Installer Has Insufficient Privileges To Access This Directory

Why am i asked to be "administrator" when i am the only user, and am administrator in control panel, so it will install my programs in windows 7 ultimate-64? I upgraded to windows 7 ultimate-64. Now, as i try to install my programs (again!) It continually says:†"the installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory. This installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator. "†I am the administrator. There is no other user.control panel says i have administrator privileges. How do i get around this to install my programs will install?†

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Error Code 1303 Insufficient Privileges To Access Directory

Error code 1303 insufficient privileges to access this directory c:/program files (x86) adobe/reader 9. 0/resource/font/pfm. Then it tells me to log in as administrator. How do i do that? All i'm trying to do is load adobe reader on my computer.

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Cannot Open Files I Created - Access Privileges

I have several files i created, probably on another computer, that i now cannot access in windows 7 (word 2007).constant error messages "access privileges" and i can't change anything! I am running as administrator of the new computer, and was of the old. They are about 1-2 pages worth of text. Please advise! I have tried changing the security area of the file in explorer, but nothing works. There are a pdf file too in the same folder with the same problem.

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Access To The Directory Is Denied

Why can't the admin be the admin? In windows 7, i sometimes attempt to install software. That is a basic function of an os, which i think i should be entitled to do. However, with some programs, the installer gets denied access because "access to the directory is denied". I try to take away the read-only status on my folders, but no, access is denied. It says my administrator should do so.

But, i am the administrator. Why can't i be the administrator of my own pc? Why is it not up to me if the folder should be protected or not?

Is there a way to get rid of this? Because disabling uac doesn't help, and when it is off my security center nags about it day in and day out. I just want to install sandbox2 for crysis for god's sake.

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Directory Structure And Access

Windows 7 has a new concept: libraries. They seem to be nothing but indexes to a bunch of directories. All the confusion and frustration with trying to access directories that appear to be locked, or for which you seemingly† have no permission (even though you are the system administrator), can be largely avoided if you approach your file structure as follows: click on the combination of windows key + e, then click on libraries, then double click on one of the 4 pre-made libraries: documents, pictures, music, video.

If you transferred your files from xp to windows 7 with windows easy transfer (which requires a belkin cable as well), and those inaccessible directories appear, you will be successful with the above method. I don't know if you have the same issues, or if the same solution holds, if you migrate from other window operating systems.

Continue to work through the libraries. For instance, if you want to transfer a file that is stored in a documents library directory to a directory that is stored in the pictures library, copy the file at the directory location underneath the documents library, click to open the pictures library and then find the directory where you want to copy the file to. Then save the file there.

Unfortunately, if you try to access your directory structure in "the old-fashioned way, " as it has existed since the dos days, you will continue to see folders that you cannot access. I agree with others that showing those non-accessible directories in windows 7 is extremely confusing, and what makes it worse is that the error message doesn't say something like: "this is a system folder that cannot be accessed, " or words to that effect.

Instead, microsoft makes you think that you can change permissions, and they lead you on a goose chase that in the end leaves you thinking that something is terribly wrong with your file system and its security, which in fact is not the case. What microsoft should have done is not show those "access denied" directories at all. I hope they will put out a fix for this soon.

Anybody have these same issues and/or†other suggestions?

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Directory Paths And File Access In Xp Mode

Hi all, i recently became a windows 7 user when i bought a new laptop. For many years i've been using an old 16-bit program (foxpro for windows 2. 6) under various versions of windows, up through and including xp3. It didn't work under win 7, so i purchased the online upgrade from home premium to professional so that i could download windows xp mode. This all worked well, and i'm able to use the old foxpro when running a virtual session of xp in a window. The only issue i'm having now is that i'd like to create an icon for the program on my windows 7 desktop so that i can run the program without the intermediary step of starting an xp mode virtual session. It appears from the documentation that this should be possible. But i'm having trouble with the directory paths under xp vs. Win 7. In windows xp, i store foxpro's program files in c:program filesfpw26, and i store my scripts and data files in c:documents and applications[me]my documents xyz. In xp, i created a shortcut to the executable, and under properties created a "start in:" path with the path above to the script and data files. I copied the shortcut icon over to the windows 7 desktop, but the "start in:" reference did not make it across.

