Hijacked Harddrive Via Remote Access

A family member has "hijacked" my hard drive when i was using their internet service. They established themselves as administrator so they could access my hard drive files on a whim, and was even able to view every email i wrote and received.

There is an icon in my-networks titled with their computer name. I am not able to delete it, because it says i don't have authorization to access files or the server and to contact administrator. How do i block them from accessing my computer hard-drive, if i can't delete the connection? I have moved to another town, and am no longer associated with their internet service.

Question 2: can they access my hard-drive via a cell phone with internet service? (I also suspect they were monitoring my cell calls too) i no longer have the cell service, i have changed all passwords, used my firewall to block unknown or unsolicited ip's.

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Remote Access

Hi, my wife recently purchased a new dell computer with windows 7, we use it for personal and professional use. The problem we are having is. We remote access into our office using a global vpnclient with sonicwall. When her laptop computer is directly connected to the server at home via an ethernet cable she can connect to the office with no problem. However when attempting to connect with our wireless internet through the wireless router she is unable to make the connection to the office. She has full use of the internet and everything else while using the wireless connection just no ability to connect to the office.

The vpn client says she is connected to the office network but when connecting directly to one of the computers via the wireless route, it is unable to make the remote desktop connection, while the hard connection with the ethernet cable has no problem whatsoever. We have quest for our home internet, i misspoke when i said server at home it is directly connected to the modem. We are using a:cisco-linksys wrt54g2 wireless-g broadband router wireless router. To the best of my knowledge there is no difference in special ports that are open between wire and wireless. Where should i check for a difference?

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Remote Access Xp Pro

I am on a network at the office, i can have been able to connect and access my work computer from my laptop while i am in the office. I have been trying to get remote access so that i can work at home on my pc as well as out of the office on my laptop. I have administrative rights at all computers involved so that is not a problem. I am also the most computer literate person here so i can not get help from anyone else. The computers at work are xp pro and my laptop and pc are both 7 pro.

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Home Premium Remote Access

I'm running windows 7 home premium, is it possible to setup remote access or do i need to upgrade to windows 7 professional? Microsoft's web page that compares premium, professional, and ultimate states the following is for all 3:"access you photos, movies, and videos from a pc running windows 7 anywhere in the world". This would indicate remote access should work from windows 7 premium but have not been able to get it to work. Is there some "trick" or is this a mis-statement?

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Remote Access Home Premium / Pro

I am about to purchase windows 7 pro. My questions is, it is of my understanding that you can remotely access with windows 7 pro your computer at home from work with 7 pro on your home computer. I, however, also have a new laptop that came with windows 7 home premium on it. Would i be able to access the laptop with the 7 home premium as well from work through the desktop that has the 7 pro on it at home. I have a wireless network as well linked to my desktop that my laptop uses in case that would be a determining factor.

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Easy Connect Option In Remote Access Not Working

I have a 64 bit hp m9600t that came with vista which eventually i upgraded to windows 7 (64 bit). I have norton internet security suite 2010. When i try to use the easy connect option in remote access, whether trying to ask or connect to assist to my wife's computer, as it checks network capabilities, i get the message "can't connect to the global peer-to-peer network. " This makes me have to use the email process which i should not have to do with two window 7 computers. My wife's computer there doesn't seem to be a problem using easy connect (except to my computer); she has a gateway gt5034 (32 bit) that was upgraded from vista to windows (32 bit).

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Bing Hijacked Firefox Address Bar

1. I am running windows 7 64-bit with firefox 3. 6. 3

2. Internet explorer is disable from the windows features

3. I don't have windows live on my computer

4. I've never installed msn/bing/yahoo tool-bars

5. I can't find any mention of kb 982217 in my list of updates

6. Firefox's keyword. Url is set for "google i am feeling lucky"
7. Avast and spybotsd can't find any viruses, malwares, spywares
8. All temporary files have been deleted
9. There is no windows search helper/bing toolbar or any kind of obvious add-ons or extensions installed for firefox my problem now:when i type a keyword in firefox address-bar (set for google search), it opens a bing search window!

