Update 3 Of 3 Not Loading

My sons laptop is running on vista business and it did an automatic update the other day, however, when he started it the next time it did updates 1 and 2 but got to 3 and has 0% progress and just keeps starting and shutting down. The lights for the hard drive are active, tried turning wi-fi off, leaving on, f2 to get to menu which when i would exit it would give me the option to start in safe mode but it won't load, just shuts down. Please help he needs this computer to complete an online course.

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Slow Loading Of Windows Vista After Update

Last time, i did not update my vista because of this problem. However, because of the need of installing some softwares i need to use, i need to update my vista. Right after updating, the startup is real slow. My startup definition here is not after the welcome screen. It's before the welcome screen where you have a windows logo black screen and a loading bar at the bottom. I hope you understand what i meant.

I've of course search around before i post this. A lot of people refereed startup as programs loading etc. But my startup here is during the loading of windows. (Maybe there's another term which i do not know, please do tell me). It's very very very very very slow after i've updated.
The loading icon goes around like 20 over times before the welcome screen comes in.

What is happening? Frustrated that windows give me such a problem. Original copy some more. Maybe next time i shall opt for pirated disc. As for me, a genuine user, are not getting what we suppose to get.

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Error Loading Os

I have done several clean installs (after completely zeroing out my hdd), from a microsoft store downloaded (windows 7 home premium 64-bit) . Iso file. It installs just fine without any problems, however, in order to get the system to boot to the os, i need to have the installation dvd in the optical drive. Is there a way to correct thisfter completing the os installation, i installed all the latest drivers for my mobo, hdds, odd, graphics card and whatnot, as well as the latest direct x. When installing other programs and games, direct x, physx, and other drivers repeatedly load/install. What might be causing this? 

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Iis Not Loading

I am trying to install sql server 2005 on my windows 7 64 bit system. I am installing the 64 bit-version of sql but when i try to install the reporting services i keep getting this error. I have followed the 934164 and 938245 kb articles with no luck. What do i have to do to get sql to recognize the iis 7. 0 on my system. I have verified that the services are stated and set to automatic startup for, iis, .net framework 3. 5. So far no one has been able to find a solution for this problem
Iis feature requirement (warning)
* Iis feature requirement
* Microsoft internet information services (iis) is either not installed or is disabled. Iis is required by some sql server features. Without iis, some sql server features will not be available for installation. To install all sql server features, install iis from add or remove programs in control panel or enable the iis service through the control panel if it is already installed, and then run sql server setup again.

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Ce Loading Os Image

I have a netbook that unfortunately i do not have the box anymore so i am not sure of the brand it doesn't say anything on it, but there is serial numbers and other numbers on but the problem is it is stuck. When we turn it on we get the screen that says microsoft windows ce and below that it says loading os image. And it won't go any further. I have tried pushing the reset button on the bottom and tried taking off the batter and none of them will work so i was hoping for a patch or something that i could download to a flash drive or sd card that would fix it, or maybe even a sequence of buttons that would reset it.

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Problem Loading

I am having a problem with my dell inspiron 1470 laptop, windows 7, 4 gb ram, 64 bit operating system, bought 5 months ago.

It's had a problem for months and it happens just about every other time i try to start the machine, in that at start up, it appears that the windows "loader"freezes at the "multi-colored square "windows logo. It goes nowhere, so i turn it off and start it again and get a message on a black screen, (i think its a dos) that says windows failed to shut down properly, and they search for a fix and suggest a system restore, i do it and windows starts up ok.

Obviously, this is not an acceptable way to start up my computer. Does anybody have an idea or suggestion to help solve this problem?

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Error 5 C Loading Schwinn 32

I got error code 5. 0. 13 and error 5 c loading scwin 32 shortcut program. While trying to load my shortcut program (scwin32) i got the error message error 5 c. I used this program with my windows xp system from my old laptop, can i use this program on my new laptop that has windows 7? If yes, how do i load it so it is usable with the microsoft word program in windows 7?

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Trouble Loading Win 7

Last night my computer was working perfectly fine before it shut down suddenly i went to turn it back on and it loads normally until the black screen which says 'starting windows' where it beeps constantly after a few minutes this stops and the normal user screen comes up except it flashes constantly. Last night i managed to log on to my guest account as it has decided my administrator account password is wrong (which it isn't), and this meant i could not do a system restore i turned it off and have tried again this morning but it not flashes that user screen but will randomly go to the welcome screen but never load.

