Installing Updates

Bought an e-machines pc for christmas 2007. In december 2009 i had a problem with the computer which has recently been diagnosed has a common fault with the motherboard which i have since replaced. I have spent the last two weeks trying to get my system back up and running after replacing the motherboard. I have re-installed the windows vista that came with the pc and the computer works fine. I then download avg internet security and use the computer absolutely fine. However each time i switch off the pc and then try to switch it back on it tells me that the system registry is missing or corrupt and to boot from the disc to do the repair.

I do this and again the computer works fine. However the internet security and anything else i had on there is missing including any documents i had saved. This happens everytime switch off the computer. Having looked on this site i found that i had no service packs installed so downloaded sp1 and sp2. These wouldn't run and the site advised me to install an updater add on. This wouldn't install either. My automatic updates wont work either. I'm not computer illiterate but i'm no expert either so please help.

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Installing Updates Difficulties

I am having difficulties installing an update. I am getting an error code of code 643: windows update has encountered an unknown error. The update i'm trying to install is microsoft .net framework 1. 1 sp1 security update for windows vista and windows server 2008 (kb979906). Please let me know if this is a necessary update, and, if not, tell me how to have my computer stop picking it up. I'm constantly trying to install this update because my computer will not let it go, but it also refuses to install said update. I hope i have given enough information for you to work with.

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Problem Installing Updates

Updates for vista problems i have a computer that has vista on it. When i run the updates it says that there are 104 updates available. When ever i try to update it gets stuck on the 3rd one and will not go any farther. I have to eventually turn it off with the power button instead of safely shutting it down. Is it just because there are soo many updates. Should i try just a few at a time. Or is there possibly another problem. Right now i am trying to just do 8 updates but i'm not sure that it's going to complete it either.

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Runtime Messages After Installing Updates

After windows update 8/10/2010 i have several warning 1130 net runtime optimization service (2. 0. 50727. 4952) version does not match repository;mcplayerinterop. Ny ideas on cause? I have had a couple updates in the past cause the same issue after restart to finish installing windows update and there is about 5 or 6 in a row with different parts of media center at the end of the details.

Anyway it happened again is this something i should worry about or is this a issue caused by having net runtime 2 installed for catalyst control center? I don't have much info on this warning and i would appreciate any info or help troubleshooting or anything that might help, because i'm tired of restoring my new pc.

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Problem With Microsoft Updates Not Installing

I have a new hp dv6 laptop with windows 7. I also have norton 360 protection on this machine as well as the microsoft office 2010 beta on this computer. Since beginning to use the new system, i receive regular notices from windows auto update for updates available for download; which i regularly allow. The day after i installed the office 2010 - beta i received the following two update notices:

1. Update for microsoft office 2010 file validation - beta (kb976133), 32 bit extension
2. Security update for microsoft works 9 (kb967044)

The problem that i'm having is that when i try to install these updates i receive the following error message for both downloads after they don't install:

Code 646 windows update encountered an unknown error.

None of the available online fixes or troubleshooting seem to work, and windows auto update continues to find and notify me of these 2 updates. The same problem occurs every time i try to install the downloads.

Tonight i received 2 other update notices along with the 2 that won't install; at the moment all other updates seem to install just fine. Since (at least) one of these problem updates appears to be a security update, is my system encountering a problem installing them because of the norton 360 software? Any help you can give me in getting these updates to install or quit appearing through windows auto update?

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Trouble After Installing Win 7 Updates

After installing updates that were auto downloaded, i was instructed to do a re-start. I did. Now i don't have any icons on my desktop, just the words. Same on windows explorer and also my computer seems to be running slower. I tried to restore to a previous date (yesterday) but it said it didn't work. I am running an hp9420us laptop with windows 7 ultimate and office 2007.

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Hotfix Error When Installing Updates

I am attempting to install some updates and then i get error codes 646 and code ff and a pop saying the hotfix installers stop working. The details are below:

Problem signature:

  Problem event name:    bex
  Application name:    hotfix.exe
  Application version:    1. 4. 1572. 0
  Application timestamp:    4919b4d5
  Fault module name:    stackhash_ede2
  Fault module version:    0. 0. 0. 0
  Fault module timestamp:    00000000
  Exception offset:    002d002d
  Exception code:    c0000005
  Exception data:    00000008
  Os version:    6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 256. 6
  Locale id:    1033

  Additional information 1:    ede2
  Additional information 2:    7505e0fed4887675456d7e9a94927581
  Additional information 3:    41aa
  Additional information 4:    9f18063ce460533af341babfbd939bb9

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Laptop Restarts After Installing Updates Without Prompting

I just purchased a new laptop with windows 7. It has several times restarted after installing updates without prompting me first so i lose all my work. Vista used to warn me and let me postpone restarting my computer. Is something similar possible in windows 7? Thanks for any suggestions

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I installed the windows updates by their size from lower to large one throw internet by windows update, but now i found that some updates like sp2 needs some others like sp1 pre-installed. The defects i saw was bugs in display ( some part of 2 gadgets on sidebar was incomplete ) which has been solved, and the slowed windows slightly .

