Connecting To Shared Printer From Win7 To Xp

Connecting to a network printer on my existing all-xp network with my new win7 pci have an existing small business network with an okidata c5150 printer connected via usb to one of the pc's. I can print from any of the exiting pc's with no problem. My new pc running win7 can see the printer, can connect to the printer, but when i try to print, it shows the document is spooling (for hours) and never prints.

After restarting the win7pc, the document is still in the que, but not printing or spooling. I can restart or cancel, but the document just sits in the que, showing the last action (canceling or restarting), without ever printing or deleting. When i check the printer que on the host pc, it shows the document. If i print a document from another pc, i can not see it on the win7 que. I've connected the printer directly to the win7 machine and can print with no problem, but couldn't get any of the other pc's to see the printer when i set it up to share from the win7 machine. What am i doing wrong and how can i fix it?

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Connecting To Shared Drive On Windows 2000 From Win 7 Workstation

Trying to connect to a shared drive on windows 2000 from my new windows 7 workstation, but it keeps asking for a user name and password. User name and password won't go either. I have windows 7 pro, we are running a windows 2000 server with our data on it. When i try and connect to the mapped drives on this server it asks for the user name and password. I am logging onto this windows 7 with the same credentials as i have set on my server.

Why is windows 7 asking for a user name and password when the previous xp computer did not? Also i can connect to shared folders on our small business 2003 server with no problem. Is there something i need to setup on the windows 2000 server to work with sharing files to a windows 7 computer? Very frustrating problem considering there is no mention of this online.

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Wireless Printer Not Connecting

I have installed a wireless printer on my computer. I am able to connect the usb cord from my printer to my computer, and print just fine, but when i try to print wirelessly, my computer pops up a message saying that the communication could not be accessed. It gives suggestions on how to fix the problem, which i have done all of except for 1. It says to check the firewall to see if it allows the computer to read the printer. But i don't know how to find the printer option in my firewall section. How do i get my wireless to work on my computer?

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Cannot Get Xp Mode To Shared Printer

I have a dell precision 390 with 4 gig of memory. The printer is an hp 2300d, which is connected to the computer by usb. I am running windows 7 ultimate. I have set up the printer driver in xp mode as described in the "windows virtual pc evaluation guide". However, i cannot get the printer to work in both native windows 7 and xp mode at the same time.

In order to get the printer to work in xp mode, i have to "attach" it. When i do that, it no longer functions under the naive windows 7, until i release it from xp mode.

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How To Use A Shared Xp Printer, On Win 7?

I print on cd's to a coworkers windows xp sp3 machine using epsons print cd. I recently installed a larger hd, more memory, and win 7 ultra 64 bit n. I turned off the firewall on my win 7 machine (temporarily) which allowed me to 'add a printer' via ip. Addr/sharename. I get prompted for the user-name password, which i enter with no problems. Next win 7 searches for the printer driver. Since the xp machine isn't going to have the win 7 64 bit driver, it fails, checks win update, and eventually asks me to provide the *. Inf file. I haven't the slightest idea which inf file it would like to see.

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Usb Code 43 While Connecting To A Printer

Background: i have an existing printer (hp color laserjet 2600n) which works well with my old pc (windows xp)

I've just bought a new pc with windows 7 home premium (64-bit).

I have downloaded hp's newest driver for windows 7(64-bit) to my new pc.

I've connected the printer to the new pc via an usb cable

Windows 7 will not install the new printerdriver.
The new pc repports:
Missing usb connection
"Unnown device"
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

This is already tried without solving the problem:
Restarting the pc
Restarting the printer
Device and printers/troubleshoot
Usb port controlled (it works fine with an usb memory stick)

How shall i get a usb connection to my printer ?

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Cannot Get Laptop To Print On Shared Printer

Cannot get laptop to print on shared printer. Trouble shooting did not answer the problem. Printer shows as offline.could print from laptop until windows 7 installed. I could print from my laptop until i installed windows 7. Now the computer says the printer is off-line.