I have tried pressing f8 during load up in order to start in safe mode but this wont work, and it continues to the black starting windows page. Any ideas as to whats wrong with windows? Or is it a problem with my laptop? I have an acer laptop if that helps.

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Error In Loading Dll

On certain sites i cannot view videos, for instance youtube, nbcolypics, and netflix instant player. On youtube i receive an error message telling me that i do not have the latest version of adobe flash, and or my javascript is not enabled. In fact, i do have the latest adobe flash and my javascript is enabled.

I do not live in a big city, so i have been trying to trouble shoot this problem on my own. I was under the impression that this was an adobe flash problem, and have uninstalled and reinstalled adobe flash a number of times to no avail. I have done the same for java, checked my firewall settings, internet option settings, you name it and i've probably checked it once if not twice.

Tonight i noticed that when the video does not load there is an error on the page, and each says something about a dll not loading. Is there a safe way that i can check my dynamic link library for any errors, and fix them on my own?

Error code:

Error in loadingdll

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Black Screen When Loading

I am using a windows ultimate 7 64bit. It runs normal until a while ago the monitor turns into black screen, with no cursor. I could do nothing. So i decided to reboot my computer, it's runs until 2 seconds after the startup iron shows up. (At 0:32 in this video Then the screen turns into black screen again and nothing shows up.

I tried to reboot several times, with the win 7 disc in it. Still giving me black screen when loading windows. Can anyone tell me what could possibly happened? And how to solve the problem?

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Automatic Updates Are Are Not Loading

I have a windows xp and when the automatic update goes to load, it says that it was unsuccessful in loading. I have tried to do the auto updates that i get on my computer many many times and have gone to the microsoft web site and tried several times also with no success. Last night i tried to dothe restore point under the system tools and it wouldn't do a restore point. I have tried the "fix it" on microsoft and it says there was a problem with the indeo video decoder codec, but the rest was successful. Is it possible that i have an antivirus, or could there be something else going on? (I am running the microsoft windows milicious software removal tool right now to see what it finds. I hope that will answer some questions. )

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Devices And Printers Screen Not Loading

I have searched other online areas for the answer to this. Upgraded from vista and then noticed after a few days that the devices and printers window stopped loading. Windows launched and the green status bar appears, but no icons show up.

Saw on some other forums that restarting bluetooth service fixes this, but that didn't work. I tried creating a different profile and voila! It worked, but only for a few days, because i am now back to the same problem happening. I did not copy over hidden files and folders so i do not think there is any corrupting there. I do not see a fix from microsoft on this.

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Startup Loading Screen Gets Stuck

Im an running windows 7 64bit home. Ive been having a problem with the start up as windows 7 loading screen gets stuck and i have to restart a few times for it to start properly i also run the start up repair program that find nothing wrong at all. This happened after windows automatically downloaded some updates about a week ago and hasn't been right since.

I have seen many people on a few forums having this problem with windows 7.

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Script Error Loading Dll

Line: 30
Character: 3
Error: error in loading dll
Code: 0

Url: file:///c:/program%20files%20(x86)dell%20support20center/sscommon/common/inc/ss_shellinclude.js

I get the above error message when i boot up win 7. Other times i get a similar message

Line: 242
Char: 3
Error: 'g_logger is undefined
Code: 0
Url: same as above

I have attempted to uncheck "display a notification about every script error, but it still shows. I have searched to uninstall "support center" via control panel, but i cannot find the program.

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Disk Read Error On Loading

Yesterday, i was working on windows 7, not overloading or something, but suddenly i heard the sound of the hdd that you hear when it stops (when you shut-down), and the pc stopped responding except the pointer. I restarted, and it gave me:

Disk read error
Press ctrl+alt+del

I restarted, it sort of booted giving me the 2 choices of windows 7:

-Start normally
-Launch repair

In start normally it loads up the boot screen but just after that it restarts. It restarted and read the hdd like "bzbzbzbz" after post. I entered bios, it read it as 571 gb and some weird stuff.

I happened to have live cd of linux on my usb flash (on which i'm working now), i mounted hard disk drives, they all work! But the "documents and settings" folder is empty.

This problem happened before and i don't know what the cause is?

