Activation Error 0xc004e003

One of relative has installed windows 7 pro on my asus pi desktop (from xp to win 7). Then he updated to windows 7 ultimate. For activation he has given key which is not activating. The message shows a problem occurred when windows tried to activate. Error code oxc004e003. Description : the software licensing service reported that licenses evaluation failed. My product id is <removed product id>. The product key given to me was <removed product key>. If this key is not genuine, what should i do? <br><br>As i, am a middle class person. Its little difficult to purchase activation key. Is there any solution for this? Personally to me and to my daughter liked this windows 7 system. And if i have to purchase key for activation, what could be cost in indian rupees (approximately).

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Error 0xc004e003

Error code 0xc004e003 it seems impossible because i have been using this code for a few months or so. And its found it to be correct up until now. >:(I have tried the "1. Click start, and in the search box type: slui.exe 4

2. Press enter on your keyboard

3. Select your country.
4. Select the phone activation option, and hold on for a real person. " Solution but there is no phone activation option. What am i doing wrong?

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Activation Error

I purchased a computer that had windows 7 home pre-installed. I needed windows 7 professional so i purchased an upgrade and loaded it. Now when i try to activate i am getting an error. If i use the product key from the upgrade it says it is an upgrade and if i use the product key from the back of the computer it says it is not the correct windows version. Is there anyway around this or do i have to purchase the full windows 7 professional rather then just the upgrade? 

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Activation Error Upgrade

I bought and started using windows 7 right after it came out and used it for about two months during which time the product key worked perfectly. I decided to try out ubuntu 9. 10 and did a clean install of ubuntu over win7. I decided to move back to win7 recently and after the install my product key is no longer being accepted saying that it can only be used for an upgrade, and everywhere else i have read that you must have either vista or xp on a separate partition  for this to work. However, installing vista or xp on my computer is not an option since i have neither product or product key for either. What should i do to get past this problem?

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Activation Error 0x80070241

I have a valid technet license and windows 7 ultimate recently began complaining suddenly that it was not activated. When i try the activation wizard, which btw the only way to access this is through the using the slui 3 command, other than that it is inaccessible, it lets me type my key in and then gives me the error of 0x80070241 regarding some invalid signature, but no specific file was referenced. This is the second time i have had to deal with this, the first time i just did a reinstall of windows 7 and it seemed to solve the problem, at least temporarily.

A few weeks later i got it again, i have tried many things to fix this problem, including reinstalling 7, but now even that will not work, it just rolls back, and am stuck with my "not genuine" copy of windows, i have tried using different keys, however they fail to work as well. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the recent windows activation technologies update. I have scoured the internet, and have found nothing regarding this specific error. Ironically the only way i have found to fix it, temporarily, is to use removewat, which i have since removed to receive windows updates.

I have tried to use fixes for other errors like checking windows protected software service or whatever, and that is enabled and running, i don't know what to do, and frankly i am kind of upset. I have run sfc to check and see if it is just a corrupted file, it claims there isn't. I uninstalled all software between when windows had genuine status and when it lost it, i have also tried to do a rollback still no help there.

It would seem the best route would be to find a way to reinstall 7, but i am not sure how to fix this.

So here is my windows install error log, 2010-03-01 18:15:06, error number of enumerated devices = 17[gle=0x00000103]
2010-03-01 18:15:07, error failed to find driver file path. Error=00000002x[gle=0x80092004]
2010-03-01 18:15:08, error failed to find driver file path. Error=00000002x[gle=0x80092004]
2010-03-01 18:15:08, error failed to find driver file path. Error=00000002x[gle=0x80092004]

I would prefer not to have to reinstall, but again if it is the best option then i will go  for it.

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Activation Error 0xc004f061

So i recently made the most of the ulimate steal for students. I had windows 7 starter on my netbook and i wanted to upgrade to windows 7 professional. I bought the code and installed successfully. I did not clean install as i didn't think i needed to. I also did not purchase the dvd kit as i cannot use it on my netbook. After 3 days, it told me i had to activate windows.

I used the upgrade key that i was given and it gave me this error code. I have read on the forums about a previous version of windows being installed but im not too sure what this means. So is windows telling me i can only use this code to upgrade and i need another one to activate?

Invalid product key: the following failure occurred while trying to use the product key:

Code:  0xc004f061

Description: the software licensing service determined that this specified product key can only be used for upgrading, not for clean installations.

