Homegroup Sharing Only One Way

I just installed windows 7 on my laptop and desktop computers. I set up a homegroup easily and it works great as i access info on my desktop from my laptop. However, my desktop cannot see any information on my laptop. I have tried shutting off my antivirus and firewalls on both computers, have tried leaving, rejoining, and creating a whole new homegroup.

Nothing seems to work. These are two clean installs aside from avg 9 and now some miscellaneous programs i have, but nothing big as they are new. Any ideas? I am running a netgear wgt624 v3 router. My desktop is running windows 7 pro and my laptop is running home premium. They both have plenty of power.

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Homegroup Printer Sharing

I run two machines in my office - one a laptop the other a sun workstation. The laptop has windows 7 home edition installed the sun workstation windows 7 pro'. I have setup successfully a home group on both machines i have both visible on each machine. I can share files on both machines.

I have two printers - hp1300 laserjet1300 & epson styles dx 4800 series installed on the sun system
They both work there very well via the usb ports. The problem is that i cannot get the laptop to configure these printers - even though it sees them. I think it appears to be a question of access & permissions, not that sure. At any rate when i attempt to install the network printer it always fails to find a driver - no amount of manual direction from me can overcome its very stubborn resistance to demands. It can also not find the path or even the printer.

Messages i get are :

Windows cannot access \(computername)cwindowssystem32spoolprinters
You do not have permission to access (above path) contact your network administrator
To request permissions

When i select a printer when both are listed as choice on install a network printer option, both listed with their correct computer & share names. I have even tried trying to install them as local printers and manually selecting a local port in order to for a connection, but always i get an error message saying incorrect share names etc. I have no experience of administration rights or allowable permissions, must be the problem. Everything is ticked as allowed in homegroup setup. The printers are annotated as sharing allowed. I am stumped any ideas you out there ?

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Pc Not Seen In Homegroup

I recently changed out my nic, cause the one i had wasn't compatible. Thing is that i was able to see the machine next to it so it seemed like everything was set right. I went to activate the machine but it dropped or something an i haven't been able to see it since. Its a 2k machine to the win 7 one an the one beside it is xp. Not too sure about all the settings though if there right for the network on win 7. At any rate the 2k is the internet sever since its connected to the dial up connection, the networking is wired but there is no other way to connect to the internet here so thats all i can use.

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Cannot Get Homegroup To Work

I have tried to set up a homegroup but it fails to work. Both computers are running windows 7. I have a wireless router which works for both computers as the internet is available on each. I set the homegroup on my computer and then go upstairs to my other computer and select join the homegroup. It asks for the password and i type it in and it works for a minute or two the returns with a message stating a homegroup cannot be setup on this computer. Why is it never as simple as the videos show?

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Homegroup Issues

I have two computers running windows 7. I have tried to get a homegroup going but neither computer would recognize that the other had started one. When i got through investigating, i noticed that one computer was calling the network something like d9@home and the other one was calling it network 3. They are both connected to the same router though. I believe this to be the problem with not being able to home group. How would i get these two machines to realize that they are actually on the same network?

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Win7 Homegroup

I just upgraded my both my laptop and my desktop to windows 7 and i am having trouble with homegroup. I was able to setup a homegroup on my desktop but for some reason or the other i am unable to join that homegroup from my laptop. I have attempted all the troubleshooting recommendations and nothing has worked. I have norton security so i temporarily turned off the firewall and my laptop still won't connect to my homegroup. The time and date are both synchronized on both computers etc. Any suggestions.

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Homegroup Not Working

I have a laptop (wireless) and a desktop (chorded internet). I created a homegroup on my lap top. Then i couldn't connect to the homegroup with my desktop. It would recognize the homegroup and after i click join, it brings the joining screen up and never ends. The green progress bar just keeps cycling.

Then i tried starting the homegroup on my desktop (closed the one on my laptop). Once i hit create homegroup, the same thing would happen. The progress bar would just recycle itself and never end.
Then i tried the troubleshooting process and it did the exact same thing! What can i do to repair this?

My computer is fairly new, half a year old. I built it myself. Never had any problems. Both are running windows 7 64-bit.

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No Computers In Homegroup

I have a windows 7 desktop and a vista laptop. Clean installed windows 7 on laptop. Both computers say "no other people in homegroup".executed several solutions found on web but nothing worked. Discovered the following:on desktop, under control panel/network and internet/network connections it says network in the status column for the ethernet local area connection. On my laptop, under control panel/network and internet/network connections is has a bunch of letters and numbers in the status column for the ethernet local area connection.

