Remote Desktop Connection Randomly Freezes

My new dell xps 8100 with win 7 64-bit: rdp randomly freezes when connected to my work pc which has win 7 32-bit. I had win 7 32-bit on my old pc and never had a problem. Now the new pc randomly freezes during the rdp session. I say random because it will freeze during every session but it may be a few seconds or a few minutes before it freezes. If i wait for approx 3 minutes, it will unfreeze for a random length of time before freezing again. Any suggestions?

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Remote Desktop Freezes System

Windows 7(64 bit) pro.connect to the pc via remote desktop, and conduct a session. When the session is over, terminate the session. Then go back to the windows 7 machine and try to log in. The pc takes the password and looks like it wants to bring up the desktop, but freezes on the screen. The mouse cursor isn't visible. 3 fingered salute doesn't do anything. The only thing that works is a reset or power down. It doesn't matter if the client is win xp pro or win 7(64 bit).

The machine has 6 gb of memory. Ati radeon 4650 graphincs card, asus p7p55d motherboard. I have installed the latest driver for the graphics card. Nothing in the event viewer that looks like it is related.

Any ideas?

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Remote Desktop Connection Fails

I am running windows 7rc 64-bit with 2 monitors. I want to see the desktop of my windows xp pro on 2nd monitor. When i start remote desktop connect and input the xp ip, i get the remote screen with a log on box. It will not take the log on info. It says " system could not log you on. Make sure user name and domain are correct, then type password again". I'm not on a domain just a work-group. The user and password are the same on both computers. I can go through network and move files between computers. Remote desktop is enabled and works from another xp computer to my target xp computer, just not from windows 7 computer.

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Remote Desktop Connection Problem

Ok rdc is not working in very specific instances. To describe the situation, i have a home computer (comp a (win7 x64 ult)), two laptops (comp b (win7 x64 home p) and c (win7 x64 ult), and a work computer (comp d (winxp 32 pro)).

Rdcing from d to a over inet, never a problem.
From c to a over inet, no problems.
Comp b to a only works on lan, inet does not work.

From the connection i'm on currently, i can log into the router and can see that 3389 is forwarded. I can see that through the router that the computer is connected, and with computer c i could connect just fine. I am away from home now, but when i try firewall is off on comp b, so i know it's not that. Note, i am not anywhere near comp a and comp c is no longer available, so i can't change settings on it. On lan comp b connects to a just fine, it just seems that over inet that it doesn't connect. I am all out of ideas, can somebody help?

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Wallpaper Issue With Remote Desktop Connection

I connect to my work windows 7 pro desktop via a vpn from my home. At home, i have a windows 7 desktop that's running vmware workstation, and use a virtual machine (vm) running windows 7 pro in vmware workstation to connect to work via the vpn. The effect of this is that just the vm i'm using is on the work vpn. What i'm trying to accomplish is to prevent the remote desktop client that i'm using at home from having to repaint wallpaper over the vpn all the time. So i've used gpedit. Msc to enable "enforce suppression of remote desktop wallpaper" on my desktop system at work, and desktop background is also turned off in my remote desktop client at home.

This works when i first remotely log into work, i get a black background, which i'm hoping is the absence of wallpaper *smile*. However, i use a virtual desktop manager on my work desktop named "virtual dimension". This allows me to have several logically separate desktop spaces, and to switch between them. As soon as i switch to another desktop from the initial desktop that i got on remote login, the wallpaper is back.

And, in fact, when i switch back to the original desktop that i logged into that had no wallpaper, the wallpaper is back there, too. So, as long as i use virtual dimension, apparently there is no obvious way to get away from waiting for wallpaper to get repainted over the vpn. Are there any ideas about what i could do about this, fixes, workarounds, etc. ?

I don't know why i get wallpaper in the other virtual desktops, they're still being used via the remote desktop client connection, so my window 7 desktop system at work that is hosting the remote session should know that and not send wallpaper. Somehow my work windows desktop system seems to be losing track that it is talking to a remote session?

