Issue: Ipaq Does Not Synchronize With Outlook

My ipaq does not synchronize with outlook under windows 7 using mobile device center. When i put the ipaq (2495) in the docking-station, it ipaq connects just fine. I can access the files on it with the p. C. The synchronizations center "says" it is synchronizing, but nothing happens. Help?

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Win 7 And Ipaq 212

Microsoft says the 212 will be auto-detected after plugging in and once the windows mobile device software is downloaded and installed it needs no further software to be compatible. I've done this (activated "automatic updates to do so as advised). My 212 connects, but thats as far as it goes. It wont sync. Now i've used active synch before (3. 2 and 4. Something) but never used the wmdc. So i don't even know what i'm supposed to see on screen. Does a wmdc screen open up? Well its not. Nothing.

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How To Synchronize Pc Clock Every 5 Minutes?

My pc clock is drifting and i need to have it in synch with real time. Otherwise, i go 2 or 3 second off after 1 hour. Any know automatic tool to be run in the background? I'm using win 7 64.

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Email Sync Problem Hp Ipaq 2490

I have not been able to get my ipaq to synch properly with the mobile device driver. Everytime i connect it i receive a message that i do not have a default program to manage my email. It is not important that i send my email to my pda. I have set it up so that the items to synch does not include email. The only thing that i would like to have sent to my pda is updated files. I have turned off some of the fire walls and virus protection reset the hand held restarted the computer. I even tried to reinstall active synch and windows did not like that.

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Synchronize User Accounts Between Multiple Pcs

So, i'm a high end user who does my own it at my 15 person company, and i also have 10 pcs networked at home. 6 have windows 7 home premium, 1 (a netbook) has windows 7 starter, and 3 (the kid's) have xp home sp3. All are legal and registered with automatic updating. All are in the same work-group and can call see each other fine. Several are 64 bit, most are 32 (all the xp are 32. I don't even know if there ever was a 64 bit xp home?)The question is this. Including the guest and admin accounts, some of the pcs have up to 8 user accounts.

I really want myself and my users to begin to have a seamless experience from pc to pc. I know how to use easy transfer to move the existing accounts onto the appropriate pcs, but despite extensive research i cannot discover a way to accurately keep the start menu order, desktop backgrounds, etc, in sync. So i would like to do one of two things:1) use synctoy2. 1 or some other method to synchronize the appropriate files regularly and automatically. 2) create an environment similar to terminal server that servers that user id those settings off of one machine, and saves the user's changes on that same machine.

I am already using one machine as a "media server"bandwidth and storage are no problem, have about 4tb with less the 1 in use and running wireless n draft nimo and wired gigabit. I would rather not purchase home server or any kind of premium program. Any advice or links to relevant literature are appreciated. If the xp machines can't participate in this that's no big deal the kids just use them to play internet games and watch movies.

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Move Outlook Express Emails To Outlook 2007

Ok, i've read huge quantities of info on how to do this. I have my old folder saved from outlook express 6. I have a laptop with xp, outlook express 6 and outlook 2003 on it. I copied the outlook express folder to the laptop. Started up outlook express and changed the 'store' folder to the folder with my old saved mails. All the mail i can see in outlook express. Closed outlook express.

Opened up outlook, choose import and imported outlook express mail into outlook. I now have an outlook. Pst and a extend. Dat file in the documents and setting, outlook folder. So, i will copy these 2 files to a thumb-drive, then go to my windows 7 machine that has outlook 2007 installed and copy and overwrite the . Pst file on that machine.

Is this it? Is there going to be a problem with the fact that i created the . Pst file in outlook 2003? I read a few posts that i should not overwrite the original file, but to copy the new file somewhere else and just 'open' it in outlook 2007, is this correct?

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Migrating From Outlook Express Xp To Outlook 2010

Spent 1. 5 days trying it and it didn't work yet. Saw lots of posts in google already. Goal: restore outlook express emails (. Dbx files) and address books (. Wab files) from a maxtor drive to windows 7 outlook 2010. We work with 2 pcs: 1 win xp, 1 win 7. Tried the following approaches. Only the first 1 works but i don't know how to move forward.

