Creating File Using Photoshop 6 - Icon Display Is Blank

When i create a file in windows 7 using photoshop 6 and save the file. The icon is completely blank (white in color) but will open in photoshop. Is there a way to correct the icon display. The program itself displays the correct icon on the desktop.

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Creating Shortcut Icon On Win 7 Desktop From Xp Mode

After i load a program in xp mode how do i get the shortcut icon on to my windows 7 desktop so i can launch it from there?

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Shortcuts Show Blank Icon

I have windows 7 home, 32-bit installed for quite a while. Yesterday i installed the microsoft online services single log-n. Now i don't know if this is a coincidence - i did try uninstalling it and the problem was still there. All shortcuts are showing the blank, white default. No matter where they are: desktop, task bar, start menu. I have tried everything i can find:

1) deleting the iconcache. Db, there are several methods and i tried them all.

2) using tweak programs that supposedly reset the icons3) resetting my background, monitor resolution, and icon size.

4) trying to recreate the icons by dragging them to the desktop and create a new icon.

5) clicking on the icon, properties and change the icon nothing works. The icons are blank in safe mode and when i log-on as another user. It is really bad when i have a lot of programs running and they are all blank on the task bar!

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Creating File Associations For Email Attachments

To date i have been unable to locate a free download that will provide for file association with e.g .doc , pps and other email attachments. None of the options in the default programmes site have worked. The sender of the .doc attachment advises it was created with microsoft word using windows xp. Tried association with wordpad which came up as notepad and opened attachment which was not legible. There appear to be plenty of commercial offerings to solve the issue but are there any reliable free downloads?

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Hp Dv9933cl Display Is Blank

Recently upgraded my hp dv9933cl laptop from vista to windows 7 however when ever i try to connect and external display. The screen of the external display is blank. I was told the video drivers are missing.

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Slow Jumplist Display On Explorer Icon

Okay, this one is extremely frustrating: i've looked everywhere and cannot find an answer. Recently, a clean install of windows 7 ultimate x64 was done on a laptop. I've done plenty of these before and i know what i'm doing. However, on this install, i've noticed an issue that i've never had before: when i right click on the windows explorer icon that's pinned to the taskbar, only the name of the application (windows explorer) and the "unpin from taskbar" options appear.

Only after 3-4 seconds do the recent items and pinned items appear. This is frustrating since i use this shortcut often to access common folders. I have very good system specs. 2. 5 ghz cpu, 4gb ram, nvidia 8600gtm 265 mb graphics card. All correct drivers installed. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this delay? Even if the idea is a longshot, please respond.

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Ie7 Blank Pop Ups When Opening A File

I am a tech services employee, and i have a very interesting situation with one of our users here. Originally, the problem was that when the user would go to download a file from an internet site (usually, it was an office document), ie would freeze and crash on him. We decided to upgrade him to version 7 of ie (ie 8 at this time is not approved for installation on our corporate pcs because they are not compatible with some of our web applications).

The installation was successful, and the user is able to download and open the documents from the internet, however, when he does, and extra blank window appears and does not automatically go away. It's more of an inconvenience at this point, but i was wondering if this issue can be fixed? 

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Compressed File Opening And Icon

I  changed the default program used to open  compressed zip files  (in windows 7 home premium 64-bit). Lso able to change to any programme icon from the open with command , - so zip files have changed , not opening correctly and all  attachments have changed to fit the icon programme. So the compressed zip files now can appear as generic windows explorer icons rather than the previous compressed folder icon (looks like a folder with a zipper). Is there any way to restore the compressed zip icon and functionality?

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Every Icon On Desktop Looks Like Word File / Program

I'm working with windows 7, on a new hp laptop. Windows booted up normally, but every icon on the desktop looks like a word file, and every program in the startup menu looks like a word file. Any time that i try to open a program, word opens, as well as a window that says to pick windows (default), os dos, or other encoder to find which one works to be able to read the message in the window, but none of them work. None of the programs are accessible, and word is trying to open every program. What do i do? I'm so confused. I've never seen this before, and i'm pretty familiar with computers.

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Cannot Run Adobe Photoshop Cs3 Program

I'm trying to run adobe photoshop cs3 on windows 7 but it doesn't allow me. It says "adobe photoshop cs3 has stopped working" " a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. " I have try all compatibility options on properties but still doesn't want to run. I was running this program on a windows xp on an old computer and i passed the adobe photoshop to a flash drive and then i dragged it and dropped it to the desktop of my new computer with windows 7 os.

