When i wrote this order (system.ini) in the start menu tab, i got a notepad window with the following information:

; For 16-bit app support


Woafont=dosapp. Fon

Ega80woa. Fon=ega80woa. Fon

Ega40woa. Fon=ega40woa. Fon

Cga80woa. Fon=cga80woa. Fon

Cga40woa. Fon=cga40woa. Fon



Timer=timer. Drv

My question is: does this information mean that my computer contains hacking files or it can be hacked by someone? And if the answer is yes, please tell me what can i do to handle this problem?

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Easy Transfer Error - System.ini Is Being Used By Another Program

New laptop: started by trying windows easy transfer. It had a fatal error. Now i keep getting a message on start up that "system.ini is being used by another program. Title on top is gadgets. It has bogged down my programs, i can't even change the picture in my settings. I have defraged, restored, and still same problem. Win xp could use msconfig to find out what was running in background. How do i do that with win 7.

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Settings.ini Is Being Used By Another Process

My gadgets aren't working, neither is firefox. I have a problem with my sidebar, as-well, as a lot of others have on this forum and a lot of others. Every time i start up my computer this message is shown. I tried a clean boot and that took care of the error message, but when i tried running the sidebar it popped up. Besides that my firefox, keeps claiming that another firefox is already running which, from my point of view, doesn't make any sense.

This seems to have started after i tried connecting windows media center to my xbox 360 and there was an error. In searching the internet, i have found that quite a few people have posted this kind of problem, several after a snafu in setting up their xbox 360 for media center, but there seem to be no answers to be found.

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Remove File Desktop.ini

What is this on my desktop icon? "Desktop.ini" and when i try to delete it, it says, "if you remove this file, windows or another programs may not longer work correctly" this happened when i plugged in my pendrive and there's too much of viruses which i've scanned and deleted.

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Sidebar Error - Settings.ini Is Being Used By Another Process

Windows sidebar error: "settings.ini is being used by another process. Close the other program and then click retry, or click cancel to exit sidebar", i keep getting the above error message upon booting up my pc. I have checked and there are no other program nor windows sidebar program running.

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Don't Have Permission To Change .ini File - Contact Your Administrator

When i try to change a .ini file in a game folder in program files, windows 7 tells me i don't have permission and to "contact your administrator. " Guess what, that would be me. What do i do now? I was trying to turn on debug mode for baldur's gate 2: shadows of amn , so i go into program files, i find the .ini file which i have to change to turn on debug mode. I change it, then i try to save it. "You don't have permission to save in this your administrator to save in this location. " I don't get it i am the administrator of the machine! What is the problem!

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System Icons Not Showing In System Tray

The volume, network, power, and action center icons are greyed out and nothing i do using gpedit. Msc or regedit is working to fix this. I've also had problems with setting and configuring my network which was working just fine until recently.

I've followed these two guides and still nothing:

http://www.Mydigitallife. Info/2009/01/01/fix-network-clock-volume-and-power-battery-system-icons-missing-with-disabled-or-grayed-out-check-box-options/

I'm running windows 7 x64 on build 7600.

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Upgrade On System With Raid 1 Drive System

What is the best way to upgrade a critical system with windows vista home premium running with two hd's in raid 1, to windows 7? I would prefer to do an in place upgrade, so that i would not have to reinstall applications or data files. One way that occurred to me, would be to disconnect one the hd's during the upgrade. If everything went well, i could reconnect the other drive (or better yet, a new clean drive), which would then be automatically mirrored by the hd controller. Has anyone successfully done this?

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System Image Recovery Can't Find System Image

I am trying to restore a backup system image to my repaired pc. It is wiped clean. I have the "repair disc windows 7 64 bit" that i created in windows 7. Using windows 7 backup i have a system image backup on an external wd essentials 1tb usb hard drive. I insert the repair disc and start the system. Get to system recovery options. I have the external hard disk with the system backup image connected. Select system image recovery option. Says "windows cannot find a system image on this computer. Attach the backup hard disk or insert the final dvd from a backup set and click retry. Alternatively, close this dialog for more options.

Retry gives me the same message. Tried starting with drive attached, not attached, same result. Click cancel. Next option selected is "select a system image. " No system image listed. Hit refresh, still nothing. Top of screen says "click advanced to add a network location or install a driver for a backup device if it does not show up in the list below. "  I click on the advanced tab.