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Activation Error 0xc004c008

I installed windows 7 (x86) professional in my notebook and i used my license key from msdna. However, i recently sold it so that i could buy a much smaller netbook. I cleared all the partitions before i gave it. Now, i installed windows 7 (x86) and used the same license key which i used in my old notebook. However, i could not activate it because the product key i typed cannot be used to activate windows on my new netbook. Is it still possible to activate it? If yes, how can i do it?

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Activation Error Message

I'm keep getting this message since few days and my pc restart every 2 hours! This pre-release version of windows 7 ultimate will expire in 0 hours. To keep using windows, back up your files, and then install any edition of windows 7 ultimate. I did a online validation test in microsoft official website and i get this message: windows validation was successful.

Now you can take advantage of all the value genuine windows provides, including extras! Value of genuine windows because windows running on your pc is genuine, you are better protected from the risks of counterfeit software, such as viruses or other malware. With genuine windows, you can also count on microsoft and its partners to get support when you need it.

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Activation Error 0x8007000d

I have two pcs that i built myself. Both have windows 7 installed, bought on pre-order from amazon. Just to be clear, i do have 2 copies of windows 7 and therefore 2 different product keys. Now, i will admit i didn't keep track of which product key i used in which pc. Shame there isn't a sticker. I have recently had to reinstall windows 7 on one of these pcs. It initially activated fine, but after a while began to complain that it wasn't a genuine copy of windows.

I re-entered the product key, and everything was fine again. Now though, it is again complaining about not being genuine, and it will not accept the product key (throwing error 0x8007000d). Slui.exe does not list a telephone support option. One of the other screens i encountered trying to resolve this does give a uk freephone number, but that number is not connected. What next?

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Activation Error Code 0xc004f009

After flashing my motherboard i got this error code whenever windows start "activation error code 0xc004f009. I already re-flash the bios to its previous version. But still like that. I also re-install my os in my laptop and re-enter the product key under my laptop, same thing also, before this (in which i haven't flash the bios yet), everything works fine. My os is 100% genuine, mine is windows 7 oem which installed already in my laptop when i 1st bought it. How to fix this?I want my windows to be genuine again. My laptop is asus k52jr.

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Activation Error Code 0xc004c008

The following information was found for this error: code: 0xc004c008

Description: the activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used.
This is what i keep on getting when i click the details for the error that requires this change. I keep on getting this message to activate the windows. I've typed the product key. But it says type another product key. I've also downloaded the windows genuine software and yesterday it has proved that mines genuine. But now. It's asking again for the product key that i've typed already but it doesn't want to accept.
What's the possible solution for this?

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Activation Error Code 0xc004f061

In october, the day windows 7 was released, i purchased the family pack of the upgrade version of windows 7 home premium. I upgraded my home pc to windows 7 from winxp. Recently, i purchased two toshiba netbooks, both of which are more than capable of running win7. The netbooks came with win7 starter pre-installed. I went to windows anytime upgrade on both netbooks, and chose the option of entering the product key i had already purchased back in october. Windows anytime upgrade accepted the key, and upgraded both netbooks to windows home premium. Win7 home premium runs fine on both netbooks, but now i'm getting activation reminders.

I try to use the same product key to activate, and get this error code. I have done the slui.exe 4 thing, spoken to a real person, who told me i needed to call tech support. I call tech support, and they transfer me to the activation center. The activation center tells me, again, that i need to talk to tech support. None of the real people i talked to could understand or speak english well.

It does not make sense to me that the upgrade key i purchased, in order to be able to upgrade three computers, will not work to upgrade two of them from windows 7 starter to home premium. Do i seriously need to purchase two more keys, when i already have a perfectly valid key that was accepted by anytime upgrade in the first place?

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Hard Drive Crashed Activation Error

So i bought windows 7 back when it came out last year and installed it on my computer no problem. I have a retail version of windows 7 home premium upgrade and i upgraded it on top of a version of windows xp. On saturday my hard drive failed and had a complete loss of data besides what i've backed up online, which sucks. I bought a new hard drive and went to reinstall windows 7, and i hadn't done a reinstall of xp first, and i get an activation error code which from reading these forums i know means that i didn't have a version of xp installed before i installed 7.

Before i came here i called ms tech support and they told me that since i had changed my hard drive, that my version of windows 7 will no longer work and i had used up my activation. I had thought that i had up to something like 6 configuration changes before that became an issue or i wouldn't have even considered buying windows 7. So my questions are:  is ms tech support full of it?  Or is that true?  And if i reinstall xp first will i be able to re-install my windows 7 upgrade?

