Acer Aspire 6920 Wireless Card Will Not Stay On

Wireless card will not stay on after a windows 7 ultimate load. Worked o. K. During install but quit working after a reboot. New download fom intel for wireless driver did not work. Is there a registry hack that is needed? Hardware is acer aspire 6920

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Installing On Acer Aspire 5735z

Installing windows 7 professional from hard drive boot, upgrading from vista home premium, computer has frozen at approx 2/3 bar graph while "completing installation" what should i do, is it safe to power off and try again ?

Shop bought pack / cd
Windows 7 professional upgrade from vista home premium
Acer aspire 5735z laptop

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Acer Aspire 6930 Problems

Since i upgraded my acer aspire 6930 from vista to windows 7 i have been having many issues, including the blue screen of death twice. Another problem is updates. Whenever i attempt to download updates it takes me directly to the vista updates page and then just sits there for ever "checking updates". In an attempt to force my system to use windows 7 updates i went directly to and surfed my way to the windows 7 updates. Now it's "searching for updates on this computer" it has been doing this for approx 20 min and nothing is happening. Not to mention it won't find any becausei haven't managed to download any since i upgraded.

Among many other minor issues, the last problem is the fact that when i go to programs through the control panel and click on 'turn windows features on or off' it sits there for quite a while but when it's done the screen is blank.

I'm thinking the upgrade hit a snag, part of my computer thinks it's still vista while others act like windows 7. Of note my bf who has the exact same system as i do - bought at same time - and upgraded the same day as i is not having these problems and certain features on his system are completely different from mine.

What do i do? I still have the recovery disks from when my system had vista on it, do i try to recover it from those? I'm reluctant to use the 7 recovery disks because i assume they will have the same issues. Please help.

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Acer Aspire One Webcam Not Working

I have an acer aspire one 10" model w/ built in webcam. I purchased in july 2009, model came installed with xp. I recently upgraded to windows 7. Acer will not support me because i have upgraded and they insisted i purchase tech service for assistance. Ridic! The device manager displays webcam and states it is working properly. It also states driver updated. I have uninstalled it restarted and reinstalled, but it still is not working.

I use to be able to click it open, now  when i click pic it just displays the information but no where on my computer am i able to actually open the device for picture purposes, quite frustrating in finding answer on web, seems to be a lot of people giving answers or links to driver scan sites.

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Acer Aspire Refuses To Shut Down

I bought an acer aspire 5738 just before christmas and sent off for the windows 7 upgrade disc and installed it. It was working fine until today, when all of a sudden it refused to shut down.
I've left it for over an hour, and all it that happens is the screen switches off after a while. Every occasion so far, i've had to hard shut down the laptop. I've tried restoring from an earlier point, closing everything down via task manager before shutting down and the various windows diagnostic tools, but nothing seems to be working. I don't understand why it wasn't a problem until now, and is now screwed up, as i haven't installed any new software in a couple of months. Can anyone help me?

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Sound Drivers For Acer Aspire 5600

Does anyone know where to get drivers for acer aspire 5600; specifically sound drivers. When win7 was installed on my wifes notebook the sound quit working. Yes it's listed in device manager, yes the volume sliders are up/its not muted. Yes device manager says it's working properly. Everything appears normal, except there is no sound.

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Acer Aspire 5538 - Mic Not Working

Unable to get mic to work on acer aspire 5538. The mic is turned on in all places - control panel.could it be defective? System troubleshooting tells me all is well.

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Acer Aspire 4520 Is Not Detecting Cd Rom Drive

My computer (acer aspire 4520) is not detecting my cd rom drive. It is not even showing its icon in 'my computer' & there is no cd rom in the device manager also. What is the problem &what should i do?The led in the cd rom is blinking normally that means that the power supply is alright. Are the drivers of my printer lost ?

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Install 64-bit Win 7 On Acer Aspire 5570z

I have a acer aspire the memory is upgradeable to 4 gb i am running 2 gb with a x86 processor t2080 dual core pentium. Windows vista home premium so can i run 64 bit version of windows 7? Am i limited by the t2080 @ 1. 73 ghz (2) cpus @ 1. 7ghz dual core pentium processor on this notebook motherboard is acer bios zr 1 v 1305 3e 05
2gb ddr2 sodimm upgradeable to 4gb with 2 sodimm
Acer aspire 5570z notebook computer 2007
Windows vista home premium edition

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Sound Card And Wireless Network Card Conflict

I installed windows 7 custom (from xp) and my dlink dwa552 card connected immediately. The next day, i downloaded the drivers for my creative sound card, sb - xfi and after re-booting, the wireless would not connect. I disabled the sound card and still could not connect. Disabled the wireless and enabled, it connected correctly. Then i can enable the sound card without losing the connection, however, if i lost the connection, it would not re-connect. Any ideas how to trouble shoot this? 

