Program Installer Quits

I try to install omni page 17 from a new cd and the installer quits. I get the message: "this installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package. "
I have tried everything on the forums except for reinstalling windows 7. I checked "run" and "manual" in the services for msiexec.exe. I created another user account. I am the administrator of everything on my dell, xps420.

I think there are other suggestions that i also followed as well. Nothing works. Omnipage does not have a download option (that i can tell); i have to use the cd. I've read other completely frustrated peoples' forum posts (like the post of "dnoejfg", who is right on). What is one to do?

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Windows Installer Cannot Be Accessed - Uninstall Program

The error message, "windows installer cannot be accessed" is displayed whenever i want to unistall, or repair any program. I cannot unistall or repair, itunes so any updates will not load. I  bought a newer version of trend micro but have to uninstall the old program prior to reinstalling. Can't do either at this time. I have a asus computer, i cannot say when the problem started as it is only two months old.

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Msi Installer For Adobe Program Fails

I am having problems installing a new adobe program (creative suite 5) on my windows 7 x 64 computer and the installation logs plus some testing i have done point to a failing msi in the deployment package. I've written on the adobe forum and am trying to get tech support, but wonder if in the meanwhile, there is anything i can do about the msi to fix it?

The msi is named: microsoft_vc80_crt_x86_x64. One remedy for installation problems on the adobe forum was to run each msi separately, then repair by right-click, then uninstall. After this, it seemed to help. So, i tried (first 3 worked ok) and came across the above noted msi: when i ran it failed and would not complete. The 1935 error message: hresult 0x80073712 and the (apparently essential) component that it is failing to install: 844efba7-1c24-93b2-a01f-c8b3b9a1e8e.

I checked that all installer permissions are set ok. My installer version is 5, which seems ok. This non-networked computer is used by me, so i am the administrator with admin rights. I also tried the same installer in another, separate adobe package, and the same failure occurred. Is there anything i can do to get this installer to complete properly, install the component?

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Print Spooler Service Quits

The print spooler service is not running. It says it is set to automatically start but is not. I can manually start it but it quits shortly thereafter. I ran sfc /scannow and the results were "windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations. "I cannot uninstall the print driver software because it tells me the rpc server is not available. When i go into services it shows as being automatic and currently started.

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Windows Installer

Occasionally the following panel appears for no apparent reason, even on programs that have been running a long time:

Windows installer:- the feature you are trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the (whatever program i'm running) disk and click ok. If i click 'cancel', the panel will disappear. There are no disks in any of my drives when this occurs.

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Installer Window Keeps Flashing

I forgot that i was downloading windows updates and closed down my computer. Since then i keep getting the "windows installer" box flashing on start up and whenever i start a new program. How can i stop this flashing window?

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Cannot Access Windows Installer

When i try to install a program, (internet or dvd/cdrom) i get a "cannot access windows installer, this could be caused because windows installer is not properly installed", what do i do? Some programs are adobe acrobat reader internet download, also gaming speed pad software

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Installer Language Conflict

Just moved up to 64 bits windows 7. I have the dutch language version. I am trying to install msxml2 sp2 (msxml. Msi). One can choose from a number of languages, but not dutch, so i choose english (which is what i always did previously, and without problems). As soon as i click on install, my computer freezes up, and the only option is to turn off the power switch.

I have noticed that with other programmes (for example abbyy fine reader 9. 0) where one can choose the language (including dutch), the same thing happens if i choose a language other that dutch (fair enough), but surely we are allowed to use the msxml package? Any suggestions?Ideas:programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Installer For Service Pack 3

A long time ago when i received the automatic update for service pack 3 and attempted to install it, the update failed (error 1706: file proret. Msi not found). I did not have the disc that it wanted me to insert to find the file and my attempts at finding help on the web failed as well. Ever since, when i open up excel, windows installer jumps up and attempts to install service pack 3. If i wait for it to fail i can then try again and succeed in opening up my spreadsheets but i do have to wait for the installer to do its thing. Is there anyway to stop this from happening in the first place?  Do i dare just uninstall windows installer?

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Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

I can't install any new programs. Each time i try i get the message "the windows installer service could not be accessed. I've tried to install itunes and a driver for an hp printer, both fail with the same message.

I've stopped and restarted the installer service and done the sfc /scannow thing but it hasn't helped. Can i reinstall it from my windows 7 disk? I'm runnings windows 7 on a new dell studio with 8 gb ram and a quad core processor.

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Installer Error Code 12

I just purchased a new computer with windows 7, and i've been having trouble installing new software. I was able to get around the issue for my first program, because windows allowed me to complete the installation and then detected and then adjusted settings to fix the error. However, for the second program (labview by national instruments), i cannot complete the installation. I get the error message: error: windows sdk function returned an error. (Error code -12)

It appears just before installation begins and then again after a few steps. At the second appearance of the error message, the installation window closes. I found some documentation about this error code in windows xp. My understanding is that the error message appears when the windows installer is corrupted. However, i cannot find documentation for restoring the windows installer in windows 7.

