Install Upgrade And Activate - Product Key Invalid

I bought my copy of windows 7 ultimate on ebay 3 months back.initially the product key activated successfully and the wga validation was also successful. I have tried to validate several time without any issues. Now after 3 months windows comes with message product key is invalid and key has been blocked by microsoft, but still when i validate my copy of windows it validates successfully. Can somebody advice if was cheated by the guy on ebay. I am attaching the dump from mgadiag.exe diagnostic report (1. 9. 0027. 0):

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Product Key Invalid - Activate It On Other Computer

I have used windows 7 for a long time on my laptop, i decided that i was not good enough and bought a new computer, i installed windows 7 onto the computer and couldn't activate it and i know why this is not my concern. I then take windows 7 off of my laptop so the serial code is not being used, i try to activate it on my computer and it says "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows on this computer" how can i activate windows without buying a new code.

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Win 7 Upgrade Product Key Was Invalid

I upgraded my computer from windows 7 home to windows 7 pro, and the product key was invalid. I have installed the pro copy into another computer, which now has windows xp pro on it, not windows 7. I want to transfer it to this computer, so i used windows anytime upgrade, typed in my product key, and it said it was valid. 3 days later, it popped up saying that activation had failed, and the product key was invalid. I retyped it, hoping that was the problem, and no, it wasn't. I used the phone activation option and when i said "2" by mistake, they hung up-well, not really, because it was automated.

I want a real person on the other end, and i want to ask if they could remove it from the old computer. Until then, does anyone know how to undo an upgrade? I tried to upgrade to windows 7 home by typing the product key on the bottom of the bottom of the new computer, but because it was home, it said that i couldn't downgrade. Again, anyone know how to undo an upgrade?

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Invalid Product Key When Upgrading Or Clean Install

I have done many windows version upgrades and clean installs. I have purchased an upgrade version of win 7 specifically for use on a macbook pro using vmware fusion. I have tried both upgrading a copy of win xp and a clean install. Both attempts give me the message of "invalid product key" when i get to that point of the install. It does not allow me to finish the install. I have retyped the product key multiple times for each. This purchase was from office depot and looked previously unopened. I have not seen a satisfactory method for correcting this on the microsoft site or in the forums i have been to so far.

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Product Key Invalid - Copy Is Again Invalid

I have a toshiba satellite l355d laptop. About 3 months after i bought it microsoft said i had my copy of windows 7 was invalid so i retyped the key but it still said it was invalid. I tried to talk to someone at microsoft to resolve the problem but talking to them on the phone is almost impossible. After much frustration i bought a new copy and activated said thank you and everything was fine for a few months, now it says my copy is again invalid. How do i talk to a real person to resolve this problem?

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Upgrade Product Key With Clean Install

I removed my previous post because i thought i had solved the problem, but i was incorrect. To make a long story short, i have a laptop that came pre-installed with windows 7 starter edition. It was not accompanied with a cd or dvd to reinstall windows. I had to reformat the hard drive for unrelated issues, and was stuck without a computer. I had purchased a windows home premium upgrade through the current college student promotion and tried to use that product key, but discovered it would not work for obvious reasons. I'd like to speak to someone about providing both of my keys (the windows 7 starter key on the sticker on the bottom of my laptop and the windows 7 hp upgrade key) to facilitate activation of my install.

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Install Upgrade - Product Key Has Been Blocked

I've reinstalled windows 7 ultimate many times due to the failure of my computer, but i'm getting this message whenever i enter the product key:"the product key you typed has been blocked from use by microsoft"i'm then given 4 different options to choose. I tried doing the activation over the phone but that just turned into a wasted call because it rejected the number i entered after following the on-screen instructions. So what can i do to activate my genuine copy of windows 7 ultimate?

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Install Upgrade Product Key Blocked

I have been using windows7 since the start of this year. Yesterday my computer crashed, likely from having two many applications open. This happens every so often. Even the background photo went away for the first time ever. Today when i restored to a previous windows from the day before i had a message that i may not have a legal copy of windows 7, so i went through the process of validation. I entered the same product key i entered months ago and windows still blocked it. Where do i go from here?