So what happens to my laptop which i can't find where may work improperly ? Should i uninstall all the updates and reinstall them by date ( the oldest first )? I have installed 3 hotfixes ( kb941997-kb938725-kb936003 ) came with my laptop dvd ; are there sp1? And if i installed sp2 throw windows updates ? My system is windows vista home premium 32 bit .

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Cannot Install Updates

I have an hp pavilion slimline with windows 7. I am having trouble with windows installer. I am not in safe mode, i have administrative rights. The message says that windows installer is in safe mode or incorrectly installed. I cannot run certain updates and i cannot install itunes64 setup. The computer runs and works great except for the installer. I am unable to use or install windows cleanup utility, etc. Any suggestions or links to fix this problem?

I was on the phone with apple support for 2 hrs. To try to get working when i bought my iphone. They suggested several things and finally suggested contacting hp, which was a joke. I do not know where or who to contact at microsoft for help. I am not very savvy with computers.

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How To Remove Updates ?

How do i remove updates? Windows just installed an update into my windows7 machine - it has consequently messed up my entire computer, and i cannot load any programs properly - i eventually got on ie after many attempts - how do i removed them? - And set my computer to deny updates from windows? I dont want them if they cause harm

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Ms Updates - C: Drive Critical

My c drive is filling up with ms updates. I fitted a new (2nd) hard drive to cope but the updates default to c. Ms technician told me if i did a clean re-install i could reformat my drives and change the letters, but he didn't tell me how to get round the master/slave settings, so i'm stuck on the old c drive at the moment, however many times i do a re-install. The technician supporting then disappeared and changed his email so all further appeals for assistance bounced.

I have now spent a whole day re-installing xp and am back to square 1 with an overburdened c drive and an empty d drive.

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Net Framework Updates

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 and .net framework 2. 0 sp2 security update for windows 2000, windows server 2003, and windows xp x86 (kb979909).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 update for windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb982168)
Security update for .net framework 2. 0 sp2 and 3. 5 sp1 on windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb983583).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 sp1 and .net framework 2. 0 sp2 update for windows server 2003 and windows xp x86 (kb982524).

Microsoft .net framework 3. 5 service pack 1 and .net framework 3. 5 family update for .net versions 2. 0 through 3. 5 (kb951847) x86.

Microsoft .net framework 1. 1 sp1 security update for windows 2000 and windows xp (kb979906)since june 2010 i have been trying to install the above updates, every day i try to install using automatic updates or try to install on shut-down but each update does not install. I also have not been unable to install adobe8 reader update:adobe reader 8. 1. 7 (cpsid_50029)i have searched knowledge base, tried to install separate threads that state 'this is the answer' but still to no avail.

It is starting to drive me round the twist as i am not a 'computer expert' and cannot fully understand the literature used to explain the reasoning behind this issue. I would welcome any suggestions out there and i do promise that i will leave everything in my will to anyone that can sort this problem out! So if there are any kind hearted microsoft experts out there that can save a welshman from going insane i would be very grateful.

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Cannot Run Programs After Updates

On 17th downloaded and installed updates, service pack 2 for windows, service pack 2 for office 2007, update kb967642 for office, 5 security updates for office, silver light, after this i found that all installed widows games ie. Solitair, spider etc: would not run, error message executable for xxx game has stopped working. This happened on a previous occasion and after contacting the supplier of my pc we finished up carrying out a factory setting restore which removed all installed programmes.

I do not wish to do this as i have only had the pc since january 2009 and already carried out 2 factory resets for similar reasons. I have also now had a failure with an audio editing program which has load but on importing a music file the programme closes. I uninstalled all the updates except office service pack2 and update kb 967642 both of which did not give the option to uninstall in programs and features which had no effect on the games.