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Wireless Card No Longer Working

The other night i left for work and my wireless connection worked great. When i came home my computer had completed and auto update and restarted, and my wireless connection was gone. I turned card off and back on. Nothing. I took the card out and replaced it. Nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing. At this point i assumed that my card had gone bad, so i purchased a new one. I uninstalled the old one then installed the new one. Nothing. In the device manager, everything shows up and windows says everything is working. When i remove the card and replace it windows recognizes it everytime as it should.

I know that the wireless signal is working because my laptop and other computer are on wireless and they never missed a beat, but regardless i restarted my modem and router, still nothing. It is acting like the wireless service on my computer is turned off, but i can't figure out why or how that would have happened.

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Wireless Card Problem With Win 7

I recently (today) purchased a new machine with windows 7 installed on it. I took the old wireless card (abs nw-201-pci) out of my windows vista machine and put it into the windows 7 one. I still have the original disc and attempted to install the drivers but it failed at 95% every time. I went to the website and downloaded the drivers again and am met with the same problem every time. This is halting my wireless network from functioning and keeping my other two computers off of the internet. Any suggestions?

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Wireless 1525 Wlan Card Issue

I purchased a dell mini tower in november that has a wireless 1525 wlan card. We have a linksys wireless router. From day one it takes several restarts of the computer to get the wireless to connect but then its fine. I run the network diagnostics and get the same message a network card is not properly plugged in or may be broken. I have tried to update drivers but it says they are most current. I have been told it is a software issue by best buy but no help in trying to fix problem.

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Sleep Issue With Mouse And Wireless Card On Usb

I put this toshiba laptop to sleep and incur problems. Win 7 home premium toshiba l455i notice that after i close the top [and induce the sleep] or if manually sleep using the start button, after a minute or so i notice that the mouse led is on, along with the leds for my sprint card.

Watching and listening carefully, i notice that the laptop wakes up, and will beep, an indication that the touchpad has disengaged, noticing that the mouse is plugged in. If i open the laptop, it is standing at the login screen. Why is this?  Why can't i get the thing to sleep. I first noticed this when i started up, and it needed to return from hibernation, with a battery at a low/critical stage.

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Dell 1397 Wlan Wireless Card Problem

I am on a dell studio 15, 2. 2 ghz intel core 2 duo, 6gb ram. My internet is wireless through my dell 1397 wlan mini wireless card. Or it would be. When i start up, i must be wired to establish a wireless connection. I have to go into the modem and tell it to "apply" changes to the wireless settings, even though i change nothing, and this somehow allows my wireless to work after. However, as a student, i like to use my laptop away from my modem. Anyone know anything that would be helpful? Also, any ideas why the internet will disappear and then reappear when the network remains unscathed? Our x360 can stay online without any problems, and it stays networked to the laptop- but the laptop loses connectivity, decides it needs a wireless adaper- my computer with a built in adapter tells me it needs one. But only on each third tuesday. At 3pm.

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Driver Update For Dell Wireless 1505 Mini Card

I have a dell inspiron 1720 with a dell 1505 wireless mini-card. I had been using win 7 rc1 32-bit almost since release and had the same problem but attributed it to the rc1 status.

I recently installed win7 64-bit ult and the initial drivers that automatically install for this card (version 4. 176. 75. 21) released 10/1/2008 work fine and i can connect to my n router at 270mb/s.

Windows update however wants to upgrade the drivers to 5. 30. 21. 0 on doing this it limits the connection to 54mb/s after talking with dells support they state that the 5. 30. 21. 0 drivers are not intended for the 1505 minicard

Rolling the drivers back allows me to connect again at 270mb/s

I am somewhat happy with this except for 2 things.

1. I am concerned that other people with the same card might be getting a bad update from microsoft.

2. And my main concern is i had a very hard to troubleshoot issue with the 4. 176. 75. 21 drivers when using the rc 1 of win 7. My computer when recovering from sleep mode states that it did not shut down properly and it was attributed to incorrect wifi drivers.

It is extremely hard to troubleshoot since it does not happen all the time. Am i just the oddball? I have hard a hard time finding anyone else with the same issue. But that could be from several different reasons.

