Usb Error - Remove Write Protection

I have a usb with no physical locks when i try to add or remove anything it says remove write protection but i can find no solutions to this anywhere on windows 7 can anyone help me please.

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Write Protection Drivers Wont Load

I have a brand new asus g51vx loaded with windows 7 ultimate. I tried to load 1701 ad gold ed. And it says drivers (write protection drivers) need to load, says (run as administrator), try that and won't load. Tried to do it from the folder right on the cd, and i get the same results. When i boot up my computer, i get a message that an incompatible driver was blocked (that driver). Tried to fix it with the compatibility troubleshooter and still won't work.

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Usb Hard Drive Is Write Protected

I am an amateur photographer and have been using an external usb drive to store numerous images as well as back up other documents. I was doing this with windows xp pro, but i recently upgraded to windows 7, home premium. I can view the documents and images i have stored on the usb drive, but whenever i try to save anything to the external drive i get the error message: "the disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk". I queried the user manual and various help sites but cannot find out how to resolve this issue. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Cannot Disable Write Caching On Usb Flash

Brief intro: i have a problem with my windows 7. It exists since the windows 7 rc (7100) and it's also on my windows 7 home premium (7600). It also appears to be in both the x86 and x64 version of the system, regardless of the computer i use.

Problem: whenever i start writing files onto my usb drive, it starts filling up my ram and also completely slows down windows 7 as the hard drive is being read from at its maximum speed. It usually fills about 500-600 mb of my ram. Until the file is completely written onto the device, the ram is being occupied. As the file manager i use to copy files with (be it windows explorer or total commander) reports the copy process is at 99%, the amount of occupied ram gradually starts to decrease until all of it is written onto the device, at which point the process of copying finally finishes.

I'd rather completely disable the write-caching to this device, as it would not affect the speed of the copy process and it wouldn't prevent me from using windows 7 since the primary harddrive ( the source of the file i am trying to copy ) would not be strained to its maximum capabilities by having to read the file into the ram write-cache.

I tried setting the usb drive in my device manager for quick removal, but that does not affect anything at all. I am a very advanced user, so do not be afraid to assume or suggest registry edits or other things.

Used software

Os: windows 7 rc x64 / windows 7 rc 32 / windows 7 home premium x64
File manager for the copy process: windows explorer / total commander

Used hardware

As i've stated before - this happens with more computers than just one, but i'll just post the details of my main pc here.

Mb: gigabyte ex58-ud5
Cpu: core i7 920
Ram: kingston hyperx ddr3 6gb (triple channel)
Gfx: nvidia gtx295
Hdd: samsung spinpoint f1, 1tb, sata ii, 32mb cache (running in ahci mode)

Usb flash : patriot xt 32gb, filesystem ntfs. Write speed ~9-10mb/s, read speed 27-31mb/s.

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Usb Flash Drive Write Protected Message

I have recently purchased a 32gb usb flash drive. I have been using it ok until 3 days ago. I now get a message saying "write protected". There is no write protection switch on the device. How do i remove the write protection.

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Usb Flash Drive Write Protected Problem

I have a usb flash drive that will not initialize in disk management because it is being reported as write protected. There are no switches or etc on the key. It is an older 512 gb lexar key. I tried the hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol storagedevicepolicies" - dword "writeprotect" set to '0' regedit solution i see some people mention. It didn't help. I'm not sure if this really applies to windows 7.

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Error - Disk Drive Is Full Or Write Protected While Transferring Files

"error: disk drive is full or write protected" while transferring files to windows xp and no admin rights while transferring files to windows 7". Admin permissions uac win 7 external hdd, i have read alot about this subject and have used some of the advice but i am still unable to transfer my stored files on my external hdd from my lost work laptop, in assents i have a replacement laptop os win xp an external hdd with files stored from the lost machine and a home machine os win7 every time i try and restore the files back to the new work machine it has an error of the disk drive is full or write protected.

If i try the same on th win 7 machine the error is that i don't have admin permissions i have tried disabling uac giving myself ownership of the files i have admin permissions in my profile i have tried the cmd prompt cacls and takeown and this did scroll through the files when executed and appeared to do something but i still cannot copy or transfer the files in any way, i have  been through the security setting and changed them but still cannot gain access, incidentally i have backup files from other machines on the same hdd and these are fine i can do what ever, i have copied the settings from these files but still no joy.

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Removing Usb - Safe To Remove Notification Missing

About a month after upgrading to windows 7, windows stopped displaying the "safe to remove" notification when i attempt to eject my flash drive from the usb port. I usually go ahead and remove the flash drive and haven't noticed any problems, but am concerned the i'm not receiving the notification.

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Safe Remove Usb Flash Memory Restarts Computer

While using different (manufacturers) usb flash drives on this computer from time to time my computer
Restarts itself while "safe remove" is being performed. Also, note that the same thing happens (again, sometime!) When i physically unplug the usb drive. Same usbs on different xp machines. No problems! Where do i need to look for a solution to this. I've noticed other people having the same problem as well (googled it).