1.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to a win xp machine. Open outlook express and import them. It works how to transfer these files to windows 7 outlook 2010 then? Win 7 is on another computer.

2.copy . Dbx and . Wab files to win 7 machine. Use outlook 2010 to import. Only got 1 file and 1 address.

3. Installed win xp mode on win 7. Use the outlook express on win xp to import. Fold structure is totally messed up different result from #1, which is on a physical xp machine.

4. On win xp, use outlook 2007 to import email from outlook express. Exceed the max size of . Ost file since there are about 7gb of email. So outlook 2007 is crippled. Had to delete all emails. If this works, we can copy the . Pst file from ol 2007 to ol 2010, right?

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I am running microsoft office professional 2003 on a dell laptop (d610) with wifi. I had outlook set up before with some old email addresses, and now when i try to open outlook it says it is trying to configure emails, then after it can't i get error messages saying i need to be connected.

How do i get into outlook. I can't get into it to change anything. When i go to my control panel and open "mail" it is asking me for the name of the exchange server. What do i put in there? Then if i go further (and i don't remember how i got there!) And try to set up a new email account, it asks for pop3 name and stmp name. I use wifi! What do i put in there? I use internet explorer and my emails are through hotmail.

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Outlook Calendar

I teach at a college and use outlook at work and at home also. I am trying to set up a shared student outlook calender so that tutors can use this to place their lesson itinerary/schedule into for each subject (the lessons could be added as recurring appointments). The lesson schedule is usually around 36 weeks - 1 lesson per week.

Specifically i would like to know if its possible to isolate one of the recurring appointments in outlook and view all the series of appointments on one page. As each weekly lesson(appointment) contains unique content and is different from week to week, we need to be able to view them all rather than the 'open and edit this series' option which treats the whole series generically and would apply any edit to every appointment in the series.

For example rather than displaying the full working week/month. If a lesson took place on a tuesday each week at 1030, could we isolate this series and only see these tuesday weekly sessions (tuesday week 1 appointment displayed next to tuesday week 2 appointment and so on)? This would allow the staff to view all these appointments only on one page as opposed to seeing every day of the week/month.

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Oe And 2007 Outlook

I backed up my address book and saved it as a . Wab file. Then i upgraded my os to win 7 from xp64. I then installed 2007 enterprise. I then wanted to import my . Wab into outlook but it wont recognize file. Does ms offer any program that will convert . Wab file to . Pst? If not why not? Did anyone at ms even consider that someone may want to import their oe contacts into outlook? I have the same type of problem with my . Dbx files. This is so typical of ms.

Malkeleah gave me info to fix problem. I apologize for my outburst dissing ms. Maybe i flipped out because of all the crazy stuff ms has done in the past. Still the . Dbx thing kind of tweaks my gourd tho.

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Win 7 With Outlook

I recently upgraded from windows vista to windows seven and am sorry that i did. I no longer can use outlook express. Nor do i want to have to inform all my e-mail correspondents of a new e-mail address if i change to one of the new e-mail components in windows seven. Now i also have trouble in deleting files or copying and moving them to another location. I notice that outlook express is available to students and teachers. I am retired and am neither a teacher or a student to avail myself of the outlook express software.

I am blind and use the jaws screen reading software from freedom scientific. I can log on to my e-mail account but can only access the dates, names and sizes of the e-mails. But i cannot open and read them. Will you tell me if it is possible for me to obtain the software to run outlook express? You can send me an answer to my verizon e-mail address and my son will read it to me.

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Ms Outlook And Win 7

I am not sure where this question should be asked because it is about outlook 2003 as an app in 64-bit win 7? After installing office 2003, i used outlook connector to establish a connection to my windows live email in outlook. Also, i was able to open a transferred pst file to load all my saved emails. But, when i create a new email and select the "to:" button, a message popup says "the address list could not be displayed.

