Ie8 And Adobe Flash Player

I work on windows xp family. I've already installed adobe flash and macromedia players on my computer. Other browsers (chrome and firefox) work fine. But when i try to open a video clip, youtube for eg, in ie8, it displays a message that i need to install flash player. When i try to install again the later, the activex control warning message remains unresponsive on click and short while later, ie freezes showing the message that the site wants to install a module that can hurt your computer.

Leaving no means to install the player! Ultimately, i am brought to close ie through the task manager. I've uninstalled and re-installed ie8, but the same result!I wonder if ie has got any problem with the flash player? Or is there something that i am missing?Thanks for the reply.

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Adobe Flash Player Not Working On Ie8

I have a 64-bit version of windows ultimate vista. Flash videos worked fine before upgrading from internet explorer 7 to ie8, now website videos such as msnbc, weatherbug display a message that a newer version of adobe flash is required. I install the download from the adobe site (message successful) but the message persists, no video. On 64 vista os, does the ie8 browser upgrade install a 64-bit browser that is incompatible with the adobe flash player? 

Adobe states that 64-bit browser support is pending post version 10, but not currently available. How does one determine if the ie8 browser is 64 bit or 32 bit? Is it possible to run in 32-bit mode for flash enabled sites? Update 8/6/09. My flash player is now version 10. X and the default ie8 version that i use is 32bit vice 64bit. That combination works with flash video.

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Adobe Flash Player

I uninstalled adobe flash player and everything that it comes with and still when i go to a website like youtube or try to download multiple pictures on myspace i get the message 'hello, you either have javascript turned off or an old version of adobe's flash player. Get the latest flash player. I have the latest version of adobe's flash player. I went to and downloaded the latest version and enabled my javascript per microsoft's instructions. Still won't work.

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Cannot Use Adobe Flash Player On Ie

Using windows xp home edition sp2 on ie8. I begin. It was all working fine until either an upgrade to ie8 or when switching from avast free to avast license. Following reference from various forums, i downloaded and saved from adobe the uninstall and install files as attempting to directly install from adobe site did nothing. Not much success, even when disabling all from the tray and disabling av. Finally, used file hippo and downloaded version 10. 1. 51. 66. When i check on adobe version test the site asks to run add on. 'adobe flash player 10. 1d51'

When confirmed it sees the player as the correct version and names the operating system as xp. When i go to manage add ons shockflash object is there. Double click it and the remove all sites button is highlighted. I click on this to allow all sites and close. However, try you tube and it dont work. Go to, for instance, club penguin and its looking for a flash player.come out of ie, try again and shock flash object is not in the currently loaded add ons, back to adobe version test and again its looking to run the previous add on that i've just allowed for all websites!

Please help. Easy solution is to use firefox, which works perfectly fine but ie is essential for home schooling do i have an active x problem?Internet security settings seem ok. Using avg free as av

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Ie8 Adobe Flash Display Problem

I am having some display difficulties with adobe flash with some ie 8 browsers on both vista and win xp. Here is the description. On a test site we get skewing of some (not all) flash movie modules. The whole module is moved out to the right. The specifics with regard to the environments are – win xp and vista, latest version of ie 8, latest version of the flash player. This doesn't happen with all ie 8 browsers. In fact on one test machine we can log in via one account (an administrator account) and the site displays ok with no skewing.

But when we log in via another account (a non administrator account) it is skewed to the right in ie 8. We haven't seen any such problems with other browsers like firefox. Has anyone seen this? Is the administrator account phenomenon significant? I was thinking of doing some experimentation with the site but i don't really know where to begin. I guess checking the source of the page for the correct display against the skewed one would be a start. Any other ideas?

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Adobe Flash Player Not Compatible

I just bought a bran new dell pc with windows 7 installed 64-bit. I tried to download adobe flash player and it states they are not compatible. So now my videos and play list on my space will not work and i am having sound issues as well. I understand there is a way to go through a 32-bit  but not sure how to go about it.

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Cannot Download Adobe Flash Player

Windows 7 downloaded to vista computer clicked 64 bit system when in fact it is a 32 bit. Now, cannot download adobe flash player. From my vista program, i downloaded windows 7 and inadvertently checked off that it was a 64 bit system when in fact it is only a 32 bit! How do i fix this? Is this affecting my ability to download adobe flash player? I have not been able to do this and it is really frustrating.

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Adobe Flash Player Install

I looked at the site below but cannot install flash. I just got this computer and straight out of the box there are several features we could access on our old machine but cannot now and i think it is because of flash. Like i said i tried all the steps below (really! - Come-on!) And no luck. http://social. ollymax, you're not running 64-bit windows 7 are you? From the adobe flash player download page, you're downloading (saving) the installer, not running it (from the website) right?

Try this:
1. From internet options> security> internet zone, click on the default level button.
2. You still have the flash uninstaller and installer files saved on the desktop, right?
3. Restart in safe mode. Right click the flash uninstaller and run as administrator.