Does this appear to be a problem with the windows installer? How can i fix it?

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Error - Windows Installer Cannot Be Accessed

I have windows 7, when i try to install a program i get an error "windows installer can not be accessed". How do i correct this. Do i need to reinstall windows installer? How?

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Error - Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

When i try to install some programs the installation does not complete and appears on the desktop the following error message: "the windows installer service could not be accessed"! What can i do to fix it? The windows installer service could not be accessed".

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Modules Installer And Wudriver.dll

My windows modules installer doesn't work so i tried to re-register windows update dlls.
I did this in elevated cmd:

Net stop wuauserv
The service windows update are stopping
The service windows update stopped

Regsvr32 wuapi.dll
Regsvr32 wuaueng.dll
Regsvr32 wucltux.dll
Regsvr32 wudriver.dll
Regsvr32 wups.dll
Regsvr32 wups2.dll
Regsvr32 wuwebv.dll
Regsvr32 atl.dll

Net start wuauserv
The service windows update are starting
The service windows update started

There is one error though:

"The module "wudriver.dll" was loaded but the entry-point dllregisterserver was not found.

Make sure that "wudriver.dll" is a valid dll or ocx file and then try again. "

After a reboot windows modules installer still don't work.
Is there a way to fix this? Should i replace the file wudriver.dll?

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Installer Problem With Office 2007

I have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and i have major problems with installer problems w/office 2007, cannot install installer update, installer cleanup hangs up, cannot install or uninstall i have dealt with error 1402, 2203 etc nothing fixes the problem i also have applications that hang when i try to reinstall. Everything points to the installer. I have run sfc scan but do not know how to read the result. There were problems the scan could not repair. I looked at the log but could not figure it out.

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Installer Error 1720 - Novatel Drivers

Windows 7. Cannot de-install novatel mobile broadband generic drivers. Receive windows installer error 1720. Novatel drivers do not appear in the device manager. I am attempting to install vzaccess manager.

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Error - There Is A Problem With This Windows Installer Package

Windows installer package error when uninstalling am trying to uninstall so that i can reinstall it, there has been an issue with both un-installation and installation. When trying to uninstall i get this error message: "there is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be your support personnel or package vendor. " Can someone help me resolve this issue in laymen terms.

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Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Access This Directory

Why am i asked to be "administrator" when i am the only user, and am administrator in control panel, so it will install my programs in windows 7 ultimate-64? I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate-64. Now, as i try to install my programs (again!) It continually says: "the installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. This installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator. " I am the administrator. There is no other user.control panel says i have administrator privileges. How do i get around this to install my programs will install? 

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Persistent Windows Add-on Installer Request

I have vista, i keep getting this persistent request from windows add on installer for permission to install something i've never requested-this thing can come up as much as 25 times per hour. I always click cancel as i believe its malware. It does not say what it wants to install, and i have run every kind of virus/spyware scan imaginable with no indications of a problem.

How do i get this monster to go away-i am sure if i give it permission i will regret it, but it keeps coming up-as often as several times in one minute.

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Installer Error 1719 Office 2010

Windows 7 pro 64 bit - installer error 1719 while installing office 2010 pro plus. I am getting the noted error doing the noted install - msixec.exe shows in 'services' as running and i have tried the unregister and register moves. There are enumerable threads on this error however none that i saw that related to w7-64 and i am loath to start fiddling with registry entries and so on without being sure that i am following correct instructions (in fact i did look into the registry following one suggestion and found that my entries did not match those described in the solution).

There also seems to be a lot of 'try this and try that' some here even referencing non-microsoft blogs - one would think that ms would want to have definitive procedure for something as core as the installer on their flagship product. T the very least there ought to be a procedure to determine more precisely what is causing the problem.

For example, msiexec.exe can be run with numerous parameters to provide logging and so on but i have seen nothing on this in the forums.

Can someone please advice the correct procedure for resolving this?If i need to download cleanup utilities or whatever please can i have the exact url so that i am downloading the correct product?Ps - i should note that this install is coming form a . Iso file downloaded from msdn

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How To Change Compatibility Setting Of Msi Installer?

I am trying to install an msi for an application called "encryption plus" from guardian edge. When i right click the msi and choose compatibility, i am presented with the check box to select "run this program in compatibility mode for:"but the drop down menu contains no items. It is an empty list. When i click it, it does not show windows vista, windows xp sp3, etc. , Etc. Like it should. If i try to do this on any other setup exe, it comes up fine. This only is happening with . Msi setup files.

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Error 1719 - The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed

"error 1719. The windows installer service could not be accessed" when installing programs. After spending the last week every night trying to get some software installed (and of course searching for remedies in probably every forum available) i give up and post this help request. But first my story:

I experienced last week suddenly that my neat-receipts software didn't recognize my scanner any more. Upon trying to re-install the software i came across the error message that the windows installer could not be started. This is when i started first looking for solutions. I was surprised how many solutions i found (but most were practically repeating the same stuff), but none did it for me. At this point i was still under the assumption that this is a problem of the neat-receipts software.