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Usb & External Hard Drive Unable To Safety Remove

Don't know what happen i unable o safety remove my usb or external hard drive. The window pop up a message said "this device is currently in use. Close any programs or windows that might be using the device, and then try again. " But i has already close all application and this message still pop up.

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Error When Play Dvd - Problem With Digital Copy Protection

Error when trying to play dvd: windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. Windows media player when i try to play a dvd using windows media player it will display this message: "windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "I tried updating the video card but still the problem remains and i am unable to play my dvd.

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Error - There Is A Problem With Digital Copy Protection Of Dvd Drive

Error i want to play a video but it says that there is a problem with digital copy protection of dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. Ideas:programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Error - 1713 - Cannot Remove / Uninstall Program

I mistakenly installed winter fun pack 2004 for win xp on my windows 7 pro system and now i can remove it. I go to control panel, uninstall program, but get an error 1713. I want to remove winter fun pack 2004 for win xp which i mistakenly installed on my windows 7 pro system. Now i get an error 1713. I am logged on as an administrator. What gives.

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Unable To Remove Startup Items "remove From This List"

My right-click context menu is no longer working in the start menu:
1) selecting "remove from this list" does nothing
2) no longer see "pin this item" (or whatever it said) as an option to my knowledge, i have changed no settings.

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Error Message - Failed To Remove Driver Hp Laserjet 1020

Trying to un-ininstall print driver error message: failed to remove driver hp laserjet 1020. The specified printer driver is currently in use. _failed to remove package hplj1020. Inf. Access is denied. I have a new win 7 machine and having lots of trouble installing a hp laserjet printer. When trying to delete the drivers under print server properties i get the following message:

"Failed to remove driver hp laserjet 1020. The specified printer driver is currently in use.
Failed to remove package hplj1020. Inf. Access is denied. "

Anyone know what is wrong? The printer isn't even connected! Should not be in use. The problem i was having was that stuff sent to the printer would seem to sit and take 15  ins to print out a test page. How can i delete the drivers? 

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Drive Write Protections

I had a vista 64 machine that i upgraded to windows 7. Everything worked fine in vista 64. After i installed 7, it operated fine until i shut it off. Then several areas occurred which i traced back to my bios. After setting to failsafe, getting into windows, and updating them, several of my drives are now write protected. C drive is ok (it is one hd). D and e are write protected (they are a partitioned hd). Tried undoing the read only, tried changing security protocols, but nothing works. Both just tell me the drive is write protected. None of the files show write protection, but the folders do. When i try to change the folders, it says the files are write protected. Suggestions?

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Manually Remove Programs From Add Or Remove Programs Tool

How to manually remove programs from the add or remove programs tool on windows 7? I installed a program and than did system restore and it never got installed back but its still on my pc allover the program files the shortcuts on the start menu and on the control panel programs. I tried fixing the install cause it wont let me uninstall so i tried fixing it to uninstall it again but it wont install it either. Is there a way i can force unistall or manually do it from the add or remove program tool?

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Homegroup Write Access Denied

I have 2 pcs running windows 7/64 home premium. I have successfully set up a homegroup, and can browse and open files within shared folders on each pc. However whenever i want to save a file, access is denied. I have ensured that the homegroup on each pc has read/write privileges. Not sure how to paste an image of the folder permissions but in effect it says:

File sharing choose people to share with:

Name             permissions
Everyone         read/write
Homegroup        read/write
Owner            owner

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Can't Write To Programs Directory - You Do Not Have Permission

Can't write to programs directory "you do not have permission" contact the administrator. I am the only acct on the pc & the admin. Trying to download a pgm & save it in the programs directory.

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Write Speed Of Drive Lg Super Multi Writer

When copying a dvd utilizing my lg supermultiwriter the write speed is several mb/s if i use my e drive to wirte. When writing to the g drive the write speed is . 01 mb/s. This is about 1 disk per week if you're lucky. Have checked with lg and am sending the device back. This is the second one to have this problem. Have all of the current software plus a fix suggested by lg. Am using dvd fab 6 premium as the software for copying.

Media does not appear to be a problem as it works with the e drive. Have changed connection cord to the g drive with no effect. Dma is enabled in th fab 6 program. There is no effect when speed is changed from recommended to fastest in the dvd fab 6 program. Have copied thousands of dvds but never seen this problem before. Any suggestions?

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System Protection......

I posted this question in another forum and did not get a resolution response. So i am posting it in this forum hoping new people will read it and someone may have a fix.
Windows 7 home prem; 32bit
System protection is set to 4% of my c: drive which in my case max usage=23. 24gb. This process reserves 23. 24gb of hard drive space to save restore points. The issue is, the current usage  exceeds the max usage space. Right now my current usage is 27. 23gb. Almost 4 gb over the max.