Start vista or windows 7 in safe mode Mspx

4. Restart into safe mode again.
5. Run the flash installer as administrator.
6. Restart.
7. From ie> tools> manage add-ons, make sure that the shockwave flash object is enabled.
8. Test flash player at http://kb2.
9. If unsuccessful, check steps 3 and 4 at http://kb2.

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Adobe Flash Player Failure

For months i have tried everything i could find on the internet to successfully load and play adobe flash player 10 in windows 7. I am not the only one. There are numerous complaints on the internet defining the problem and offering solutions, none of which works. I did find one that said that windows 7 simply does not recognize adobe flash player 10. It seems every video on the web is based on the adobe flash player. My question is why hasn't microsoft responded to the numerous complaints and offer a quick fix?

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Problem With Adobe Flash Player 10

I have home vista operation system, and i use internet explorer 8, but i have a trouble: i cannot see videos in youtube page, when i try to see videos the page show this message: "you don't have the latest version of flash player". Then i go to the link and i download adobe flash player 10, and i can see videos, but when i restart my computer the problem is again, and the youtube page show me the same message: "you don't have the latest version of flash player. Please, do you want to give me the solution to that problem.

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Error - Cannot Install Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player - cannot install adobe flash player, error message: "the requested site is either unavailable or. " Internet explorer cannot download install_flash_player_ax.exe from fpdownload. Internet explorer was not able to open this internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later. " Is the error that i receive each and every time that i try to update the flash player from the adobe site.

It won't auto load and it will not, as illustrated above allow me to download the executable. I have version 8 ie and am running norton 360. I have disabled 360 and tried everything on the security settings for ie8 and still cannot get any relief.

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Unable To Download Adobe Flash Player 10

Problems downloading adobe flash player on my dell laptop i purchased off ebay. I'm using windows 7 upgraded from vista. It says, this did not download properly, something about i'm not the administrator? I am unable to download adobe flash player 10 onto my dell laptop that uses windows 7. I get a message saying the download was not successful, and that i am not the administrator. What can i do to fix this situation? I am unable to contact the previous owner, so i am afraid there is no solution.

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Cannot Install Updates And Adobe Flash Player

My problem is quite simple but the answer is not! I cannot download any windows updates. I get no error message. I press download and it just sits there saying " installing updates " and it goes on for hours. All night last night it was installing. I have followed almost every thread in this section and tried everything  that has been recommended but nothing has worked. And they want us to install windows 7. I just want vista working  properly.

Can i format from my recovery drive "d"? I am running vista home premium on a compaq presario laptop. I also have two network adapters with yellow. Next to them in device manager. I tried uninstalling them but they reinstall themselves.

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This Site Wants To Install Adobe Flash Player

Some website images are blank boxes with x's at the upper left corners. Also, along the top is a message that "this site wants to install adobe flash player". I have tried to install it, but have not been successful. Are the two connected and what setting do i need to change in order to let flash player install? (I have an new acer computer with windows vista home premium and mcafee security. )

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Installed Adobe Flash Player Activex

I finally was able to install the active x for adobe flash player which shows the file size in my control panel. The plug-in is also listed but has no value of the file size attached to it is it really there. Also there is no file that says flash player so am i correct in assuming its not there? And how can i fix this. I obviously am doing something wrong. If i have to go into the registry i don't know how to do this so if you know how to fix it please be explicit on how i have to do it.

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Adobe Flash Player, Win 7, 64-bit Os

I recently upgraded to windows 7/64 bit and of course i'm having issues with adobe flash player. When i was running vista on the same system prior to windows 7, ie worked and flash worked therefore i was probably running ie 32.

When i try to execute ie 32 bit on windows 7 64 bit, the "circle/hour glass" appears and the goes away immediately with the ie 32 bit screen not displaying. Ie 64 bit does work except for any pages that need the flash player.

I have read many answers that say this should work until adobe releases the 64 bit product. I can't determine what is going on.

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Adobe Flash Player Download Problem

I was told this morning i needed to download the latest version of adobe flash player, which is 10. 1. Upon attempting to do so, i was told i needed to uninstall any previous versions, which i did. When i tried to download the new version, i was then told it failed, and i would have to temporarily disable my anti-virus, which i am not going to do. Can anyone please tell me what's going on here? I would assume adobe is a trusted site-i do have adobe reader.

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Adobe Flash Player Stops And Starts

Adobe flash player. Whenever i play a video on adobe flash player it stops and then starts again, this happens every 10 seconds or so. Why doesn't the video play without these pauses. I tried un-installing and re-installing adobe flash player 10. 1 but this doesn't take care of the problem. It also doesn't matter what site i am playing the video, aol news, youtube, etc. Or whether i use ie 8 or mozilla firefox as my web browser. I tried contacting adobe about this problem without success. Does anyone know what causes this problem?

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How To Get 32-bit Browser To Install Adobe Flash Player ?

I have a 64 bit browser and i am trying to install the adobe flash player and it says i need a 32 bit browser. How do i get the 32 bit browser?

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Install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 For 64-bit System

Want to install adobe flash player 10. 1 for 64-bit system or at least stop constant pop-ups asking permission to change os.

