Dell 720 Printer Printing Errors

Windows and dell say that windows 7 (32bit)is not compatible with 720 printer but, on another forum, people say that they have developed a simple workaround. Many people have used this and reply it works great. The procedure is:- 1. Download driver r149368 - i have done this. 2. Open up r149368, however when i go to c:program files/dell720/drivers/ and open it i find nothing resembling r1493678 but many files with strange endings (forgotten word that should be here) such as dlbcaglk. Ou_ , dlbccdrv. Cat, dlbcjswx. Ex_and so on and nothing that calls itself setup.exe that one is supposed (step 3. ) To set to defaults.

Trouble shooting the printer shows nothing wrong, no compatibility problems etc. , But eventually i get to error 0x00000006 which i can find no reference to. If i try to print i get the message "the handle is invalid" with no error number. If i try to sign in to the main home page for windows help there is a drop down list for "state/region" - nothing for canada or ontario.

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Dell 720 Printer

I recently installed windows 7. I cannot get my dell 720 printer to print. The computer recognizes it, but when i hit print it will not send it at all or an error 0x00000006 comes up. I called the dell service and they said my printer is not compatible. Is there any way around this or am i going to have to buy a new printer just for windows 7? I have tried the windows troubleshooting and a few drivers but any suggestions are welcome. I will repeat things that i have already done if you think they will work

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Dell Photo Printer 720 Compatibility

Is the dell photo printer 720 compatible with windows & and dell inspiron 546?

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Dell 720 Color Inkjet Printer Compatibility

Will the current 64 bit vista home premium sp1 printer driver for the dell 720 color inkjet printer work if the system is upgraded to windows 7 home premium 64 bit? Per dell website 720 printer compatible with windows 2000, xp, vista 32 bit only; vista 64 bit not listed & windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) is "not compatible". But the 64 bit vista printer driver must exist since 32 bit driver will not work in 64 bit vista, so i'm told, and a driver was installed during first time 720 printer installation.

First time install of 720 printer: after system boot, with internet access on, connected 720 via usb cable, vista hp sp1 64 bit detected printer then downloaded printer driver from internet.

I would expect (hope?) Windows 7 upgrade to use the existing vista printer driver since it does not have a driver of it's own to use. Maybe i'm wrong. Free windows 7 upgrade dvd due to arrive soon. Need to know if new printer should be in plans before upgrading.

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Dell Inkjet 720 Printer Not Compatible With Win7

We just upgraded from vista to windows 7 ultimate and now my dell ink jet 720 printer says is is not compatible with the new operating system. Is there a way to fix this? I thought if it worked with vista it was supposed to work with 7.

Dell inkjet 720
Upgrade from vista to windows 7 ultimate

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Dell V505w Printer Printing Problem

I upgraded my dell xps m1330 laptop from vista, ( all printing worked, but slow), to windows 7. I downloaded the updated printer driver from dell, i'm connected both wirelessly and by usb. I also use quickbooks pro 2009. When i first tried to print in quickbooks, nothing would work, no print preview, no printing at all, no access to printer setup. I uninstalled and reinstalled quickbooks, then the printer. I reinstalled the updated printer driver and then used "add a printer". I was then able to print everything in quickbooks. I later tried printing in firefox, like my bank statement, items on ebay, credit card statements, and i can't getanything to print in firefox.

I tried making some changes in internet access settings. I then tried ie 8 and it will print most of the time, but after it does, then ie 8 stops responding, right after printing, and then looks for solutions of which i never have found any. Everything else works fine on both browsers except printing. I have another laptop with the printer driver installed, running vista, and everything works fine. The dell xps laptop and printer worked fine also before i upgraded to windows 7.

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Hp Deskjet 9800 Printer Errors

Error messages-some postscript specific settings(interpolation, calibration, encoding) will be ignored since you are printing to a non post script printer. -Result print of 1/2 inch of 4 by 6 print, print about 25% of specified size, no print etc.

On hp932 and hp deskjet 9800. Error message, incompatible ink cartridges- even though using original hp60 cartridges supplied with printer at purchase and they worked for maybe 40 pages printing text only. Hp9800 and hp932 printers, hp scanjet 4470 all worked perfectly well on old windows me- i know they're old, but are there no fixes for these issues for a computer user without great technical knowledge. Or is the cure the dumpster for all my old peripherals? 

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Printer Is Installed But Not Printing

#1: my printer is installed but not printing. It prints once then not again.
#2: i keep getting a message that says framework 2. 0 is not installed but it is and i down loaded it from microsoft and it just would not work. How do i get my computer printer to work permanently. And why do i keep getting a message saying framework 2. 0 is not installed when it is.

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Printing On Network Printer

I upgraded 2 desktop pcs from vista to win 7. Each pc has its own printer directly attached. Prior to upgrading, both pcs could print to either printer. After upgrading, one pc can print to both but the other can print only the printer directly attached however, the printer on the other machine is visible when checking devices on the network. I have gone through checking network names, sharing, reinstalling drivers, deleting and reinstalling the printer with no success. I've even attempted to establish a "home group" but am unable to do so. Any suggestions?