I saw the other post, but unfortunately it did resolve my problem. When i troubleshoot the problem the computer cannot find the problem. My printer is a usb printer connected to my desktop and is a hp officejet 7200 series which is compatible with windows 7. I have download the drivers and software for the printer using windows 7. I need this problem resolved.

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Win 7 Shared Printer Problem

I have a windows 7 network. My printer connect to windows 7 ultimate 64 bit version and connect with cat5 cable to my wireless router connection. I have symantec av install in this computer. I can printer from this computer no problem. I have 2 laptop, one run windows 7 pre home version 32 bit and one run windows 7 ultimates 64 bit version. My 64 bit version laptop can see the share printer, but i can't print, it didn't give me any error. My 32 bit laptop also can see the share printer, but i can't connect. I have mcafee av install on both laptop. Can somebody help me to resolve this problem.

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Shared Printer Install Problem

It seems the shared printer work in w7 is not very nice. After trying to recognize the printer, it failed too quickly. I have downloaded vista drivers from hp and canon, but w7 refuses both drivers.
Manually adding driver is not possible. Even trying to connect with the shared printer (on xp pc) has no chance to install drivers. Local install is possible, then trying connect it with new port link, manually added, is possible, but even with correct driver, the output is not good.

Why must w7 always try connect first with windows update, even i have already driver for it? Can we not just skip the step and go to wizard immediately to install manually the driver? I'm still not happy with printer wizard. With vista, i have not problems with it. But here, w7 64bit version, it works not very well.

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Mapping Lpt1 To A Shared Printer

Trying to map lpt1 to a shared printer:

C:userslevanderdesktop>net use lpt1 \crackercrackermfc490cw
The password is invalid for \crackercrackermfc490cw.

Enter the user name for 'cracker': levander
Enter the password for cracker:
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

I've tried leaving that user name blank, putting administrator in there, few other things. I always use the same password for everything on my home network because security doesn't matter that much. And, this is a machine i just installed a few days ago. I know i use the password for everything that i always use. I've also tried leaving it blank. Always get those same error messages.

I've read something about how all windows above xp, a non-administrator user can't remap a parallel port that's been assigned to a physical hardware device. And, you'd think that could cause the error messages i'm getting above. But, user 'levander' is an administrator on this computer.

When i try to map lpt2, i get this:

C:userslevander>net use lpt2 \crackercrackermfc490cw
The command completed successfully.

Then i:

C:userslevanderdesktop>print /d:lpt2 hello.txt
C:userslevanderdesktophello.txt is currently being printed

And nothing happens. I go check the printer and it's not printing anything. Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? I'm running windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I can print to the printer fine from windows applications like notepad, etc.

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Add A Shared Printer On A Network

I recently installed windows 7 64 bit and i'm trying to add an hp deskjet 970cse printer that's been shared on my corporate network. I went to hp's web site and looked for the appropriate windows 7 64-bit driver to download and found there isn't one, that it is supposed to be built into windows 7 and that windows 7 should find the driver automatically when i add the printer, which it doesn't seem to be able to do, at least for this shared printer. I moved the printer and physically connected it to my windows 7 system and w7 was able to install the correct driver.

I then put the printer back on the system on which it belongs and was still unable to connect to it through the network. I went through hp support to try to get them to send me the driver so i could point to it manually to get the printer installed that way but after much back and forth, they refused to do so.

The system on my corporate network on which the printer is physically connected and installed is a system running windows xp 32-bit with service pack 3. On my own w7 64-bit system, i go to control panel > hardware and sound > devices and printers and select "add a printer". I then select "add a network, wireless or bluetooth pinter". It searches and says "no printers were found" so i click "the printer that i want isn't listed". In the next dialog, i choose "select a shared printer by name", select the browse button, navigate to the system with the printer installed and select the printer. The correct printer share name is then displayed in the edit control and i click "next".