The only way i managed to get rid of the bing search was to completely disable windows search from the windows features!It's a bit arsh and pretty annoying as i obviously can't do any search on my computer! Does anybody have an idea how to fix this?(Please go again through the list above and don't propose me to remove bing add-on or disable kb 982217.

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C Drive - Can't Open Access Control Editor - Access Is Denied

How do i unblock the c drive, when it says "can't open access control editor. Access is denied. " And "c: is not accessible. Access is denied. " I cannot access the ownership options on the c drive properties when i want to edit, and on the hidden administrator account, everything regarding the c drive is blocked as well!

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Cannot Access Drive - Local Disk Ntfs - Access Denied

After upgrading vista home premium to windows 7 home premium, i cannot access drive d: local disk ntfs - says access denied. Says. D" is not accessible. I have lots of files in there and i never expected this to be a problem after upgrade.

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Error - Access Is Denied When Trying To Access A Shared Drive

I am getting an error "access is denied" when trying to access a shared drive on windows 7 machine that is not the specified "public" folder. How do i fix this?. I have done a fair bit of googling to no avail!

I have also made all he necessary network and sharing settings to allow connections. Other computers can access the "public" folder. But not the other shares that i set up. Although the other computer/s can 'see' them when viewing workgroup computers. Nb. All machines are on the same workgroup name.

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Access Denied - Cannot Access The Outlook.ost File

We have installed windows 7 on a new machine. The user is a domain administrator and has full rights. When we try to open outlook, it says that it cannot access the outlook. Ost file and then freezes. We have moved the uac slider all the way to don't notify, granted explicit ownership to the c: users folder, given machine specific administrator rights to the user and the problem still persists.

When we log in as the hidden administrator though, everything works just fine for the same users exchange login. The user cannot even delete files on the network that belong to the user! Everything works fine when he logs in from another machine running xp. What are we missing here?

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Remote Desktop

My computer at home is running windows 7 rc beta and all of a sudden it will no longer allow me to login using remote desktop connection. My isp has changed my ip address, which i do have the current one, but it will not allow me to connect. The ip address was changed due to a problem with the router and the router had to be reset to the default settings.

I've also had someone check my user status at home and i am a member of the remote desktop users group and my username does have a password. The network name is different now that the router was reset to the default settings and my computer at home can connect to the internet with no problems. Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Or any ideas of what is blocking my remote desktop connection.

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Checking Memory On Remote Pc

How can i find out how much memory is installed on a remote pc under windows 7? I used to be able to do it in windows xp pro as follows: right-click "my computer" and select "manage. " Right-click "computer management" and select "connect to another computer. " Enter the computer name. Now right-click "computer management" again and select "properties. " In a few seconds, you can see the amount of memory, as well as the cpu and other info. If i try the same in windows 7, i can't find "properties" when i right-click "computer management. "

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Midi Remote Driver

I updated by getting rid of my laptop xp sp2 and getting a windows 7 and i have issues with my midi controller bcd3000 (by behringer). It doesn't operate at all what so ever and i use it with native instrument traktor 3 pro (music program). No remote=no sound. I tried installing the drive as admin, even compatibility as winxp sp2/sp3, and have my uac disabled, with it on high performance and it still doesn't work. I have xps2 on my desktop and the controllers all fine and work. Do you think its a win7 issue or whats going on?

I looked all over the net and none seems to have mentioned the answer. It does require the os to be 32-bit and i do have 32-bit not 64-bit. Also i just saw win7 pro/ultimate do have a check mark on  [run many windows xp productivity programs in windows xp mode (separate download)]. So does this mean it might be able to work if i upgrade? And if i do and it doesn't would i be able to get a refund and downgrade back to home premium, or is this all a win 7 "not yet compatible" issue ?  Well thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for any input/response!

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Cannot Print To Remote Printer

I had vista home premium on my laptop from which i could print on an old lexmark z11 attached to another laptop running xp. Recently i upgraded to windows 7 and now i cannot print this way. Although the 7 machine can see the printer, it says it is 'ready' and i see stuff in its print queue on my machine, after a while these items disappear without appearing on the xp machine's queue. The printer shows no activity whatsoever. I have removed the printer from my machine and reinstalled it. Still no joy. The xp machine has extra drivers loaded for "2000 and xp".