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Scanning Images Into Adobe Photoshop Cs2

Here's the issue i'm having. Photoshop itself works fine. My scanner (epson perfection v100) has the most recent drivers, compatible with windows 7. When i scan into photoshop, the image scans fine, and i close the scanning software as normal, but then i can't use photoshop. I can't click on any tools or menus, and the shortcut keys don't even work. The program is basically locked up. I have to shut it down through the task manager and hope it asks me to save the document before shutting down (which it usually does).

Then i have to reopen photoshop and open the saved document in order to do anything with it. I've tried running photoshop in windows xp sp3 compatibility mode but it makes no difference. I've even tried running the scanning software by itself without starting up photoshop, but that didn't work either. Does anyone have any advice (that doesn't involve me spending thousands of dollars that i don't have on a newer version of photoshop)? I'm an artist who likes colouring his drawings on the computer and it's a bit annoying having to work around it like this.

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Unable To Install Adobe Photoshop Cs2

I've been researching for days but my adobe photoshop cs2 still wont work with windows 7. It installs and the program opens but i can't use it. It just hangs and won't respond. Problem details are as follows. I bought a new pc to edit my pics but it's been 3 days and i still can't install it properly. I tried installing it to my old laptop (with windows xp) and it works just fine. I also tried running it as admin and changing the compatibility portion, but it still won't work.
  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with windows.
Problem signature:
  Problem event name:
  Application name:
  Application version:
9. 0. 0. 0
  Application timestamp:
  Hang signature:
  Hang type:
  Os version:
6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
  Locale id:
  Additional hang signature 1:
  Additional hang signature 2:
  Additional hang signature 3:
  Additional hang signature 4:
  Additional hang signature 5:
  Additional hang signature 6:

  Additional hang signature 7:

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Thumbnail Icons For Photoshop .psd Files

I have adobe photoshop 7. 0 on my windows 7 ultimate 64-bit machine, and windows explorer does not show thumbnails for *. Psd files. I have done some research about this on the web, and have been told that adobe does not give this capability for all versions of windows. I found several supposed
Workarounds, but none of them worked for me, and then after a little more research found out that the workarounds only work with 32-bit versions of windows. Does anybody know if either adobe ever will make codecs for the *. Psd thumbnails that is compatible with windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, or if
There is a workaround to do this that does work on windows 7 ultimate 64-bit?

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 Won't Work

I have been unable to open adobe photoshop elements 6. 0 on our new windows 7 system. I have run the trouble shooter. I have tired running it with compatibility with all versions of xp and vista. We had previously run it successfully under vista. Apparently it loads successfully, all the steps are completed, the computer re-started, but the program fails to open. I have tried opening as administrator, by selecting a picture and "open with" and just opening straight.

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Creating Contacts

I have windows 7 and a folder my documents contacts. I believe this was created automatically wheni installed windows 7 as i do not recall creating or moving it. When i create a contact and then try to open it, i receive an error message "cannot start microsoft office outlook. The command line is not valid. Verify the switch you are using. "

My questions are: can i use an address book/contact book in windows 7 without using outlook 2003 (the version is what i have) and i do no want to use windows live. How can i open a contact in my contact folder, without receiving the above error message?

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Creating A Network

I am having difficulties getting a network set up on my windows 7 laptop. I have a verizon pcmcia card for internet access and i would like to set up a network to allow my ipos and my blu-ray player to get internet access. I have gone through the setup wizard and created a network that allows access, but nothing is connecting to the computer. When i look at the status of the network, it says "waiting on users" and the devices trying to connect just time out without connecting. Everything is turned on (modem card and wi-fi )

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Problem With Re-creating Administrator Password

I removed my password of the administrator account before using the companion dvd of windows 7. I was supposed to do this before upgrading to windows 7 but i didn't know that. It wasn't my fault however, because i learned that i'm supposed to do this only after i read the instructions that appear when you launch the companion dvd; i didn't see this particular instruction when i launched the upgrade disc. The removal of the password is required because the computer needs to restart many times during the upgrade.

But i still removed my password because i thought that this would be required for the installation of the features of the companion dvd. And now when i try to use my old password by going to control panel -> user accounts and family safety -> add or remove user accounts -> administrator -> create a password, i get the following message: "if you do this, sally will lose all efs-encrypted files, personal certificates and stored passwords for web sites or network resources. To avoid losing data in the future, ask sally to make a password reset floppy disk. "

What do i do?

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Creating A New Toolbar Stuck In Taskbar

Since windows 95 or 98, i have been creating a toolbar of my most used and best loved programs along the side of my screen. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this with windows 7. Please help me get back to work is there anyway to accomplish this?

