Mass Effect Has Stopped Working

I installed mass effect 1 as well as the patch 1. 02 but when i try to play the game, it does not work and gives me a message that mass effect has stopped working with the details below:

Problem signature:
  Problem event name:    appcrash
  Application name:    masseffect.exe
  Application version:    1. 2. 20608. 0
  Application timestamp:    4a55ff66
  Fault module name:    masseffect.exe
  Fault module version:    1. 2. 20608. 0
  Fault module timestamp:    4a55ff66
  Exception code:    c0000005
  Exception offset:    008b784d
  Os version:    6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
  Locale id:    7177
  Additional information 1:    0e99
  Additional information 2:    0e9901819966b8ee29afe09e61cc8826
  Additional information 3:    f3b8
  Additional information 4:    f3b80781c29e5227c466095aa7be8231
It then tells me that i must download the patch 1. 02 which will solve the problem. But that did not work. In the mean time i have: 1. Re-installed the game and patch. 2. Installed latest windows updates. But still does not work. I am now in the process of downloading the latest nvidia driver to see if this helps. Please let me know if there is another issue that i am missing.

My system: windows 7 premium 64bit, intel core i5-750, asus p55dle motherboard, 4gb ram, asus gtx750 screen card.

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I'm having problems plugging usb mass storage devices into my pc (it's a dell xps8100 for what that's worth). Existing usb storage devices in that class (e.g. I had been using them on this particular system for a while) work fine. I have an ipod 5th gen, which  is a usb hard disk from windows' point of view, and it's fine. So are a few sata hard drives that i put into vantec usb housings, as are memory keys i've already used and cf/sd card readers. But. Devices that are brand new to this system. Nope. I have observed the behavior with a (very old) ipod nano 1g, several run of the mill usb keys, and another ide hard drive in a venus ds9 enclosure. All of the above use generic drivers - e.g. Disk.sys, partmgr.sys. When i plug them in, the balloon comes up.

Installing drivers. And then it gives me the dreaded red x. Driver not installed. If i go into device manger and have a look, i always see the failed device as a root device. And usually with an identifier i have not seen before. For example, if i plug in the venus ds9-housed hard disk, a root node appears called "other devices || usb2. 0 storage device" (written exactly like that) with a yellow triangle (driver not installed). With the ipod nano. "Other devices || ipod" and same yellow triangle. Always code 28 (driver not installed) now i decided to get cute and go update driver || browse my computer. And try searching windowssystem32.

It still fails, and reports the following: windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Usb mass storage device (imagine a usb icon to the left of that)the system cannot find the file specified. Since the "file" is disk.sys, it must be there, otherwise windows would not even boot. S i said, this will also happen with usb memory keys. One more data point, vmware workstation is installed on this system.

If i have a vm running and plug in any usb storage device, it will be installed/connected to the guest os (normal vmware behavior). Under vms, the devices that don't work in the host, work fine in the guests! So it is not a hardware problem, it's something in my particular windows 7 installation that is wrong somehow. (Vms i tested were win 7 x86, winxp mce, and w2k8. Works fine in all/any of them)so. I've exhausted just about every path i can think of. Nukeing windows and reinstalling is not a viable option for me. Nyone seen similar/have any ideas as to what i can try next?

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