The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened, it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. " When i click "ok" it then brings up the "select names" box and if i use the "show names from the:" pull-down there is another list called "contacts in [my hotmail address]" and when i select it i get my address list.

Well, i tried everthing to eliminate that message and show me my address list but nothing worked. Then, to further make matters worse. I deleted the folder in the contacts called "contacts" and now i cannot get the folder back, even after a repair and then a reinstall of outlook. Any help on how to recover or add a folder there and to show my contacts and address as well as eliminate that message and have the contacts come up with a new email would be much appreciated.

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Cannot Hyperlink In Outlook

I recently installed windows 7, home premium as a single user. Apparently the "automatic upgrade" is changing my settings. In outlook, i cannot "hyperlink": clicking on a hyperlink i get this message: "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". I am a single user, i have never set up any "restrictions". What can i do to fix this and get back to operating "hyper-links?".

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Outlook Hotmail Issue

I have for a long time never had to pay for outlook express it came as an added feature with the computer. The thing with outlook is that it also automatically picked up and ran all my programs needed to open an e-mail. I have noted that of late i have not been able to this , i take it due to updates changing the config. So it will not. I could add e-mail addresses easily and forward e-mail with all attachments running properly and not just a blank. I have not been able to do this with hotmail. Well back to basics.

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Outlook Setup Problem

I am setting up a new pc with windows 7. I set up the outlook 2007 and as part of the set-up entered my email address as this is my only email address. It went through all of the stages and imported all emails in my charter in-box. It also removed them from my charter account and i can no longer access my emails on my charter account. How can this be fixed so i can access the emails from charter (if necessary, outlook can be disabled).

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Outlook Opens Minimized

I am using outlook 2010 beta and outlook 2007 on windows 7. Everything was working fine until i went to open outlook 2010 today. It opened, but remained in the tray. If i right click and start a new task, the new task opens up a window, but i cannot access my calendar, e-mail, task, etc.

1. It is not simply a small window moved off-screen, it won't open.
2. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and repeated multiple times today.
3. Apparently others have had this issue, but i have yet to find a fix for it. (http://social. one link, there are others i found as well)

4. I have also ran the install file and clicked "repair" to no avail.
5. Outlook 2007 was fine until i installed business contact manager for 2010 (yesterday) and the install file removed outlook 2007.
6. Installing outlook 2007 now will not work for one reason or another. (The reason seems to change).
7. Every other office application seems to be working fine.
8. I cannot run a diagnostic because i cannot open the application to access the help menu.
9. It will not start while in safe mode either
10. I am very frustrated as i have spent all day on this!

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Outlook Connector Problem

How do i manually configure email settings after downloading the outlook connector. I use a email address that forwards to my address. After i downloaded the connector, i was unable to provide a "reply to" address or change my outgoing server like i have had it for years. When you open outlook 07, choose tools, then account settings, highlight the email account created by connector, then choose change, there is only 1 screen that pops up. On this screen, the only changes i can make are to my password. There is no longer a box to check to manually configure the email account settings.

I am running vista.

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Outlook 2003 On Win 7

Just got my first dell pc with windows 7 business installed. I am having a problem with outlook 2003 connecting to a ms exchange server. The first time i go in i configure the profile with microsoft exchange. It usually work the first time i open the mailbox after the profile creation, then i am unable to get back in to the mailbox.

If i run outlook in the xp sp3 compatibility i receive an error  "unable to open default e-mail folders. The information store can not be opened". Then i decided to test windows safe mode with networking and i was able to use outlook 2003 without any problems. Opened and closed several times. Any idea what would be blocking outlook from working in normal windows mode?

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Win 7 And Outlook 2000

I have installed windows 7 and office 2000. Outlook 2000 (not outlook express) seems to work well, but there are strange errors or messages. First i get "small business customer manager - some files may contain macros. Click enable when prompted. " I do this, and get a "warning opening untitled. " And i click on enable. Then i get an "unknown error ox98b4011d unable to find wab dll" the program then seems to run ok. But the error comes up every time that i open outlook.

