Drivers Fail To Load

The driver failed to load for the device - ''ubhelper.sys'' ''pxhlpa64.sys'' ''ntidrvr.sys''
Packardbell mybackup - failed to write to dvd/cd - another driver issue_ ntidrvr.sys
How can i update these drivers? Or get a valid digital signature? Or failing that- how allow certain drivers to run even tho signature/certificate out of date?

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Win 7 Cannot Load Device Drivers

I've been having a problem with windows 7 freezing, hanging and not starting up for the past several weeks now. For the first few weeks after i installed in, windows 7 worked fine, but all the sudden in began freezing and hanging.

I've eliminated the possibility of my hardware being bad or my drivers being wrong; i've run multiple diagnostics on my hard drive, ram and others (memtest86, spinright and checkdisk, all came back with good results) - i've also scanned for malware (found none) and tried system restores and even reinstalled the os twice. Each time the problems come back.

I enabled boot-logging and found that on most startups, windows fails to load many or some device drivers. How can i fix this? When the system starts up, it works alright, but usually hangs or freezes within an hour. Usually it freezes during the windows logo screen or the "welcome - please wait" boot screens.

I've also noticed that the machine is far more prone to hang and freeze when on high performance or when plugged into my ac adapter.

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Write Protection Drivers Wont Load

I have a brand new asus g51vx loaded with windows 7 ultimate. I tried to load 1701 ad gold ed. And it says drivers (write protection drivers) need to load, says (run as administrator), try that and won't load. Tried to do it from the folder right on the cd, and i get the same results. When i boot up my computer, i get a message that an incompatible driver was blocked (that driver). Tried to fix it with the compatibility troubleshooter and still won't work.

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Windows Updates Fail

The following updates fail to install on my computer. I am running windows vista home edition x64 on an hp pavilion dv7 laptop.

Update for windows vista for x64-based systems (kb980248)
Security update for microsoft office excel 2007 (kb978382)
Security update for microsoft office outlook 2007 (kb972363)
Security update for microsoft office publisher 2007 (kb980470)
Security update for microsoft office visio viewer 2007 (kb973709)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb972581)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb974234)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb978380)
Update for microsoft office infopath 2007 (kb976416)
Update for microsoft office onenote 2007 (kb980729)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2007 junk email filter (kb981433)
Update for microsoft office word 2007 (kb974561)
Update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb981715)

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Security Updates Fail

This is so ridiculous. I've been getting a blue screen for a long time now. The updates don't want to install. Took it to geek squad, only for them to tell me it's infected and that i would have to do a restore. That would cost 130 dollars. They are about as useful as a burning bag of. Anyway, i get failures every single time i try to download updates. It's not the kb number that people are referencing. It is a different number every time. I can't copy all of the errors because it won't let me, and i don't want to type it all out.

But, a couple of them are error code: code 80200010, kb 959130 and 973768. Those are two of a million. I have restored my computer to factory settings. The only things on it are windows files, avg and itunes (with no music on it). I was told i could reinstall my operating system, but when i put the disc in, to uninstall and reinstall a clean version of vista, it does nothing. The disc doesn't read at all, and in fact, it just got stuck in there and i can't get it out.

The disc sounds like it fires up for a moment, then nothing. When i go into computer, then click on the disc drive, it tells me to insert a disc, then kicks mine out. Other discs work fine. Can someone please shed some light. The geek squad is a rip-off. Don't ever buy a warranty from best buy. It does absolutely nothing for you. You just waste your money.

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Updates For Ms Office Always Fail

The following updates continuously fail. Nothing i do seems to get them to install. Please help. This has been happening since may.