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Use Different Media Center Remote

My hauppauge wintv-hvr-1600 comes with a media center remote and a "media center remote control receiver/blaster box". I don't like the remote - the buttons are too small. I would like to change remotes. Is that doable? Is the "media center remote control receiver/blaster box" a standard mc component? Can i get a universal remote that will work with it?

I know i should ask hauppage, but i am interested to know how interchangeable these mc components are from the different manufacturers.

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Cannot Connect To Remote Computer

I haven't been able to connect to my remote computer at work since friday morning. The error says 'this computer can't connect to the remote computer'. The vpn is working fine. I just changed from norton to avg and the firewall settings allow for it ok. What could be wrong? The server at work caused problems for a few people there when they tried to log on friday morning but i don't know if the server is the source of my problem. The it guy there is no help and i am basically on my own.

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Remote Desktop Connecting

I set up a new computer with windows server 2008 and workstation windows 7 professional. The server has been in place. There are other windows 7 workstations allowing remote desktop. I have configured all the settings. I have allowed the computer to be accessed - allow access from computers running any version of remote desktop. I am using another port besides the default 3389.

I have changed the settings in the registry. I have created a rule in the firewall for a port - using port 3390. We are using other ports with the same ip address and they are working fine. I get the error that this computer cant connect to the remote computer. I even disable the firewall. I went to the site It shows the port is open and not blocked by my isp provider. What is left to check? I have matched the configuration with the other windows 7 workstation.

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Remote Desktop Cannot Connect

I have an office computer running windows 7 professional being the host and my home computer is running windows 7 home premium and for some reason when i try to access my work computer from home i cannot connect. It will not go through at all. I have a netbook running xp home service pack 3 and have no problem gaining access to my work computer. Why am i having this issue with windows 7? How can i fix this issue so that my home computer can access my work computer?

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Remote Desktop Session

L run windows 7 professional, and have installed successfully without any problems virtual pc and windows xp mode. From windows 7 - start - all programs - windows virtual pc, opened windows xp mode, the virtual machine started and l was on xp desktop from where l opened the explorer and started installing a program from cd. The program installed without any problem closed the xp mode but when - from windows 7 desktop - l tried to run the application l get the error 'flight simulator cannot run during a remote desktop session and will now quit' any ideas?

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Remote Assistance - Is There Easier Way?

My aunt is 80 years old and does not know how to type. She was just given her first computer and she is always needing help. She loses her cursor, forgets how to scroll down etc. Is there a way to automatically connect to her computer without needing her input. It takes all my cell phone minutes just to try to tell her where the start button is. I have to describe the "round thing in the lower left hand corner of your screen with the red square, green square, yellow square and blue square on it. "Then on to finding the help and support words on the pop up.

We go through this every time she needs help it takes 20 minutes just to get remote assistance. Is there a way to automatically log into her computer remotely without needing her to click on anything? If not, is there a way to create a desktop shortcut directly to remote assistance?

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Sending Remote Assistance From Xp

Have an xp sp3 and a window 7 laptops. My xp video went down. Need to remote assistance to go through pc and fix drivers or get my files transferred (if possible). How do i send a request to my 7. I turned it on from what can see, but no where in any help does it tell you where i can send my 12 digit password to access remotely from 7? 7 asks for the password, but how does xp send it, or get one or whatever?

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Give Remote Assistance

Both my granddaughter and i are using windows 7. I set the computer up when both of us were together so that we could use this remote help. All seemed to be working fine. Now she is home again, we can use it for her to connect to me but for whatever reason i can't help her. What happens is i put the password she sends in, then it tries to connect, when it doesn't i run the trouble shooter and it tells me it is not with my computer. So just to see, i got her to connect to me by my asking for remote assistance and she could get into my computer. The remote assistance is checked on both computers.

It appears she does not get the pop up window to say yes after i copy the password and hit enter. What could be wrong. Can someone help me with this please. In case i am getting confusing - these are the steps we have used.

