 Dvd

Had 32-bit vista running, upgraded to 64-bit by performing a clean install from the dvd to a different drive (ssd). It works fine, except the old drive is still the "system" drive and i cannot boot with the ssd as the boot drive. And, when i boot to the old drive i get the option to load either vista or w7. I don't want to start over if i don't have to.

I'm confused at what the upgrade disc really does, and why i can't delete the old system. Do i need some of the vista files on the sdd in order to get w7 to install properly-or is a clean install, a clean install? Anyway, is it possible to still savlage my install by making the ssd a "system" disc? Move some files form the old drive (vista) over to the new drive? . Something!

I've never had this issue before loading a new os to a single drive. I'm not sure if it is the ssd, the upgrade method being used, the way i set-up the new drive, or my advancing age that is the root cause of my problem.

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Admin Privileges Problem When Upgrading From Vista

I have a compaq-hp laptop that is  currently running windows vista home basic and i'm trying to upgrade to windows 7 home prem. I have the hp upgrade cd and it keeps telling me that i need to log in to an account with admin privileges, i am in the admin account and it still will not let me.

I have disabled uac and  i have tried running the cd by right click  "run as admin" and it still does not work. I have enabled the admin account and removed admin priv. From all other accounts.

Why is this not working?

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Upgrading 32-bit Vista To 64-bit Win 7 Without Losing Files

I have two computers with vista home premium 32-bit oem versions on them. I want to upgrade both of them to windows 7 home premium 64-bit versions, without losing any files, folders or programs.

Can i use the same family pack license to upgrade both computers to windows 7 home premium 32-bit versions, then upgrade both 32-bit versions to 64-bit versions using the same family pack license?

Will this keep the original files, folders and programs intact? Is this a reasonable process that will get both computers to 64-bit versions? Or should i just upgrade both computers to 32-bit versions of windows 7, and live with it?

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Upgrading From Xp To 7

I am trying to upgrade from xp top 7 i have purchased an external hard drive so that i can do a back up and in device manager this drive shows as working correctly. However when i  try to save my files and settings using the windows easy transfer i cannot save it to this new external drive.

In control panel this new external hard drive does not appear in the lists of hard disk drives or list of devices with removable storage.

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Upgrading Ram

Why on earth is sdram more expensive than ddram? I thought that since it's an older version of ram it'd be cheaper. Well anyway, i'm trying to upgrade someone's pc and they are currently using sdram (sdr 133) on their computer - problem being the 2 ram cards aren't even the same size or brand - they do not wish to spend a lot of money, but want more memory on their pc for when they upgrade to windows 7 home premium. I know you're supposed to look at the motherboard to see what ram is compatible with it, but what am i looking for? Please, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Upgrading To Win7

I'm currently running windows vista and recently got windows 7. I went to upgrade yesterday, but the manager said we i needed 8000 mb, which i know is 8 gbs. I have 4 gb on my c drive and i've removed as much as i can. I found out that even if i remove all my programs i wouldn't have enough space. I found where all the memory is locked up and it's in my windows file at 17 gbs. I see no way of upgrading besides custom install which i'll lose all my programs which is a pain. Is there any way to force an upgrade or something?

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Upgrading From Xp To Win 7

I've got a multiple part question. I building myself a computer and i have an older one that is in use as i write this. The old one i want to use as a back up and has xp on it. My question is this. Can i buy the upgrade version of win7, install xp on the new system and as soon as the install is done, install win7 ?  I still wanna keep xp on the older system if possible, that's the one  xp is registered with. If this is possible, do i have to go through all the xp updates before installing win7 ?. Or will i have to purchase the full version of win7 in order to keep xp on my second system. (I can't install win7 on the older pc cuz the components are out of date for that os.

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Re-upgrading Win 7

Just a quick question that i think i know the answer to, but i'm wanting to be entirely sure. I have a laptop that i upgraded to windows 7 home premium. I want to reformat my laptop and i know it'll go back (or so i've been told) to vista. My question is, will i be able to reuse my upgrade disc and product key once it's reformatted or do i have to get an entirely new product key? I've searched around, but nothing i've found was similar to my problem or they were close, but i was still unsure. I want to be completely sure before i reformat.

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No Sound After Upgrading

I have the same problem with a  hp pavilion dv9700 laptop. The problem arose following one of the win7 updates after the reboot.

I thought that possibly the driver was at fault. Unfortunately it not the driver, it is actually the sound card. The sound card is a "conexant high definition smart audio 221". The problem is that the card is no longer recognized by the computer. I went and chatted with a hp rep, but the files that had me download and install wouldn't install at all. However on another laptop, the same model, functions without problem.