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Remote Desktop Losses Connection After Connects

I'm using a pc running windows 7 pro, trying to connect to a laptop running xp pro. I get through the login, see the remote desktop bar at the top of my screen showing the ip address of the laptop, and then my screen freezes. After a few moments a dialogue box pops up indicating the connection has been lost, attempting to reconnect, any suggestions?

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Missing Local Printers In Remote Desktop Connection

When i used remote desktop connection (rdc) inwindows xp, all my local printers showed up in the print dialog boxes in the remote computer. Now that i have windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, in rdc sessions i only see the built in windows printers: "fax (from localcomputer)" and "microsoft xps document writer (from localcomputer). " I have two local printers: a network laser printer that is on a tcp/ip port and a usb ink jet that is on my file server. How do i get these to show up in my remote sessions like they did with xp?

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Remote Desktop Connection Setting Reset Indexing

I recently tried setting the local devices and resources setting in remote desktop connection to share my drives. After i did this and connected, my index item count went from almost 25000 to almost nothing first of all, why would this happen? My c: drive was still my c: drive, it's not like it had been removed or renamed or anything. Second, while i wait however long it takes for all my stuff to get re-indexed, is there any way to undo the un-indexing? And last, is there a safe way to use the local devices and resources setting in remote desktop connection to share my drives without resetting my indexing?

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Logged In Users / Remote Desktop Connection Session

I have two computers with windows 7 ultimate x64 edition and am wanting to be able to log in to my account from each computer on each computer when i'm at the other computer. The problem i'm having is that when i try to connect to my computer at my grandparents from my computer at home, and my grandfather is using it, remote desktop connection displays a message that a user is already logged on and that he will be disconnected if i connect. I need to be able to use remote desktop even if users are already logged in without logging them out. Is this possible?

I mean if you can "switch users" and have more than one user logged in locally, why can't or how do i do the same remotely? I search around and found hacks about multiple concurrent remote desktop sessions but i need the same to apply to locally logged in users as well. If this is a limitation of windows7 i seriously wonder why i always spend the extra money for the ultimate edition if it still has all these home edition limitations and crippled features.

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Xp Pro Sp3 Remote Desktop Connection Issue

Having issues connecting to computer b (win xppro sp3)using remote desktop 6. 0. 6001 with computer a (win xp pro sp3) and computer c (win vista ultimate sp2) remote desktop 6. 0. b has firewall disabled, remote services enabled. I'm able to connect to the remote registry and also i'm able to ping it from all of the other pcs.

I can even access the computer drives via the start->run->computer-namec$. The weird thing is that from computer b, i'm able to remote desktop to computer a and c. Tried duplicate the services that are running on the programs and same computer model. Still problem persists. All computers get ips from dhcp server. Updated network adapter drivers as well.

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Sidewinder X3 Freezes Up Randomly

My sidewinder x3 is freezing up for several minutes at a time. It doesn't seem to affect any other processes. My cursor just stops moving and the on-the-fly sensitivity changer won't work either. After a while the mouse starts working again by itself. Re-plugging the mouse has no effect. I have another optical usb mouse that works flawlessly in the same ports as the sidewinder. The mouse is brand new and it has been doing this ever since i purchased it. Im running windows 7 64-bit. Has anyone else encountered the same problem? What solved it?

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Computer Randomly Freezes In Any Program

Need to reboot after every freeze up. Just installed win7 on new pc. After running sfc/scannow it found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Cbs log read: . Mcbuilder.exe do not match actual file [l:26{13}]"mcbuilder.exe".could not reproject corrupted file }]"mcbuilder.exe" . Source file in store is also corrupted. Chkdsk came up with no problems. Win7 running fine on my other older computer (also 32bit). If anyone would give me some suggestions that would be great.

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Win 7 Hangs Up / Freezes Randomly

I just bought a dell studio 1749 with windows 7 64 bit. Randomly a program will lock up. After about 30 seconds or so the program will say it is not responding. If i right click on the program the whole program will turn a transparent white. This happens with many programs including ie, firefox, and windows explorer. I contacted dell and they did some simple maintenance but that didn't fix anything. I re-installed windows 2 times but it still didn't fix the problem. After all of this dell sent a technician to swap out hard drives. That still didn't fix the problem. It seems that if i have the battery plan on performance it helps but doesn't solve the problem.