Is it the mbr, track zero or sata controller? And please tell if i could do something through my usb flash (like launching a specific test or fix)
Hdd: western digital 160 gb 7200 rpm sata

Motherboard: gigabyte, chipset: intel 945g
Os: used to be windows 7
Ram: 1 gb ddr2

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Error 25004 When Loading Office

I have received error 25004 when loading microsoft office. I have been trying for a week to load microsoft office onto my newly purchased hp model hpe-210y and no success. We first tried office 2003 then we purchased office 2007 home and school. The uninstall was extremely difficult. And both times it says install was complete but when you try to run either software you get the error with the statement config.xml is missing. I really do want to make this work. But, my wife and myself both suffer from fibromyalgia the result of a trajic accident were lost our 4th son. So these kind of frustrations can quickly spiral into a major pain, literally.

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User Profile Loading Problem

I have been getting the error message occasionally "the user profile service service failed the logon, user profile can not be loaded" then i would re-boot and it would load fine.

Today it will not load at all. This is not a temporary user profile, but the only one i have on the computer that i use every day. I have not done any changes to it, in order for it to be acting funny.
Now my computer will not allow me to log in at all (i am on a different computer right now).
Do i need to put the windows 7 disk in and boot from that, and try a repair?

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Failed Loading Cd/dvd Drives - Error - 43

Error: failed loading cd/dvd drives, error - 43. Try doing a repair install on itunes from the add or remove programs control panel.  When trying to burn audio cds from itunes. Cant burn audio cds from itunes. From itunes diagnostics, cant burn audio cds. I have a vaio vgc-rb30 computer.

Have tried re-installing itunes, window updates, and viao updates**** cd/dvd drive tests ****this is the error message from itunes diagnostics. Lowerfilters: pxhelp20 (2. 0. 0. 0), no drivers in upper-filters.

Failed loading cd / dvd drives, error -43. Try doing a repair install on itunes from the add or remove programs control panel. Force optical power calibration before burn is turned on in the preferences. The last failed audio cd burn had error code 4200(0x00001068). It happened on drive d: sony dvd rw dw-d22a on cdr media at speed 24x.

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Office 2007 Not Loading Error 643

New hp desktop (sept) with quad processor, 6mb ram, windows 7 64-bit, mcafee, spyware doctor. Had norton and office 2007 trial which i deleted (used norton removal tool from website). Had no problems with updates until after 11/10/09. Then updates started failing to install, but i didn't notice until several days ago when my outlook window failed to open. Happened to check update log and saw failures after 11/10.

Tried manual downloads instead of auto. Turned off mcafee when downloading. Windows firewall is off. Nothing worked. In desperation, i removed all installations and updates from 11/10 forward.

No luck. Removed office enterprise 2007 in order to reload. Installation failed with following comments: description: microsoft office enterprise 2007 setup did not complete successfully. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Problem signature:
  Problem event name: office 12 setup
  Problem signature 01: {91120000-0030-0000-0000-0000000ff1ce}
  Problem signature 02: 12. 0. 4518. 1014
  Problem signature 03: publishproduct
  Problem signature 04: 1603
  Problem signature 05: 0x1935
  Problem signature 06: error 1935.
An error occurred during the installation of assembly component
  Problem signature 07: x
  Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
  Locale id: 1033

Problem is only with microsoft related stuff. Did a test to download and install firefox with no problem. Anything ms to include update agent, nada.

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User Profile Not Loading Settings/preferences

On friday 4/23 i went to my computer and my entire user profile appeared to be corrupted. I have my main admin. Account, and my girlfriend has her own user account (not admin). When starting up into my main admin user account, i had an error message for settings.ini being used by a different process. My other problems are as follows:

- All app icons pinned to taskbar became icons of blank pages
- My gadgets do not appear on the desktop.

- When trying to access windows help and support, i get what looks like a .txt stating: "windows help and support encountered a problem you might be able to resolve the problem by restarting
Windows help and support. " Restarting does nothing.

- Any searches i attempt, both in the windows explorer bar at the top right or in the search field in the start menu return 0 results any time i search.

- Many icons when clicked either do nothing (i.e. Firefox) or give me an error message along the lines of "not able to load critical files for this application to run. Specifically skype. When trying to open mediamonkey, for example, i get an error saying "the directory c:users[my girlfriend's user profile]appdatalocalmediamonkey cannot be created. " Something along these lines happened with a different application, notifying me that it was not able to access c:users[girlfriend's profile name]appdatalocal[etc].