So i entered this pathname again in properties for the shortcut on the windows 7 desktop. Unfortunately it isn't recognizing this; i can start foxpro from the windows 7 desktop, but it acts as if it's in the directory of its executable files under c:program files. I wondered if there was a way to describe a windows 7 version of the pathname for the script/data file directory, but i couldn't figure out how to do this. So i have three questions:1) how can i pass a pathname in the "start in:" field under properties for the foxpro shortcut icon on the windows 7 desktop to make it recognize my directory of scripts/data files that exists under my documents in the virtual version of xp?2) if i can succeed with this, is there a way to access the directory of scripts/data files from windows 7 (for example, to edit them with a text editor) without needing to start an xp virtual session? In other words, are the xp directories visible from win 7?3) alternatively, would it be feasible for me to put my directory of scripts/data files under my documents in the windows 7 directory tree, and is it possible to pass foxpro a parameter to tell it to "start in" (and act on) that directory?

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Cannot Access Windows Installer

When i try to install a program, (internet or dvd/cdrom) i get a "cannot access windows installer, this could be caused because windows installer is not properly installed", what do i do? Some programs are adobe acrobat reader internet download, also gaming speed pad software

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Admin Error: Trusted Installer Denying Access To Files

Cab anybody help me please, firstly am not technical minded at all i have a toshiba satellite l300 with windows 7 ultimate on but i have problems of not being able to access half the stuff on the stupid thing. I get messages like access is denied + i need "permission" of a "trusted installer" to access this file and its really beginning to irritate me. Surely as the only person with an account to this laptop i should have unrestricted access to it all.

Also as stated there is only me with an account but say the laptop goes to sleep when i wake it it offers me†the chance to switch user?†Another thing is i seem to have a lot of error, s and warning in the system performance i would be very grateful if someone could help me clear this up.

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Win 7 Backup Insufficient†Space

I recently installed windows 7 on my desktop. When i try to do a back up i get an error message (after a short time and maybe 40% of the back up being complete) saying that there is insufficient†space in the specified back up destination. The back up is going to a 500gb external hard drive with about 370gb of free space on it and the back up is apparently 79gb, so i do not see how there cannot be enough space. Am i just doing something really basic wrong or is this a problem anyone else has had with windows 7 back up ?

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No Administrator Privileges

I just bought a new toshiba laptop today, and set it up. Everything seemed to go smoothly, until i tried to delete the one of the silly desktop shortcuts that was pre-installed by toshiba. Then user account control took over and said that i needed to be logged in as the administrator to do this. It said that i have to type a password and click yes, or no. There is no space to enter a password, and the 'yes' box is disabled. My only choice is to click the 'no' and go back to the drawing board.

The same happens when i tried to install adobe flash player. I also tried to change my account (which is marked as a 'standard account' into an administrator one, but the same message occurs. This is very frustrating, what use is a computer if i can't delete or install the programmes i want to use?!

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Full Administrator Privileges

I recently bought a new computer with windows 7 ultimate on it and thus far i hate it the newest version of windows! I use itunes and now windows 7 says i cant move my files around in explorer the way i like them so i went to take ownership of the files through the security settings and now my movies will not play and i get "error -36: an i/o error occurred!" I click continue and then i get the message that i need to provide administrator permission to change these attributes"! ***? I am the owner of the computer and the software and the movies as i paid for them. So how do i resolve this issue and get back to being able to play my movies?

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Administrator Permissions / Privileges

Another new computer running windows 7. I'm pleased with windows 7 but have encountered the problem of being owner and administrator account but there are privileges not allowed. The error reads "cannot import c:usersdocumentsieopen. Reg: error accessing registry. " I have used this script before on a windows xp computer and had no trouble at all. I am asking someone to help me change the administrator privileges so i can add to the registry. Like the answers i read it is hard to believe a computer with me as administrator doesn't have these privileges.

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Must Have Administrator Privileges To Run

Administrator account used, not recognized to make changes; downloaded windows live onecare, error 0x0c600c03, windows live onecare won't uninstall, can't use windows live one care clean up tool, says must have administrator privileges to run. I have windows 7. I downloaded windows live onecare and it would not work. I received error 0x0c600c03. Then i learned windows live onecare would not work on a 64 bit system, which is what i have.

I attempted to uninstall it and it would not uninstall. I tried to use the windows live one care clean up tool and it says i must have administrator privileges to run this tool. I am the administrator. Any help on how to uninstall windows live onecare is greatly appreciated. If anymore information is needed to help resolve this, please let me know.

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Program Installation Keeps Asking For Administrator Privileges

A program i am installing keeps asking for administrative privileges, even though i am logged in as an administrator and running the installation program as an administrator. I am running windows vista premium service pack 2.