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Compaq Presario Wireless Card Not Recognized After Windows Update

I have an compaq presario f730us. The situation is a little bit complicated, but i will try to explain it. I was running vista on the computer. One day i ran windows update, and the computer stopped recognizing the wireless card. I uninstalled the updates and disabled new updates, and it seemed to work again. I did not like this setup, since i didn't want to have to avoid getting windows updates, but i accepted the situation because i was about to update the computer to windows 7.

After i did a clean install of windows 7. The wireless card was working fine immediately after the install. The device manager recognized it (i checked because that was the problem i had been having with vista). I used the computer for about an hour. I hoped that the problem would not come back with windows 7, so i allowed it to run windows update. But immediately after i updated and restarted, the wireless card stopped working again. Once again it does not seem to be recognized by the computer.

This time, however, once i uninstalled the updates the problem remained. I have re-installed the wireless card drivers. I am out of ideas. I have been on the phone with microsoft support for several hours now, and they are shifting the blame to a faulty wireless card. But i know that the card worked perfectly up until the windows update ran. There's a very very low chance that my wireless card broke right as i installed the updates - especially since i had this problem with windows updates in vista. Does anyone here have any ideas?

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Will Win 7 Upgrade Reinstall Dell Wireless 1397 Wlan Mini Card Drivers?

Will windows 7 upgrade reinstall the drivers for my dell wireless 1397 wlan mini card that came with my dell studio laptop? I purchased a dell studio laptop in oct. And have received a windows 7 upgrade disk with dell's upgrade assistant disk which they have you run first. This disk checks your computer to make sure all your programs etc are compatible with windows 7. The results of this scan were that it needed to delete the wireless card drivers and googletoolbar.

I have set up a home wireless network and do not want to lose my connection. I called dell technical support and was told that the upgrade disk would install the proper wireless card drivers and i would not lose my wireless connection. I would like to make sure before i do this. If dell support gave me incorrect information, what do i need to do to make sure that my wireless card continue to function after upgrading to w7?

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Cannot Stay Connected

In december, i purchased a new laptop with windows 7. Ever since i got it, i have had nothing but problems staying connected. Random drop-offs occur for yahoo messenger, some web pages (pogo) and email. They seldom last more than a few seconds, but happen frequently. At no time do i completely lose connectivity. I have tried everything i can think of, including paying someone to look at it, all to no avail. It should be noted that 3 other computers at this location do not experience this issue, but they run vista or xp. Any suggestions? I'm ready to take a hammer to it!

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Cannot Stay Signed In To A Website

First, my apologies if this takes a while to explain. We have 2 laptops. Mine runs vista and ie8. My partner's was originally running vista when he bought it last spring. He recently had it upgraded to windows 7 (64-bit version) and ie8. There is a website that we both sign on to with the same user id/password. I have no problems. He continually gets bounced out and it acts like he never signed in. He tries to look at something and it says he is not a member and to please sign in. Or it says he has been idle too long and to please sign in again (when he's been right there trying to click on something).

Every time he tries to click on something, it bounces him out. You can imagine the frustration this is causing. He did not have this problem until his pc was upgraded to windows 7 and ie8. Has anyone else experienced this? Just for full disclosure this is an adult website and he doesn't have problems with any other website.

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System Does Not Stay Connected To Internet

Upgrade to win 7 ultimate 64 bit, m2nsli mb, 8mg ram, sli, did driver upgrade for nvidia nforce 570sli system does not stay connected to internet every few minutes lost connection then i have to reset network adapter?

Constant reset network adapters
M2n-sli mb
8mg ram
Nvidia nforce 570sli mcp drivers installed for 64 bit

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Crt Monitor Stay In Suspend Mode

We are currently upgrading the operating system on our computers from windows xp to windows 7 and i have picked up a problem. After the os is installed and the computer reboots the monitor just stays in power save mode. I have tried booting in safe mode and setting the screen resolution, the color depth and even refresh rate lower. When i connect a lcd to it instead of the old crt it works fine. Any suggestions on how to get the old crt monitors to work?Blue screen of death is not the end, it's merely the beginning!

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Larger Text Won't Stay

Just bought a netbook with windows 7 starter installed. Can barely see font, and changed it under "tools, " "options, " and set minimum font at 12. I unchecked the box that" allows pages to choose their own fonts, " but am still stuck squinting at tiny text. Is this a glitch, or is there something i am supposed to do in addition to the steps i've just outlined? I am a mac user (have 3, but cannot afford mac's laptop), and generally don't run into problems like this.

