Arial Narrow Font Is Missing

I have windows 7 professional that was factory installed on a dell laptop that i purchased in late november of 2009. The following arial fonts are installed:

Arial black arial bold arial bold italic arial italic arial regular. I have some software that is expecting arial narrow which is obviously not in the above list. Is arial narrow not automatically installed as part of windows 7? I have/see arial narrow on another pc that has windows xp professional installed. And, i have/see arial narrow on still another pc that has windows vista business installed. Was arial narrow installed as part of these earlier versions of windows? Or, was arial narrow installed as part of some other application like microsoft office which resides on these 2 pc's, but not on the windows 7 pc?

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Font Problem

I have a new machine with window 7 professional installed. I have loaded 61 open typeface fonts and when i shut down and start up again they do not show-up in the fonts folder; and show-up as missing in applications that i have used them in. After i re-install them several times and every time they show-up in the fonts folder and in all applications, but it seems when i shut down they disappear again (including showing as missing from the files that have used them). When i reinstall them i get a message that they are already installed (even though i can not see them and they are not accessible by the apps).

I have other open type fonts installed without this problem. As a note, when i reinstall them i can print, create pdf etc. , But as soon as the machine is shut down when i start again they are missing (except in any pdf created), even though when i go to reinstall window claims they are already installed. Has anyone uncounted this phantom font issue with window 7?

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System Font Folder

I have windows 7 installed. I need to to delete a few fonts, so i went into my fonts folder and it only shows 10 fonts. In all my applications (word, photoshop etc. ) More then 10 fonts show up. I went into the properties of the folder and it shows that it contains 860 files. When i am able to install a font but the font doesn't show up in the folder. I enabled the view folder settings to show hidden files. In font settings i restored default font settings.

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Open Font And Use It With Other Programs Without Installing It

In previous version of windows, i have been able to open a font and use it with other programs without installing it. I haven't been able to find this capability with windows 7. How do i use a font without installing it in windows 7. This has been an option with previous versions. Before all you had to do was open the font file and then open the program. The font was then available for that one time use. In windows 7, this does not work. Anyone know a trick that i haven't found?

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Bitstream Font Navigator Compatibility Issue

Bitstream font navigator (which worked so well in winxp) works in windows 7, but i keep getting messages asking me if i want to allow this program to make changes on my computer (even when i'm not loading or using that program)

I 'give it permission' but it comes back again and again whenever i reboot the laptop. This is a lenovo thinkpad r500 one month old. It has 4gb of ram and has windows 7 professional 64 bit installed.

I have run the compatibility troubleshooter and accepted it's change - to run in winxp compatibility mode but then, after i accept that, it tells me "incompatible program"  - and then the program runs perfectly anyway!

And then, again, it asks me if i want to let it make changes to my computer. Is there any way of getting this to stop?

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Restore Font Folder To Original Condition

In the process of trying to install font manager software for windows 7, i somewhat corrupted my font folder. Basically what happened, is that during installation, the software started moving all the fonts around into it's own directories. This would have been fine, except the installation failed, and upon further research i realized the software is not compatible with windows 7.

In an effort to restore the font folder to it's original condition, i tried to replace the font folder from another windows 7 ultimate installation. Unfortunately, what happened is that the copy process didn't delete any of the existing files in my font folder, but rather added all the copies and renamed them to _0 etc. So now my font folder has over 1000 entries, many of which are copies. And, for some reason windows 7 has hidden all but about 15 of them. I know they are there because they are visible in the folder properties, but i can't see them when i open the folder.

Ideally i would like to restore the font folder to it's original condition. Do you have any advice? All i can think to do is use a boot utility and restore the files from a dos command prompt before windows loads. But i'm not sure what will happen if i do this.

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Font Size Wont Change / Lines Overwritten

Both in hotmail and in ebay having trouble with the fonts, i can use italics, bold, underline but font size is tiny and i can't change it, both in hotmail when writing a new message and in ebay when writing a description in the "list an item to sell". Also, lines of type already part of a web page are over writing on top of lines;  on one page i had a typed form to answer questions but the last line was typed over the submit box so i could not hit "submit". Is it a mismatch between win 7 and ebay's and hotmail's programs? Or can i fix it? Have already tried control panel- appearance/personalization and on the internet the page settings. What now?

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Missing Drive

Ok, i'm not computer smart, so i'll try to make this as simple as i can put it. Whenever i insert a dvd or cd into my laptop, nothing happens. I try to look for it on my computer and the drive isn't listed. I've also gone through various forums telling others to go into the registry and locate the upper filter or lower filter and i couldn't even find those. How do i fix my drive? Step by step procedures would be greatly appreciated.