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Activation Error - No Change Product Key

I recently updated my computer to windows 7 64 bit version. I had no problems during the install, and entered in the activation code i was given during the install. Now, multiple times a day, i get a message box popping up saying that i may have a counterfeit version (which i don't). The link in the message box says i have to right click on 'my computer' then 'properties', then "click change product key at the bottom of the dialog box", so that i can enter my product key in. The problem is, there is no "change product key" option at the bottom. It only says:

"Windows activation
Status not available
Product id: not available"

There is no option of anything to click to input my activation key.

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Activation Error Messages After Motherboard Change

I got windows 7 from a programmer in microsoft as a gift 7 month ago and it was working very well till i got some problems in the motherboard and i had to change it and when i did i found the laptop asking me to reinstall the windows and when i did i found it telling me that my copy of windows are not genuine and telling me that my activation number is not valid an keep asking me to change it so what should i do to get my valid activation number again  programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem

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Win 7 32 Bit Professional Activation Error - Invalid License Key

I bought the 32 bit professional version of windows 7 through the offer for students that windows had a few months ago. According to everywhere i can see online, professional can be installed on two physical pcs. I installed the os on my laptop shortly after getting it, with no problems. After the rc trial ran out, i decided to install windows 7 on my desktop computer, from the same dvd that i burnt the . Iso to and so on, and i didn't have any problems, at all, during the installation. Now, though, it's telling me that i have 3 days to activate windows. I thought that it already was activated- i put the key in, and i haven't used it on any other computers, so this should by the second pc supported. However, it keeps telling me that it isn't a valid license key when i try to put it in now. Why is it giving me this problem?

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My computer was update in 2007 from home version to pro version. The program was "activated" and the number was interned and shows on the system properties that it was "activated". And the system "updates" have been working "somehow?" But on a daily basis when i sign on it comes up with the fact the it is not a valid license for microsoft? Why? The computer [a friend just has come by] and found that all the update since 2007 have been installed, i am on service pack 3, ie-8, and all seems to be working. Yet it insists that it is an not a registered copy. How to get this resolved? Any ideas?

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Activation Again

I rebuilt  an old pc for my dad and tried windows 7 on it (an oem packet, i had practically a  new pc built) and with installing it, windows activated automatically. Afterwards it turned out that the motherboard and the graphics (build-in graphics) didn't work as one would like, so i rebuilt it again, with another motherboard, processor and graphics, and installed the same packet which now runs as windows 7 should run: smoothly and fast. Now there is the problem of activating and registration. What can i do best? Live in the netherlands.

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Two Activation Codes

I have installed an upgrade windows 7 professional on a windows vista home premium computer. I am having problems with a d:/recovery file and want to reinstall windows 7 to see if i can rectify the problem of low disk space on the d;/drive. When i try to reinstall windows 7 i get an invalid key message. The system file shows windows 7 but has the activation key for the vista. Each time i enter in the correct activation key for windows 7, it accepts the key, but the new number does not change in the system file.

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Windows Activation

I'm having issues with windows activation. I'm running windows vista home premium, and i do a clean install every a couple of months. Lately i've been doing more clean installs then usual due to some problems. Usually when i install, i enter the serial key, and the windows activates automatically without problems, but now after like 5 or more clean installs, and after all these times i've entered the serial key for windows activation, it's telling me that my key is already in use.

I didn't know that there was a install limit on windows? Help would be appreciated!

Note: i have a purchased, valid, legal, with a receipt windows vista home premium cd. Lol

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Invalid Activation

I have a laptop for use away from home and my desktop for use at home. My desktop needs to be the same version as my laptop due to certain programs that i'm running. When i tried to upgrade it to windows 7 using my disk that i just bought for my laptop, it says invalid activation. Surely i don't have to buy a separate copy of windows 7 for each computer in my home, do i? I already have windows xp on it. I just need to upgrade it to 7. If i have to keep paying for multiple copies of everything from microsoft, i'll probably just migrate over to a mac next time i'm in the market for a new pc.

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Win 7 Activation

I have recently re-installed my windows 7 on my machine and since installing i have been getting a message saying to activate. It's been going on for 30 days, and every so often i try inputting the code i have printed in my box. It says, however, the code is not valid. Being as it is a perfectly legal copy bought from i'm wondering if one of two things have happened :

1: sent me a copy of windows 7 that had been returned (though their return policy surely would negate this).

2: i used this copy of windows on my previous machine, which unfortunately broke. I did uninstal windows 7 prior to it's return but perhaps activating it on that machine means i can't now install it on my new machine, despite having removed it from the old, broken one.

If the fact that it has been put on a machine now sent back is there a way i can reset my activation key online or something? Paying out another $109 is very silly in my opinion being as i don't want a second copy of windows 7, i just want my original, store bought copy to work.