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Text Boxes Won't Stay Scrolled Down

When entering text into text boxes like on a forum, often, and seemingly at random, when it starts to scroll, ie when there is more text than the size of the box and it gets the scroll bar to the right, it will keep the scroll bar about in the middle, and every time i enter another character it will jump down to the bottom briefly before jumping back to its original position. So if i am typing fast, it causes a spastic dance.

This happens on more than one forum site, so i'm pretty sure it's a problem with ie8 or win7. I should also note that i wanted to be sure it wasn't any peripherals, so i disconnected everything except the monitor and keyboard. I even took a video of it happening, but i'm not sure where or how to embed that.

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Video Card Error - Nvidia Graphic Card Disappeared From Device Manager

Custom install from vista 32bit to windows7 32bit. After installation went on to install flight simulator x. Installed okay but when going to open it gave me a video card error. Looking at device manager nvidia graphic card had disappeared?

Unable to use flight simulatorx
No aero desktop

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Edimax Ethernet Card 10/100/1000 Lan Card Problem

I have windows seven (new to it) there was a problem with my onboard ethernet controller (it seems that 7 does not support it though it's installed) so i bought a new edimax ethernet card 10/100/1000 with realtek 1869 chipset. This card should be fully supported by win 7 (since its written on it and has a special driver to win 7).

I installed the card and everything went well, after wakening my pc from sleep mod it took him a long time to recognize the ethernet cable and when it did i had no internet access, restarted the computer and then again after restarting the same problem recognized the cable but no internet access, tried unplug and plug the cable, this time it helped i got the internet back.

Every time i shutdown the pc or it was in a sleep mod i have the same problem with the no internet access thing. What shall i do?

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Cf Card Only Shows System Reserved Partition When Plug Into Card Reader

My company uses industrial computers for controlling equipment. These computers use 16gb cf for hard drives with windows 7. If i remove the cf and plug it into my laptop using a card reader, all i see are the files on the system reserved partition. The other partition which holds the windows 7 files is blank. If i put the cf back in the industrial computer all of the files are visible. Any ideas on why i can't see the files thru the reader? Thanks for the assistance.

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Stay "genuine" And Keep Receiving Updates And Support

Does enterprise require a subscription to stay "genuine" and keep receiving updates and support? Long story short i bought a copy of windows 7 ultimate from a seller on ebay with a "valid" key. Turned out to be a subscription based developer key instead! After about 3 months of use windows went "not genuine" on me. The seller claims he was unaware and has offered to replace the disc and key with, again, "valid" windows 7 enterprise software instead.

I understand enterprise and ultimate are just about twins. Now, assuming that this new software and key really are genuine, this is my question:if i am a home user, without any kind of subscriptions to volume licensing or whatever, will the same thing happen again? Will the key work until a subscription i am unaware of runs out and then stop working again? With enterprise, will i still receive home user support?  And will i continue to recieve automatic windows updates? I hope that is clear. A quick response is really appreciated if possible because i am in the midst of this deal!

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Ati Hd 3650 Card Video Card Problem

Let me start off with saying i'm fairly experienced with computers. I've tried pretty much all i can think of. Not sure if i'm missing something so i'm coming here for some advice.

I upgraded from xp to win7 home premium. In xp, my video card was detected and worked fine. In 7, i noticed its not being detected. It shows my display adapter to be "standard vga graphics adapter".

I have an ati hd 3650 card with 512 mb memory. This is an agp card. My bios has 2 options for the video, either pci or agp/onboard. There does not seem to be any other options relating to video card that i can change except for memory allowance which is irrelevant (but i did change that too anyway)

I can't figure out what's causing 7 to not detect the card. My catalyst drivers are fully updated. Windows upgrade advisor did not tell me there would be issues with upgrading to 7. I'm also noticing my samsung 23" screen is being detected as a generic pnp monitor. Related issue?

Anyone have any good ideas?

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Acer Monitor X223h Problem

I have been running windows 7 pro. (Clean install) as a dual boot (xp) on my lenovo thinkpad r60. There is one problem that i have not been able to fix & that is when i want to connect a acer external monitor - x223h or al2216w. Windows 7 does not detect the monitors at all.

In other posts i have read that i just need to click the "detect" button but this does nothing. The acer & lenovo site both don't have any windows 7 drivers for these monitors & when i rang them for help they told me it is a know problem with windows 7. Has anyone had this issue with acer monitors & fixed the problem ?

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