Security update for the 2007 ms office system (kb982312)

Sec. Upd. For ms office excel 2007 ( kb982308)
Sec. Upd. For ms office infopath 2007 (kb979441)
Sec. Upd. For ms office powerpoint 2007 (kb982158)
Sec. Upd. For ms office access 2007 (kb799440)
Sec. Upd. For ms office word 2007 (kb982135)

Security update for the 2007 ms office system (kb982331)
Update for ms office outlook 2007 junk email filter (kb2202131)

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Fail To Start After Update

I just installed the sp1 update for my computer for windows vista premium home ed. Everything installed with no problems, but when i rebooted my pc, windows wouldn't start. The only thing thats displaying is a black screen with windows error recovery across the top, then it states "windows fail to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause". I tried rebooting it in different modes but nothing. Then it says i should insert my os disk to try repairing it but thats not even starting. Is anyone else having this problem? This happened right after i installed the update.

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Bsod - Memory_management, Overclocking Fail

So i finished setting up my new custom computer with these items, p5p43td motherboard
4x2 ocz ddr3 pc3
Intel core 2 quad q8400
Windows 7 home premium x64
Geforce gtx 275 oc
So here is my problem. Every time i put all of my ram sticks in my motherboard, i always get the memory_management bsod randomly as i do any normal apps. I also sometimes get an over-clocking fail when i boot my computer ( i did not do any overclocking) and now i get this irql_not_less_or_equal bsod. At first, i thought it could be the ram since it was saying memory management and when i insert only 3 sticks everything is running fine.

After running the windows experience index, my 3d business and gaming performance was rated at 2. 0. The performance test also revealed very low fps in 3d graphics. I also have to add that i try every possible combinations with my ram slots and everything is working fine. I tried reinstalling the latest driver and now i get a 7-zip:data error.

So now im pretty desperate. I searched everywhere on google. Do i need to return the card to nvidia or is there a solution to this problem. Is the video card overclocked in some way that it goes in conflict with the ram? If so, where can i access the parameters to change the oc of the card.

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Program Upgrades And Installs Fail

I can install new programs but upgrades or reinstalls of programs i have previously used fail. The installation would not even start and the problem has occurred with random applications. Example: itunes, avira, skype (although i was able to install a really really old version of skype), driver updates. I have tried changing compatibility (as long as it allows me), run as administrator, even changed permissions b/c some failed installations would suggest this is the problem. Any suggestion is more than welcome!

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New User Accounts Fail Logon

I cannot get any new accounts that i set up to log in, they fail with the following message. "User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. "Happens with either new admin or standard accounts, my current admin and standard accounts still function. I got out my windows 7 (professional) disc and ran an "upgrade" hoping this would correct whichever file appears to be corrupted, but the issue still remains. I am trying to find a solution that does not involve a new or reformatted hard drive and complete reinstallation, but not to hopeful now. Never had this issue with years on nt and xp. Ny suggestions out there?

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Vista To Win7 Ultimate Upgrade Fail

I'm attempting to do an on-line upgrade from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate. The procedure took forever, and finally got to 83% of the final stage. The system went through another re-start and failed. It stated it is dumping physical memory to disk; attempts to restart; fails again and offers to restart in safe mode. I've tried to restart in normal and safe mode without success. It continues to loop through this and will not reset to either vista or win 7. Advice?

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Floppy Disk(s) Fail (40) Press F1 To Continue

I'm running windows 7 on a desktop system. Whenever i reboot the system, i receive an error message just after my desktop system loads its bios: "floppy disk(s) failed (40). Press f1 to continue. "

That is the entirety of the error message. The booting process never proceeds beyond that point, unless and until i press f1. I do not have any floppy disks on this desktop system; it is only a couple of years old (most manufacturers stop putting in floppy disks a long time ago).

Furthermore, this error message is quite recent: it only started about 3-4 weeks ago. Prior to that point, i had never seen such an error message before and windows 7 seemed to be operating properly (no problems). It was recently suggested that i update the bios to see if this might help the situation. The bios has indeed been updated, but the error message remains.

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Office Security Updates Continually Fail

T3 ms windows & office security updates continually fail as well as those from acrobat & apple quicktime. These updates (kb978380, kb978382 & kb979895) have repeatedly failed to install after being automatically downloaded. I've also manually downloaded these updates from the ms site, saved to the computer, and tried to install to no avail. Do i need to disable both the windows and mcafee firewalls? Please note that downloaded updates from acrobat for adobe reader and apple quicktime have also failed to install.

