Blue Ray Disc Will Play But Movie Audio Does Not Play

Blue ray disc when i play blue ray disc the introduction audio will work and then when i get to the movie the audio won't work. It only happens part of the time what am i doing wrong? I get a error message unsupported audio.

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Cannot Play Blu-ray Discs

System spec:
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit pack for system builders, fresh and first time install on the hd below. Power dvd 10 standard. (Also have flv player and avg free installed) asus black blu-ray drive sata model br-04b2t  <- this is the problem drive. I have already updated the drivers and firmware via the asus site.

Lite-on dvd/cd writer black sata model ihas424-08
Ocz vertex series oczssd2-1vtx60g 2. 5" 60gb sata ii mlc internal solid state drive (ssd)
Evga 121-bl-e756-tr lga 1366 intel x58 micro atx sli micro intel motherboard
Intel core i7-920 bloomfield 2. 66ghz lga 1366 130w quad-core processor model bx80601920
Evga geforce 285 gtx, 6gb ram, and a nice samsung monitor.

The asus drive has yet to play a blu-ray disc on this particular machine. Each time i try to play a blu-ray, i get the error "unsupported disc in drive. " I have done the following:

- Tried corel windvd 9 plus, same "unsuported disc. " Error

- The drive works fine on a machine i built with windows xp 32 bit sp2 and running a trial version of powerdvd 10. On the first blu-ray i tried, it asked what region i'd like to set my player as (a, b, c). I have not seen such a screen on the 64 bit computer above, even after fresh installs of windows 7 on other hard drives.

- Same error on a separate win7x64 install on a different hard drive, same computer. The incredibly unhelpful asus people say it works fine on a fresh install of win7x64.

- Have done all the steps on this post: http://social.

- Have followed the steps on this link:
As you may imagine, this is both frustrating and draining. My level of expertise is high with hardware but i am truly baffled.

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Hp S5160f Desktop Pc Cannot Play Blu-ray

I have an hp s5160f desktop pc. It has a super disk reader/writer that includes blu-ray. Since i upgraded to windows 7 i have not been able to play a blu-ray disk. I recognizes and plays regular dvds but not blu-ray. Media player shows the disk is loaded but says it is empty. Device manager says the latest drivers are loaded. Automatic downloads are enabled.

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How To Play Movie In Full Screen On Tv ?

With windows xp and the nvidia driver, i could play a video in vlc and it would automatically play full screen on my tv. No window borders or anything else. It was an option in the nvidia driver to play movies full-screen on tv. Is there an easy way to do this in win 7? If so, i haven't been able to find it. Any ideas?

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Movie Downloads Won't Play On Pc

I've had to replace my nvidia geforce 8800 gtx videocard because it died. And then i had to replace my monitor because it died, too. Though i'm back in the saddle, and am enjoying my new monitor, i'm unable to playback movies i download via cinemanow. Windows media player won't play them, either, and in the latter case i receive the error message to the effect:your media usage rights are corrupted or invalid. This could be because you made hardware changes to your computer.

If i try downloading movies from blockbuster online, their windows media player security updater fails and i'm stuck there, too. What gives? Btw, my new video-card is a radeon hd 5770 and is directx 11 compatible. And yes, i did uninstall the old nvidia display drivers so that they wouldn't conflict with the new ati drivers.

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Error Playing Movie - Windows Media Player Cannot Play This Dvd

Windows media player won't play my movie. When i try to play be kind rewind on windows media player it say "windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. " What am i supposed to do?

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Error When Trying To Play Dvd - Disc Prohibits Playback In Your Region

Error when trying to play dvd: windows media player cannot play the dvd because the disc prohibits playback in your region of the world. You must obtain a disc that is intended for your geographic region.copy a group of pictures w/music (smilebox program) to dvd;after following smilebox directions to burn "pictures put to music" to a dvd, upon trying to play dvd i got following error message: windows media player cannot play the dvd because the disc prohibits playback in your region of the world. You must obtain a disc that is intended for your geographic region. We live in dc area. I didn't realize dc was cosidered an unusual geographic region?

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Media Player 12 Cannot Play Dvd - Disc Region Problem

I have tried to play a home made dvd in wmp12 on my pc recently upgraded to windows 7. The dvd won't play giving the dialogue "wmp cannot play the dvd because the disc prohibits playback in your region of the world. You must obtain a disc that is intended for your geographic region". This is strange because the dvd is four years old and has played happily in win xp and vista on wmp prior to the upgrade to windows 7. Is there anything in wmp 12 that would cause this and how do i get round it?