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Problem With Administrator Privileges Inconsistency

Running windows 7 64-bit on a quad processor. I am the only user. Sometimes i have no problem with administrator rights and can do what i need to do. Sometimes a message pops up saying i need administrator rights to do something and i tell it to continue and it does the function. Other times the system tells me i can't update my software or install new software because i lack administrator rights. In some of these cases it will not do the function.

My outlook 2007 crashes all the time and the forums all tell me to disable add-ins but the automatic add-ins from microsoft will not allow me to disable them because the system says i lack administrator rights. The automatic updates automatically install microsoft updates which i neither use nor want for coordination with mobile devices. I would like to remove those add-ins and see if outlook 2007 would stop crashing.

(No error codes, it just instantly†goes away. ) How do i make sure i have administrator rights everywhere in my system not just seemingly in some places?This is very frustrating.

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Error - You Must Have Administrator Privileges To Install Drivers

Error message: "you must have administrator privileges to install drivers" - but i am the administrator! Attempting to install driver for a tascam us-122mkii usb 2. 0 audio/midi interface; and i got the above message. Is this an issue with windows or with tascam?†Cannot install by either disk or download from tascam site, because i "do not have administrator privileges. ".

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Homegroup Denies Update Privileges On Target Pc

I have two windows 7/64 pcs (home premium) with a homegroup established - can access files either way, but cannot update them. I have tried this with norton firewall on and off. I have tried with various file types but all access to save or save-as are denied. How do i fix this? I thought that home-groups were supposed to make things easier? Not sure how to paste an image of the folder permissions but in effect it says:

File sharing
Choose people to share with:
Name permissions
Everyone read/write
Homegroup read/write
Owner owner

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Gadgets / Sidebar Require Admin Privileges

I don't have the sidebar or gadgets on my desktop. When i place either name in the search box. I get a message that says "must have admin privileges to make changes. I only had 1 user account, and assumed it would have admin status. So i created a 2nd user account specifically giving it admin status. Now when i try to restore the sidebar with gadgets, i still get the same message, no matter which account i select at boot. How do restore the sidebar and gadgets ?

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Win7 Doesn't Let Me Use Administrator Privileges

I'm having an extremely annoying problem on my w7. Every once in a while this os doesn't let me do certain commands, such as updating a program (a game in this case) or installing a stupid program which is for one reason or another necessary for using another program and it says i need administrator's privileges. Well guess what, i am using the one and only user of this computer which is the admin's user, so there's no reason i can't do these things i want. That would make sense if it would ask me the password again when i try to do these things i want, but it doesn't! How can i fix this?

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Admin Privileges Problem When Upgrading From Vista

I have a compaq-hp laptop that is††currently running windows vista home basic and i'm trying to upgrade to windows 7 home prem. I have the hp upgrade cd and it keeps telling me that i need to log in to an account with admin privileges, i am in the admin account and it still will not let me.

I have disabled uac and† i have tried running the cd by right click† "run as admin" and it still does not work. I have enabled the admin account and removed admin priv. From all other accounts.

Why is this not working?

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Error Message - Admin Privileges - Installing Printer Driver

Trouble installing hp printer driver (cp2020) with newly upgraded win7 os. Error message indicates the need for admin privileges, yet my user profile identifies me as the default administrator. Driver had been installed and was working with vista os. 3 mo old dell studio laptop.

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Directory Assistance

Why do i need libraries, my name, users with my name, etc. ? I hated it in vista so i got rid of it and did a full version install of windows 7 professional. Now i have all the different directories. I just want one place for everything to go to. My pictures, music, documents, etc. Have a few different locations so i have to look all over for something. Whatever happened to just having a c drive and everything fell under that? And what is up with the 'access denied' box?

I am the only person who uses this laptop and i am the administrator and can't even get full access rights when i try to set them. Did i miss something along the way? I consider myself to be fairly computer intelligent for years & years now, and is this just something that is staring me in the face and i am overlooking it?

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Deleting Windows.old Directory

While installing windows 7 on a new flash drive, i goofed and installed it twice. I now have a windows. Old directory, with 11 gb of data. In trying to delete it, it says that i need administrator rights, but i am the administrator.

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Unable To Create Directory

Whenever i launched ie web browsers(yahoo, google or msn), a message window (1-1/2"h x 2-1/2"w) with a message "unable to create directory"†popping up first in the center of screen (i have to close this window first to open up browser) and then ie browser home page will be opening. This is very annoying and i do not know what caused this and how to†correct it.