Coincidentally, i just discovered whild in the admin account that word now fails to save my docs - wonder if i should restore to an earlier point? Why does this continue to happen (as it has in the past)? I don't have a lot of computer savvy but after reading comments from others i am highly frustrated and bewildered with ms vista.

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Many Automatic Updates Continually Fail To Install

Several updates will not install when i start up automatic update, its been like this for about a year and i still have not found out what to do. These are the updates that keep failing:

Update for outlook 2003 (kb943649)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb921598)
Office 2003 service pack 3 (sp3)
Security update for microsoft office powerpoint 2003 (kb948988)
Security update for office 2003 (kb945185)
Update for microsoft office 2003 (kb978551)
Security update for microsoft works suite 2005 (kb943973)
Security update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb945432)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb953404)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 junk email filter (kb977840)
Security update for microsoft office word 2003 (kb954464)
Security update for office 2003 (kb954478)
Security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb955466)
Update for office 2003 (kb907417)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb953432)

Ive tried downloading a couple from the download center and it says they could not be applied. I don't even use office and things like that, because well i can't, i lost the key when i bought my computer (software came with it). These updates are very bothersome. Please help

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Map Network Driver Fail On Win 7

I have upgraded to windows 7 professional 64-bit from vista home premium 64-bit. Installed in a dual-boot so i can switch between systems.
I map two network pontiff drives as part of my normal configuration on vista. Attempting to map these same drives on windows 7 fails login credentials. I am using the same serve share and the same user name and password.

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Error Code - 0x643 - Updates Fail To Install

Kb 953297 error code 0x643 and kb972590 e. C. 0x80070643. I have tried [windows fix it, ] [start ose service] and [register wups2.dll file].

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Usb To Ata / Atapi Bridge Installation Fail

Recently i got a new pc with windows 7 64x. I have an external hdd that windows 7 recognized it until today. I had some issues with the hdd, but managed to work around them:at first when i started my computer it wouldn't get passed the initial screen (the one with the logo and press f2 for bios, f12 for boot setup). If i would unplug my hdd it would unfreeze. So i figured that maybe the computer was looking for a boot from the external hdd and so i change the primary boot to the cd. And it all worked great for a couple of days.

Then it started again with the freezing at the initial screen, so i would have to unplug the hdd. And then even though the hdd was plugged back it wasn't listed in my computer. So normally i would go and uninstall usb mass storage from device manager and to a restart with the hdd plugged in. And that used to work. But today, faced with the same problem, i tried everything i could think of and nothing worked.

I uninstalled usb mass storage from device manager and also usb drive from disk drives, unplugged it and plugged it back. Most of the time it would say that the driver installation failed, but even when it would install still i couldn't see it on my computer. I did multiple restarts. I noticed that if i uninstall both the usb and usb drive and then restart, at the restart i get a different message when installing the driver: "usb to ata/atapi bridge", but it ends up with a failed error. What should i do to fix this?

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Microsoft Security Essential (mse) Fail To Update

I have problems with my mse. I cannot update the virus definition automatically. So far i always update it manually (download the virus def then run it to my computer) i connect to internet through wireless network available in my apartment. The network is stable and quite fast. The first time i tried to update, it worked, but not anymore after.

It always give me the message :
Error code: 0x8024402c

Error description: microsoft security essentials couldn't install the definition updates because the proxy server or target server names can't be resolved. I searched on the microsoft website about the error code and had executed all the advices given but unfortunately it didn't work, at least for my computer. I'm not a knowledgeable person in computer, but i don't think it is the problem of internet connection, since i still able use my internet very well.

I turned-off my windows firewall and tried to update, but still didn't work. I didn't use any other antivirus or firewall software other than microsoft and i'm quite satisfied, at least until now.
However, to download the virus def 2 - 3 times a week (for manual update) is not a good thing, since i know the mse has auto update feature. Can any of you find the solution for this problem? I really appreciate your feedback.