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Install Upgrade - Product Key Not Valid

I am a graduate student at at univ. Of maryland, college park. Until around a month ago, i was using windows vista, but it kept giving me problems and viruses. So, i decided to switch to windows 7. The windows 7 cd is available at subsidized rates for staff members at the university. Since i am a teaching assistant, i could avail of this discount. Although i had asked for the upgrade cd, when i was installing windows 7, the cd asked me whether i wanted to upgrade an existing os or install a fresh copy.

I was not aware that the upgrade cd cannot be used for fresh install. I thought that if the upgrade cd cannot be used for a fresh install, then the cd would not give me the option of a fresh install. But since it did give the option, i decided to erase the windows vista files and install windows 7 afresh, since windows vista was giving problems. So, i installed windows 7 ultimate afresh, and i was asked to activate it. Its been about a month, and when i try to activate it, it says that the product key is not valid (that is, it can only be used for upgrade) and hence i am not using a legal windows copy.

But i was not told that the cd can not be used for fresh install while installing, and was given an option to either upgrade or install afresh, which resulted in me deleting my original windows vista files. I immediately contacted the university it helpdesk, but they do not have the fresh windows 7/vista cds for graduate students, they only have update cds, and advised me to contact microsoft. What should i do now? Can i get a new product key?

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Re Enter Activation Key - Product Key Invalid

I've just purchased a new pc and now using the original software of windows 7. That operating system has been used before on my previous pc, but i took the hard drive and put it into my new pc slot which makes my previous pc left with no hard drive. I installed the software using the original copy and try to re-enter the activation key, but it does not work, what should i do? I though that it will work because i am still using my previous hard drive.

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Upgrade Product Key Vs Clean Install Issue

Recently i purchased a copy of windows 7 professional and installed it onto a linux/unix system. After the instillation was completed, the product key i received would not work claiming it was an upgrade key. Although having it install on this non-windows computer so well, i can't believe upgrade/clean install are so vastly different that they require different product keys. There are also no options for telephone activation for some reason. Does this mean i'm officially forced to buy a whole new copy of windows 7 just for a product key?

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Install Upgrade - Activating Win 7 Product Key

In january i got a free windows 7 starter disk in the mail. Last month i upgraded to windows 7 ultimate for like 100 bucks at the store. Last week i had did a whole reformat thing to my computer cause it was acting up really bad and when i restarted the computer as windows 7 ultimate it asked for me to put in my product key again that i got from the store. I tried that and it wouldn't work. And the computer says i still have 22 days left to activate windows 7. Any ideas? I tried the free starter product key as well . No luck. And i no longer have the free windows starter disk either or product key for windows ultimate cause i accidentally shipped them in the mail with household goods back to the states, where im being stationed next.

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Product Key You Typed Cannot Be Used To Activate

I purchased a laptop from singapore and in the product information it informed that there is a free upgrade to windows 7. I emailed at the given email address and one jayson ranoa responded. After much correspondence i was asked to pay a shipment fee for the free upgrade cd to be shipped to fiji. I received the free upgrade cd and upgraded my operating to windows 7. Last week my computer displayed a message that i may be a victim of software piracy. I punched in the product key of the software but it displays that "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows on this computer".could you please assist?

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Activate On Laptop Using Same Product Key

I purchased windows 7 to upgrade my laptop. After installing and using, i decided to upgrade my memory and a few components of the laptop. In doing so, i found that my expenses were going to be costly, so i just bought a new laptop. I since have decided to install windows 7 on my wife's laptop using the copy i had purchased for my old laptop. How can i activate on her laptop using the same product key? I have formatted the old hard drive on my old computer to use as a external hard drive for us, so i no longer windows 7 installed any pc.

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Product Key Wont Activate

So upgrade to windows 7 on my laptop but hadn't activated it so i have only 2o days left but my had took the the cd and installed on his computer and used the product key and when i use the product key it wont activate. Is it because he used the product key? If so can i get it back if i uninstall windows 7 off his computer can i use my product key again because i really need windows 7? Also i click buy a new product key online and then it goes through a validation process and it says it successful but i still receive notification to activate it? Doe i still need to buy a new product key cause i don't think i have the money to pay for it.