It†started happening after i created a limited user account and†try to launching ie†in the limited user account. No problem in the admin user account and†if†i change the limited user account to administrator.

My†pc is dell inspiron 9300 and†windows xp professional and ie 8 are installed, plenty of hd space and 1gb ram. I have this pc for 4 years and i never have this sort of problem before.

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Auto Run Directory

Back when i was running xp there used to be a directory that contained links or shortcut of programs that you wanted to start whenever you logged into windows. I'm using windows 7 and am looking for this directory without much success. I have some apps that keep running when i log in that i don't run (like instant messenger) that i want to not start. Don't know what this directory is called and the help isn't much help. Not even sure if windows 7 has this directory or it implements the "auto run" feature another way. Ny help would be appreciated.

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Directory Creation With Batch File

We use a batch file to install an application, mainly because the application requires a few pre-requisite items to be in place or it will bomb out terribly. In the batch file we set a few variables for directory names, paths to copy files to and from, ect. Two directories that i'm trying to have the batch file create are in c:userspublicdesktop"appname" and c:programdatamicrosoftwindowsstart menuprograms"appname" (putting the same directory with the various application shortcuts on the desktop and in the start menu).

However, when i run the batch file i get the error message "access is denied" for those two actions. I can manually create these directories without any trouble.given that this batch file ran without any trouble on our windows xp machines iím at a loss for how to correct it.

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Directory Issue Xp/vista To Win 7

I have win 7 home premium 64-bit. I installed a game intended for win xp (rollercoaster tycoon 3) and it runs fine - with one exception - to use one game feature, the game needs to access:

C:usersmy namedocumentsmy pictures - which it cannot do because of the difference in the directories between xp and win 7. The same issue occurred with the game installed on vista. Rollercoaster tycoon 3 users developed a command prompt work around for *vista* as follows:

C:usersmy name>cd "c:usersmy namedocuments"

C:usersmy namedocuments>rmdir "my pictures"

C:usersmy namedocuments>mklink /j "my pictures" "c:usersmy namepictures"

Junction created for my pictures <<===>> c:usersmy namepictures

However, because the directories are different in win 7 than they are in vista, i need to know what kind of workaround to use so that the computer can redirect the game's request to access c:usersmy namedocumentsmy pictures to the correct folder in ****win 7*****

Is it possible to use the vista workaround, above, with just some slight changes to accommodate the differences between vista and win 7? If so, what **specific** changes do i need to make? Or, do i need to do something completely different than use a command prompt. If so, what exactly do i need to do?

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Xcopy: Unable To Create Directory

'm trying to write a batch file that will perform incremental backups each night. The file looks like this:

Xcopy "c:usersdavalynnmy documents" "z:backupsdavalynn backupmy documents" /h /r /s /e /i /c /y /d
Xcopy "c:usersdavalynnappdataroamingthunderbirdprofilesvdkm8ik1. Default" "z:backupsdavalynn backupvdkm8ik1. Default" /h /r /s /e /i /c /y /d
Xcopy "c:usersdavalynnfavorites" "z:backupsdavalynn backupfavorites" /h /r /s /e /i /c /y /d

The last two xcopy commands work fine. The first one, however, yields the following error:

Access denied
Unable to create directory - z:backupsdavalynn backupmy documents
File not found - *. *
0 file(s) copied

All the directories referenced in the batch file exist on the z: drive - i created them myself. There must be a syntax problem somewhere, and i've been looking at it for so long i can't see it.

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Can't Write To Programs Directory - You Do Not Have Permission

Can't write to programs directory "you do not have permission" contact the administrator. I am the only acct on the pc & the admin. Trying to download a pgm & save it in the programs directory.

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Active Directory Domain Services Unavailable

I'm running windows 7 and after the last set of updates (4/15/2010) i can no longer access the print servers (version 2003). It gives me the message: active directory domain services unavailable. I have verified that dns is set up properly and have tried without the firewall active. I have also tried doing a system restore but that failed to fix the problem. I suspect a registry issue as i have the same problem regardless of what problem i try to print with.

I am also now having a problem with adobe and am getting the error message: unable to print: no pages were selected to print. I noticed that these patches are for patches. I am also unable to use the diagnostics program because it says i do not have the "download a file periodically that helps determine system problems" box " checked even though i do. My computer is a tool that is useless with out this ability.

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