I get a message box with the caption "windows printer installation". The message says "connecting to hpdeskjet on nadpayne" on the first line and "looking for a driver" briefly on the second line before the message changes to "checking windows update. This might take a while. ". It continues for a little bit then displays a second message box with the caption "connect to printer" and the message "no driver found. Windows can't find a driver for hp deskjet 970c series on the network. To locate one manually, click ok. Otherwise, click cancel and consult your network administrator or the printer manufacturer's website. "

Is it possible to add this printer to my w7 64-bit system when it's shared out bya winxp 32-bit system? If yes, how?

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Connecting Canon Ip4600 Printer Into Network

I have a simple local network pc running windows xp – wired to router- pc has canon ip4600 printer attached laptop running windows 7 – wireless connection to network.
On the laptop when i try to add a printer (the ip4600) the search box recognizes the pc’s printers, including the ip4600. When i select the ip4600 the windows 7 installation wizard searches for a driver – only to report "no driver found" and advises i contact canon, who in turn advise me to contact microsoft.

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Win7 Can't See Xp Shared Printer & Files

Windows 7 can't see windows xp shared printer & files. I recently upgraded to windows 7 on my laptop. Since then i have not been able to see my shared printer and files on my windows xp desktop. Can someone help?

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Printing From Win 7 Through Print Shared Printer On Xp

Have a new windows 7 machine. Have an old xp machine that i have a shared printer  (brother printer mfc 8640d). The 7 machine has the drivers for the printer and will print on the printer when the printer is directly hooked up to this machine. However, when i try to share the printer on the xp machine, it says that it can not find the driver for the printer.

I have tried downloading the 7 driver from the brother website to the xp machine with no luck (they do not have 7 even as an option on their site)  tried putting the printer on the 7 machine and making printer shared from there and then having xp machine print from there with no luck either. Was told that possible i should upgrade to windows 7 professional and this might solve the problems. Suggestions?

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Shared Printer Issue - Unable To Print

I have set up a workgroup with 3 pcs running ms windows 7 pro and i am informed that all is good, except that no one can print unless someone is logged onto the pc sharing its printer. Is this the way it has to be? When initially setting up the printing on member pcs i connected to the host using ip address whereas i would normally usepc name. Is this the cause? I was expecting to be able to print from other member pcs with the printing host simply switched on, without necessarily being logged onto it.

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Hp Officejet 4500 Printer - Connecting To Wireless Laptop

Connecting wireless laptop (gateway nv5932u) to new wireless printer (hp officejet 4500), via at&t in home wireless connection.

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Connecting Win7 To Xp Network For File / Printer Sharing

I have a new netbook running windows 7 starter edition and i want to use file sharing and printer sharing with my existing windows xp network. I have turned on file and printer sharing on my xp desktop. The win 7 netbook connects to the internet via my wireless router. The xp desktop is connected to the wireless router. The printer is connected to the xp desktop. Why am i unable to connect the win 7 to the xp network? How do i do it?

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Printer Problem Connecting Via Usb Error 0x0000007a

I recently connected my hp deskjet2360 printer via usb to my hp laptop (running w7 home premium 32bit) and cannot print at all. When i try to print a test page i get the following msg 'operation could not be completed. Error 0x0000007a. Operation failed. My usual setup is to have my printer connected to my desktop computer (winxp pro).

My hp laptop is connected via wireless connection to my home network, to which my desktop is also connected. Obviously this means that i have to have the desktop switched on in order to print from my laptop. Everything was working fine until i decided that i would rather have my printer connected to directly to my laptop via usb.

When i connect the printer via usb to my laptop, windows installs the software and reports no problems. Yet when i try to print a test page i get the mentioned error. When i then reconnect the printer to the desktop and try to print a test page across my network i get exactly the same error message. The desktop and printer are still working fine, it's just that i cant print from my laptop.

I have un-installed and re-installed the printer on my laptop both with the usb connection and across the network but it still doesnt work. The troubleshooter on the laptop reports no problems, and the printer is set as default printer. I also get a further error msg when i click on the preferences button in printer properties: function address 0x5aeba4f1 caused a protection fault. (Exception code 0xc0000005) some or all property pages may not be displayed.