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Creating Recovery Discs (not Repair Disc)

We purchased and installed windows 7 - 64 bit in two computers. Neither installation gave us notification to make recovery disks or the repair disc. We found the place to make the repair disc, but cannot locate where to tell the program to make the regular recovery discs. Can anyone tell me if we need to do this? Our daughter purchased a new computer with windows 7 already installed and it gave the option to create all of these discs.

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Creating Ad-hoc Connection Via Broadband Usb

I'm new to the windows community and a few weeks out of the box with windows 7. I've gotta say, while the change is mostly for the better, i find that more trouble has come out of this upgrade than sticking with vista. While i had vista (best buy set it up, while i set up 7 on my own), i had no trouble setting up an ad-hoc connection to share internet with my ipod and such, but no such luck anymore. I run on an hp pavilion tx 1000 and have had trouble with enabling my wifi detection.

I've followed several forums-some that said to uninstall then reinstall hp wireless assistant and the ones that said sheerly to nix the little amber guy (though he should be blue. The switch stopped working with the conversion) and leave the program uninstalled. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled and updated drivers repeatedly from hp's website (vista drivers. ). I've updated my bio's as well, no nada.

I've tried the fn+f4 (which yielded results once and then decided it liked being lazy and dormant and stopped working) combination instead of using the now unresponsive switch, to no avail. I've also tried making it so i could "share" my internet connection by changing my adapter options, but the ad-hoc still won't connect. It just keeps coming up with a troubleshooter that thinks a while and decides it can't find a problem (sigh).

I might also mention that i use a verizon broadband usb 720 internet thing-a-ma-jig that is pretty finicky. Like i said, everything was smooth in vista with the same equipment, i'm not sure what happened. Several weeks of googling later i can only come up with thinking that i need to replace something internally or i need help beyond what i can do.

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Ms Paint Is Very Poor For Creating Pixel Art

I've been working with paint for older windows versions for a long time, and have just recently invested in a completely new system, your windows 7. I discovered that the new ms paint, which comes with this new system is very poor for creating pixel art, and, although it has many great options like the brushes and so on, it lacks greatly in one very important way.

Frankly, all of the pixel must be colored by placing your brush, pencil, etc. In the very corner of a single pixel, and it really messes up what you're doing, especially if you are used to the freer selection on mspaint. I love the rest, but really, this needs to be fixed. I have practically thrown my computer against the wall in the anger i feel toward this one setback. Also, i tried to download the older version of paint, but it is not compatible with this computer. This problem is awful for all of the fans of paint for its ease of use, and everyone i know who uses paint has said that they hated it mostly for this reason. Please tell me you can fix this.

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Backup Error 0x8078014b - Failure In Creating A Directory

I keep getting the following error each night. The backup should be stored on an additional 2 tb hard disk. A manual backup works fine. The auto backup is scheduled for 7pm each night does not work. It indicates access denied. The backup was not successful. The error is: there was a failure in creating a directory on the backup storage location. (0x8078014b).

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Creating System Image On External Usb Hard Drive

Creating a system image on an external usb 2. 0 hard drive
Applies to: windows | windows 7 | system repair and recovery

We have a new hp g60-533cl notebook running windows 7 64-bit home premium. Attached to it is a new hp usb 2. 0, 500 gb pocket media drive (pmd). I use windows 7 to create a system image of the laptop's hard disk(s) onto the pmd. In the windows 7, create a system image dialog box you see the following selected drives:

Drive used space

System (system) 33. 66 mb
(C:) (system) 40. 76 gb
Recovery (d:) (system) 9. 87 gb

Space required to save a backup of the selected drives: 50. 66 gb

I watch the winodws 7 progress thermometer as it creates the image for these drives, and you see that all 3 drives are "imaged" to the pmd. Once the process has successfully completed, the pmd has a folder on it titled, "windowsimagebackup".

I then right-click on this folder and select properties. It provides me with the following information.

Location: f:
Size: 33. 9 gb (36, 501, 698, 638 bytes)
Size on disk: 33. 9 gb (36, 501, 749, 760 bytes)
Contains: 21 files, 4 folders

My question: why are there only 33. 9 gb of information saved to the image, when the 3 drives listed above required 50. 66 gb of space? Is all of the information listed above actually being saved? What's happening ?

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Display Problem With Display Driver When Multitasking

Just installed windows 7 home 64 bit a few weeks ago. I have been having a problem with my display driver. The screed flashes and turns black and then comes back on with a message in the lower right of the screen that reads "display driver stopped responding but has recovered". I have attempted to download and install a driver from amd web site, which is supposed to be the correct driver. When i attempt to install this driver my computer restarts because of a corrupted driver. Windows won't let me install the driver that is supposed to be the correct one. The graphics card is a ati hd3470. How do i fix?