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Pc Freezes Randomly When Going Into Hibernation Mode

Occasionally when shutting the computer down in hibernation mode, the screen will go black, but the lights on the computer will remain on. This lasts until i force the computer to shutdown by holding the power button, no matter how long i wait. It does not happen all the time, but enough to be annoying. I have a toshiba satellite laptop that came with windows vista that i upgraded to windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Gain, it does not happen all the time, so i do not know if there is a specific trigger, but i would like to know if there is something that can fix it.

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Dell Studio Randomly Freezes

It's strictly random. There's no pattern i can discern in terms of timing or programs running. I'm running ms office and i use the firefox security will freeze whether or not the browser is open. I ran dell diagnostics and nothing showed up.

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Dell Studio 1745 Freezes Randomly

My new dell studio 1745 running windows 7 (64 bit) home premium / intel core 2 duo cpu t6600 @ 2. 20ghz / 4gb ram / freezes (for about one minute - once per day) randomly. I'm usually running the following applications daily: ie8, ms office 07, including outlook, excel, and word; itunes, and adobe reader. As i mentioned above, the machine randomly freezes (for about one minute) once a day. Sometimes the mouse cursor disappears during the freeze. Other times it turns into the "i'm working. Please wait" spinning wheel, during the freeze period.

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Wmp Video Playback Freezes Randomly

Setup: windows 7 ultimate x64 clean install, asus m5w dh deluxe mobo, intel dual core 6420 2. 13ghz, 4mb ram, 2 seagate barracuda hard disks 0. 5 & 1. 5tb, nvidia geforce 8800 gtx 768mb (latest x64 driver 195. 62).

When i play videos (mostly dvds or legal ripped dvds), playback will sometime freeze my whole system for 3 to 4 minutes (always the same duration). Sometimes i can play a whole movie without any freeze, at other times it can freeze as early as 10 or 20 minutes into the movie, or as late as 1h30m after the start.

I use mostly built-in wmp12 for playback, but i noticed the same behavior with vlc or kmp players. It also happened once with the miro player, and it also happens when playing wmas on wmp. I disabled all other applications or unnecessary services at some stage, to no avail. This machine has a dual boot with vista ultimate x32 on the smaller disk, but the same playbacks work just fine.

There is absolutely no error in any event log, and i really wonder why this should happen only to windows 7 (x64?). How can i debug this, and how can i fix it? I am starting a new topic for this, as other similar topics do not seem relevant to these symptoms. The weird thing is that the system always resumes after that 3-4 minutes freeze. The only thing is that the wmp playback seems to need to catch up with that delay, video and sound are kind of accelerated and not in sync for a while.

The system is partially responsive during the freeze too: i can see the play button bar when i hover with the mouse over the wmp window, the clock still counts the minutes in the taskbar, at least until i try to click on them: then the donut mouse icon replaces the arrow, and the clock does not change time anymore.

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Print Server Issues - Randomly Dropping Network Connection

Win 7 pro machines seems to be randomly dropping the connected network printers. Everything looks fine at first when you go into the printer devices. Built in trouble shooter doesn't find anything and eventually i got it to say it felt the print spooler on the server was down. I checked and it was up, restarted the spooler on one server, even rebooted another, no change. This is pretty random and after numerous reboots of win 7 pro will reconnect to the file/print server properly. The printers always show mapped on the client machine, restarting local print spooler doesn't help. This is for all 3 network printer servers, i have printers from all 3 mapped and get same issue on all printers, not just one specific printer or server.

Network print servers: win server 2003 sp2
Printers: hp 4240, hp 4250, hp4300, hp4005, hp2320

This is happening to all printers across 3 print servers. Again everything looks fine but when you look at the individual properties it shows unavailable for things like manufacturer, model number, description. Xp & citrix (win 2003) users have no problems. Maybe it is having issues pulling it from ad? Anyone have any ideas?

