How To Determine Dpi Of Png Image In Explorer?

In windows xp and vista, to determine the dpi of a png image, i could right-click, go to properties, then the summary tab, and there were entries for horizontal resolution and vertical resolution of the png along with the width, height, and bit depth.

However, in windows 7, when i go to the properties, i only see width, height, and bit depth. For jpg's i also see the dpi, but not for png's.

Is there an additional setting i need to turn on? Is there somewhere else i should be looking to find the dpi information?

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Explorer Will Not Copy 8gb Iso Image File To External Drive

Windows explorer will not copy an 8gb iso image file to an external drive with 185gb of free space says file is too large for the destination file system. I tried copying an 8gb iso image file to an external drive with 185gb of free space and windows explorer keeps giving me the message "file is too large for the destination file system".

Then i tried copying the same file to a separate partition on my hard drive and it worked smoothly. I also tried copying a folder containing the sae content and about the same size and it also copied easily. I don't understand why it will not copy the 8gb iso file. By the way i am using windows 7 ultimate.

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Win 7 System Dpi

I'm having problems with the dpi stuff; my user dpi is set to 96 and my system dpi is set to 120. See snip it from dxdiag:time of this report: 7/29/2010, 09:42:07

Machine name: cooth02-w500
Operating system: windows 7 enterprise 64-bit (6. 1, build 7600) (7600. Win7_gdr. 100226-1909)
Language: english (regional setting: english)
System manufacturer: lenovo
System model: 4063w6r
Bios: ver 1. 00parttbl(
Processor: intel(r) core(tm)2 duo cpu t9600 @ 2. 80ghz (2 cpus), ~2. 8ghz
Memory: 4096mb ram
Available os memory: 3992mb ram
Page file: 5305mb used, 2676mb available
Windows dir: c:windows
Directx version: directx 11
Dx setup parameters: not found
User dpi setting: 96 dpi (100 percent)
System dpi setting: 120 dpi (125 percent)
Dwm dpi scaling: disabled

Dxdiag version: 6. 01. 7600. 16385 32bit unicode some of my applications' text are not displaying correctly in their windows. I think this is due to the system dpi set to 120. Does anyone know how to get the user dpi back to using the system dpi?

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How To Determine What Is Causing Pc To Shutdown ?

How can i determine what is causing my pc to shut down? I liked to leave my computer on so it will perform maintenance overnight. Lately its shutting off around midnight and i don't why? How can i determine what causing it to shut down?

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Detect And Determine If There Are Drivers For Win7?

I purchased a new intel i-7 computer that came witn windows vista. When the windows 7 program came out i ordered the program from microsoft. When offered the choices i just ordered the professional option since i want to upgrade to the 64 bit version for adobe photoshop. I tried the upgrade and found i could not upgrade because the computer came with vista ultimate ultimate. What are my options to complete this upgrade?† Is there a program that will detect my existing and determine if there are drivers for windows 7?

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Unable To Determine Security Key Wireless Connection

I have installed windows 7 on a dell inspiron e1405 laptop. When i try to connect to my home network wirelessly it shows the network connection but when a selection is made it prompts for a network security key. I have been unable to determine what this security key is. I have tried through to use wireless key view†to determine what the key is †it but it did not detect anything. The router for all this is a netgear wndr 3300 which windows shows as being compatible and an install with windows 7. Any thoughts?

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System Image Reports Two Boot Drives To Image

I have a sata (boot drive) and an ide drive in my win 7 pro 64 bit machine. Is there any way to remove the old boot partition on my ide from the list of drives to image w/ sys image? I can understand the c: part (sata/boot) and the "system reserved" but i don't want to image the d: part (1st part on old ide xp pro boot drive that has 84gb on it that i don't want to bkup). Funny thing is that the ide drive doesn't even show up on the boot sequence in bios. I really don't want to reformat in case something happens to my new sys i can still run xp on my old one (i lost my xp install disk).

I just want to leave it out of the sys image list. Theres no way to remove it from the list without reformatting the d: part. (Old boot drive)? Can i possibly make the d: part. Non bootable without running the xp installation on it and make it bootable again later?Maybeny help removing it from the list would be greatly appreciated!†

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Kworld Usb Tv Tuner - Unable To Determine Tv Signal Configuration

Kworld 399u usb tv tuner "unable to determine tv signal configuration" windows 7 media center (64 bit) i have just upgraded my 64 bit vista machine to windows 7 and am no longer able to use my kworld 399u usb tv tuner in media center.

It worked fine under vista, however after upgrading i was asked to set up my tv signals again. After media center runs†"examining tv signals" for several minutes, it displays the message "windows media center is unable to determine your tv signal configuration".

I have tried downloading and installing the latest windows 7 drivers from http://uk., but this does not make a difference.