We open msn messenger, we start a chat
Then she goes to actions and then hits the "request remote assistance"
I then accept
She then gives me the pass word
I then copy it in the box and hit ok
And then nothing happens

Now if we do it vise versa and i am the one asking for help it will work. Why and how can i fix it.

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Use Remote Desktop With Netmeeting

Can i use remote desktop with netmeeting on windows 7? I have many "windows nt embedded server version" voice mail servers. These serversare just a card small form 10"tall 8"deep 2" wide that goes in the a pbx. These servers do not have monitors or keyboards. These servers do not have a lot of physical resources thus why there are running nte. I have always used included net-meeting to remote desktop to the servers. But now i have upgraded my pc to windows 7 ultimate and do not have access to the desktop of the windows nte servers.

I do not want to install a third party vnc on these servers as there are hundreds of them out in the field and it would take nearly forever to install new software on all of them not to mention needing to have another pc running windows xp to get in to the desktop just to do this. Long story short what do i have to do to connect to net-meeting running on windows nte server from a windows 7 ultimate x64 machine?P. S. This is a lan connection on a private lan not a internet connection and not a dial-up connection.

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Problem With Remote Assistance From Xp

I am currently trying to connect to my brothers computer through remote assistance. He is running windows xp and i am on windows 7 home premium. However, once the requests for assistance have been accepted, all i get up in the remote assistance window is a black screen. It says i am viewing his desktop, but i cant actually see anything. Is this just due to incompatibility, or is there something else that may be stopping me seeing it?

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Streamzap Remote Drivers Are Not Working

They said it works for vista and the other os. But when i upgrade from vista to windows 7 ultimate it worked find but then i needed to format the pc because i just had to lol. Anyways now i cant install the drivers for my streamzap usb ir module. I need it for my logitech harmony remote so that can function with windows media center. So my question is have you guys found any fixes or patches and so on so i can get my remote to work. My computer is my media center pretty much.

I do everything from watch tv and listen to music to playing 3d games etc. Its my work station also lol. So far i love windows 7 but the usb drivers from older software those companies lack the updates and upgrades i guess they cant keep up with good old microsoft lol.

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Cannot Print To Remote Lexmark Printer

I had vista home premium on my laptop from which i could print on an old lexmark x11 attached to another laptop running xp. Recently i upgraded to windows 7 and now i cannot print this way. Although the 7 machine can see the printer, it says it is 'ready' and i see stuff in its print queue on my machine, after a while these items disappear without appearing on the xp machine's queue. The printer shows no activity whatsoever. I have removed the printer from my machine and reinstalled it. Still no joy. The xp machine has extra drivers loaded for "2000 and xp".

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Security Camera Remote Viewing

Trying to access an ip webcam address, but despite adjusting firewalls, i'm still having trouble. Either "connection fails" or "times out" or "server too busy". How can it be too busy if know one is signed onto this ip address? Administrator is able to access using my account "on sight", but explorer won't open at my computer. This ip sight is security cameras for a business i own. Any suggestions?

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Remote Desktop Connection Fails

I am running windows 7rc 64-bit with 2 monitors. I want to see the desktop of my windows xp pro on 2nd monitor. When i start remote desktop connect and input the xp ip, i get the remote screen with a log on box. It will not take the log on info. It says " system could not log you on. Make sure user name and domain are correct, then type password again". I'm not on a domain just a work-group. The user and password are the same on both computers. I can go through network and move files between computers. Remote desktop is enabled and works from another xp computer to my target xp computer, just not from windows 7 computer.

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Computer Does Not Have Remote Connection Enabled

Here is the situation: i have two laptops running win 7 home premium, one desktop with win 7 ultimate. All three are connected to the internet with the two laptops wireless and the desktop using a physical ethernet connection directly with the router. I can connect the two laptops via homegroup, but can't get the desktop to join. I have read many of the posts and tried the troubleshooter.

Nothing works. Problem 2: i paid the extra for ultimate so that i could remote desktop (telnet) with the desktop from my laptop or elsewhere. Nothing works. I get the same unhelpful error code - something like the remote computer does not have remote connection enabled. I am at the what? Stage now. Why did i pay out so much money to upgrade all my systems to win 7?

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