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Media Player 12 Does Not Play Video, Only Audio

I recently installed windows 7 and when clicking various video files (avi, mpg, wmv) in wmp 12, it plays the audio and shows an image still, but won't play the video. I've never had this problem in previous versions of windows and can't find an accurate answer online. Can anyone help?

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Cannot Play Audio From Online Streaming Video Through Headset

On my new windows 7 home premium system, i can not play audio from online streaming video (hulu) through my headset jack.

After looking around to troubleshoot, have checked here: on my taskbar beside the time, i click the speaker icon and can see the incoming signal for my hulu is coming in. On the control panel/sound i have tested the left and right sound output and it tests ok. So, why is the sound not getting to the headphone speakers? How can i make this work? Have tried both ie and firefox current releases and neither works. Was trying to watch the superbowl ads on Video works, but have no audio getting through.

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Blu Ray Drive Does Not Recognize Disc

I have a sony blu-ray disc drive on a windows 7 machine. The drive works fine for cd's and dvd's but will not recognize blu-ray discs. All of the firmware is up to date and the cyberlinke blu-ray advisor program says my hardware passes all of the tests for basic playback. But i can't even get to trying to play a disc when windows doesn't even recognize that there is a blu-ray disc in the drive. Any ideas?

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Asus G73 Drive Does Not Recognize Blu Ray Disc

Recently got a new laptop - asus g73 with blu ray/windows 7 64 bit pro/comes with powerdvd 9
When i put a dvd in the drive, everything works fine.

When i put a blu ray disc in the drive - windows does not recognize that there is a disc in the drive (i.e. No auto-play, no disc recognized in windows explorer). Also, the powerdvd9 software also does not recognize there is a disc inserted. When i first opened the powerdvd program, it asked me to setup the correct region codes, and i've also setup the correct country in windows. The model of my blu ray drive is "matshita bd-cmb uj141as".

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Problem With Blue Ray Playback

I recently upgraded to windows 7 (64bit) every thing works fine except for playing blue ray movies (dvd's work fine)

The biggest problem is that the sound is distorted, almost staticky(sic) and some movies the picture and sound is lagging.

I've reinstalled windows twice, latest drivers have been downloaded and i've even searched for the latest drivers from the individual manufacturers to ensure that i have the latest drivers. I have also recently purchased the latest blue ray software (windvd 2010) hoping this would solve the problem with no success.

I have the following theories and would appreciate some input as to if if one of these points might be the case and if it can be rectified.

1. The ide ata/atapi controller drivers are wrong.
I think this might be the case as when going into the device manager and trying to access the advanced properties of any of the ata channels of the above mentioned controller there is no devices which allow me to enable dma. Now as far as what i've been able to gather on after doing my homework on the net is that this has in the past caused problems with jittery playing back on older operating systems. Now surely i'm not the only one who sees that there might be a problem here with incorrect or missing drivers?

If i don't have the option to enable dma how can i rule out it's not causing the problem as has been the case in the past with other win os's. I have been unsuccessful locating drivers on the net for this device.
2. The drivers for the blue ray drive are missing. When selecting driver details in device manager there is only one driver being used and that is the cdrom.sys file. Now i am not sure about this one but should there not be atleast two different drivers being used here? The basic windows one and the one for the drive? The second theory is a total shot in the dark on my part.

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Movie Maker Audio Problem

I'm trying to make a video, with loads of different clips of videos, but the music that i've chosen to go with it is really messed up. Playing the whole video through, from start to wherever i've got up to, the audio is perfect, but when i go to edit a specific part of the video, and need to see if the music goes with the clips, the audio that plays is a completely different part of the song. I've made loads of video's like this, and this is the first time i've experienced this problem.

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Live Movie Maker Audio Problem

I'm  trying to put together a video for work on windows live movie maker on windows 7 but im getting none of the footage's audio when i import it to windows live movie maker yet an mp3 placed over the footage works fine. My files are avchd which i know the new live movie maker on 7 supports and when i play the clips in windows media player, i hear everything fine. I already restarted my pc and checked the video volume. I really don't want to find a way to convert the my files at the risk of lowering the video quality.

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Aoe 3 Will Not Play

I am trying to run aoe3 and aoe3 asian d. They will install but i can't run them on win7. So i downloaded the trial versions and they work fine. Have done the run as admin and still the cd versions do not work. I have a dell quad core with 8 gig, 64 bit, win7 home prem. It just seems strange the trial versions work great. I tried the clean boot and still the same. I tried delete and reinstall and still the same. Also tries the patches and still the same.