Wireless adapter has been disabled in device manager. Since it does not say network like my desktop computer, could this be the problem of no computers in homegroup?On my desktop in windows explorer under network, it shows my laptop and i can access what is shared. On my laptop in windows explorer under network, no desktop computer is shown. Ll settings for sharing on both computers have not been alter and are the defaults setup at installation time. Before converting the laptop from vista to windows 7, it could see and access all shared foldes on my windows 7 desktop.

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Get Rid Of Homegroup

I want to get rid of homegroup from my computer forever. How do i do this?

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How To Join A Homegroup?

I cannot join my sister's home group. It does not show up in the control panel, network and sharing center. You had all said it should say "available to join" but it just says "create a homegroup". We've enabled discovery and all. I do not know what we're doing wrong.

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Homegroup Printer Problems

I have set up a homegroup with one laptop and one desktop currently connected and recognized using wireless. I have double/treble checked all settings on both computers and everything is as per requirements. When we send a document from the laptop to the desktop printer (hp 1600) the status shows as having been spooled on the laptop printer information and also it shows as having been spooled and in the queue on the desktop, but there it finishes - nothing prints! 

Here is the loopy thing - in desperation i re-downloaded the printer driver package from hp onto the desktop and as it was being installed the document printed! However, when attempting to send another document to print from the laptop to the hp 1600 on the desktop, firstly the laptop tells us that new printer drivers have to be downloaded onto it, which we comply with and then voila! We are back to the same problem - not working but in the print queue. Repeat the re-installation of the printer drivers on the desktop and it again prints during the installation.

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Homegroup Just Wont Work

I have two windows 7 laptops, one is 64bit home premium, one is starter edition, my homegroup was set up on the "big book" and then joined from the "small book" when first joined it worked great, but i have never been able to see either pc from the other one since. I have checked the settings, the firewalls, everything is set as it is suppose to be from the instructions, and the "fix it" blogs, they have the correct passwords, they even say they are "joined". But nada! Always shows homegroup"empty" anyone have any ideas?

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Homegroup Working Intermittently

I have 2 desktops and 2 laptops all running windows 7 home premium. I was able to create a home group and join it from each of the other computers. I frequently can not see all of the other computers on the homegroup. I changed my belkin n1 vision router to a netgear 3500l and it made no difference. When i can see the other computers, everything seems to work ok. I can stream video from one to another and copy files from one system to another. I have removed the home group and restarted it from another computer. I have left the home group and rejoined it.

Sometimes the computer will say there is no homegroup on the network and when i run the home group troubleshooter, it will then find one of the other computers, but not all of them. The desktops are networked with ethernet and the laptops connect wirelessly. I have checked all drivers and firmware to make sure it is up to date. I have tried disabling the windows firewall and have no 3rd party firewalls installed, other than the firewall in the router. I was unable to disable the firewall on one of the laptops, as it keeps turning itself back on. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Homegroup Password Failure

I have 5 computers(all win 7) and i have created a homegroup from 1 of them. When joining from the first 3 computers, the password takes in seconds and the pcs link as expected. When trying to link the 4th pc, it gets stuck on the password verification screen. I have checked all the settings i have found on other threads and synched the clocks using a gov server to no avail. I have also deleted and recreated the homegroup; trying to link the affected pc first instead of last and it still generates the same issue.

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Homegroup Password Problem

I’m using window 7. I was setup the printer for share between my desktop and laptop. It’s worked fine in the beginning. The issue occurred when i re-install the window 7 on my desktop which is direct connected to the printer. After re-installed window 7 my printer is no longer worked on my laptop (wireless). I try to reset the home group password and the following error popup: " windows no longer detects a homegroup on this network. To create a new homegroup, click ok, and then open homegroup in control panel. " 

So i click ok and open homegroup from control panel (control panel > homegroup). Then system popup message that the home group password has been changed, i try to enter the new password which is same at the homegroup password that was entered in desktop but same error above popup. Note: the answer i found from this forum is "it was the date and time that was off. The network sync to windows was not updating so i changed the settings to where is was pulling the updates from. " Can you please describe step by step how to change the date time setting to where network windows update as you mention above?

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Homegroup Access Problems

Okay. Here's my problem:

#1 main computer - windows xp 32 bit
#2 "server" computer - windows 7 32 bit (was vista 32 before xp 32 before that)
#3 gaming computer - windows 7 64 bit
#4 old laptop - windows xp 32 bit
Back when each and every one of these computers ran xp 32 bit the network ran great. I could access any file in any folder i had shared with any of the computers. I got a little tired with all the junk that was on the gaming computer from the downloads and opera and ie didn't even work anymore, so i got windows 7 64 bit for it. It couldn't see any other computer regardless of setting.