I rolled my machine back to windows vista and the tuner works perfectly again, even after installing the latest drivers.

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System Image Recovery Can't Find System Image

I am trying to restore a backup system image to my repaired pc. It is wiped clean. I have the "repair disc windows 7 64 bit" that i created in windows 7. Using windows 7 backup i have a system image backup on an external wd essentials 1tb usb hard†drive. I insert the repair disc and start the system. Get to system recovery options. I have the external hard disk with the system backup image connected. Select system image recovery option. Says "windows cannot find a system image on this computer. Attach the backup hard disk or insert the final dvd from a backup set and click retry. Alternatively, close this dialog for more options.

Retry gives me the same message. Tried starting with drive attached, not attached, same result. Click cancel. Next option selected is "select a system image. " No system image listed. Hit refresh, still nothing. Top of screen says "click advanced to add a network location or install a driver for a backup device if it does not show up in the list below. "† I click on the advanced tab.

Option to "search for a system image on the network" or "install a driver. " I select install a driver. Find the right driver for the wd essential hard drive (disk.sys and partmgr.sys) and when i click on them i get "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. "† Click ok. Can't find how to load these drivers i am being asked for. Funny thing is that on the screen where i search for driver i can see the wd essential hard drive connected to the system. I can also see the system image files but when i click on them i get the same error message, "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. "

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Ce Loading Os Image

I have a netbook that unfortunately i do not have the box anymore so i am not sure of the brand it doesn't say anything on it, but there is serial numbers and other numbers on but the problem is it is stuck. When we turn it on we get the screen that says microsoft windows ce and below that it says loading os image. And it won't go any further. I have tried pushing the reset button on the bottom and tried taking off the batter and none of them will work so i was hoping for a patch or something that i could download to a flash drive or sd card that would fix it, or maybe even a sequence of buttons that would reset it.

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Saving An Image..?

I have a problem on saving images from a webpage. Yes, i did right-click on an image and click "save image as. " And a window popped out asking where should i save the picture. But every time i save it on my picture folder, it says "there are no more files. " I tried to save it on my music folder and the same thing happened. So i decided to save it on my desktop, but then a small window popped out and said "the file is not valid. "
I used to think that my picture folder didn't have enough space, but it didn't make sense, because when i copied pictures from my friend's pendrive to my picture folder, it worked. And i also thought that it's the web program that has problems (i was using firefox) but that seemed impossible, too, because this problem also occurred when i used internet explorer.
This had never happened before. This problem just recently occurred about a few days ago.
Help me please!

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Image Restore

I upgraded my hdd from 60gb to 320gb. With the extra room i thought that i would dual boot ubuntu. After days of not getting it to work, i decided to just restore from my backup image, and use only windows. However, to my dismay, when i went to restore from the image, it saw the image and gave some error saying that the image was not found at the location. So, being one to tinker, i moved the folder to another directory, and made an empty folder called windowsimagebackup. Of course windows still couldn't find an image, so i moved everything back. However, now windows saw no image even though it was there.

Anyway, now i'm stuck with the image (a collection of .zip files) and seemingly now way to restore it (also, the mediaid. Bin file was accidentally replaced with an older one [oops. ]). Is there a way to manually restore from the zip files? All the data is there, so it seems there should be a way. If i don't get everything back, then i'll lose ms office 2007, which is my main concern. I no longer have the disk or code for it.

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Recovery Of Disc Image

My desktop pc had a hard drive failure. Windows 7 home premium had been installed as an upgrade from win xp a couple of months ago. Here is my question - i have replaced the bad drive with the original drive still containing win xp. I can re-install win 7† home premium, but i also have a new and unused upgrade package of win 7 professional. Also, i have a disc image of my pre-crash win 7 home premium on an external hard drive. Which win 7 should i install (home premium or professional) and can i then recover the disc image, thereby saving the re-install of every program i had pre-crash?

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Failed System Image

I'm attempting to use the windows 7 back up and restore feature and get an error message during the creation of the system image:

†††† Windows backup encountered and error when accessing the remote shared folder. (0x8078015b)

†††† Additional information:
†††† The semaphore timeout period has expired. (0x80070079)

A backup without the system image works fine.

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Restore From System Image

I have a hard disk with two partitions, one for my windows 7 installation and one for my media files. I want to make a system image of my windows partition only using the backup and restore feature in windows 7 (a backup of the files on the media partition would require more space than i currently have).

If i create a system image of the windows partition only and use it to restore to the the same hard disk that windows is currently installed on (which also contains a partition with my media files), will i lose the files on the media partition?