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Missing Memory

Where is my missing 1gb of ram? I have just purchased an acer asipre r3610 4gb ram with windows 7 home premium 64 bit os. I have read on the web that on a 64 bit os i should get the full 4gb of ram is this correct? Msinfo32 advises me i have installed physical memory (ram) 4gb but then says total physical memory is 3gb. I have spent numerous hours reading the web looking for answers.

My bios correctly reports i have 4096 mb of ram. Msconfig "advanced options" the "maximum memory" is unticked. After checking in resource monitor, i found that 1025mb of ram was "hardware or bios reserved". My inbuilt video card nvidia ion (latest drivers 195. 62), nvidia graphics utility tells me it has 256mb dedicated video memory, 64 mb system memory and 1215 mb shared memory.

I can only assume that this 1025mb ram that is "hardware or bios reserved" is part of the 1215 mb that my graphics card reports is being shared. How can i stop my graphics card from reserving 1025mb ram. Is this something to do with my bios or the way windows 7 handles/assigns memory?

I have read on the web that on a 64 bit os i should get the full 4gb of ram is this correct? I also believe that Mspx says that turning it off shared mvideo memory in the bios doesnt disable the windows feature. Is this correct?

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My Printer Is Missing

Windows 7, x64, 8gb ram. Fresh install, i installed an hp laserjet 6p printer, connected via an add-in parallel port card. Everything worked fine. Today, it's missing. I tried to reinstall and got an error message that says the name is in use. I gave the new instance a different name, finished the wizard, and printed a test page successfully. But still, in devices and printers, no old hp printer, no new hp printer. The parallel port shows in device manager as working correctly.

Googling around showed a similar problem that occurred in xp, but no reports yet in windows 7. Anyone got any good ideas? Where would a find a list of known printers behind the pretty gui?

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Missing Drives

When i open "computer " it only shows my c, d, e & f drives, e & f are my2 dvd drives. I installed win 7 in my self built computer and after i installed win 7 it did not show my card reader drives as vista did. I have actually had to do a complete (format hd) install for a 2nd time.

For whatever reason it never has shown my g, h, i, j, k card reader drives in " computer", it looks like they are not installed yet if you put in a compact flash card or an sd card or any media it takes you can download pictures or whatever is on the cf, sd or what might be on the card you put in to be read with no problem? The usb port on the card reader works fine also, so the card reader is functioning ok.

Now: if you go to device manager & look under disk drives you see this. So they are all there.

Disk drives
Generic " compact flash usb device
 Ms/ms pro usb device
 Sd/mmc usb device
Sm/xd "picture usb device
Hp photosmart 8200 usb device
Maxtor  stm3500  ata device

Then: if you look under portable drives you see  all the card drives;

G: h: i: j: k:

Why in computer" doesn't it show the card reader drives as it did in vista? 

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Missing Cd Drives

So ever since i installed the rc in july, my cd and dvd drives not shown up on the my computer window, however it keeps poping up a 3. 5in floppy drive which i don't have nor do i even have the cable for one hooked up to the mb.

I have gone through the device manager and updated the drivers, the device manager shows that i have both cd and dvd drives hooked up to the mb. I have been able to successfully install programs off the cd drives only as long as they have an auto run feature. Problem now is since there is no icons for the drives so i cant explore any cd or dvd, and any dvd or cd not having an auto run feature cant open, i don't even get the notification window that a disk has been inserted into the drive. I haven't been able to successfully find any 64-bit drivers on the manufactures webpage for the drives. Anyone know how to fix this or whats going on?

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Missing Codec

I am using a software program to analyze subject behavior. It works by opening and playing a video file within the program that can document when defined behaviors are observed based on preassigned categories. I can get the video file to play within the program on my pc at work (windows xp) but cannot get it to do the same on my laptop (windows 7). I the following message invalid media type. (Id 12768)video file e:project videos hl65hl65 07 07 10 h145. Mpg cannot be displayed, the media type is not recognized.

Make sure you selected a valid video file and also have the correct codec installed. Is there a way to find which codec is working with the video file on the xp and download it on my windows 7 laptop? 

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Bootmgr Missing

I'm getting the bootmgr missing error upon startup. The pc in question is the family computer and is only 2 months old, but was experiencing severe slowdown from corrupted files, in order to solve this, my brother tried to reinstall windows 7, but simply added another version of the os. So upon startup, we had to choose which windows 7 we wanted. I restored the computer to factory settings using the startup disks that came with it, and now i am getting the bootmgr error.

I changed the boot settings to run the install disk first, and attempted to repair windows 7 with that, but it tells me it cannot be automatically repaired. And when i click on the "repair my computer" the box from which i should select the operating system to repair is empty.