The worst case scenario would be, i thought to uninstall the win7 upgrade and go back to vista, however according to microsoft's web site that can't be done. If i should install a fresh copy of win7, that would not even guarantee that would work.

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Upgrading With A Different Product Id

I have 2 laptops and a desktop computer. Both of the laptops are fairly new. Windows 7 came installed on one(1) and the other(2) came with vista, with a free upgrade to 7 after it came out. I didn't get any cd's for #1, but did a backup after i got it home. I got an upgrade cd for #2, but it wasn't a regular upgrade disk. It was tailored for toshiba laptops and installed a little "strange" to me. I bought a regular microsoft upgrade for the desktop computer.

Finally, here is my question. If i want to re-install windows 7 on the 2 laptops, can i use the disk i bought for the desktop, but enter in the windows 7 product id's that are currently on the laptops? Seems like that would be a lot easier to me, if it's legal and works.

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Will Upgrading Wipe Both Hdds ?

I am currently upgrading my vista to win7 64-bit. Im wondering if this will wipe both my hdds? I have my os installed on my d: and all my other files are installed on my c: drive, will the c: drive remain intact if i choose to install win7 on my d:

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Upgrading .net Framework

When trying to install .net framework 3. 5 in my new pc that has win 7(64) with .net framework 1. 1 pre-installed i get a message part way through the installation process that says: you must use turn windows features on or off in the control panel to install or configure framework 3. 5, what does that mean? It's ambiguous to say the least, what is it? Turn windows features on or turn windows features off ? You can't do both. The installation fails at that point. Should i un=install ver. 1. 1 that came with my new system (win 7 with 64 bit ) and try a installation of ver 3. 5 or . . . ?

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Specified Product Key Can Only Be Used  For Upgrading

I still  have problems with the activation key. Right after i typed in the key, a warning popped up at the screen, saying that the software licensing  service determined that this specified product key can only be used  for upgrading, not for clean installations. Just a short brief of the installation, my laptop was previously  running an xp version of window. So, all i did was uninstalling the xp  and then do a separate install of windows 7. Hope to get a solution around this problem and thanks!

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Upgrading With Upgrade Dvd

I'm planning on getting a laptop with windows 7 home premium soon. I want to have ultimate, however. I was thinking about using windows anytime upgrade, but the price is giving me second thoughts. Then i noticed that my university offers the upgrade version (retail upgrade, not anytime upgrade) at a lower price on their website. Is there any way to use the product key in that version to upgrade, or is using anytime upgrade the only way?

To clarify, this is not the full retail version. It's the upgrade version normally used to upgrade from vista or xp. I want to know if that key will work in wau.

Another question. Would it be possible to use the upgrade disk for a clean install of 7 pro if i currently have 7 home premium installed?

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Upgrading Msdnaa License

I have an application problem, but the application developer and vendor says it is not their fault but microsoft fault and i should seek support from them. I have my own laptop which came with win 7 home. Under clear academic advice i obtained a legitimate msdnaa license and dvd copy for win 7 pro. As a full time research student i was told this was legitimate, but i was perfectly willing for microsoft upgrade facility to deny the upgrade path using that key, in which case i would have looked into other routes.

I attempted to install win7 pro using the dvd and the win 7 ms upgrade software facility clearly advised me not do an install but run and upgrade and to do it using upgrade anytime feature just entering the key that i had. I did this, used the academic key, it was clearly accepted and the upgrade went ahead. I clearly have a genuine copy of windows and i have been given no reason at any point to think otherwise.

Here's the issue - see 1st para - i go to get my ms support and the online facility asks for my "product id" not my "product key". It then informs me that my "product id" has expired (not that supported not provided for oem or for msdnaa ro what ever, but "expired"). I purchased my laptop from sony (viao) including the os. I have tried to get support through genuine advantage support, but they refer me to ms general support, for which i have to pay to find out why i have to pay!  Surely the "why don't i have support" question should always be ask-able.

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Problem Upgrading Win7

I have a serious problem. When i upgrading vista to win7pro after load dvd2, i inserted vaio supplement dvd again but i accidentally put out dvd1 from my disc drive and when try to reload dvd1 again, always the same message appeared on the screen: 'the disc finish completed'. But i did not finish because when i put out it has ony completed 7of25 and now when i go c/upgrade there is nothing besides 'drivers'  file. What should i do?

