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I just ran the windows 7 upgrade advisor beta and it says this : you can do an in-place upgrade to the 32 bit windows 7 home premium or ultimate. If you choose to upgrade to a different edition you will need to preform a clean installation. Does this mean i could not do a in-place install to windows 7 professional 32-bit ? And why cant i ? Is there anyway i can? I would like to find a way since my school is part of the msdnaa and windows 7 professional is available for free to me as a student. Please don't be to technical in any replies, i am only a little above an average computer user.

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Cannot Upgrade From Vista Home As Straight Upgrade

Just obtain windows 7 professional and it states it is an upgrade for windows vista. When i start the upgrade the program states that because i have vista home i cannot do a straight upgrade. The box does not say so. Installing the windows 7 professional as an upgrade i find i cannot do it from windows vista home as a straight upgrade. It must be a full clean installation. The documentation does not say so.

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Upgrade From Vista Getting Stuck At 87%

Windows 7 home premium (x32) upgrade from vista hp (x32) is consistently getting stuck at 87% in the "gathering files, settings, and programs" stage. The compatibility tool indicates no conflicts. I've uninstalled virus protection, tv tonic, itunes, and logitech quickcam (as previously indicated by the compatibility tester. ) It does say i should download an updated realtek rtl8187 wireless driver to install *after* win 7 is installed.

I've left it running up to 14 hours, stops at the same place (87%) every time. (Though the file count is different everytime, so the actual absolute number varies. (e.g. This time it's 503490 of 592438. ) C:windowssetupact. Log hasn't been written to since the install first began, and indicates no errors. Setuperr. Log is empty. Any ideas?

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Upgrade From Vista In Turkish

I am currently using vista home premium 32bit on my laptop. I bought my laptop from turkey, it has the vista in turkish and the laptop has turkish keyboard. Heres my question: i currently live in the us. If i buy any kind of windows 7 upgrade (buy from somewhere in the us), will i be able to upgrade my os since my old os will be turkish and the one i will buy will be english? If there wont be any problems while upgrading; am i going to have any problems with using the current turkish keyboard i use or will i be able to use all the turkish characters as i am using now?

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Vista To Win7 Upgrade

Last year i purchased a pc with vista home premium 64-bit installed by the manufacturer, no os disk included in the box. I want to upgrade to windows 7 professional 64-bit. I am looking to purchase an oem copy from a local retailer. It doesn't seem financially necessary for me to pay $70 more for the cardboard, plastic and extra paper that retail version includes. I do understand that an oem copy can only be installed on one pc, however, this is not a concern to me. My only concern is if i can successfully install the oem software onto my system.

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Free Upgrade From Vista

I bought a new dell laptop with vista installation disks with the promise from that i get a free upgrade to windows 7 when it was released. Now that windows 7 is released i would like to upgrade because my desktop program keeps breaking and my 3 month computer is being slowed to a crawl which is completely unacceptable . Theres so much clutter on the website that id sit here ours trying to find the upgrade link. So please if someone could go about explaining where this link is, i would be very much appreciated since i really don't have to go on and chew them out on their lies.

The whole reason why i didn't decide to pay the extra $150 to go to my favorite os, windows xp, is because of the hope to going to windows 7. The computer is the new studio 1555 so dont try to tell me that it was not out when the windows 7 free upgrade from vista was being incorporated into new laptops.

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Vista Refusing To Upgrade

I just spent 28 hours downloading my student copy of windows 7 from microsoft it's not cheating (i'm also getting a dvd version in the mail in a couple of weeks but couldn't wait)

Now when it comes to installing, it will not let me upgrade from vista home premium to windows 7, despite the fact that the upgrade advisor said i can upgrade. It gave me the option but then said i cannot and need to do a clean installation.

I don't understand? I cannot do a clean installation either until my dvd arrives and would prefer  to do the upgrade instead.

Windows vista home premium cannot be upgraded to windows 7 professional. You can choose to install a new copy of windows 7 professional instead, but this is different from an upgrade, and does not keep your files, settings, and programs. You’ll need to reinstall any programs using the original installation discs or files. To save your files before installing windows, back them up to an external location such as a cd, dvd, or external hard drive. To install a new copy of windows 7 professional, click the back button in the upper left-hand corner, and select "custom (advanced)".