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Printer Not Printing Over Network

I saw a question similar to mine but not quite the same issue. My main desktop is running win7 pro and my laptops and other desktop are running win xp pro. I have set up a work network not a home network, per instructions from a friend in it. All other computers can see the printer and print jobs get spooled to the main computer. The jobs arrive but do not print. Just to clarify, i can print just fine from the main computer. I know there is a tutorial on here for this issue, but the graphics are no longer present, so it's rather difficult to check what the settings should be.

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Hp 6110 Printer Stops Printing

Hp 6110 all-in-one printer stops printing one-tenth of the way down the page over & over (using windows 7, netgear wireless print server). We have a netgear 54 mbps wireless print server (model wgps606) that is hooked up to our hp officejet 6110 all-in-one (printer, copier, scanner, fax). We have three laptops printing to the 6110 through the print server. Two of the laptops are older and are running older versions of windows. My new laptop is running windows 7 home premium.

The older laptops have no problem printing to the 6110 through the print server. My new laptop can print to the 6110 through the print server but what happens is that it prints one-tenth or so of the first page, then stops and feeds the rest of the sheet through without printing, then starts reprinting, stopping one-tenth, stops and feeds through. Finally the whole page prints but usually after a bunch of partial pages print. This is entirely frustrating and is wasting a lot of paper & ink. I'm thinking it could be a problem with windows 7. Any thoughts?

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Printer Not Printing Internet Pages

I recently upgraded from windows xp to windows 7. I have a hp multi-function printer. It is set to print wireless. To date i have no problems printing from my hard drive. Today i was unable to print a page from the internet. For instance, if i make a payment online and the print this payment form page appears, i can't print it. Instead i get a plain page with the web address at the bottom. I've checked the print preview and indeed the page is blank. Any ideas?

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Hp Lj P1505 Printer Does Not Start Printing

I have recently upgraded from xp to windows 7 and my hp lj 1505 no longer prints from any application or from the test page print in printer properties. The driver appeared to install okay and printer is being detected. After sending a print it spools and then says it is printing but printer does not start printing. The "see whats printing" window will say that print is printing and will not disappear unless i delete what i have sent for printing. There is nothing wrong with the hardware as it has been tested with a windows xp pc and works okay.

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Problem Printing Through Wireless Printer Server

Problems printing with hp950c through a d-link dp-g310 wireless printer server after upgrade from windows vista to windows 7. I have a sony vgnz790dib that came with windows vista. I could access and use a hp950c inkjet printer through a d-link dp-g310 wireless printer server with vista. I upgraded to windows 7 yesterday and now cannot use the printer.

A dell xps 1330 running vista works fine. As far as i can tell, the ip address for the printer server on the sony is identical to that on the dell. I ran troubleshooter for the printer and there was no problem uncovered. I then went online to see if others had the same problem but could not find any identical problems. I went to hp online and found that there was an updated software which i downloaded and also connected the printer directly to the sony via usb and still no printing. Any advice on what to do next?

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Printing From Win 7 Through Print Shared Printer On Xp

Have a new windows 7 machine. Have an old xp machine that i have a shared printer  (brother printer mfc 8640d). The 7 machine has the drivers for the printer and will print on the printer when the printer is directly hooked up to this machine. However, when i try to share the printer on the xp machine, it says that it can not find the driver for the printer.

I have tried downloading the 7 driver from the brother website to the xp machine with no luck (they do not have 7 even as an option on their site)  tried putting the printer on the 7 machine and making printer shared from there and then having xp machine print from there with no luck either. Was told that possible i should upgrade to windows 7 professional and this might solve the problems. Suggestions?

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Homegroup Printer Not Printing From Remote Laptop

Just purchased a desktop and laptop both with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Loaded the print driver for my lexmark x4270 all in one. I can print to the printer when desktop or laptop is wired to the printer via usb, however cannot get the laptop to print via the homegroup network. Sent off a test print to the printer icon id'ed as the shared printer and get a message back that says page has been sent, however nothing printing. I did setup the home group, passwords match, and print sharing turn on. Any idea how i can get this printer working via the homegroup network?

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Printing To Remote Printer Connected Via Usb To Xp Computer

I am using my c5580 as a remote network printer. The printer is hooked up via a usb cable to my main (xp) server computer. The rest of my (xp & vista) computers are accessing and printing through my wireless network connection with no problem. It is my newly purchased pc with "windows 7" on it. 64 bit that can't print. I setup a new printer by adding a "network printer". It found the hp printer through network search and the drivers loaded ok. When i go to print i get the following message "windows can not print due to the current printer setup, try one or more of the following".

* Check the printer by test page from windows
* Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line - done
* Reinstall the print driver -done

I have loaded all windows updates and went to hp to get the latest printer drivers. Still no luck.

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Print Jobs Submitted From Xp To Win7 Shared Printer Not Printing

Print jobs submitted by win xp to win 7 shared printer never print. I have an hp laserjet 1020 attached to a win 7 pc. The device is shared. A win xp pc can submit jobs to this printer, but they never print. They hang in the queue and cannot be printed unless the spooler is restarted. Prior to upgrading to win 7, the pc was running vista home premium and everything worked fine.