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Adobe Flash Player Wont Install Correctly

Adobe flash player - won't install correctly. A red x is displayed instead of adobe flash player. I have downloaded flash player, windows vista, and every time it won't install. All i get is a red x-no flash player.

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Cannot Play Youtube Videos - Upgrade Adobe Flash Player

Cannot play videos such as youtube, i get a message saying "upgrade adobe flash player", but that's not the problem. Ever since i upgraded to ie8, whenever i go to youtube, the player won't play. It gives me a message that says i need to upgrade my adobe flash player. I've done that several times, and it doesn't help. I still get the same message.

Now here's the funny part. When i use firefox, youtube works just fine! Which tells me the problem is in ie. I would actually prefer to use ie instead of firefox (more familiar) but i'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what the problem is, or how to go about fixing it.

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Error - Adobe Flash Player Is Not Supported For Playback In 64-bit

I have windows 7 problem with flash player, error reads-adobe flash player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser. How do i correct? I can not download newest flash player. How do i correct to watch videos? However, you can run flash player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit operating system. How do i correct this?

At adobe reader doesn't support, how do i correct? Adobe says this : to use flash player to view flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser. For details on setting this up for windows see microsoft help & support.


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Adobe Flash Player Update Required Conflicting Problem

I have seen a lot of questions concerning jerky video, slow buffering causing stop and go streaming video and people having problems installing adobe  when their previous version was working fine prior to the last group of defender, family net 3. 5 and other recent updates. Is there a conflict with the updates and adobe. I too am having problems with jerky videos, slow buffering, and red x's where images are supposed to be since an update installed on my vista home basic toshiba laptop. I have gone through all the "fixes" suggested by brian at kb 283807: pictures are not displayed on web sites in internet explorer

 Including the advanced methods and still have the same problems i started with. Can i ask you to check to see how many other people are having problems concerning this and provide a new update to fix what want broken before? Appreciate any assistance with this problem.

My system is vista home basic service pack 1 intel pentiumcpu t2310 1. 46ghz, 1gb 32bit operating system. Did i miss anything? Ie version 7. 0. 6001. 18000 and i get a red x in the top part of the about internet explorer dialogue box that pops up when you click on that function. What is up?

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Adobe Flash Player Error - Windows Data Execution Prevention

I use windows xp and trend micro. Trend micro is up to date. My problem is i go to and try to download adobe flash player. Then internet explorer has closed this webpage. So then to "more info" which states windows data execution prevention detected and add on that is trying to use memory incorrectly.

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Adobe Flash Player - Unable To Find Pathway For Installation Of Program

Installing adobe flash player for windows 7. I get a message that the pathway can't be found? I'm not sure where to fix this and what the appropriate pathway would be. I'm looking at outlook 2010 and trying to read a message?

Adobe flash player: message is "unable to find pathway for installation of program". How do i change the pathway and how would i know what pathway is correct. I know the program will work if the pathway is corrected.

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Adobe Flash Player Doesn't Work Correctly In Win 7 64-bit

Windows 7 with explorer 8 both in 64 bit. I can not back out of explorer now and go back to explorer 7 nor can i go to 32 bit. The main problem is the flash player from adobe. It is a new computer and pure all the way no conversion at all, so no system faults, just the headache of the internet. Oh yes, give me back my outlook express.

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Can't Install Flash Player In Ie8

Flash player quit working completely over this past weekend and i got the message that i didn't have the current version of flash player installed on my computer. I've tried uninstalling and installing flash player but i all i get in the adobe download manager screen is error: installation failed. I can install flash player through firefox and safari so i believe this is an issue with internet explorer 8. I really need some help. I've tried everything i can think of to fix this issue and spent 3 hours on the phone with adobe support.

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Loses Installation Of Flash Player 10 For Ie8

I have win 7 (starter) (32-bit) on a new acer aspire one 532. I always logon to it with my own profile (this is the only one on the machine and has administrator privileges). Early on i removed the pre-installed mcafee which was causing problems with ie8 (and other apps. ).

Anyway in order to view youtube clips and play other swf files (e.g. Those on the bbc website) i have downloaded and installed flash player 10 (32-bit) from adobe's website - and everything was ok. At the same time i downloaded the version for opera, safari, chrome and foxfire. But then if i reboot / restart the acer it 'loses' the installation of flash player 10 for ie8 and i then have to re-download and re-install it - time and time and time again.

For some reason the installation(s) for opera, safari, chrome and foxfire remain ok and working. However the version for ie8 is always uninstalled during thre reboot / restart. I have also asked acer customer service but they have ignored my posts (well they have my money so i guess that they don't care).

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To Use Flash Player To View Flash Content On A 64-bit Operating System

I am trying to down load adobe flash to use on windows 7 64 bit but adobe does not support windows 7 64 bit yet so i get the following error message "to use flash player to view flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser"

Does anybody have the same problem - well all of you that have windows 7 64 bit must have it. So please what did you to solve it?

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