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Outlook 2007 Bug

After a clean windows  7 install, outlook 2007 places a space before each apostrophe on all outgoing email. I have found that use of ctrl + z fixes it, but we shouldn't have to use it each time. It is annoying. A fix at the source of the bug is necessary. My research finds this is a common new issue among w7/office users.

I have been using w7 since it's rc and hosted a w7 party last month - so i am not a newbie. This is not a formatting issue, rather a bug in the code somewhere. Let's get it fixed microsoft. Everything else works great!

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Outlook.ost Cannot Be Found

I have a new windows 7 install that keeps having user rights issues. The user is a domain user with administrative rights and has a roaming profile set up from a previous xp system. The issue is with cached exchange mode in microsoft exchange. Whenever we set that up, outlook freezes and says that it cannot access the outlook. Ost file.

We have enabled the hidden admin and given full permission to the folders to the domain login, given specifically administrative rights to the login from the user accounts screen, moved uac all the way down to never notify, but still have the same issue. Can someone help us out, because this is driving me up the wall!

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Messenger And Outlook Issues

The icon for msgr shows on my taskbar and shows that i am offline, however when i click on the icon and select sign in from the options it does not present the sign in page. For a moment something on the right hand of my screen flickers, but that's it. I have uninstalled it and then downloaded it again (more than once), each time doing a shut down/restart to be safe, but to no avail. I am able to use messenger on other computers (not windows 7) and was able to use messenger on my computer on saturday, but on sunday no? It is not pinned to the task bar, never was, in fact it was not positioned on the task bar to start with?

My outlook messenger is doing the same thing. I had it open, was reading an email, closed the email and then wanted to open it again and it would not open. It shows as a smaller icon"window" for lack of a better word behind the outlook icon on the task bar, but it will not open. I cannot reply to emails either, as the email will not open to allow me to reply. I have run a virus check (using norton) and made sure that my virus definitions are up to date, no virus found.

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Win 7 And Outlook 2003

I can not get outlook to start up in windows 7, it was working with vista. I removed the program and reinstalled it twice. "The error message states that i must be connected to the internet to get to the microsoft exchange server and that outlook must be connected to internet" then when i hit ok it goes to microsoft exchange server and requests the server and mailbox. I am not very computer literate, but i can't get to outlook to use the tools menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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One Click Print From Outlook

I have outlook 2007. I receive pdf invoices. With xp, i'd right click the attachment and click print. The file would print. In windows 7 rc i get a prompt "open this file with acrobat" click ok, file opens in acrobat, click what used to be print using last settings in acrobat, print preferences appear, click ok to print. Then close file and back to outlook for the next one.

The default application for pdf is set to acrobat. Please help, this is driving me mad and despite everything in windows 7 looking great this will send me back to xp if i can't find the fix.

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Live Email Vs Outlook

I used to use outlook to get my mail, now windows 7 doesn't work with it. I did the steps to add my email account to their windows live email and set my password. With regular outlook, when i would click the icon, the small password box would first open and the email window would not appear until the password was entered. When i click on this live icon, the email window opens (the preview window pane) and then the small password window appears in the middle of it.

Granted, you can't actually click on the folders in the mail window without entering the password, but you can see the messages waiting in the preview pane! What's the use of needing a password if people can still kind of see some of your emails? How do you get it to work more like outlook, where the email window will not open at all until the password is entered? Plus, nothing from my email account has come over to this live account (i.e. My contacts or the messages in my folders, including any new messages). I thought it was supposed to transfer the email account when i went through the add an account steps?

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Attaching A Picture In Outlook

I can open my pictures directly from the start button. I see all my photos and it says there are 2 locations. C:usersname my pictures and c:userspublic my pictures. I can navigate from the computer prompt to either of these directories. They both show up and i can access the photos. The problem. When i am using outlook and try to attach a picture, i navigate to c:usersname but there is no my pictures folder showing?