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Invalid Product Key

I'm trying to get help on-line or chat from microsoft and entering my product id for the upgrade i made from windows vista to windows 7 home premium. It is saying my product id is invalid which is because i activated it and it said activation was successful. I rebooted machine and tried again. Looked at system to see what product key was entered and it still has old one. Entered new one again, activated, again, successfully and still this product key is not working when i enter it into the help forum.

I need help because windows 7 keeps recognizing an unknown device usb - on and off and on and off and on and off. I have disabled it, i have deleted it. It keeps coming back. And media center is not working. Keeps looking for a freaking tuner - it will work on reboot but then if it goes to sleep or is on for awhile it stops viewing live tv (which i'm getting from my satellite stb hooked up). Have to reboot and often reconfigure the tv signal to get it to work - and that is if it agrees that the united states is the right region for media center to operate in! I'm losing my marbles please help. Can i just go back to my old system?

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Product Key Invalid

Two weeks ago, i bought myself new components, a copy of win7 ultimate 64-bi, t and built myself a new computer. Everything has been great so far except that in those two weeks i have now had to reactivate windows twice not counting the initial activation, and it's now asking for me to do it again, for the second time today. Each time it has said i have to activate again b/c it says that it has detected changes to my hardware. Even though there have been no changes. Now, the first time i simply called the number and did the automated activation.

The second time i wanted to get to the bottom of the issue b/c obviously there is a problem, so i contacted tech support by phone and was redirected to what i assume is the "activation department" and i don't think the woman understood what i was asking b/c she simply did the automated activation process for So i immediately called back and got another rep, who was very reassuring and understanding, but still not very helpful, he at least created a case number for me and told me if i have the issue again to reference the case #.

Well, i had the issue again, and just chatted w/ another rep who pointed me here. So, here i am, and here's the case # 1132402346 this time i am prepared w/ more information, immediately after the notice popped up i went to the event viewer to see if it had logged anything, and sure enough under windows logs>applications i found a log, "the software protection service has completed licensing status check" followed by lines of information. If you like, i would be happy to paste the information for that log to this thread if it will help.

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Invalid Key Product

I am writing to you regarding my windows 7 ultimate key, which still does. Not. Work ! I was given a replacement key by a microsoft support specialist, but it is *not* a working key . I get an error message saying only that it is not a valid key. I was promised a return call, but i have not heard from anyone from this specialist, or from this "technical support department" that was supposed to fix my windows 7 license. I am tired of this run-around.

I understand that i am not supposed to post my phone number here, so i won't. Can someone working for microsoft please message me with advice as to what i need to do. This is slowly but surely becoming a nightmare, as i'm staring on my black screen with a warning in the bottom right corner of my display where it says "this is a non-genuine version of windows".

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Original Product Key Not Activate In Win 7 64 Bit

Windows 7 original product key 64 bit not activated - sharjah city center.

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Can I Download Win 7 Then Activate With Product Key Came With Dvd ?

Bought windows 7 dvd, but dvd drive has stopped working. Can i download then activate with the product key? If so, how?

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Product Key Invalid - How To Enter?

I just received in the mail the physical upgrade version of windows 7, 64-bit. I did a clean install from windows vista 32-bit. I thought that the product key would be in the package that contained the upgrade disc, but it was not. So during the middle of installation it asked for a product key and i could not find it. I later found it by tracking my order on the microsoft website. I then tried to enter this product key through the windows anytime upgrade found under the control panel, how ever it would not work. Do i need to enter my product key. (Everything seems to work fine with out it). If i do how will i enter.

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Warning Product Key Invalid

Right now - literally and after receiving yet another warning of "invalid" win7 bought from amazon. The registration check again reported the software to be invalid. But, out of again, i clicked the option to buy a registration which triggered a search, the result of which was (i'm looking at it right now): "windows validation was successful"

It's the screen with two pretty women looking pleased. Tomorrow this starts all over again on two machines but the difference will be one less day to live. While waiting to post this question, iran the procedure all over again on the nearby laptop - same result. Can anyone explain this? Better still, can anyone ms fix it? Not much fun waking each morning at my age to be told your software has only two weeks to live. That's probably longer than me! Ah well .