Then after another night of frustration i could not start my office 2010 trial version any more receiving some kind of licensing error. I was somewhat surprised that the trial version ended that abruptly without providing me the option to enter a purchased license key (i was wrong), but didn't bother too much because i liked the product and had noticed in the last week as well that office 2010 was already officially released and i decided to buy it.

After spending some $300 and a successful download, i tried to install it. Nd here my saga continues. First i got the message that i couldn't upgrade my trial version and need to uninstall it. Uninstalling with the usual program uninstaller didn't work (windows installer error message) but i could uninstall it using the windows-installer-clean-up utility.

Now i could start the installation process, but after being almost halfway through with the installation i again receive the windows installer error that the windows installer service could not be accessed (error 1719). This is pretty much the same error i received in the very beginning when i tried to re-install the neat-receipts software. So it seems to be not an application error from neat-receipts nor office 2010, but a windows problem. Read more at the forum.

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Can't Install Any Programs - Installer Is Not Installed Properly

Can't install any programs, it says that my windows installer is not installed properly, but it won't let you install anything to fix it. Having major difficulty. I can't install anything because it keeps telling me that windows installer is not installed properly, therefore it won't allow anything to be installed.

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Installer Put Boot Data On Wrong Drive

My computer has a new sata (c:) drive and an older ide (d:) drive that i use for infrequently used items. When i installed windows 7, even though i chose the sata drive to; 1)create the new partition, 2) format the partition and 3) install win 7. The install was successful and i was able to use the os. However, i couldn't restart without inserting the install disk. After some investigation, i discovered that the windows 7 installer had put the boot information on the ide drive.

Now i can set the bios to use the ide drive as the primary boot device, and everything works ok (windows runs from c: ok), but i wanted to remove the ide drive from the computer, since i no longer need it. So!  Is there any way to transfer the boot information either from the ide (d:) drive from or the install disk, to the sata (c:) drive, so that i can boot from the same disk from which windows actually runs?  I tried booting from the windows 7 install disk, opening a command prompt and executing the "bootsect.exe" file, but that didn't help (even though it indicated successful execution).

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Installer Has Been Corrupted After Failed To Install Office Update

My windows installer has been corrupted since a failed to install office update (kb981715). Now i cannot install adobe reader. I have vista home premium, 32 bit on my dell inspiron 518 (purchased march 2009) last, april (2010) i had a failed to install update (kb981715) for microsoft office  2007 and after many , many hours working with a microsoft tech support, i finally was told to just hide that update because my "windows works plus" didn't need this update.

However, i believe that this "failed to install update" removed part of the windows installer and i have been unable to get updates for adobe reader and after i uninstalled that software, i could not install that new download at support page will not accept my correct product id, so now i can't even get that help. What will happen if i try to download a new windows installer?

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Windows Installer Package Won't Work With Itunes 9

For my windows 7 i downloaded the latest 64 version of itunes, then spent over 2 hours on the phone with apple support because it simply wouldn't install. I've done regedit on numerous component key folders, still a problem. It's now saying the windows installer package isn't working, but i don't know how to fix that. Anyone got a clue?

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Admin Error: Trusted Installer Denying Access To Files

Cab anybody help me please, firstly am not technical minded at all i have a toshiba satellite l300 with windows 7 ultimate on but i have problems of not being able to access half the stuff on the stupid thing. I get messages like access is denied + i need "permission" of a "trusted installer" to access this file and its really beginning to irritate me. Surely as the only person with an account to this laptop i should have unrestricted access to it all.

Also as stated there is only me with an account but say the laptop goes to sleep when i wake it it offers me the chance to switch user? Another thing is i seem to have a lot of error, s and warning in the system performance i would be very grateful if someone could help me clear this up.

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Problem: Windows Installer Starts Whenever I Press Right Mouse Button

Windows installer initiates whenever i press the right mouse button. The only program that i have installed with similar options is pdf creator by nuance. I have disabled that application completely. The installer can be stopped after a minute or 2 by pressing cancel.

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Win7 32-bit And 64-bit Installer On Same Usb Drive

Is there a way to have all of the 32 and 64 bit installs on the same usb so that at setup time i can chose 32 or 64 bit? Currently i have different folders on the same usb drive with both, and move the files to root for whichever i want to install; but would like to make it easier, as there have been many times when i've been in a place where i can't move them and accidentally have 32 bit when i wanted 64 or vice versa.

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Uninstalled Program Still Shown On Uninstall/change Program Menu

I unistalled a game, and for good measure, i also deleted the game directory from program files. Nothing is left. However, i still find a lingering "game title" in the "uninstall/change program" menu. How do i remove it completely?

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