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In Place Upgrade From Vista

I performed an upgrade to windows 7 and the upgrade advisor failed the hp printer that was attached, everything else passed. I allowed the upgrade to go ahead and run without disconnecting the printer. Basically forgot to do it. At the end of the upgrade, all went well , no errors. When upgrade was done, i was able to login but not able to do any thing else as for typing. The mouse works fine, i can click and open things up , but no typing of data at all.

Keyboard replacement didn't solve this, but in safe mode i am able to type. Everything appears fine in safe mode. I am assuming the printer driver is the cause but not sure. Any ideas to resolving this would be appreciated. What do i need to do in safe mode to correct this?

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Cannot Upgrade From Vista To Win7

I am trying to upgrade from windows vista to windows 7, but a message saying "d:sources win setup.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the vendor for support" after i click ok another message says "windows could not update the installation files. To install windows close setup and restart the installation. Error code 0xc1.

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Upgrade From Vista Fails At 20%

I purchased the win 7 upgrade (home premium). I'm running vista on my 2 years old hp laptop.

I have opted for the custom install to clean up. I've saved all the docs/pics/mp3 etc and i have the programs i need to reinstall. I've uninstalled my anti-virus as it seemed reluctant to turn off.

I then ran the installation. When i reached the second stage of expanding windows files it throws up the following

"Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install windows, restart the installation"

I've tried this 3 times and same thing happens at 20% of the same stage every time.

I think i need to post an error log but i searched for and could not find what i needed.

I would appreciate any help.

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Not Enough Memory When Upgrade From Vista To Win7

Windows 7, "not enough memory. " Win 7 is trying to put programs into the 10g hd partition, ignoring the 250g hd partition! (Total fresh install from vista to win 7 as upgrade). Win 7 is trying to load programs into the 10g hd partition, ignoring the more than 250g hd partition. This was a done on a gateway, new 320g hd. Total fresh install from new hd; vista install, then immediate win 7 install. The disk manager will not let me increase the 10g partition.

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Upgrade Over Vista - Not Enough Free Memory

I am trying to install windows 7 upgrade over vista and am being told there is not enough free memory. I've deleted all my documents, virtually all applications, etc. , But still don't seem to have enough free memory. What else can i delete. I am running windows within parallels virtual machine on a mac. I've already increased the memory for the vista virtual machine to more than what windows 7 says i need. Still no luck.

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Can I Install Win 7 As An Upgrade Over Vista?

I have windows vista home premium 64 bit. Can i install windows 7 as an upgrade over my current vista, or or do i have to do a clean install (wiping out all my settings)?

Will i loose the current boot loader? Wil i loose my current partitions? Currently i have 2 primary partitions, 1st is for windows, 2nd is for data (both ntfs). Also, a 3rd is an extended partition with 2 logical drives, 1 ext and 1 swap (both used by ubuntu linux 9).

My final question is, for vista there were 32 bit and 64 bit versions, which had to be purchased individually. I don't see this while trying to reserve windows 7 home premium, will the setup allow me to select the version i want?

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Upgrade From Vista Ultimate Edition

I have a pc at home which i upgrading the hardware. When i originally bought the pc it had windows vista home edition, which i upgraded to the ultimate edition. After i install the new hardware (including a new empty hard drive)i'd like to install windows 7 ultimate. Can i do a clean install of windows 7 if i have my installation disk and products keys of home and ultimate vista os? Or do
I have to install vista home, then upgrade to ultimate, then upgrade to 7?

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Upgrade From Vista Home Premium

Over 3 years ago i purchased an hp computer with xp mce on it. At the time of purchase the computer was eligible for a free upgrade to vista, via a requested dvd(or cd), which i received. I later did the upgrade with an "in place", so as to not lose xp programs. It worked well. I am now considering upgrading vista home premium to win 7 home premium, with an in-place upgrade. My question is do i purchase the upgrade, or full version of 7? The computer meets the microsoft win 7 upgrade eligible requirements.

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Upgrade From Vista - Create Boot Cd

I have windows vista and i just bought windows 7 ultimate upgrade. My comp came with vista already installed on it, and i was thinking what if my comp crashes, i would not be able to do a full install with this software right? I asked bestbuy when i bought the cd and they said to create a windows boot cd. I thought i created it when i first got the comp but when i put in the disk it was blank. How do i create one? I cannot remember how i did it. Now if i create one and my comp crashes and i need to
Reinstall windows that cd will do it right? I want to make sure of everything before i open the cd and it is too late.