The server hdd died and i put vista 32 on the new hdd (as i had a copy laying around from when i had bought one of the machines);  machine #3 could now see #2 but could not access anything other than 'shared folders' and there was of course nothing in them - all the files were in cfolderjunk of course.

I was able to manually map from #3 the hdd of #1 so that helps a bit, but it still doesn't see the xp in the network tab. The xp doesn't see any of the computers except the #4 when it is on. Neither of the other two see #4 either.

Ok, now - i just reinstalled windows 7 32 bit on the #2 thinking it would allow perfect communication between the 32 bit and the 64 bit windows 7 machines - think again (32 bit because of hardware restrictions; old machine). The #3 64-bit w7 sees the #2 32-bit w7 right away; sees c: that i've shared manually, but will not connect because "i lack the rights to". I know, naturally, what the password is but it never even asks me for the password. Both of these machines are running homegroup splayed as open as i can get them. The #2 32bit w7 doesn't even see the #3 at all nor the #1.

I'm running out of patience with windows here. I need them all to communicate together. I can't go back to xp 32 on the gaming computer or i'll lose most of my memory (becomes unusable) and i actually do now like w7 - except for it's problems connecting to my other machines. What can i do?  I'm out of options.
P. S. Windows 7's are enterprise editions - xp's are sp2's. All are hardwired into a brand new cisco wired/wireless router but things were no different with the older dlink wired router. All shared drives and folders have been marked as full control and there should be no passwords anywhere. I'm logged in as administrator in each computer.

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Synchronizing Folders In Homegroup

Two windows 7 professional computers. Desktop has 'my documents' shared allowing homegroup read/write. Homegroup has been joined by both using same password. From laptop, start sync center and enable offline files. Select shared folder from desktop and check 'make available offline always'. Files seem to synch, then cannot be found other than through sync center; they do not appear on laptop windows explorer under network. Files found in sync center cannot be changed; error code something like 'need permission from homegroupuser$ or something. How do i create a synchronization activity between two such computers for 'my documents'?

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Create A Homegroup Issue

Having a minor issue with the homegroup setup. Our main computer died (flood) and was replaced with this one that was a spare. The problem is: the computer is trying to connect to a homegroup that does not exist anymore. I have tried to "leave the homegroup" & that worked, but the only option it gives me is to "join a homegroup" not create one.

Is there anyway to let all the computers in the house know the old homegroup is no more, and allow me to create a new homegroup using the new computer?

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Homegroup Doesn't Work

I recently had my computer re-formatted. Before that, both my wife's win 7 machine and my win 7 machine worked fine on the homegroup. When i set mine up after the reformatting i went through the network set up and homegroup setup and i was given a password. It was different from the one used when we originally set up the homegroup/network before my computer had to be reformatted. Now although we can each join the homegroup i can't see her computer and it doesn't show up in my network. Also, the password i was given when setting up my computer on the network after the reformatting doesn't work.

However, the password we had before the reformatting does seem to work. But after "joining the homegroup" etc. In the set up procedure we don't see each other's computer and there are oddities in the shared printer as well. We see the printer from each computer but it also keeps saying there is a printer on the network not being shared blah blah. Reformatting my computer seems to have created a lot of problems, including not being able to connect to my backup external hard drive. I had to reformat that drive and lose all of my data in order to be able to reconnect.

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Homegroup Write Access Denied

I have 2 pcs running windows 7/64 home premium. I have successfully set up a homegroup, and can browse and open files within shared folders on each pc. However whenever i want to save a file, access is denied. I have ensured that the homegroup on each pc has read/write privileges. Not sure how to paste an image of the folder permissions but in effect it says:

File sharing choose people to share with:

Name             permissions
Everyone         read/write
Homegroup        read/write
Owner            owner

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Cannot Delete Homegroup Network Share

Ok, so this is a bit of an interesting one! I setup a homegroup between 2 computers, a media center machine and a laptop. On the media center machine i shared a number of folders. These folders were shared in a couple of different ways. Some just by enabling sharing (right-click, properties, advanced sharing, share this folder), but one was shared by selecting share with homegroup (read).

All was good (if messy!)! But then i decided that with an upgrade to the machine i would sort out all the sharing and do it properly by adding the folders to libraries and sharing the libraries. During the upgrade i installed a new hard drive and i changed the drive letter for the drive where all the shares were located (the beginning of the problem).