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Office Updates Fail Error Code 80070643

I've had a re-occurrence of an old problem. Windows update failing on office security updates. Error code 80070643. Modules that fail are  921598, 943973, 945185, 975051, 974554, 953404, 951535, 972580, 947319. Other module install ok. I've tried uninstalling office 2003 and re-installing. I've tried checking ose.exe as suggested. Patch reg cleanup x64 (for my windows 7, 64bit) fails with a message saying "a product mode mus be specified". I've tried disabling and restarting windows installer in computer management. What else can i do?

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Usb, Lan, Ps2 Devices Fail At Startup

To put this very briefly, at the bios screen, they all work fine. Lan registers, keyboard and mouse are powered and functioning. However, upon reaching the boot screen with the "starting windows" title, the mouse and keyboard power down and do not react at all despite replugging. Tried with alternate ps2 keyboard and mouse. Lan also stops functioning. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated. P. S. I'm going to try last known good configuration, but i doubt it would work edit: oh and i'm on 64-bit ultimate. Edit 2: yep. Didn't work. Also, safe mode produces identical results (everything fails to function)

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Webcam Driver Open Fail - Please Restart Camera Or Computer

I have installed 7 ultimate and this driver stopped working, i contacted gateway support and was advised that since i did not get the upgrade directly from gateway that i had to seek to the third party vendor for help. Any advise on this?

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Error 646 Office Security Updates Fail To Install

Running vista home premium, sp2, 64bit, w/norton internet security 2010

Ran windows update this morning (6/9/10) to install fifteen (15) updates, and six (6) failed to install.

Windows update successfully installed : kb980218, kb890830, kb982381, kb979482, kb980195, kb905866, kb979559, kb982536, and kb979910.

Windows update has repeatedly failed to install: kb979441, kb982158, kb982135, kb982312, kb982331, kb982308, all associated with ms office.

Had a similar problem on 5/12/10 with another ms office security update, kb976321. In that case, finally went to ms download site and installed the update manually. Would rather not go through that again.

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Usb Mass Storage Class Devices Fail To Install

I'm having problems plugging usb mass storage devices into my pc (it's a dell xps8100 for what that's worth). Existing usb storage devices in that class (e.g. I had been using them on this particular system for a while) work fine. I have an ipod 5th gen, which  is a usb hard disk from windows' point of view, and it's fine. So are a few sata hard drives that i put into vantec usb housings, as are memory keys i've already used and cf/sd card readers. But. Devices that are brand new to this system. Nope. I have observed the behavior with a (very old) ipod nano 1g, several run of the mill usb keys, and another ide hard drive in a venus ds9 enclosure. All of the above use generic drivers - e.g. Disk.sys, partmgr.sys. When i plug them in, the balloon comes up.

Installing drivers. And then it gives me the dreaded red x. Driver not installed. If i go into device manger and have a look, i always see the failed device as a root device. And usually with an identifier i have not seen before. For example, if i plug in the venus ds9-housed hard disk, a root node appears called "other devices || usb2. 0 storage device" (written exactly like that) with a yellow triangle (driver not installed). With the ipod nano. "Other devices || ipod" and same yellow triangle. Always code 28 (driver not installed) now i decided to get cute and go update driver || browse my computer. And try searching windowssystem32.

It still fails, and reports the following: windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Usb mass storage device (imagine a usb icon to the left of that)the system cannot find the file specified. Since the "file" is disk.sys, it must be there, otherwise windows would not even boot. S i said, this will also happen with usb memory keys. One more data point, vmware workstation is installed on this system.

If i have a vm running and plug in any usb storage device, it will be installed/connected to the guest os (normal vmware behavior). Under vms, the devices that don't work in the host, work fine in the guests! So it is not a hardware problem, it's something in my particular windows 7 installation that is wrong somehow. (Vms i tested were win 7 x86, winxp mce, and w2k8. Works fine in all/any of them)so. I've exhausted just about every path i can think of. Nukeing windows and reinstalling is not a viable option for me. Nyone seen similar/have any ideas as to what i can try next?