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Not Able To Play Dvd

I'm having problems with mine as well with the same error message. I am using windows 7 professional 64, i have updated to all the latest drivers and am still receiving the error message "windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with a digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "

Older dvd's that i own are playing successfully, but those released within the last year are all receiving the same error. I have tested this on twilight, new moon, transformers and none of those mentioned are playing. The dvd's that i have listed have been purchased at wal-mart as well as best buy. The codec pack in which i am currently using is cole2k.

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Unable To Play Media

I am having a problem with windows 7. I seem to be unable to hear sound - i don't even get the start up chime. As far as i can tell all the hardware is working correctly - i've checked the devices are there, etc. But the problem is not just superficial. If i open media player it will just sit there thinking rather than playing anything. Other media players crash soon after opening (vlc, quicktime, smplayer, etc. ).

Furthermore flash doesn't even work - either it of the browser will crash if i try to watch a video (i've tried firefox and chrome). Restarting will sometimes fix the problem, but it seems to be quite persistent currently. This seems quite serious, but i don't know where to begin. Does anyone know what the problem is?

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Cannot Play Videos All Of Sudden

I have an hp mini netbook with windows 7 starter. I've had it for about a month and haven't had any problems watching videos on youtube, ect. Yesterday i tried to watch a video and as soon as i click on the video, firefox completely freezes and i have to x out of everything. It just started happening and is continuing to happen.could i have accidentally uninstalled something to make videos freeze up constantly, and if so, what can i install so i'm able to watch videos again?

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Cannot Play Digital Copy

I just bought a new blu ray movie and it includes a digital copy for my pc. I have a nice computer(amd phenom 2x2 550. With 8 gigs of ram. Decent video card. Gtx 260 )

I recently upgraded to 64 bit and windows 7. Home premium.

Well i cannot play that digital copy on my pc. It installed it. But when i tried to run it an error came up. Don't know what the error is. But the window pop up says. Windows media player encountered a problem while playing this file.

I went to web help and they currently have no information on this error.

I am probably doing something wrong. Because i have heard many people play their movies via digital copy on their pc's .

I do not have my pc hooked up to any tv .

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Unable To Play Video File

Error: "windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file"i have stopped network sharing, deleted the currentdatabase_***. Wmdb, restarted sharing and restarted wmp five different times, this is what happens. I can play my video files for about 10 minutes, then wham, something happens and i get the message that "windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file. "I have attempted the proposed help, and checked to see if my sound device is working - which it is still working, but still have the same issue.

Now, if i open a video file from the windows explorer folder, wmp opens and plays the video. If i stop the video and click "play again", i can watch the video again with no issues. If i stop the video and click "go to library", find that exact file in wmp and click play, i get "windows media player encountered a problem while playing the file. " This happens to all video files. Music files play with no issue. Please, help. I've been checking for solutions for almost 15 in the last two days. I upgraded from vista using a toshiba windows 7 upgrade disc and do not have ability to uninstall and reinstall.

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Media Player Cannot Play Dvd

Windows media player error message says: "windows media player cannot play this dvd because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your dvd drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. " I'm getting this after having downloaded the latest update for powerdvd. Prior to that i received the following error message: "windows media player cannot play this dvd because it is not possible to turn on analog copy protection on the output display. Try installing an updated driver for your video card. "

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Cannot Play .mov File With Wmp12

I recently picked up an hp mini311 with the ion gpu in it. So, i was looking forward to being able to watch 1080p video on the same netbook that i can pick up and carry anywhere. So far, i'm really impressed by the 1080p output for hd flash content. But i wanted to try other sources, namely 1080p mov content from apple's trailer site.

So, i download a . Mov 1080p file (alice in wonderland) file from the trailer site and look forward to seeing wmp12 play this file with no problem since it supports it. Double-click on it. Working. Working. Cannot play file type!

My question is why is this the case? I don't want to have to download 3rd party codecs, especially if it's supposed to run . Mov files right out of the box. This is a brand spankin' new computer. What's the story?

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Some Cds/dvds Wont Play

Games / movies won't play?Hi, we recently purchased / upgraded our desktop family computer and in the last month, our disc drive seems to be quite particular which cd's and dvd's it will play. We have purchased new games and it won't play them, tried to watch a dvd via the computer and the media player doesn't even have the "pop up" to commence, it just lies idol. We are not computer savvy so anyone that can help us with any information, in badly terms please, we would be forever grateful.