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Computer Does Not Have Remote Connection Enabled

Here is the situation: i have two laptops running win 7 home premium, one desktop with win 7 ultimate. All three are connected to the internet with the two laptops wireless and the desktop using a physical ethernet connection directly with the router. I can connect the two laptops via homegroup, but can't get the desktop to join. I have read many of the posts and tried the troubleshooter.

Nothing works. Problem 2: i paid the extra for ultimate so that i could remote desktop (telnet) with the desktop from my laptop or elsewhere. Nothing works. I get the same unhelpful error code - something like the remote computer does not have remote connection enabled. I am at the what? Stage now. Why did i pay out so much money to upgrade all my systems to win 7?

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Restrict Remote Connection To Computer

How to: restrict remote connections to my computer? I was recently looking into setting up remote connection on my computer. I am wondering if there is a way to restrict the connection to a pre-designated ip address/range. I understand that the best way to prevent unwanted access to the machine is to have a strong password (which i do have), but still it would be nice to know that only certain outside computers would be able to attempt to connect. I saw that on the systems properties, there is a place to allow only certain users to have connection rights via remote desktop, but that is not what i'm trying to do.

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Remote Desktop

My computer at home is running windows 7 rc beta and all of a sudden it will no longer allow me to login using remote desktop connection. My isp has changed my ip address, which i do have the current one, but it will not allow me to connect. The ip address was changed due to a problem with the router and the router had to be reset to the default settings.

I've also had someone check my user status at home and i am a member of the remote desktop users group and my username does have a password. The network name is different now that the router was reset to the default settings and my computer at home can connect to the internet with no problems. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Or any ideas of what is blocking my remote desktop connection.

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Remote Desktop Connecting

I set up a new computer with windows server 2008 and workstation windows 7 professional. The server has been in place. There are other windows 7 workstations allowing remote desktop. I have configured all the settings. I have allowed the computer to be accessed - allow access from computers running any version of remote desktop. I am using another port besides the default 3389.

I have changed the settings in the registry. I have created a rule in the firewall for a port - using port 3390. We are using other ports with the same ip address and they are working fine. I get the error that this computer cant connect to the remote computer. I even disable the firewall. I went to the site It shows the port is open and not blocked by my isp provider. What is left to check? I have matched the configuration with the other windows 7 workstation.

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Remote Desktop Cannot Connect

I have an office computer running windows 7 professional being the host and my home computer is running windows 7 home premium and for some reason when i try to access my work computer from home i cannot connect. It will not go through at all. I have a netbook running xp home service pack 3 and have no problem gaining access to my work computer. Why am i having this issue with windows 7? How can i fix this issue so that my home computer can access my work computer?

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Remote Desktop Session

L run windows 7 professional, and have installed successfully without any problems virtual pc and windows xp mode. From windows 7 - start - all programs - windows virtual pc, opened windows xp mode, the virtual machine started and l was on xp desktop from where l opened the explorer and started installing a program from cd. The program installed without any problem closed the xp mode but when - from windows 7 desktop - l tried to run the application l get the error 'flight simulator cannot run during a remote desktop session and will now quit' any ideas?

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Use Remote Desktop With Netmeeting

Can i use remote desktop with netmeeting on windows 7? I have many "windows nt embedded server version" voice mail servers. These serversare just a card small form 10"tall 8"deep 2" wide that goes in the a pbx. These servers do not have monitors or keyboards. These servers do not have a lot of physical resources thus why there are running nte. I have always used included net-meeting to remote desktop to the servers. But now i have upgraded my pc to windows 7 ultimate and do not have access to the desktop of the windows nte servers.

I do not want to install a third party vnc on these servers as there are hundreds of them out in the field and it would take nearly forever to install new software on all of them not to mention needing to have another pc running windows xp to get in to the desktop just to do this. Long story short what do i have to do to connect to net-meeting running on windows nte server from a windows 7 ultimate x64 machine?P. S. This is a lan connection on a private lan not a internet connection and not a dial-up connection.