Option to "search for a system image on the network" or "install a driver. " I select install a driver. Find the right driver for the wd essential hard drive (disk.sys and partmgr.sys) and when i click on them i get "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. "  Click ok. Can't find how to load these drivers i am being asked for. Funny thing is that on the screen where i search for driver i can see the wd essential hard drive connected to the system. I can also see the system image files but when i click on them i get the same error message, "the specified location does not contain information about your hardware. "

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System Repair

I was trying to repair my other computer becuase of a crash. I am using windows 7 professional. The repair console does not automatically find my operating system, and it allows me to browse for the file, but i only know i am looking for a setup file type, not what file i am looking for or where the file would be located. I really think that may be some nice information to have on your support page. It tells you to select the operating system in the steps, but nothing about what to do if the operating system is not automatically found. Can you help?

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System Crashes

I had a previous thread about system crashes. However, until this morning all had been ok. I had 2 blue screens in a matter of minutes. Listed below are the details.

Crash 1
Bad pool header
0x00000019 (0x000000003, 0x8fb32aa8, 0x8fb32a88, 0x8fb32a88)
The same code listed twice?

Crash 2
0x000000d1 (0x983730c8, 0x000000ff, 0x00000000, 0x982ebf1e)
Win32k.sys-address 983730c8 base at 98170000 date stamp 4a5bc2a2
Win32k.sys-address-982e3f1e base at 98170000 date stamp 4a5bc2a2

The following link is to the 2 mini dump files

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System Restore

My current pc came with vista preloaded. I did not receive a cd disk with it. Rather the manufacture had set up a recovery partition for me to restore the system. In addition, vista also gave me the option to make recovery disks which i did. If i upgrade to windows 7 and do a clean install will it give me that same one time option to create the recovery disk for my computer? 

Also, when i do install windows 7 will it give me the option to wipe my whole hard drive including the old recovery partition and allow me to create a new recovery partition? I realize that it is the manufacturer that has set up the recovery partition, and i have never had to do it for myself before, so i was wondering if that is some kind of option with windows 7 or if i am on my own to create a new one?       

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Need To Restore System

I just finished restoring my system for the 10th time in the three months that i have owned this new windows 7 computer. For at least 10 times when i have been advised that the windows 7 operating system has been updated i am not able to get on the internet with the use of internet explorer. After restoring the system to a time before the most recent update i am once again able to get on the internet. Does anyone have any idea on how to stop the need for restoration after an update?

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Why No System Restore?

A registry defragmentor program caused my sysem to not be able to boot. The system could not repair itself either. I also tried last known good configuration without results. I tried to do a system restore and had a number of restore points to choose from, but every one i chose gave me an exclamation mark and i could not put a check mark in the c windows box.

I was able to get my system back using another backup routine (image) i was using, but this backup was 3. 5 weeks old and i had 3 restore points for 3 days ago. So what might i do to get this working  in case a similar event happens and my system is unrepairable via the repair tool presented. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit.

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System Protection......

I posted this question in another forum and did not get a resolution response. So i am posting it in this forum hoping new people will read it and someone may have a fix.
Windows 7 home prem; 32bit
System protection is set to 4% of my c: drive which in my case max usage=23. 24gb. This process reserves 23. 24gb of hard drive space to save restore points. The issue is, the current usage  exceeds the max usage space. Right now my current usage is 27. 23gb. Almost 4 gb over the max.

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Why Use A 64-bit System?

I have installed win 7 pro-64 bit on a clean (new) install.

With some of the problems i have been encountering i am now wondering if a 32 bit install would be better.

My latest encounter is with flash player, where as i understand the instructions, i stand on my head, stack greased bb's to install it on a 64 bit system. (Yes, i'm lazy. ) All the programs i am using are installing to the x86/32bit folder on my c drive. The best i can tell is that the only two programs i am running as 64 bit are wlm and ie. I do not live on the net, nor do i have games that utilize the 64bit system. Can anyone give me the rationale for a 64bit system over a 32bit system as of today? (Yes i know "in the future")

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Everything Changes On System Restart

Ok, i came home today to find my computer did a restart after an update. Everything on my desktop changes, icons are rearranged, fonts different. All around a mess. This also happens if i do a shut down re-start. I have a hard time seeing, so i change the icons, fonts to the size i can see and this changes. To much time to sit and re-change everything back. I saved the theme i created, the desktop wallpaper does not change, just everything else. Toolbar, and sizes of everything.colors change also to the. Everything goes back to original settings. Just upgraded to windows 7 pro after a crash of hard drive. Everything going great until this.