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Trouble After Win7 Upgrade From Vista

A week or so after upgrading os to windows 7 i can not use my printers. Also internet has slowed down considerably. When i try to upgrade drivers for the printers i get an error message that download has timed out. This is happening with other downloads too. Like some of the other messages i looked out the problems seem to be snowballing and getting bigger each day. I spoke with hp regarding this and after more than 3 hours they suggested that i reinstall windows 7. What would i need to do to accomplish this? I am a computer novice so i really need help.

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Win 7 From Vista Upgrade Fails

I recently bought a windows 7 upgrade (legal and unused) from a co-worker. Every time i try to install it on my laptop the pc shuts down during the second step. I get about 30% of the way through the second step and the computer just shuts down. I have done all the prework: checked for compatibility, downloaded the newest update etc. Any help would be appreciated. What worse is now when i start the computer i have to select vista as the os other wise it trys to load 7 - which it can't of course. The laptop is an acer aspire 5735, 4 gb of ddr2, 250 gb hdd, intel duo core t6400,

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Vista 32 To Win7 64 Upgrade Issues

I have vista home premium 32 bit, and i bought the win7 home premium upgrade. Downloaded the 64-bit iso, and burned the image to a flash drive. It's my understanding that i need to select "custom" install in the setup options? Is this correct? I tried this, and i must have accidentally formatted my c drive, and it installed the ultimate version, wouldn't accept my key-code, and i had to reinstall vista (sigh). So, i guess my questions are:

1) how do i use the upgrade to go from vista 32, to win7 64?
2) does my current vista install have to be fully updated? Or can it just be a fresh install with no updates? Ie: sp1, sp2 etc.

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Upgrade To Win7 After Wipe Vista

I'm running vista home premium on a toshiba m300 laptop, which has been intermittently, often due to attempting to put the computer into hibernate or sleep mode, crashing. I had to perform system restores to remove windows updates several times recently, since they incapacitated my computer (crashing 10 times or more in a day- very frustrating). The opinion of several professionals i have spoken with is that there was a problem with the original installation of vista (as this has been a problem for the past year, since the computer came out of the box) and i should install windows 7, which may fix the problem. I understand that i need to perform a "clean" custom install, and have read through
My question: do i need to somehow "wipe" my computer prior to inserting the installation disk, to ensure that 7 is not installed over a faulty vista program? How do i do this? Is there a specific procedure for a toshiba laptop, or a general system recovery, or something else?

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Student Upgrade From Vista Error

I recently purchased a win vista to win7 upgrade, which can be found here (it's a student version):  the current home premium system and the update are both 64bit. I ran the windows 7 compatibility manager and it said i am able to upgrade. The problem i have now is that when i want to install the upgrade, this is the error msg i get:windows vista home premium cannot be upgraded to windows 7 professional. You can choose to install a new copy of windows 7 professional instead, but this is different from an upgrade, and does not keep your files, settings, and programs.

You’ll need to reinstall any programs using the original installation discs or files. To save your files before installing windows, back them up to an external location such as a cd, dvd, or external hard drive. To install a new copy of windows 7 professional, click the back button in the upper left-hand corner, and select "custom (advanced)". Please help! Another post said: " you can do an in-place upgrade to win7 home premium and then purchase & install an anytime upgrade to win7 professional but you cannot upgrade directly to win7 professional. "Why, is it that the windows upgrade tool verified my upgrade compatibility and on the microsoft website is no hint on which systems are compatible and which are not?

How am i supposed to know that u cant upgrade from vista home to win7 professional? Can i still install the win7 version as the menu tells me to (with deleting everything) or will i get an error msg stating that my win7 is only an upgrade and not a full version?

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Vista To Win 7 Upgrade Issue

I recently attempted to upgrade to windows 7 from vista and somewhere late into the installation process my computer decided to reboot, i'm not all together sure if i received any error code as i wasn't paying my full attention since the installation was taking long, but whenever the computer re-booted it brought up a command prompt that when closed would cause the computer to re-boot again. I tried all the options in trying to repair the installation other than doing a clean install until i finally had to do that, but the problem is that i have a operable windows 7 with none of my programs that i had on it previously.

I cannot for the life of me rollback to windows vista as i didn't backup my system prior to the upgrade. I've read a few of the other discussion posts of people having similar issues, but none of the solutions seem to work (one disclosing a 14 step solution about moving files "is too long" of which i have none, and another opening the command prompt and executing the bootsect.exe which also didn't work).

I have no idea what to do now and i really don't want to go through and re-install every program i previously had. Is there any solution to my dilemma?