The only way i have found to get around this is to use windows restore and to roll back my laptop to before the point when i connected the printer via usb. Any suggestions?

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Can't Print To Shared Printer On Win 7 Pc From Vista

First let me give you all the background i have. I have 3 pc's on a home network. They are all in a workgroup called "home" and all three successfully see each other and properly share all files that are meant to be shared. I have a canon mx330 printer connected via usb port to the windows 7 pc and it is installed and printing successfully. Also, both the xp machine and the vista machine see the canon printer under network/servername.

In the windows 7 network settings i have the following:- i do not have a homegroup setup because i only have one windows 7 pc- network discovery is on- file and print sharing is on- password protected sharing is off- public folder sharing is on- the printer is setup to share with a share name of "mx330". On the other pcs i added the printer as local using port name hostmx330 which found the printer and installed it using it's own driver.

This is the same method i used for years when the printer was connected to the xp pc and i printed to it from the vista pc without any problems. The reason i do it this way is because this automatically makes the printer available to all users, whereas adding it as a network printer has to be done one at a time, and also because the response is much much faster.initially i was able to print from the vista pc under my own user, which also exists with the same password on the windows 7 pc.

However none of the other users could print to it and none of them have user ids on the windows 7 pc. At one point i got one of the other users to print to it by turning on password protected sharing and adding that user to the windows 7 pc. But i didn't want all those users on the windows 7 machine so i kept trying to get it to work "right".

Now, after all my messing around turning on and off network settings, trying different security and sharing settings, and un-installing and re-installing now i can't even print to it from my own userid. It says in the printer queue "error - printing" and that's it. I get the same thing from both the xp and vista machines.

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Printer Shared Problem With Hp Officejet Pro 8000

I am having a problem with using from windows 7 professional a printer shared from windows vista home premium edition. I just installed windows 7 professional 64bit on my hp tx touchsmart tx2 and tried to use an hp officejet pro 8000 printer shared from a windows vista home premium edition machine (dell vostro 200). The printer works fine when directly attached. When i use the shared version, the printer windows displays the spooled task for a while, then the task disappears without anything happening with the printer

Yes, i am getting connected to the vista machine as well as to the shared printer and the printer driver is already installed on the w7 machine. But when i try to print the test page or any other document for that matter, nothing happens.

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Install Shared Printer Across Microsoft Windows Network

Install a shared printer across a microsoft windows network with one computer using windows 7. On a small office network i'm trying to use a shared printer that is attached to another machine. In vista and xp i was able to simply select the shared printer on the other machine and select 'connect'. At that point on vista and xp it would install a printer driver for that shared printer connected.

When i went through the same steps on the windows 7 machine it stopped at the point where the others automatically installed the driver and it does not install the printer driver. The manufacturers printer driver cd doesn't have an installation option for a shared printer installation. So, i'm looking for help to install and use a shared printer(attached to an xp machine) on a windows 7 computer over a small network.

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Shared Usb Printer Won't Print Until Pc Restart

I have an hp color laserjet 1600 printer hooked up to my windows 7 x64 system via usb. Printing from the local machine is just fine.

However, when i add the shared printer to another machine in my homegroup and print to it, the job shows up in the print queue (visible from both the originating system as well as the machine to which the printer is hooked up) but nothing prints. Attempting to delete the print job just changes the status to "deleting" but the job is never removed from the queue. When the system (to which the printer is hooked up) is restarted, the job prints (even if a delete was attempted).

Machine 1: windows 7 x64 with usb laserjet 1600 (with both x64 and x86 drivers available).
Directly connected to linksys router.

Machine 2: windows 7 x86 with laserjet 1600 x86 drivers installed.
Wireless connection to linksys router.

None of this behavior was observed when we were using vista x64 and x86 on the two machines.