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Installation Product Key Invalid

I purchased windows 7 at my local walmart of installation on 3 pc's, the family pack. I purchased in november, but did not install until last month. I have the original receipt, disk, label. Why is it not activating and asking me to purchase another product key for another $100. 00? I have never used this one. The genuine label was and still is on it. Why should i have to pay more for something that should work from the original? This is not a copy of any kind. And it says 3 pc's. What is the problem?

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Walmart Product Key Invalid

While trying to update my product key after having being scammed buy yahoo! Shopping and digitalriver. It appears walmart had sold me an illegal copy of windows 7, i put in my product key and it tells me it invalid. Of course phone support is not available, they keep banker hours.

Dear michael taylor, thanks for your recent order. The item(s) shown below has shipped. You can keep track of this order's status, from processing through delivery, by visiting my account.

If you ordered multiple items, they may ship in separate packages. For faster delivery, we ship from different warehouses throughout the country. You will receive a separate email for each shipment. Please note:it may take 24 to 48 hours after your order ships for the carrier to update its tracking information. Save this email for easy returns. If you need to return an item from this order:

1. Print this email.
2. Gather the item(s) and all original packing materials
3. Take all the above to your local walmart store.

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Product Key Invalid Message

Attempting to reinstall windows 7 from the home premium 3-pack disc. Received "the unattended answer file contains an invalid product key. " Message. How do i get beyond this message to enter the product key that i have?I am unable to backup my system using win 7 backup (error message (0x0), but have a backup on hp windows home server that i can use for files and folder restoration.

Once the system is stable. This all started when i could not run any browser (ie 8, firefox 3. 6. 8, google chrome 5) for a few seconds. Received error message from the chrome 'crash': "the procedure entry point could not be found in the dynamic link library user32.dll. "Is there an easier solution than reinstalling windows 7? Is it possible to easily repair the user32.dll file?

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Product Key Invalid After Reinstall

I am a legitimate owner of windows 7 ultimate license. I purchased the product on line and had it downloaded real time. I also bought the back up disks in case i ever had to reload it. I recently begin having stubborn problems about "error b", or unable to find *.dll, etc. I logically thought that i should use my backup disks to reload windows 7. I did not for see a problem with my product key number which i need to activate the service. I've looked everywhere for a hard copy receipt, or a digital copy on my email. Now, what does a poor boy do?

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Win 7 Does Not Take Product Key Says It Is Invalid

My computer is telling to me activate my windows but when i go to enter the product key it doesn't take it.

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Product Key Invalid - Win7 Could Not Be Activated

Windows 7 home premium upgrade. Activation i just purchased an asus netbook that had window 7 starter. I performed an upgrade for windows 7 home premium, finished the upgrade, had it working, now the product key in invalid. I too thought, like windows office, it was good on a few computers. When i went to the windows store to purchase another windows home premium upgrade, it said i couldn't buy it since my current version of windows 7 home premium could not be activated. So what do i do all i want is to keep running the windows 7 home premium ?

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Product Key Invalid After Installing New Drive

After discovering that my current hard drive was damaged, yet still functional, i decided to buy a new drive. After removing the old drive and installing the new drive, i next went to install my copy of windows 7 home premium. When i went to authenticate the cd-key, i received a 'not valid key' error. I double and triple checked the key that i received in my email when i purchased my copy of windows 7 from a student discount from microsoft. I feel that i would need to deactivate it off of the original drive before i install it on the new one, but i'm not sure as to how i would do so.

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Invalid Product Key - Code: 0xc004f061

When trying to activate my upgrade of windows 7 home premium, i get the following error:invalid product keythe following failure occurred while trying to use the product key:code:0xc004f061

Description:the software licensing service determined that this specified product key can only be used for upgrading, not for clean installations. The problem with this is it is a valid install on top of my windows xp. Is there any easy way to fix this? I have the product keys for both my windows 7 home premium upgrade and my windows xp pro (retail).

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