- Google chrome is not able to read nor write to its original location, and forces me to choose another. It does not save this state and asks me each time i try to load it. Also, all bookmarks and settings/prefs. Have disappeared.

- Many different applications act as if it is the first time i open them, each time i open them. No settings, preferences, or history is saved after the application is closed. After doing a significant amount of searching and very basic diagnostics, i believe what has happened is that my user profile is attempting to read all preferences and settings from my girlfriend's user account.

When logging onto her account, i have absolutely no problems with accessing the same applications i have troubles with on my account. I seem to have no personal preferences nor changes i have made to my account saved. Or if they are saved, they are in my c:users[my account]appdata[etc] and they are
Not being read by the service that reads preferences in windows.

I have gone into msconfig and disabled all non-ms services, as well as trying to enable all startup items, and disable all startup items. The problem still persists.

Does anyone have any insights to this issue? How might i direct windows to read my preferences and settings from my user account and not default to another - if that is indeed what is going on here.
I feel it would be good to note that on thursday night near midnight my girlfriend downloaded yahoo messenger. When i went to her user account there were several (appx. 40) photos of a blonde girl, some pornographic in nature, that were sitting directly on the desktop.

When checking the properties of the photos, they were created on friday morning around 3-4:00am she denies all knowledge of these photos. There is a chance, i suppose, that i was hacked through ym and the pics were downloaded then, and something malicious was done to my settings. I ran malwarebytes and my avg internet security virus/malware scans and nothing was detected on my machine.

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Pictures Not Loading In Live Photo Gallery

I've been using windows photo gallery for years. When i upgraded recently to windows 7, i upgraded to windows live photo gallery and all has been fine until recently - suddenly, when i open it up, there are a ton of my pictures that don't load - they are either solid grey rectangles or the generic "island" icon rectangle. When i double click on them, my picture opens up, but i need to be able to see all my photos in the gallery - does anyone know why this is happening?

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Windows Is Loading Files With A Blank Bar

I can't get to my computer home screen goes to launch windows normally or start windows repair (recommend) then i click recommend and it goes to a blank screen and says windows is loading files with a blank bar.

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Disconnected Bad Drive And Computer Says Error Loading Os

Whenever i restart my computer it goes to start up recovery and the description says bad hard drive which is the drive i used to have xp on if i disconnect drive computer will not start says error loading os and as far as i know there is nothing on d.

Disconnected bad drive and computer says error loading os

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Error Loading X64 Driver - Did You Forget To Reboot

Alpine skiing 2007 give error "error loading x64 driver. Did you forget to reboot?"  I did reboot after installing the program on windows 7 for a dell pc. The demo version worked on this computer but after purchasing the dvd, it doesn't. I've tried all of the compatibility switches under properties but nothing works.

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Dvd Hangs After Loading Files And Starting Windows

Install of windows 7 h. P from dvd hangs after "loading files" and "starting windows"; just have mouse icon on black screen. I am trying to do a clean install of win7 home premium off of 32bit dvd.
Pc is 1gb ram athlon 1700xp zotac nvidia 6200 agp graphics card on a pcchips m810l mb with a 20gb primary hard drive 3gb secondary and lg dvdrom drive. My current operating system is win2k which is why i need to do a clean install from dvd as you cannot run setup from win2k.

First problem was "cannot boot from cd code 5" which i overcame by using "ultimateboot cd" which then allows win7 dvd to load. Now the problem is hang/stall. Win 7 sequence (all on black background) is "loading files" then "windows starting" with the 4 colours to make the flag then check of hard disk then nothing with large mouse icon in the middle of the screen. Cant move mouse and no keys work; left for an hour and no joy, just in case its slow.

I am running graphics through the vga adaptor and also have disabled floppy drive which i have seen as solutions to this elsewhere. Have unplugged all usb devices. Harddisk currently has win2k on it which i expect to reformat when i get that far. Do i need to format it primary disk so its empty first? Secondary disk has all my saved data on it to copy back later (also on flash drive; belt n braces.

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Spoolsv.exe At 100% When Loading Office 200

This prevents the office application from launching. Killing spoolsv.exe allows the office application to launch immediately. Spoolsv.exe response after a period and seems to return to normal levels. I have looked in c:windowssystem32spoolprinters for files, as per other posts, but that directory is completely empty.