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Xp Can't Print To Win7 Shared Canon Printer

Before i upgraded to windows 7 i had a shared canon ip4300 running under vista this all worked fine. Now i have upgraded to windows 7 64. When i try to attach to the shared printer from win xp i get the message that no suitable printer driver exists then it asks me to point to a printer driver so i browse to the inf file but then i get the message cannot find a suitable printer driver. Yet its installed on the windows 7 pc & the xp machine & it works if i install a local printer.

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Print Jobs Submitted From Xp To Win7 Shared Printer Not Printing

Print jobs submitted by win xp to win 7 shared printer never print. I have an hp laserjet 1020 attached to a win 7 pc. The device is shared. A win xp pc can submit jobs to this printer, but they never print. They hang in the queue and cannot be printed unless the spooler is restarted. Prior to upgrading to win 7, the pc was running vista home premium and everything worked fine.

Shutting down the printer or the xp pc will not force the job to print, the only way to get it unstuck is to restart the spooler. This is my last win 7 upgrade issue. Everything else seems to work, but this one is nasty. Hp has been unable to help.

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Shared Usb Printer Won't Print Until System Restart

I have a lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer hooked up to my windows 7 x64 system via usb. Printing from the local machine is just fine. However, when i add the shared printer to another machine in my homegroup and print from it, the job shows up in the print queue (visible from both the originating system as well as the machine to which the printer is hooked up) but nothing prints.

Attempting to delete the print job just changes the status to "deleting" but the job is never removed from the queue. When the system (to which the printer is hooked up) is restarted, the job prints (even if a delete was attempted). I have been in contact with lexmark support group for a few weeks now (via: e-mail), they seem to be be stumped too.

Machine 1: windows 7 x64 with usb lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer
                 Directly connected to linksys router.
Machine 2: windows 7 x64 with  lexmark all-in-one x1270 printer drivers installed.
                 Wireless connection to linksys router.

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Test Page To Shared Printer On Home Network Fails, No Communication

My lexmark x1270 printer does not print nor communicate with my laptop. The printer is attached to the home network at my desk top pc running windows xp home edition. My laptop runs windows 7 and is connected to the network via wireless router. I can see the desk top in my network places on the laptop but i don't see the laptop from my desk top. After installing the latest lexmark driver (cqj1200win7en) the test page fails to print.

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Cannot Connect Win 7 64-bit To Shared Win 2000 Printer

My windows 7 64bit machine would like to use the laserjet 2100 on a win 2000 professional machine. On the win 2000 machine, the "additional drivers" dialog does not include win 7 (nor even xp). I can share the printer from an xp professional system. Is there any way to get a driver for win 7 64-bit onto the win 2000 machine or otherwise get win 7 to use the printer?

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Cannot Connect To 32-bit Shared Printer From Win 7 64-bit

I'm running win2003 server (32-bit) and sharing a lexmark printer. I can't connect my 64-bit win7 pro client to the printer. I know the share is ok and my rights are fine because i can print from winxp clients using the same login. How the heck can i get this to work other than by connecting the printer directly to the win7 client and thus leaving my winxp clients out of luck?

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Rdp Not Connecting

I have windows 7 pro 64bit installed on two laptops. I have remote access enabled on both and i have setup port forwarding on the router on the home laptop for port 3389 (rebooted router of course). Rdp used to always work prior to my reload.

Now, i cannot connect. Both laptops are live, sleep/suspend mode is disabled and from my netbook i provide the proper static ip address for sure. I still cannot connect odd enough and i don't know why. I have rdp enabled in windows firewall on my home laptop, the one i'm trying to connect to.

Any suggestions?

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Connecting To Network

I just reinstalled windows vista to my laptop, when i try to connect to a network its says there are none, but there is b/c i have another pc connected to my internet, i used the internet earlier today before i reinstalled, so its all set up right. I've tried plugging the internet cable directly to the laptop and internet explorer still don't work. The reason i reinstalled windows vista is today along with the past 2 days, when i start up my laptop i get a pop up telling me to update to internet explorer 8, so i did, when i restarted, the dell screen would load up and then it would just go to bank black screen, with no mouse, nothing, the desktop never ever did load in just stayed blank. I'm new to this, and don't know what else to do.

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