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Missing Toolbar

Running vista sp1& ie8 normal startup of hotmail in ie8 shows a window with several toolbars at the top. One of these bars contains the new tabs, ie history and several tools icons such as print, page, safety, tools, etc. Within the last day this toolbar is missing only when a hotmail window is opened. The original ie8 home window is normal with all expected toolbars available. On the hotmail window i have right clicked on the available barand selected "customize / add or remove commands" and see that the missing icons are selected. I have searched theforums and found a similar item ( This did not fix my problem. Any advice?

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Favorites Missing

Over the last 2-3 weeks all the links within ie8 favorites have disappeared. In fact when first clicking on favorites the following error message appears:

"Location is not available - c:users*name*musicfavoritesfavorites refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be in a hard drive on this computer, or on a network. Check to make sure that the disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet on your network, and then try again. If it still cannot be located, the information might have been move to a different location"

Subsequent clicking on favorites within ie8 then just comes up completely blank. I can find all the links within a favorites folder in the music folder location. I don't know why the favorites have been moved and how to rectify this. Any advice would be appreciated.

The problem is on a laptop running windows vista home premium service pack 2.

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Ntldr Is Missing

I have a pc with win 7 ultimate on it and my cat stood on my keyboard and froze the screen (not a clue what he pressed) i restarted the computer and it cam up with an option to start windows normally or repair files. I chose to start windows normally and it came up with the windows logo as if it was starting but wouldn't get past that screen. So i restarted my pc and chose to repair. I tried all the options there and nothing worked.

I restarted my pc again and this time it said ntldr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart. I have checked on the net and tried some of the solutions i found there such as disable quick boot (which i can't find anywhere in the bios) any help would be greatly appreciated.

When i press ctrl+alt+del it does exactly the same thing and i tried pressing f8 when it is starting up and nothing happened. Btw i got the pc from a friend and he used to run vista with xp and another drive, don't know if it's still on there and i don't know how to check. I don't know how to set which hard drive the pc boots from so if anyone can tell me i could try that and see if it works.

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Install Missing Drivers

I recently upgraded my lenovo t61 laptop from it's original 100gb hard drive to a 500gb hard drive. After installing windows 7, updating and restarting a few times, i noticed that i was still missing 2 drivers, both called "base system device". I went to lenovos' driver web site, looked through what was offered but could not figure out what was missing. I then called lenovo directly and they said that it was a windows 7 problem, not a lenovo problem so they don't know how to deal with it.

Any assistance to resolve this issue and get me my drivers would be greatly appreciated.

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Missing Memory Total And Available

This is what my system info shows. Win7/64

Installed physical memory (ram) 4. 00 gb
Total physical memory 3. 75 gb
Available physical memory 2. 78 gb

[Video]adapter ram 384. 00 mb (402, 653, 184 bytes)

1. Does the 250k difference between the "installed physical memory" and the total "physical memory" indicate i may have some bad memory?

2. The difference between the "total" and "available is 970mb. If i subtract the video adapter of  384mb that leaves 586mb. Does 586mb of ram seem high for whatever else is going on on my machine?

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Missing Drivers In Win7

I have installed windows 7 on a toshiba satellite a300-1j1 laptop. All devices appear to be working fine. However, under 'other devices' in device manager are two 'system base devices' that do not have any drivers. I've tried using the 'update driver' option to search for drivers but it did not find any. There isn't an original install cd with the laptop so i won't be able to search it for driver. Does anyone have any ideas on how i can identify the devices and drivers please? Thank you for any assistance you may be able to give.

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.ashx Driver Missing

When viewing sites that require the . Ashx driver to view pdf-like documents, suddenly i'm getting dialogue boxes saying that ie8 doesn't recognise the file extension. I'm running xp home edition version 5. 1. 2600 sp3 build 2600 on an msi wind netbook and have ie8 version 8. 0. 6001. 1702

I've googled (sorry) the internet and searched the ms answer site (all too technical for me) but can't find anything to help (except pareto driver cure, which looks dodgy, keeps popping up. Think this is related)? How do i fix this problem?

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Missing Letters On Keyboard

My keyboard's letters fade away after a few weeks of use. I have alerted microsoft to this problem and they have replaced my keyboard, very promptly, twice, making this my third keyboard. I contacted microsoft and asked them what i could do. Apparently nothing! I tried painting the keys with clear nail varnish to no avail. I was hoping that perhaps microsoft could embed the letters on the keys - but so far, nothing has been done to my have been more than helpful in every other respect. Does someone out there have a solution?