Shutting down the printer or the xp pc will not force the job to print, the only way to get it unstuck is to restart the spooler. This is my last win 7 upgrade issue. Everything else seems to work, but this one is nasty. Hp has been unable to help.

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Network Printing - Remote Computer Says Its Printing But It Does Not

I have two network desktop computers with windows 7. I have a printer attached to one of the computers and was able to print from the other using homegroup. That process stopped working and when i send a document from the remote computer it says it's printing but doesn't. It's like it gets stuck in a loop. Help anyone?

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Hp Hl 4040cn Printer On Peer-to-peer Network Printing Trouble

Have a home peer-to-peer wireless network with a desktop computer and a laptop both running windows 7, both wireless connections to network. The desktop computer can print to our hp hl-4040cn printer with no problem, but the laptop says that it cannot communicate with the printer and will not print. I have reinstalled the print driver and in the process it was able to find the printer just fine during the installation process. I have norton 360 and have checked the firewall settings and they are on for file and printer sharing.

I have compared all of the firewall and network settings of the laptop to the desktop computer that is printing and they are the same. When i use the troubleshooter it tells me the following two things:printer brother hl-4040cn series cannot be contacted over the your network administrator (that is me). Printer brother hl-4040cn series is not shared with the homegroup.

I tried sharing it with the homegroup, but that didn't fix it and the desktop is printing to it just fine without it being shared with the home group. The laptop should be printing directly to it through the network rather than printing through the desktop anyway.

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After Printing Screen Says "printer Status Not Available"

After printing we get a msg on the screen that says "printer status not available" how do i set windows 7 so the msg printer status not available does not show up every time we print. It is annoying.

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Printing A3 Paper In Printer - Losing Text On A4 Paper

E-mails printing as if a3 paper in printer, therefore losing text on a4 paper. I have recently upgraded to windows 7. Yesterday i when printing my e-mails - normally on a4 paper - i noticed some sentences were being chopped off on right hand side, as if i should have a3 paper instead of a4. I have tried searching printer problems. Any fixes please?

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Printing From 32-bit Xp To Printer Attached To 64-bit Win 7

We have upgraded our main network resource to a 64 bit machine running windows 7. When older 32 bit boxes running xp pro try to send print jobs to the central printer the xp box asks for an inf file. We have reloaded the canon drivers for the xp 32 bit box with no luck as it states it is still missing the driver. Tried to load 64 bit printer driver and the xp box rejected as 64 bit. The windows 7 box will print to the canon printer.

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Dell Printer Compatibility

I recently had to buy a new laptop which had windows 7 installed. I have a perfectly good dell personal all in one printer/scanner/fax/copier, but when i went to the dell site to upload the proper driver, i discovered that they don't provide a windows 7 driver for that model because it is considered "obsolete". Their customer service (of course!) Tried to sell me on buying a new printer to resolve the issue, but quite frankly, i don't use the printer all that often and don't want to invest a ton of money in a new printer.

I tried to install the vista 32 bit version of the printer driver (another forum suggested this as a workaround), but that does not seem to be working. However, i could be doing something wrong.

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Cannot Print With Dell A920 Printer

Cannot print with my dell a920 printer now that i upgraded my dell laptop from vista 64-bit to windows 7 64-bit. I recently upgraded my dell studio laptop to windows 7 64-bit from vista 64-bit and now my dell a920 all-in-one printer doesn't work. It worked just fine with xp and with vista. The dell site says it's not compatible with windows 7. So frustrating. Please tell me windows has a solution for me and that they wouldn't leave me high and dry.

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Dell 942 Printer Will Not Print

Dell printer 942 all in one will not print. I can scan off the printer, but all print jobs are going were i can not see them. Can any one help my get this dell printer to work? Or do i need to buy a new one?

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Dell 966 Printer Is Not Working

Upgraded from vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and only problem is my dell photo all in one 966 printer is not working. When i want to print from the internet, the printer does not respond.

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Dell 968 Printer Cannot Print

I cannot print to my dell 968 printer from my new dell inspiron 1545 with windows 7, need advise. Have already removed and reinstalled the printer driver from dell website for windows 7, but did not solve the problem.

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Printer Dell 948 Not Working

I have recently replaced my computer  with another dell but using windows seven. All works ok but it is not communicating with the printer and reads code 41. The printer is a dell 948 which i cant find in their list of printers but it does give a generic version which still is not recognized. I have also followed followed their instructions relates to the info. Print spooler not working. It started with open administrative tools and finished with general tab next to start up select automatic. I have tried this several times but it still reads code 41 error any ideas please before i go crazy.

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Dell Printer 1500 Laser

Dell will not update the drivers for my printer (1500p laser) - it's in perfectly working condition, so i would like to keep it. I have a pc running xp (on a shared network) so i'm wondering. Is there a way to create a shared folder on the xp machine and when i add files to the share from the win7 (x64 hp) pc, the xp treats the folder as a print que, therefore, i can still print from my primary (win7) to the 1500 laser?

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