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Error - Argus Dc1620 Digital Camera Driver Open Fail

Installed software for argus dc1620 digital camera but it didn't install driver. Downloaded driver at argus website for the dc1620 but didn't work. Whats next? On 64-bit windows 7.

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Cannot Get Ie To Load

I got tired of having facebook (fb) tell me my ie6 needed to be updated, so i downloaded ie7. Then i updated firefox to the newer version which caused my homepage for ie to be set to instead of I didn't readily see how to set homepage in ie7 so i downloaded ie8  and was happy to see was my default homepage again. However now i cannot get ie to load. A message says that ie cannot display the page. It is the same with any addresses i put in. I can get to the internet with firefox just like normal.

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Using F6 To Load Driver During Upgrade

What do i do if i am upgrading from windows vista to windows 7 and i try to load a driver using f6 and the upgrade seems to be locked up?

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Cannot Load Printer Software

Few days back i have purchased note book with preloaded win-7. I have a hp photosmart printer model 3108 for my personal photography hobby. Software of this printer is not getting loaded in win-7 i.e. Win-7 is not compatible to printer cd. In other os like 98, me, xp there is such problem. Than why in win-7. I have taken up this issue with hp but issue is un-resolved. I hope u will resolve the issue & provide me suitable solution which enables me to load printer software.

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Win 7 Wont Load

I had to shut my computer down last night by holding the power button as itunes crashed and nothing would respond even ctrl alt del. When i started it again i had the choice to start windows normally or to repair the problem. I selected repair and i just got a black screen with the mouse cursor on there, this is all that happens, nothing else will respond. I shut down again and tried to start windows normally and it tried to load windows. When the windows 7 logo comes up it just crashes back to the start.

I have used f8 and tried safe mode etc but they all just result in the computer restarting and don't load anything. One option i selected came up with a blue screen that said unmountable boot volume. I haven't downloaded anything recently or added any new software apart from windows updates yesterday! I can use the web button function on my computer and access the internet but that is it. I don't have the windows disc either as i have moved to australia and a lot of my stuff is still in the uk. Is there anything i can do or would it be best to take it to the vaio store as it is still under international warranty?

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Games Wont Load

When i click on the game (minesweeper, for instance), the computer indicates that the game has loaded but then it never runs. It says it ran, but the game never pops up. Chess titans gives me a directx3d error, although the computer is brand-stinking new so i do not know why it would not have all of the .dll files it needs for a pre-loaded microsoft game. I am running an acer 5534 laptop with an amd athlon 64 x2; ati radeon hd3200 graphics, 4 gb mem and 320 gb hdd.

I know this is a trivial issue, but it shows a lack of quality for the supposedly "improved" windows 7.

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Bsods Under System Load

So, there is my problem, i regularly have blue screens under heavy load (games almost). I tested with different tests all the hardware (ram, vga, cpu, ) each one separate don't come to system crash, but when all work together, like playing games, it crashes later or earlier. Its not power problem too. I guess its problem with vga card driver because i found over google many to say have similar problems. Really there is only one thing to do, reinsert ad-in cards, ram and vga, that's what i didn't do so far.

Anyway there my spec:
Os: win 7 x64
Cpu: e6850 @ 3. 6ghz
Mb: msi p35 platinum
Ram: ocz platinum 800mhz (fsb:ram 1:1)
Vga: asus hd4870x2
Power: chieftech 1200w

Earlier i worked with "win xp x86" and "win7 x64 beta", i really like win7 and thinking about buying it, decided to test not beta and get fresh install with 30 day trial without activation. But how can i buy it, if it all the time bsod's? Earlier windows worked perfectly. Down there is one of typical bug code, but there is other too, one i remember is 0x7e.

Problem signature:
  Problem event name:    bluescreen
  Os version:    6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
  Locale id:    1062

Additional information about the problem:
  Bccode:    124
  Bcp1:    0000000000000000
  Bcp2:    fffffa8005180038
  Bcp3:    00000000b2000040
  Bcp4:    0000000000000800
  Os version:    6_1_7600
  Service pack:    0_0
  Product:    256_1

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