Alternatively, i can also open documents from the start menu and there are 2 folders listed as my pictures. I am denied access to both. I am logged on as administrator and the permissions seem to be set to allow me access. On my other pc, i see the same thing (2 folders), but i can access the folder that is showing as a shortcut.

I don't know if these situations are related, but i'm stumped right now on getting outlook to browse to a folder that i can access my pictures from. Any help will be appreciated.

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Shared Calendars In Ms Outlook

I am looking for a way to automatically populate a ms outlook shared calendar with only appointments from ms outlook personal calendars that have been classed as "out of the office" appointments.

We would use this in a group of 15 users, all of which use a ms outlook personal calendar, but do not want to share all personal calendar appointments with the group. Our goal is to only share out-of office appointments on one calendar without everyone making entries on two calendars.

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Outlook And Pastel Integration

I run a accounting package called softline pastel partner 2009. Before i swicthed to windows 7, i could send my customer statements directly to outlook through the "email as per customer file" function. Now when i try to do the same, it gives me an error "cannot send e-mail, please check e-mail or account settings" yet when i copy the data to an xp machine and run the function it works perfectly. I have tried to set all my permissions as administrator where i could, but still it gives me the error.

I have even re-installed the package into another directory to see if it will work there. Which leaves me with another problem. I cant remove the folder where it was initially installed in. The error say i dont have administrator permissions, yet when i go to user accounts, i am the only user, and set as administrator.

Please can someone help. I have contacted softline's support, but they say none of them have windows 7 knowledge, so no-one can help me.

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Outlook Not Working In Win7

I had to reinstall windows 7 so i exported my outlook files and contacts to a safe folder. I reinstalled win 7 and everytime i try to recover my previous outlook file i cannot import or open the file. When clicking on file/open or import/export the program dies and there is no further activity. I did a repair of ms office and installed sp1 and sp2 but nothing helped. I am about to uninstall office completely and do a complete reinstall and see if that works.

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Outlook Express And Newsgroups

Using windows 7 starter. Will be upgrading to the highest version next month - upgrading computer also. I am temporarily using windows live mail to access newsgroups. One thing (as a former beta tester) i have to say. Use of outlook and wlm is more conducive to the business community than it is to the general public like me and thousands of others. Oe6 is most useful to us because there are literally thousands of people in the usa, canada, and europe (with emphasis on france and the netherlands) who enjoy creating scripted stationery as a hobby - mostly middle-aged and retired people.

It's an enjoyable hobby and one that is very much supported by people using microsoft products! I hated to see the updates to outlook express stopped - while i have outlook 2007, i really don't like to use it for e-mail. It is, after all, a personal information manager (pim) and is best used in a company environment on a lan or wan. For people like me, outlook express is the definitive choice for e-mail and newsgroups. There is an interchange of information and help for all users this way. I communicate with hundreds of people across the globe this way.

Some very tech savvy people like cato salid from is only shooting themselves in the foot trying to force people into forums (which i hate) - i participated in many forums on compuserve when microsoft had several there for application-specific programs and i started here with office 2! I was an asst.sysop in a sig (computer-specific). I know my way around a computer, etc. Been using them for more than 20 years now. Started with a sinclair! i like windows 7 (i beta tested win98, me, and xp along with sp1 and 2; i also tested office pro 2000, 2002, 2003).

I like microsoft products, but you folks need to learn how to listen to the people who use your products the most, and that is people like me! When i was beta testing office, for example, i gave microsoft a lot of input (with emphasis on word) on improving the product and i see by playing around with word 2007 that you used some of my ideas! I participated in several usability studies at the campus in redmond and had fun doing it. I tested the wizard for saving your settings. Tested other stuff at the campus too. So. Can we get outlook express to work with windows 7? R. S. V. P. - And possibly release a new version? I really do prefer it to full-blown outlook!

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