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System Restore Does Not Work

I recently had big problems with my dell inspiron 530 and it would not reboot. I finally got to the part of the safe mode where you can do system restore. I tried the 1st restore point and thought everything would work but all of a sudden i get a message that says system restore did not complete because of an error. I tried 2 more restore points and got the same message. Some way the system recovered and booted up the normal way when i started it normally. I would like to know why system restore would not work. Does the antivirus program need to be off or uninstalled? Does windows defender have something to do with this?

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Cannot Access System Information

I have an acer aspire laptop that worked ok until a month ago. Started with every time i turned of my computer it started to do automatic updates that took about 30 min. And then when i turn it back on it tells me that the updates were not correctly installed. So i tried to access windows update to check and then realized that it wont open. I click on the symbol for windows update and a window comes up and closes before you can click on anything. Same happens when i try to access my system information, click on the symbol and a window comes up and closes. What can i do?

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Information On An Operating System

What is windows automotive vs windows ce.

Is windows automotive a development platform built ontop of ce?
Is windows automotive a os all to itself but built on ce?

Pioneer's avic z110bt usb can only read up to 16 gigs of memory, except the ipod which it will read unlimited amounts of data. Is this a hardware issue with the unit? None of their previous units had this problem and this is their brand new flagship model. This system recently switched to the windows automotive 5. 5 os, all other models used windows ce. Is there anything about windows automotive that could explain this?

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Win 7 System Dpi

I'm having problems with the dpi stuff; my user dpi is set to 96 and my system dpi is set to 120. See snip it from dxdiag:time of this report: 7/29/2010, 09:42:07

Machine name: cooth02-w500
Operating system: windows 7 enterprise 64-bit (6. 1, build 7600) (7600. Win7_gdr. 100226-1909)
Language: english (regional setting: english)
System manufacturer: lenovo
System model: 4063w6r
Bios: ver 1. 00parttbl(
Processor: intel(r) core(tm)2 duo cpu t9600 @ 2. 80ghz (2 cpus), ~2. 8ghz
Memory: 4096mb ram
Available os memory: 3992mb ram
Page file: 5305mb used, 2676mb available
Windows dir: c:windows
Directx version: directx 11
Dx setup parameters: not found
User dpi setting: 96 dpi (100 percent)
System dpi setting: 120 dpi (125 percent)
Dwm dpi scaling: disabled

Dxdiag version: 6. 01. 7600. 16385 32bit unicode some of my applications' text are not displaying correctly in their windows. I think this is due to the system dpi set to 120. Does anyone know how to get the user dpi back to using the system dpi?

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Bsods Under System Load

So, there is my problem, i regularly have blue screens under heavy load (games almost). I tested with different tests all the hardware (ram, vga, cpu, ) each one separate don't come to system crash, but when all work together, like playing games, it crashes later or earlier. Its not power problem too. I guess its problem with vga card driver because i found over google many to say have similar problems. Really there is only one thing to do, reinsert ad-in cards, ram and vga, that's what i didn't do so far.

Anyway there my spec:
Os: win 7 x64
Cpu: e6850 @ 3. 6ghz
Mb: msi p35 platinum
Ram: ocz platinum 800mhz (fsb:ram 1:1)
Vga: asus hd4870x2
Power: chieftech 1200w

Earlier i worked with "win xp x86" and "win7 x64 beta", i really like win7 and thinking about buying it, decided to test not beta and get fresh install with 30 day trial without activation. But how can i buy it, if it all the time bsod's? Earlier windows worked perfectly. Down there is one of typical bug code, but there is other too, one i remember is 0x7e.

Problem signature:
  Problem event name:    bluescreen
  Os version:    6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
  Locale id:    1062

Additional information about the problem:
  Bccode:    124
  Bcp1:    0000000000000000
  Bcp2:    fffffa8005180038
  Bcp3:    00000000b2000040
  Bcp4:    0000000000000800
  Os version:    6_1_7600
  Service pack:    0_0
  Product:    256_1

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System Recovery Not Working

I got hp g61 window 7, amd athlon (tm) ii dual-core m300 2. 00ghz with 4. Gb ram and 64 bit window operating system. I partitioned the drive c as described in window 7 help. After partitioned c, system recovery not working, as i want to revert my computer to original factory position. When i inserted recovery disks, window 7 automatically started instead of recovery. Two questions:

1. How i can access the recovery option and revert my computer to original factory position.
2. Is my recovery disks are ok, how i can check them, why they did not work.