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File Protection Message

This message showed up on my desk top after a recent zone alarm anti-virus scan. The scan found & quarantined 3 files that i repaired from quarantine. Message: files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain systems stability, windows must restore the original version of these files. Insert your windows xp professional service pack 2 cd now. Retry more information cancel i do not have a service pack 2 cd as i installed it as an update some time ago.

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Protection From .scr Files

I stupidly clicked on an unknown . Scr file. After several seconds, i received a windows message that the scr file "had stopped working". Nothing happened after that. As far as i can tell, nothing unusual is happening. I scanned the original . Scr file with avast (newest definitions) and it did not seem to be a virus. Would win 7 first ask me if i wanted to allow this file to make changes before it actually was executed (as win 7 does this with almost everything i tell it to do first)?

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No System Protection Configuration

My computer (only a few months old) has been acting kind of glitchy, and i wanted to perform a system restore to try and solve the problem. When i got to my sytem properties, and click the system protection tab, it tells me that system restore has been disabled by my system administrator. Problem is, i am my system administrator. My user accounts tells me so. To boot, i created another user account with administrator privileges, yet still cannot configure my system protection, and therefore can't perform a system restore.

I am at a loss. Nd just btw, in case someone can help me out with this without system restore (though i still want that situation remedied), some of the issues i have been having are: normal run-of-the-mill programs (ie, solitaire) not opening, despite my system resources being otherwise unoccupied; weird restarts where i'll manually restart, it crashes in the process, and then re-restarts and everything seems dandy; regular browsing links causing unwanted windows to open, but only to google analytics something or other, and then redirecting to yahoo, as well as certain websites lagging unendingly (in mozilla firefox only) due again to some sort of conflict with google analytics.

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Starforce Protection Driver Is Not Compatible

Driver blocked due to compatibility the installed star-force protection driver is not compatible with this version of windows. I'm new with widows 7 and having problems; the driver star-force is not compatible with this, wont open unless is version of windows and applications that require this driver will not function properly with out a patch. And i cannot find this patch. Also my hotmail will not load unless i go through the internet. It says that the connection is not encrypted also that the default mail client is not properly installed.

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Virus Protection And Pornographic Emails

While on a blog, yahoo buzz, i was interrupted by big warning of a virus threat. It said i was infected. I followed the procedures to get rid of it. I paid 99. 00 for and installed what is called security tool. The debit showed on my acct. It also showed and international fee of a few bucks.
Since that time, i have been getting pornographic emails. Also, that very same virus threat came up again and took me on the same merry-go-round to buy protection. This time i just closed all the windows and ignored the warnings.

What has happened to my computer? Why am i getting these *** emails?

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Data Execution Protection Crashes

I was having a problem with repetitive data execution protection crashes when i accessed certain pages - particularly when trying to read my optimum email with a browser. This occurred with both ie 8 and firefox. The last straw was when i tried to renew my subscription for my trend micro internet security. Their app for renewing a subscription automatically started ie 8, which would then trigger a "internet explorer has stopped working . Checking for a solution" window, followed by a "close program" window, followed by a message that data execution protection had been the cause of the stoppage.

However, ie 8 does not close - it just triggers another succession of "checking for a solution, " "close program, " "dep was the cause" messages until i manage to get ie8 to respond to its own close button (the red x in the urh corner). Based on another posting, i started ie 8 as administrator and turned off the dep function - now when i try to renew my subscription, i get a rapid series of "checking for a solution" and "close program" windows, but no dep message. I finally had to renew my subscription by telephone! What can be done to fix this?

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Windows Defender / New Win 7 Virus Protection

I recently replaced an old computer with a new one running windows 7. It has windows defender. I read on that microsoft has released an anti-virus program for windows 7. Do i need this or will defender detect viruses?

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Media Player Dvd Problem With Copy Protection

Windows media player cannot play this dvd because it is not possible to turn on analog copy protection on the output display. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. I just installed windows 7 onto my dell inspiron 6400, intel core duo processor and can not watch any dvds or videos from the internet. What do i do?

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Unable To Access Hard Drive Because Of Password Protection

Hard drive with "windows 7" from my laptop not showing up in my other xp machine. I connect the sata hard drive through a sata usb cable. My toshiba laptop has windows 7 in it with finger printing password. After scanning my finger or entering bios password my hard disk unlocks and i can use my laptop. Now that laptop is dead because if its motherboard. The hard disk is working fine. I purchased sata usb cable and attached the toshiba hard disk to my other system which has xp through the usb port. It shows that a new hardware is installed and is ready to use but it doesn't show up in my computer or disk management.

I guess i have to unlock (by using bios password) it first and then only will be able to use it but i don't see the hard disk anywhere then how would i enter the password? I don't think it's a cable problem because the hard drive is making sound like it is working and in the xp machine it shows that the hard drive is installed and ready to use. I really need to extract the data from my toshiba hard drive otherwise i am doomed.

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