When i ran office 2003 on the same computer the same issue occurred, even during installation. This is a perfectly clean install of windows 7 and office 2007. The pc is joined to a domain and a few printers are pushed out through gp at login. They are a sharp copies, hp lj 5000, hp lj 2430, hp lj 4200.

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Graphics Card Driver Error Loading Windows

Before i start, i'd like to point some stuff out. I am using windows 7 ultimate x64 bit. I run a dell inspiron 530my video card is pny verto geforce gt 220 (nvidia 200 series)now my problem? My problem is that whenever i try loading windows normally, it goes thru the "starting windows" process, but upon the end of that, the monitor just freezes. Nothing happens, no welcome or desktop, can't see my mouse pointer. I narrowed this down to a video card error.

My video card that i bought had said: windows 7 compatible. Well, its not working, and i've tried a lot of stuff. I reinstalled the video card, got drivers from the manufacturer, used the drivers from the cd, reinstalled windows 7, startup repair, system restore, vista compatibility mode with drivers. A lot of stuff. I can run safe mode properly, but i need to know what this problem is, what can i do to fix it, and why is it acting like this?

This card is brand new too. Oh yeah, might want to point out that i used the windows update to get drivers too, that didn't work. The reason i know this is a driver/graphics card issue is because whenever i uninstall the card/driver, the computer works with a lot of graphic issues (no aero, low resolution, etc. )I also had no problem installing windows 7, startup repair couldn't find a reason or solution to whats going on, so please to you microsoft workers, people, community, please help me.

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Usb Port Stopped Automatically Loading Drivers

I'm dealing with a frustrating issue w/ a new lenovo laptop. One of the usb ports stopped working properly when something is connected. I'm pretty sure it's a driver issue with windows and not a hardware problem because (1) the port still powers the item (my ipod charges), (2) i was able to do a "repair" of the driver and the printer worked again briefly (then stopped working when i disconnected it and reconnected it.

Usually i get a message that says something like "driver was not installed properly, hardware not recognized". And i'm certain it's not a problem with the device itself, because i just plug it into the other usb port and everything works fine.

(Edit): to add a little bit of detail, i just rebooted, and tried connecting my ipod touch. It started charging, but nothing popped up at the bottom nor did itunes boot up to sync it (i have it set to boot/sync). Then, when i unplugged it, a message popped up that said: "one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message. " 

So i clicked the message, and the device window popped up, and it showed up in bold as "unknown device". The windows recommendation was: "try reconnecting the device. If windows still does not recognize it, replace the device. "  Of course, when i reconnect it, nothing changes. I can then connect the device to the other usb port, and everything works fine.

This happens with multiple devices (printer, scanner, external usb drive) when i plug it into this port, so i know it's not a specific problem with any particular device. I've tried the troubleshooting steps suggested by windows (which temporarily fixed the printer, as per above), i've tried installing new drivers (it just tells me i have the current drivers), and i rolled back my pc to a point prior to when it started happening, but i'm still getting the same problem.

The problem started (i think) after i installed some creative drivers for a usb x-fi sound-card. As i rolled back the machine prior to installing those drivers, they're no longer on my system.
Suggestions? I don't want to have to ship it back for repair for something like this, particularly because it seems like it's a software issue and not a bad hardware issue.

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Media Player 11 Stutters When Loading Web Page

I have windows 7 and media player 11. When im watching a video or playing a song and loading a website separately the audio and video stutter. This happens with my harddrive and my external harddive, no matter what. The website does not matter whether it be pic heavy or not(such as vs flikr)

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Windows Stuck At Loading Files, Can't Run Repair

Ever since i got a power outage friday my pc has been stuck at loading files, so today i managed to get my hands on the windows installation dvd, the problem is that i simply can't run the repair, not even using the dvd, directly through windows it simply gets stuck on loading files, no mater what choice i select on the boot manager, and through the dvd it gives me an kernell dll missing error, again no mater what choice i select on the manager it is the same error.

Error: file-system check failed, error: 126 clusters are referenced multiple times. Ntfs is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on windows then reboot it twice, the usage of the /f parameter is very important! No modification was, and will be made to ntfs by this software until it gets repaired. But, i obviously can't run the chkdsk /f since i can't get on windows. Seems the problem is related to the sudden power outage, but i don't understand why even the dvd is having problems booting up.

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