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System Recovery Failed

Running windows 7 on dell. Kept getting popups and this site unsafe popups. Tried to run malwarebytes and couldn't. I use avg virus. Tried system restore. Failed. Tried pc recovery. It failed. After system recovery failed when i chose to reboot received message on black screen. Loading pbr for descriptor 2. Done. A disk read error occurred. Press control, alt, delete to restart.

When i do that i just keep getting the same screen. Can't get to windows or safe mode. Did diagnostics and received error code 650f:136c. Msg: ide device failed. Blank media or no media is present in optical drive. Test requires media with data (resource cd, installation cd) don't have cds as this was supposed to be in computer as system recovery.

Posted On: 2010-02-10 . View Related Posts . . View 5 Replies .

No Operating System Found

My win7 upgraded notebook boots to a black screen and i get the following message"no operating system found". I tried to do a system repair wiht my win7 upgrade disk and it states that it could not repair the computer. I tried advance options and at the command prompt i typed bootrex.exe and the response is " 'bootrexe' is not a recognized as an internal or external command, operable batch program or batch file. I then tried "chkdsk/r and i received the message " the type of file system is ntfs.

Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected. The prompt in command screen always displays "x:sources>" i tried changing directories to c:?And it states it can't find the path specified. I am trying to retrieve some files and photos before i do a complete restore. Any advise?

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Operating System Not Found

We were running window server 2008, yesterday when we shut down the server everything was working find, the shut down was normal and nothing unusual happened. This morning when we start the server, the screen was black and only "operating system not found" appeared on the screen. When we reboot, entered bios setup, the disk at sata 0 was reset to "none", we tried to select "auto" and the system not able to read the disk info. We tried using system repair (setup disk) to recover but unsuccessful.

There was no way we can access to the system disk? What is happening to the disk? We did not perform anything on the disk and it was working properly yesterday. We have important data inside, hope anybody can help let us know how to resolve the operating system problem or at least recover the data from the disk. We are worried that the hard disk was permanently damaged.

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Operating System Can Not Be Found

I have a sony vaio laptop (less than 2 years old) with a windows vista operating system. Every night i put it in sleep mode and leave it for the night. So, i did so last night, and this afternoon, after getting out of school, i pressed the space bar to bring it out of sleep mode. The back-light came on, but the screen stayed dark, and it started making a tapping-like sound for about 10 seconds.

After that, it went into dos mode with the message, "operating system can not be found". So i held down the power button to completely shut it off, left it off for 10 seconds or so then turned it back on. It did the same "tapping thing" then the same message appeared.

I then assumed it had crashed and i'd have to get a new operating system or something equally expensive. But about 20 minutes later, just to see, i turned it off one more time and turned it back on, and incredibly, it gave me the system recovery screen or whatever, with the different options to start it up again, then started up as usual. I have no idea what would cause it to do this and definitely don't want it to happen again. Is there anything i can/should do to prevent this?

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Big System Files

Ok so i have windows 7 ultimate on my computer with a solid state drive that i have the os on. A seperate drive is used for information. My solid state drive is 30gb and im eating up 26gb for whatever reason. I used a tree mapper to see what files where killing my drive and i found that 2 system drivers where killing 14gb of space. "Pagefile.sys" is taking up 8gb and "hiberfil.sys" is taking up 6gb. Now this is in the c: drive, not in the widows folder. Anyone have any ideas as to what the issue is, if there even is an issue?

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Mapping System Error 85

In the command prompt i enter:

Microsoft windows [version 6. 1. 7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 microsoft corporation. All rights reserved.

C:usersjlankford>net use * /delete
There are no entries in the list.

C:usersjlankford>net use f: \dssi1sys
System error 85 has occurred.

The local device name is already in use. My computer has the f: drive as my dvd drive, but my company uses a network drive labled f: i want to map this drive but don't know how to get around this error.

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Error System Rating

I have installed windows 7 on my laptop after what i have done system rating and got my score. Afterwards i have installed all apps that i needed and i tried to run system rating once again, but this time, after direct 3d assessments system rating crashed and showed me such error

I don't know what seems to be the problem.

I also now watched the log file in "c:windowsperformancewinsatwinsat. Log".

The difference in first when it worked and today is that then it wrote:

"3209892 (3724) - winsatmain. Cpp:4600: main watch dog timer set to 600. 0 seconds
3210874 (3724) - winsatmain. Cpp:2490: > dwm running. "

And now:
"8875973 (2240) - winsatmain. Cpp:4600: main watch dog timer set to 600. 0 seconds
8876924 (2240) - winsatmain. Cpp:2505: > dwm not running. "

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