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Home Premium Remote Desktop

I need help and some clear and precise instructions. I using windows 7 home premium on my laptop computer which is new and windows 7 home premium came installed on it. I want to be able to access my windows vista desktop computer on to my windows 7 home premium laptop. How can i do this? On my windows vista desktop computer, it runs home premium version, and my windows 7 laptop runs windows 7 home premium as well. Gain, how can i access my windows vista desktop computer on to my windows 7 home premium laptop computer using remote desktop via a web connection or anything else? I look forward to all your feedback.

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Remote Desktop Reconnecting Issue

When i connect to my windows 7 computer via rd i can connect, however, if my connection is broken and i attempt to reconnect it allows me to authenticate, but does not log me into my computer and continually says "working. " In addition, when i go to my physical pc, after the aforementioned happened, i cannot log on to my computer and must power-cycle my computer to get back into the system.

Please note that even if i disconnect from my rdp connection to my windows 7 pro computer, allowing the applications to keep running and staying logged into my computer, when i go to the console of my windows 7 pro computer, it allows me to enter my credentials at the login screen, however it does not log me into my computer and continually says "working. " And once again i must power-cycle my windows 7 pro computer to successfully log on.

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Login Hang After Remote Desktop

I'm seeing a strange hang with using my new windows 7 ultimate (64-bit) machine together with remote desktop. The steps i'm going through are the following:

1.configured the win7 machine to enable remote desktop.

2.connect to the win7 machine using remote desktop from my xp machine (same subnet). At this point, everything is working fine and i can operate the win7 machine correctly from the xp machine.

3. Disconnect from the win7 machine by selecting "disconnect" from the start menu. This closes down remote desktop on the xp machine.

4. Try to reconnect to the win7 machine using remote desktop or
5. Try to log in on the console of the win7 machine.

Neither 4 nor 5 work if i have ever connected to the machine using remote desktop. For #4, remote desktop hangs for a little while and then disappears, as if it's connection was established and then dropped. No error appears. For #5, the console just sits at the "welcome" page with the little spinning busy icon, as if it is hung trying to load setting prior to displaying the desktop.

In either case, the only option to regain access to the machine appears to be to power off the system (losing data). The system is otherwise completely unresponsive. I don't see any of this instability if i don't use remote desktop.connecting on console normally otherwise always works. Any ideas for how to resolve this, or if (when) a hotfix is going to be available?

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Multiple Monitor Remote Desktop

I'm using startech's usb2vga2 adapter to connect a second external monitor to my laptop. With the laptop closed (the laptop makes the external monitor connected through the vga port the primary display), i have two monitors of the same resolution connected: one through the vga port, and the other through the usb adapter.

The thing is that the adapter uses its own software, so windows doesn't seem to know there is an extra monitor-it doesn't show up in the screen resolution control panel. This wouldn't be a problem except that i would like to use the multiple monitor feature of remote desktop. Is there any way i can get windows to recognize a monitor connected through the usb port?

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Remote Desktop Failing With Vpn

Office = sonicwall 4060 pro
Home = windows 7 enterprise
Home = windows xp enterprise

I am using the latest sonicwall vpn client on both machines. I connect connect to the vpn with the xp machine. On the windows 7 machine i connect to the vpn but cannot connect with rdp, vnc or dameware. I have shut down the firewall and still cannot use rdp, vnc or dameware. I have enabled the firewall and allowed rdp. No dice. I have compared the vpn logs between xp and 7 and see no issues. On the xp machine when i log into the vpn my internet is disabled which is standard. On the 7 machine internet is still enabled.

I have uninstalled and ran the cleanup tool for the vpn. I did notice in device manger when i show hidden devices i don't see the sonicwall ipsec driver. I did a netstat - an an port 3389 is listening. I have to believe the problem is win 7 and not the vpn client. I cannot connect just fine with xp and this is running them side by side. I am at a loss. I have even done a clean install of win 7.

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