None of the shares now work (although they do appear on the laptop, and in the network section of explorer on the media center). Unfortunately, i found i coudn't remove the shares! Right-clicking on a share in the network area of explorer (on the media center), properties, advanced sharing and disabling the share results in an error dialogue when you click ok because windows cannot find it!  The only way i got round this was to recreate dummy folders with the same names as before so that windows can 'find them' and then remove the share. This problem was compounded by the fact that you cannot 'see' where the share actually points to.

Anyway, after a bit of work this sorted out all the shares apart from the homegroup one. Because this only exists in the homegroup section of explorer (for some reason not in the network area of explorer - i don't know why) i can't right-click and unshare it. If i create a new folder with the same name in the old location and share it, this creates an additional share, and both list the contents of this folder! But if i then unshare it, only the newly created share disappears.
I'm assuming that windows must keep a list of the homegroup shares somewhere. I've searched the registry with the name of the folder but i haven't found anything (i think - it has references but i think these are search indexes).

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Homegroup Remote Destop Issues

I have a small business i run out of home. We have four computers and two are laptops we currently connect via homegroup at the house/office. I also have a physical office in another town. I took my older laptop with me and prior to purchasing the new one connected to files at home while at office. Since i switched to the new laptop i cant get to the files i copied the settings and shortcuts etc.

But it didn't work so i recently tried rdp so i could at least get to the files on main desktop it worked at house then i asked neighbor to use his network to simulate me on road it didn't work and will no longer work at home either but homegroup does(at home) i need to get to and save client info while at both locations can someone please suggest something also i am not a "trained it guy just a home geek who does his best.

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Connecting To Homegroup While On A Domain Network

I have a domain at home, so the connection is a domain network. I have one win7 box running home premium, which is my media center pc. I'd like to join my domain members to this machine's homegroup, but am obviously having problems. I have full control of my domain, are there any settings that can be changed to allow myself to join the mc7 box's homegroup? I would like to view content (movies, recorded tv, etc).

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Computer Not Visible After Joining Homegroup

I joined 3 computers into a common homegroup. Two of the three do not see each other in the homegroup. #1 sees #2, #2 sees #3, and #3 sees #2 in the homegroup. Neither #2 nor #3 see #1.

I have left the group and rejoined, but that did not help.

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Issue: My Homegroup Is Not Showing On My Laptop

My homegroup is not showing on my laptop. I can see my laptop on my pc but cannot open any of the files. I have run the troubleshooter on the laptop, but it did not fix the prolem. Any ideas?

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Homegroup Denies Update Privileges On Target Pc

I have two windows 7/64 pcs (home premium) with a homegroup established - can access files either way, but cannot update them. I have tried this with norton firewall on and off. I have tried with various file types but all access to save or save-as are denied. How do i fix this? I thought that home-groups were supposed to make things easier? Not sure how to paste an image of the folder permissions but in effect it says:

File sharing
Choose people to share with:
Name permissions
Everyone read/write
Homegroup read/write
Owner owner

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Homegroup Printer Not Printing From Remote Laptop

Just purchased a desktop and laptop both with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Loaded the print driver for my lexmark x4270 all in one. I can print to the printer when desktop or laptop is wired to the printer via usb, however cannot get the laptop to print via the homegroup network. Sent off a test print to the printer icon id'ed as the shared printer and get a message back that says page has been sent, however nothing printing. I did setup the home group, passwords match, and print sharing turn on. Any idea how i can get this printer working via the homegroup network?

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Homegroup Problem With Iolo System Mechanic

I recently figured out that iolo system mechanic pro ruined my homegroup. I completely did a recovery on my computer 3x already and everytime i allow iolo to do the initial repair on my computer i'm not allowed to share media because the option is disabled. It also does not recognize any devices. Homegroup was working before i installed iolo. I believe that it might have something to do with the registry repair. If anymore information is needed please let me know. Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

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Printer Sharing

I have upgraded a machine to win7 - it has the printer connected by usd. My main machine is still vista ultimate so i have not yet been able to use homegroup. The vista machine can see the win7 (its part of the workgroup) and i can access all users and files (interestingly though in explorer i have 2 instances of this pc showing?)

In explorer i see a printers folder but nothing in it. Under network and sharing i see my canon printer too. However when i click it i get error 0x00000709. I have tried to follow the instructions on another post but they are all about adding an xp machine not a vista machine.

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Sharing Problem

I am using win7 home prem and am connected to a microsoft lan. The other computers on the network are using xp and win98. I can see all the others on the network, can share files with xp machines but i can only open files on the win98 machines if they are set to read only. If i set the files to full access and set a password win7 asks for a password but will never accept the correct password. All my advanced sharing settings seem to be correct including turn off password protected sharing.

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