Also i am missing other drivers for my fitjitsu lifebook a6220 like audio for hdmi output and many more. All was working fine with windows vista, now im missing several utility drivers i called fujitsu they say they are waiting on microsoft! If windows 7 was to be released all parties should have been sent a fix with all drivers not wait for the consumer to purchase windows 7 and have to deal with all the problems!

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Power Options Page Doesn't Display "dim The Display" Option

I just installed windows 7 on my laptop and the power options page doesn't display a "dim the display" option, nor do the keyboard commands to dim the display do anything. I am running a lenovo g530 machine and there does not seem to be driver support for windows 7 on their support page. However i downloaded the mobile intel 45 chipset graphics driver for windows 7 and i downloaded the newest bios update; nether seemed to solve the problem.

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Monitor Will Just Go Blank

I have an issue where my monitor will just go blank. The computer is running but no display. My first thought was that this is a display adapter/video driver issue but i not longer think so. Let me explain. My set up is a hp m9040n running windows 7 ultimate x64. I have a nvidia 9600 gso card that is less than 6 months old and use a samsung syncmaster t240 monitor.

This first started happening about one month ago right after i upgraded my video card driver to the latest version. I would be away from the computer for awhile and when i came back no amount of mouse shaking would bring the screen on. At that point a hard shut down and boot up would bring things back.

Thursday it got worse. Hard shut downs would not bring anything back but i would see the bios startup screen so obviously the monitor and display adapter has some output. I started in safe-mode and installed that latest driver from the nvidia website. No difference, in fact it appears to be the same driver that windows update put out.

My next step was to roll back my driver to the one that came with my video card. This kind of works. There are new symptoms now. Now what happens is that after working for awhile i would hear the usual kind of insert/disconnect sound (like plugging in a usb device) and then the screen resolution would change from 1920x1200 to 1024x768. For some reason the monitor according to the screen resolution control would go from my monitor to a generic. If i click on the detect button, the screen will blank out and once again i have to do a hard shut down. The hard shut down followed by a boot in safe mode and and reboot restores things to normal.

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Screen Goes Blank

After i have updated my computer from xp to win7 i have been experiencing a strange thing. My screen goes blank after 60 seconds of inactivity.initially when it happened i saw that my graphic card driver (nvidia geoforce 8400gs) was not updated - which was also causing some blue screen errors. After i updated the drivers the blue screen error went away but the blank screen error sort of comes and goes. It stays for some time (a week or something) and then goes away for a month etc. Two reasons i could think of.

1. Power options - everything set to "never"
2. Graphics drivers - up to date

Any idea why i would be seeing this ? 

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Blank Out Monitor Screen

Most of the games i installed into windows 7 system when i run it start up to a black screen and keep on going black forever. I have to do physical restart by pushing the button. What i notice is the monitor power led light turn orange which mean no signal is send to the monitor. The only game that work right now is the left4death demo other not work at all. The other games i have that not work is fear2, call of duty 2, half life orange box edition. My system is intel core2duo 4 gb ram and ati radeon 5850 the os is windows 7 ultimate 32 bit edition. I have try by checking out at windows firewall for the allowed program still not work.

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Blank Hard Drive

I just had a new hard drive installed on this pc. I asked the tech to install windows 7 instead of vista. Windows 7 is over overwhelmingly great in every aspect! The graphics, sounds, music and pictures are everything one could even hope to have. My main concern is when microsoft takes windows 7 rc from my hard drive - what am i going to end up with?Nothing? A blank screen? Anyone and everyone who might know what i should do, please answer this as it does have me worried. Should i put another version of windows on the pc now or just wait for the sale of windows 7?

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Blank Screen After Upgrade

During the upgrade from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate the screen went blank so i am not even sure that win 7 installation was successful. As i could see nothing on the screen i waited 5 hours until my pc went absolutely quiet with no sign of installation activity. I then did a hard reboot. The pc powers up and powers down 3 times before staying on, but the screen remains blank as the monitor is in power saving mode. I have tried everything to get the monitor out of power saving mode but cannot change it.

This means that i cannot boot into any mode (safe mode included) as i have no monitor picture. I carried out the ~win advisor tests and removed all programs it suggested. The only thing i could not remove was the "ati catalyst control centre and install manager" each time i tried to remove them i got the message that setup.exe was not responding, so i could not remove them. How can i get my monitorto come on without being in power saving mode, and if not, is there any other way i can boot into safe mode which will switch the monitor on?

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