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Pc Won't Upgrade From Vista

I have tried 3 times in the last week to upgrade from vista home premium 32 bit to win 7 home premium 32 bit. Every time it gets to the last step (transferring files, settings, and programs) the pc locks up. At that time i have no choice but to reboot and everything gos back to vista, the 3rd time i left it overnight, still no luck. I have the dp35dp board, q6600 pros, and 4gb memory. What can i do to solve this. I have disliked vista since the day i installed it over a year ago.

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Upgrade From Vista To 7 On Multiboot System

I have a multi-boot system installed on an acer desktop computer. Vista home premium is on one partition of the same disk as windows 7 home premium. The vista was a pre-installed system and i clean installed the windows 7 from a retail full version. Evertything worked fine. I tried to upgrade the vista system from a retail upgrade version of windows 7. It nearly got to the end of the upgrade but then said that it could not update and reverted back to the original vista system. Am i trying to do something that is not possible?  Can anybody help please?

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Vista Upgrade Or Custom Install

I'm trying to decide whether to do a vista upgrade or custom install to windows 7. I have a lot of programs/files that came originally with my vista computer or were downloaded through updates to my computer. I am not sure if they are necessary for my computer to run or not. My question is if the windows 7 upgrade is smart enough to only keep the necessary programs/filesor will my computer keep all of the vista files and use up unnecessary disc space? I hope my question makes sense.

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Problem With Upgrade To Win 7 From Vista

I bought a gateway laptop computer that came with windows vista and free upgrade to windows 7 hp. Today i run the upgrade and everything seemed to be ok but windows 7 crashes every time and the computer re-starts.

After typing my password, windows 7 spends several minutes "preparing the desktop". After the desktop is ready, a message appears saying that "windows has recovered from an "unexpected shut down". After that a blue screen appears with a message that does not stay long enough that i can read it.

I have booted from the windows 7 upgrade cd a few times and tried the option "repair your computer". However, options such as "system restore" and "system image recovery" obviously do not work, because there hasn't been a point in time when windows 7 ran successfully. Trying to re-install the upgrade also does not work. If i choose "upgrade", it tells me that i have booted from the cd, that i need to take out the cd, restart, then perform the upgrade once i am within windows, which i cannot do because windows does not work.

I cannot even enter the safe mode of the windows 7, it happens the same as when i try to load the full version of windows.

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Issue With Upgrade From Vista 64 To Win 7 32

I had been running windows vista 64 bit. I caught a really nasty virus ("antivirus vista") today and ran a system restore. This semi-cleared it up but there was clearly still residual issues from the virus messing up my system. Basically i could only run it in safe-mode, running windows normally led to a blue screen of death. So, i decided to buy a 32 bit windows 7 from my university library (t they didn't have 64 bit) because i need my computer to run immediately for exams. I figured that reinstalling window would take care of my problems.

So, i installed windows 7 and set it to install over the same hard drive partition, thinking this would wipe everything out and leave me with a fresh pc. It installed fine, and i've been using it with no problems for a couple hours getting everything set up.

But, my old program files (x86) folder is still on the hard drive with all my old programs. Windows 7 doesn't seem to recognize that they are there (they aren't listed in the uninstall directory) yet was able to run a couple of them.

I have a couple concerns, first and foremost that the virus may still be lurking and could reappear. I also was looking forward to having a fresh pc and am a bit peeved that all this stuff is sitting around - is it possible to just delete the program files (x86) folder or would this be a terrible idea?

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Lost Programs During Upgrade From Vista

My question is i bought a notebook from a friend that lives in a different county (russia) he comes down to ocean city, md to work at a local restaurants. Well anyway i bought a gateway computer p-780u5 from him that he said he had bought originally from usa well i couldn't convert it to english format so i bought windows 7 and transfered all the program where suppose to get transfered with the upgrade i did the first option recommended setting. So my question is how come none of my programs got switch with the upgrade i had games and alot of downloads like microsoft works and microsoft office?

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Recovery Cd For Win 7 After Upgrade From Vista

When i upgrade my pc from windows vista home premium to windows 7 home premium will i be able to create a recovery cd for windows 7?

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Upgrade From Vista Stopped - Uninstall Perfectdisk

Installing upgrade from vista to windows 7 stopped and told me to uninstall perfectdisk. The control panel uninstall program can't find perfectdisk. I also looked thru all program folders. The uninstall program doesn't list every program, i can see additional programs when i look at program folders. How do i uninstall a program i can't find?

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