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Using Ultimate Rc And Systems Image

I have the rc installed and got the software for the windows 7 professional. I know that i have to do a clean install but i want to know if i back up the systems image with the backup software supplied in the windows ultimate rc can i then after doing a clean install of windows 7 professional, restore the image and get all of the other programs and data that i have on the system? If not, then how? I should maybe include that i got the software for the windows 7 professional along with a disc from gateway with the applications and drivers for windows 7 on it.

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Backup / Create Image Fails

Windows 7 backup/create image fails because it's trying to backup both the system drive and a boot drive that is fat32. The system automatically picks both my system (local) windows 7 drive and my boot drive (another drive i dual boot from) to create an image from. Since image creation cannot be done on fat32 drives the image creation fails with a notice on how to convert the fat32 drive to ntfs (which is not what i want to do).

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Size Of Windows Image Backup

I have win7 ultimate and i have 26 gb of data to create an image from. I made an image to the hard drive which was about 20 gb. I then immediately made another image to a blu-ray disk but the size of the image is only 10 gb on the blu-ray. Why does the same image vary so greatly in size depending on where you save it. Can i rely on the 10 gb image to be able to restore everything properly? Additionally 6 gb of compression seems about right but 16 gb of compression seems too good to be true.

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Icons Missing Their Specialized Image

Some of the shortcuts on my desktop and start menu are missing their images. For example i have the windows live icon that is pinned to the taskbar but it is showing the default ms os image (the one†when the os does not recognize the file the shortcut targets). Six†out of 8 icons on my desktop are missing their images. The shortcuts work fine. No problems. The os is up to date as far as downloads are concerned.

I turned off my computer friday (2/5) and turned it on sunday 2/7 and†the icons were messed up. Like i said not all the icons are messed up. It is like the images the shortcuts pointed to were deleted somehow.

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System Image Recovery Stops

I had to send my laptop in for an rma, so i made a system image of my drives using the windows 7 backup utility. I have a single 250gb hard drive which is partitioned into two different drives. My c: had mostly windows 7 files and some programs while my d: had game installations and was used for general storage. When i received the laptop back (they just had to replace my dvd drive), i noticed they reformatted my hard drive and threw windows vista back on the thing, but the partitions still looked to be the same as before.

My system images were stored on a 1tb external drive, so i booted off of a windows 7 recovery cd and attempted to restore the c: and d: drives. After 13 minutes in the progress bar reaches about 1/3 of the way in. The hard drive activity light switches from always on to just flickering every couple seconds and no more progress is made. I've given it over an hour just sitting at this spot, but no matter how much time is given, the restore does not progress.

I've tried changing different options in the restore utility (only restoring one drive, formatting the drives to match the images and not), but no matter what†i do, i get the same problem. I've also tried running the system image recovery from a windows 7 disk and from within windows 7 after a clean install. Does anyone have any suggestions? When i made the system image, i was told it was successful.

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Restoring From Earlier Backup Image

I have tried to find the answer to my query in the various answers on here but have got bogged down with some of the technicalities, so though it might be easier to ask someone how i achieve what i need!I have been using win7's backup and restore for a few months now - i do an automatic backup every week to an external drive. I understand that my system image is backed up incrementally.

My questions are:am i able to restore and image from a date earlier than the last backup - i created my initial image after installing all my required applications but would not necessarily want to restore everything that was on my drive when it was last backed up - there may be things i no longer need - demo programs etc or, corrupt files which have caused problems, hence the need to do a restore. Hope that makes sense!If i am able to do the above, how might i ensure that the earliest image is preserved and not replaced should my external drive space be used up.

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Persistent Bad Image Error

Can anyone tell me how to upgrade to w7 ultimate, i bought a copy 2 weeks ago and have been trying ever since to get it to load but it keeps hanging at 70% expanding files, i am currently running vista ultimate and have ran the compatibility program which say i should be able to use the 32bit disc, i am upgrading because i have a persistent bad image error everytime i boot vista, all startup programmes are reporting bad image with google desktop this has been removed but is still persisting.

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Create System Image Failed

Upgraded windows 7 home premium to ultimate using anytime upgrade. Tried to create system image on a second hard drive, and it failed with a message about not having enough disk space on the destination drive. Before starting the backup, i got a message that about 27gb would be needed. There is over 100gb of free space on the second hard drive. Tried again, this time saving to my networked shared drive, also with over 100gb free space. Same failure message. The system c: drive shows 52. 1gb free of 74. 4gb

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Unable To Create The System Image

I have two acer slimline towers. One almost one year, the other just two weeks. I thought that finally i shoud create†a system image. So far i was lucky and haven't lost anything but after the purchase of the second acer i became a little more concerned.