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Unable To Play Slideshow On Dvd

Problems putting slide show using windows live movie maker on a dvd

I have a brand new 6 week old toshiba satellite a500 series laptop computer -everything was installed on computer by techs at best buy.

I created a slide show on the computer using photographs from a recent vacation. Everything plays really well on the computer without a problem. However, now i want to transfer this slide show over to a memorex dvd-r disk so that i can share it with family and friends on other computers. Everything seemed to work correctly without a problem, but when i put the disk into the drive to watch it i got an error message which read "this file cannot be played back".

Computer task bar says "dvd rw drive (d:) blank"

Further down on the same screen though it says "files currently on disc (1)

Florida movie type: wlmp file size 418kb

So it does seem that the movie transferred over to the dvd, but did i do something wrong? I just dragged the movie over to roxie. Was that piece of it done incorrectly?

Please help i am very frustrated. I have had several people try to help me in the past without success. Friend from work is telling me how easy it is, not true for me. Fyi- i can do the basics when it comes to the computer, but not very computer savvy.

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Wmp Play To Stops After Hour

I had recorded a tv program using windows media centre - duration 1hr 26 mins. After completion of the recording i used the wmp play to feature to stream the tv file to a samsung led tv that supports dlna connectivity. After 1 hour of play, the stream stopped automatically and could not continue. I am however able to watch the entire 96 mins using windows media centre directly on the pc. I checked the event logs for the time the streaming stopped and found the following:

Warning level message:

The windows media player network sharing service cannot process the request for uri

'http://[::1]:10243/wmpnssv4/2299935590/ezvemjlfquq1ltdfmemtndq1my05nki0lti2qzbgnui2qzc5nh0umc44.jpg?Albumart=true, formatid=13'

From ip address '::1' due to error '0x80070490'.

Error level message:

Proximity detection failed due to unknown error '0x80004004'. The best proximity time detected was -1 milliseconds.

The error message occurred about 90 seconds after the warning.

I have noticed this in the past as well (streaming for video ending after 1hr) but never played much attention to it. It appears to be occurring with video playback only, as i'm been able to successfully stream hours of mp3 music to the same samsung led tv.

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Unable To Play Files On Pocket Pc

I can't play music after sync when use option "convert music, pictures, videos, and tv shows as required by this device (recommended)" in sync option i used the windows media player 12 in windows 7. The last time that used to sync to pocket pc (windows mobile 6). I use the function "convert music, pictures, videos, and tv shows as required by this device (recommended)" in tools > options > devices > storage card > in tab quality. I can sync completely with no problem. But when i want to play file from windows mobile 6. It said "cannot perform the requested action". This problem happen with when i rip music to . Wma lossless and convert with sync to windows mobile. How can i resolved this problem.

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Cannot Play Internet Radio Streaming

I just did a clean install of win7 and after a quite of hassle i have everything working perfectly in mediacenter with ffdshow. Mp3's are playing, audio on tv is fine, videos, mkv files, subtitles all working without a glitch but i cannot play any stream link from within media player. On xp and vista i had several links on my library of windows media player that point to stream radio usually from shoutcast and usually in the form of . Pls files where i click on it and the streaming was happening flawlessly from within windows mediacenter as well.

On the new installation now when i open any stream url from within windows media player i just get a generic error "windows media player cannot play any items on the list. ". Is this a codec thing ? I tried almost anything but i cannot fix this.

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Startup Sound Fails To Play

When i click apply screen resolution settings. I instantly hear the windows start up tune, that never played at start up as it should have.consequently, the shut down sound will play appropriately when i shut down. If i do not change my display resolution, i will not hear the startup sound or the shut down sound. All other system sounds work and all other audio programs and feature work perfectly.

I've tried: two separate versions of soundmax from asus, with and without two separate versions of creative utilities. Two versions of catylist control center, with two separate driver versions.

Asus crosshair iii formula
Amd phenom ii x4 955
4 gb ddr3
Radeon 4830 512mb
Hybrid soundmax/creative xfi supreme
36 gb raptors raid 0 (os)
250 gb storage
Windows 7 pro 64

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Sound Is Garbled When Play A Dvd

I have a compaq presario m2305. I installed windows 7 and all the updates. Everything works great except when i put a dvd in the drive the movie starts to play and the graphics are fine but the sound is garbled. I have attempted to install the conexant ac97 drivers and i still have the problem. Hp website offers no windows 7 support. I can play cd music and media player music without any problems. This only occurs with dvd's. I tried media player and windvd 7 both made the sound like someone giving a "raspberry". I don't want to go back to xp just because of the dvd problem but my girlfriend has to have her dvd's work.

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