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Activation Not Working

So here's my problem a while back i had bought a windows 7 ultimate retail. It has only one license; my computer that was running it had crashed and since then i've gone over to mac. I've tried to install it on my mac and it works flawlessly except for one thing. It won't allow me to activate and asks me some "buy a new product key" bs! I'm using the genuine product key that came with my purchase *** is this and how can i fix the issue for free? I just want my windows working and fully activated so i can connect my 360 through media center.

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Activation Trouble

I have a toshiba netbook that came with windows 7 starter. I upgraded that to windows 7 home premium. I am getting a message that says i need to activate it now or loose features (i have been using home premium for a couple of weeks now). When i try to activate it, it gives an error saying the product key can only be used for upgrading, not a clean installation. This was an upgrade though.

The product key on the laptop does not work b/c that is for the wrong version of windows 7.

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What Happens If Activation Fails?

I made an error. My husband purchased the windows 7 upgrade and told me i could use it on my computer, too. (I now know this is an error. ) So, i installed windows 7. At that time i entered the activation code and i thought it was accepted. However, i got the message to activate, tried, did some research and learned that installing this copy of the system on my computer was not allowed. I started with xp, then upgraded to vista, then windows. The xp discs were given away at a garage sale, because i thought the windows 7 activation code had been accepted. So what happens in two days when the 30 days are up? Does my system revert to vista? Xp? Does the system allow the code for windows 7 to be overwritten.

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License & Activation

I own a pc at home which had xp sp2 installed. I also own a laptop which came with oem vista home premium which i upgraded to vista ultimate. (Upgrade from home premium to ultimate boxed product). Recently i bought a windows 7 ultimate ( full package boxed product) and upgraded my laptop to win 7 ultimate. I installed the same media to my home pc to feel how it works in the old pc. It works fine but obvious can not activate.

I bought one more win7 home premium (boxed product) for my home pc with win 7 ultimate.

In the mean time i found the in-built camera in my laptop is not recognized at all after win 7 installation and when the oem service people checked and advised to go back to vista if i need to use the webcam. I have following questions

1. If i revert to vista in my laptop can i use the product key of win 7 ultimate in my home pc.

2. If i keep win 7 in my laptop can i use the vista ultimate in another computer ? Though it is upgrade boxed product i remember it had a clean install option.

3. Can i use the win 7 home premium product key in my home pc with win 7 ultimate installed yet to be activated.

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Activation Problem

I purchased windows 7 about 6 months ago and installed it on my lap top. A few months later that lap top crashed and no longer works. Since i spent the money on the new windows 7 software, i didn't want it to go to waste, so i installed it on my work computer. Everything installed ok, but now i'm getting a message saying i have one day to activate windows and that product key is invalid. Is this because i have already installed it on another computer? If my other laptop is not longer functioning, why cant i use my original product key that i got when i purchased the software? Can anyone help?

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Activation Area

I bought my laptop at the philippines and it's a windows 7. After 30 days my laptop is looking for the product key, but it's already done before, what does the windows activation said, " the product key you entered can be used only in certain countries or regions. Either activate windows where you bought it or buy a new product. My question will be, is there any possibilities where i can have consideration and instead activate the product key over here in the united states because i wil be here for 5 more months?

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Activation Issues

Tried to upgrade my mother's laptop to win 7 with the family upgrade pack my father purchased, to no avail. The automated phone line is completely useless it is telling me they cannot help me at this time and certain things have to be met for this license. The problem is they are and the real problem is the windows activation process is stupid and does not work as it should. There are only 3 pcs in this house, mine , my father's and my mother's laptop. I used the phone service and it tells me to wait on the line for assistance but then it is just dead air since it says goodbye right after that. All i want to do is activate this copy for my mother.

Why can't microsoft make this process a little more intuitive? The only thing i can see being a problem is that i replaced my motherboard so had to install it again on my machine but why is it so hard for microsoft to figure this out. All i need is for them to reset the activation to only 2 installs so i can activate this laptop and all will be forgiven. What is the point of buying 3 licenses if you cannot use 3?

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Activation Methods

In how many ways, we can activate windows. I've listened many methods, but i'm still unable to understand. Another thing is that what's the maximum limit of the windows that we've once bought? Some tell it is forever, some says it's valid for 1 year, some says it's valid till your machine is working, once your machine burns the window's activation will also have gone. Some talk about oem. So here are many many procedures and methods of activating windows. Can anyone "master" tell me about all procedure? I hope for the descriptive answer.

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