I purchased iomega 1tb external drive ntfs and tried to create the system image. On the older comp. I receive a message that the harddrive has not enough free space for creating the system image. The 1tb drive is empty. The newer comp. Will not even let me go to the same point. It tells me that "windows 7 backup stopped working". The next message gives me a choice to cancel or debug but nothing happens anyway. From reading several non-microsoft forums i assume that this is a serious problem and my concern is who will give me new windows if i loose the content of one or both of my computers when there is no longer hard copy of windows supplied. One comp is 32bit, the other is 64bit. Both have w& professional upgrade.

If i may add another question, the newer comp, the 64bit doesn't shut off properly. It takes 4 minutes at least. The older one with much more stuff in it shuts off†immediately. I tried to stop services and startup programs but it doesn't help.

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Psr.exe Image Display

I am trying to use psr.exe to create a quick and simple step by step guide for my mom in order to add a video folder in media center. I started it and then did all the steps to add a folder. However when i then look at the results all the steps are listed but only the very first screen shot of the desktop when i click the media center icon to start it is viewable. Every single screen shot in media center is a black screen with the mouse pointer at what i assume is where i clicked in media center.

The steps are listed but basically they say un-useful things like: user left click on "windows media center (application)" in "windows media center" which doesn't help say which thing to actually click on.

Is it just an issue of the app not being able to take screen shots in media center?†I do see that if i do a print screen and then paste in paint or paint shop pro it does paste a black screen. Is this more bs drm in media center that i will have to circumvent in order to do this?†I would have preferred to do this with the problem step recorder app as it makes this a 15 second solution to do. As then i could just email the file and she could set it up.

Doing it over the phone never works as explaining stuff step by step over the phone to old people never works very easy. I know i could use other screen shot apps and do this but that would create a much bigger file size than i want to do as my parents are on dial-up (only option for internet where they live as they are not going to buy a satellite dish which work rather poorly for internet anyway) so file size is an issue.

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How To Restore A Previous Backup / Image?

Ok so i use some programs that were not compatible with windows 7 that came on my new computer. After upgrading to professional and trying xp mode (too slow) i decided to just downgrade to xp and deal with it. However. I didn't realize that all the drivers for my computer are not compatible with windows xp so nothing works. I need to go back to windows 7. I created a "backup disc" which i assumed would be sufficient if i did need to go back. However, when trying to "restore" it says that windows doesn't recognize the backup files or something like that. I assume because it wasn't out yet. So. With that, no factory discs how can i get 7 back on my computer with out buying something that i already had?

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Can't Get Win 7 Image To Install

I have a optiplex 780. I installed windows 7 on the desktop. I took an image of the machine by running the build in sysprep. The image completed successfully. I'm putting the image back onto a new desktop, same model same everything, however during the boot process the computer gets stuck at "setup is starting services" error message: "windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer. "†I press ok to restart but i get the same message over and over.

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Display Image Translated Up Or Down After Sleep

Monitor hp l2445m
Display adapter intel q45/43 express chipset
Windows 7 ultimate 64bits

When the monitor comes out of sleep, the image is translated a couple of pixels up or down, usually up (between 5 and 10 pixels). That means the top of the image is truncated while i have a horizontal black stripe at the bottom.

Pictures after and before:

If i restart the monitor or do an auto adjustment, it comes back to normal.

The issue seems to come from the windows7 machine because i tried with several laptops running vista, and this does not happen.

I have the latest drivers for the display adapter and the monitor. This is not terribly annoying but i d like to have it work.

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Problem Restoring A Win 7 Image

My hp iq846 had an hardware problem with the screen (vertical blue lines). So i sent it to hp for repair as it was still under the warranty. For whatever reasons, they blanked out my drives and replace windows 7 (64 bits) with the original vista. I thought they might do that, so before sending my pc to hp i created an image on an usb hd (including a bootable dvd) with the windows 7 tool. Yesterday when i tried to restore the image, everything went as expected for about 30 minutes and then it stopped with a†message (not really an error. But with the same end result)†saying something like this: "the image cannot be restored automatically. The computer's hardware configuration has changed. "

The only choice†i have at this time†is to shutdown my computer. Hp is telling me that only the defective lcd panel was replaced. And by the exact same model (so why reformat everything?

What can i do? How can i restore my image?

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Install Win 7 Image To More Than 1 Machines

How to install windows 7 image to more than 100 machines?, Well i have more than 150 machines running under windows xp sp3, but now we start upgrading with windows 7, and office 2010 more sql server 2005 and many other applications, so i tried norton ghost 15, and acronis but both are not working. At the end i prepare one machine and i have installed every thing i need and i took the image using windows 7, click on start go to getting started and then select back up your files then next click on the create a system image hyperlink, decide where you want to save the image. You can choose an external drive, burn to multiple dvdís, or store it on a network location. Etc. So here i need the help how to restore that window 7 image to all computer.

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