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Problem Upgrading To Win 7

I upgraded from windows xp to windows 7. My pc has 2 hard drives c: and e:. I backed up my needed files to the e: drive and reinstalled xp onto the c: drive (as recommended). When 7 installed its files, it installed them onto the e: drive (which i had to change my boot order to run it). It overwrote many programs and files, but left some files there. I can easily reinstall the programs but i am totally lost as to what files go where.

There are several duplicate files on both drives. The program files on e: drive (the one with 7) has two program files with the same files; but one it labelled as program files and the other as program files (86). The whole file system looks like a mess. How can i recover from this. Will uninstalling 7 return my pc to its prior state? Is there a way to get my files cleaned up? Xp is still operational from the c: drive.

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Problem With Upgrading To Win 7

I am trying to upgrade from vista home premium 32 bit to windows 7 home premium 32 bit, but when i run the installation i receive this message: the following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

There is not enough free space to store temporary windows installation files. Try using disk cleanup, uninstall old programs, or move files to an external location such as a cd, dvd, or external hard drive. I have 322 gb of space on my c drive. Can someone tell me where the problem is?

I have attempted to upgrade to windows seven 8 times now with the same problem, the only thing left on my computer is windows vista home premium. All other software has been uninstalled. I have more than 450 gb of space on my hard drive.

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No Sound After Upgrading To Win 7

I have been trying to figure this out for a few days now, and have not come up with an answer. I have a sony vaio everything was ok, but after installing win7 64 i lost my sound. I have an x over my speaker on my task bar. I have a sigma tel high definition chip for sound, i went to sony's web site and looked around for a new driver but they do not have one for win7. I tried downloading the xp driver and the vista driver and installing it in the xp mode & vista mode but nothing.

It will tell me that the driver was installed but has a problem and i cant get it to work from there. I got on sony's web site and did a chat session and they said they could fix the problem, but wanted $34. 95 to do it. I can go out and buy another sound card for cheaper than that. I wanted to see if anyone could help with this issue?

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Upgrading From Xp Pro To Win 7

Xp is running w7 disk is in e:drive  followed all the steps to setup.exe i have tried both ways. First double clicking setup.exe and also run as administrator. W7 disk starts and is reading screen shows copying files then i get one of two errors  1.could not load required file winsetup.dll file may be corrupt, or 2. Windows installer encountered a problem in page error p1: c0000009c p2 00000005  have looked everywhere no one has the answer in the past 5 years i have purchased xp prof. Vista, windows 7 ultimate and office 2007 i am tired of spending money and continuing to have these type problems. Help! My next step is snowleopard.

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Error Upgrading To Win 7

I want to upgrade my computer to windows 7 and everytime i start the upgrade file after it prepares the computer it stops and says that i need to uninstall avira antivir the problem is i already uninstalled it and it must have done something wrong cause my computer says its there even though uninstall and zsoft uninstall says its not, i also deleted the folder from my programs folder and searched for any remaining avira files and found only two shortcuts that wont delete because the folder is gone. I have also tried reinstalling avira to overwrite the bad software and then uninstall that but it doesn't want to install, any help?

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Upgrading Win 7, Trying To Get Ie7

I just received a laptop for christmas and i found out that my job doesn't operate on ie 8 so i need to figure out how to install or get ie 7 on my laptop that runs in windows 7. I have the home edition and it seems i need to upgrade to the professional edition to run a virtual office for ie 7. How do i upgrade, will i pay the $199 or can i just pay the difference? I need to figure out the cheapest and easiest way to get ie 7.

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Upgrading To Another Edition Of Win 7

I have windows home premium installed on my computer. Because i wanted to upgrade to windows professional, i purchased the full windows professional edition in the store (upgrade versions were not available). However, the installation program for windows professional indicates that i cannot upgrade without a windows anytime upgrade key.

The windows professional software package does not include a windows anytime upgrade key. How can i upgrade from the home edition to the professional edition using the software that i've already purchased?

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Sound Problem On Tv After Upgrading From Xp

I just installed windows 7 on my home computer (desktop) and my sound isn't working now. I'm using a television as my monitor + speakers. Windows 7 is fully updated via windows update and my sound drivers are all updated as well. Upon start-up, i hear a faint crackle that adjusts with my volume control, then nothing. The green bar that indicates sound is being made moves up and down as if there is sound being played but there isn't any sound actually coming out of my speakers. Everything was working just fine a second ago when i was still on my xp os but now that i installed 7 it's messed up. Any ideas?

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