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Cd/dvd Drive Has Gone Missing

I have a new computer with windows 7 professional 64 bit and everything was fine but now my cd/dvd drive has gone missing. It's nowhere to be found in explorer and if i insert a cd or dvd nothing happens. I tried the troubleshooter but it tells me i don't have a cd/dvd drive. It's also not listed in device manager. I'm a complete non-techie type of person but was wondering if my drive has just gone kaput or maybe one of the leads internally has become disconnected. The computer is only about 3 months old. I have done all the updates that have been recommended. I would love it if someone could give me some ideas about fixing this.

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Missing Taskbar On Desktop

From time to time, my taskbar on my desktop at the bottom disappears. I usually notice it when my laptop has been idle for a few hours or more with the lid closed. It also occurs sometimes when it comes out from hibernation. The workaround, i found out, is to right click on the desktop, go to personalize, then screensaver and click preview.

Once the preview initiates, i move my mouse to leave the screensaver and my taskbar is back. It's the damnedest thing. Since i found the workaround, it's not really a big deal but just somewhat of a hassle to do this from time to time. Anyone have the same issue? I have an hp pavillion dv6 with windows 7 home premium also running on a 64-bit machine. Any thoughts on a possible bug?

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Error Bootmgr Is Missing

Well heres the story i have win 7 on my desktop, when i had to activate it i had to use the phone to. It wouldn't go through the internet well. When i did activate it. A program messed up my whole boot process well not the boot process but would give errors constantly. Well i did the system restore. Fixed it then it was un activated, so i used the phone again to activate it. Since the internet didn't go through. Now i messed with a partition that i used to used a system image like the windows recovery. Well i wanted to format the partition and combine my partitions.

(I didn't touch my c:) well now it wont boot it says boot. Mgr is missing. Ugh. Now my question is. Can i install win 7 again with the serial, cause of this? Or can i repair the boot. Mgr ? Like can i run the install again and repair it? Yes it sucks if i would have to install win 7 again but im trying to avoid it.

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Win 7 Dlls Missing

Purchased laptop for college daughter with vista, upgrade awhile back to windows 7 home premium 32-bit. Ran fine until last week, picked up a virus even-though running norton360. Virus trashed norton 360 and apparently all dlls.system will boot, but all programs (win-explorer, windows media, aim, etc. ) Ask for which program to use and list is ie, firefox, etc. Tried reinstalling from win 7 cd, but get error code 0x80070005 unspecified error. Tried to schedule a check disk, on reboot says cannot perform due to software package recently installed.

How do i get the dlls back correctly?

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Desktop Icons Are Missing

Earlier today, when i was at my house, my computer was just fine. It ad several sideshows that came with the computer and i was able to personalize it however i wanted to. Also, i had several icons, such as the internet, on the bottom of the screen for easy access. When i brought my laptop to my college apartment, however, everything disappeared. All my personalizations, my sideshows, and all my icons. I can't seem to find them anywhere. My documents are still available, but now i can't access the internet except through the dell help center on my computer. Can you please tell me what's going on? 

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Missing Administrator Account

During setup of a new computer with windows 7, i created two user account, selecting both as administrators. Today while trying to move a program i got a message stating that i can't perform the action because i don't have administrator privileges. I went to control panel, user accounts and family safety, add or remove user accounts.

Under the names on the icons, the word administrator is displayed, but when i click on a user account and then on change the account type, both users have the radio button next to standard user lit. I try to move it to administrator, but the change account type button becomes grayed (probably because i am not viewed as an administrator. So why did the user accounts change mysteriously to standard user and how can i get them administrator rights when i don't see any other user on startup.

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Wireless Network Missing

With my pc i located a local wireless site i had setup and tried to connect to it, with the automatic reconnect checked. There was an error (had the wrong mac address listed on my site for the pc) so i fixed it but now the list of available wireless sites does not include my site. I have 3 other computers that use my site so i know the site works. How do i get the windows 7 starter pc to see my wireless network again?Is there some sort of cache that needs to be cleared so it is viewable again?

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My Music Folder Missing

I have just installed windows 7 64 bit. After i completed the install and migrated my settings to the new computer from a vista install on my old pc, i tried to move the my music folder to a folder on a network drive. No idea what happened, but there is no longer a my music folder available - the one on the network drive doesn't have a location tab and i cannot locate it elsewhere.

In the library, nothing. Probably for an entirely separate reason it won't allow me to add the folder on the network drive to the library because it is not indexed.

I can see the reference to the my music folder in hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexploreruser shell folders, and it looks just like the other default personal folders there but otherwise no trace of it. All other folders are ok.

Can someone guide me how to simply restore the my music folder as a default?

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