I have uninstalled the software for the audio program and reinstalled from the program cd but i still have the same problem. I could not carry out a restore as there were no restore points prior to the update install. The factory reset was carried out on the 11may2009 which is the date when the complete system was updated. My os is vista home premium, acer aspire m3201, amd phenom(tm) 9150e quad-core processor 1. 80ghz. Ati radeon hd 3200 graphics on board, realtek audio manager. Is there any way of restoring these items and any other programs that i have not used yet and may be effected? I am only a basic user with non/very little technical knowledge.

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Bad Windows Updates

Windows just sent me a update that freezes windows explorer in about 1/2 hr of use. This is the third time they have sent a bad update to me. The worst one was a virus that piggybacked on a update, it prevented me from getting access to the inter-net. Do they ever check a update to see if it's worse than th problem they are trying to cure? Don't they have a virus check on updates before the send then or a virus block to prevent them from infecting someones computer?

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Windows Updates Fail

The following updates fail to install on my computer. I am running windows vista home edition x64 on an hp pavilion dv7 laptop.

Update for windows vista for x64-based systems (kb980248)
Security update for microsoft office excel 2007 (kb978382)
Security update for microsoft office outlook 2007 (kb972363)
Security update for microsoft office publisher 2007 (kb980470)
Security update for microsoft office visio viewer 2007 (kb973709)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb972581)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb974234)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb978380)
Update for microsoft office infopath 2007 (kb976416)
Update for microsoft office onenote 2007 (kb980729)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2007 junk email filter (kb981433)
Update for microsoft office word 2007 (kb974561)
Update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb981715)

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Security Updates Fail

This is so ridiculous. I've been getting a blue screen for a long time now. The updates don't want to install. Took it to geek squad, only for them to tell me it's infected and that i would have to do a restore. That would cost 130 dollars. They are about as useful as a burning bag of. Anyway, i get failures every single time i try to download updates. It's not the kb number that people are referencing. It is a different number every time. I can't copy all of the errors because it won't let me, and i don't want to type it all out.

But, a couple of them are error code: code 80200010, kb 959130 and 973768. Those are two of a million. I have restored my computer to factory settings. The only things on it are windows files, avg and itunes (with no music on it). I was told i could reinstall my operating system, but when i put the disc in, to uninstall and reinstall a clean version of vista, it does nothing. The disc doesn't read at all, and in fact, it just got stuck in there and i can't get it out.

The disc sounds like it fires up for a moment, then nothing. When i go into computer, then click on the disc drive, it tells me to insert a disc, then kicks mine out. Other discs work fine. Can someone please shed some light. The geek squad is a rip-off. Don't ever buy a warranty from best buy. It does absolutely nothing for you. You just waste your money.

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Error 8e5e0147 Updates

I'm receiving error 8e5e0147, while trying to install the following updates:


Occasionally the network connection drops out and eventually it blue screens. This is on a system running windows vista home premium x64 sp2. I have tried the directions outline here/below and they didn't work:


Step 1 : you may first try to use the fixit for windows update by following the link

How do i reset windows update componets?

Step 2 : run checksur (kb: 947821)

Download and run the system update readiness tool by the following article : kb947821 description of the system update readiness tool for windows vista and for windows server 2008:

Step 3 : before attempting to install the updates again, you may try installing the latest version of windows installer for vista , by following the link:

Step 4 : put the computer in cleanboot before attempting to install the updates, if necessary:
To help troubleshoot error messages and other issues, you can start windows vista by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This kind of startup is known as a "clean boot. " A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. This article describes how to troubleshoot problems in windows vista by performing a clean boot.

How to perform a clean boot procedure to determine whether background programs are interfering with a game or a program that you currently use:
1. Click start, type msconfig in the start search box, and then press enter.

2. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click continue.

3. On the general tab, click selective startup. Under selective startup, click to clear the load startup items check box.

4. Click the services tab, click to select the hide all microsoft services check box, and then click disable all. Click on apply and then ok. When you are prompted, click restart.

After installing the updates, put the computer in normal mode:

1. Click on start, type msconfig in the start search box.
2. In the general tab, select "normal startup". Click on apply and then ok. When you are prompted, click restart.

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Updates Wont Install

I keep getting an error code of 646, even though i shut off both my spysweeper firewall and my windows firewall. Not only that, but before when i could install the updates, my computer would freeze. Is this normal, and is there a solution? I asked other groups, and different people said different things. Some people claimed it was my registry that was causing the problems, and others said that i shouldn't "clean" my registry at all - that it would cause bigger problems. I used two registry cleaners - regcure and ccleaner. They helped with the freezing issues, but not with the 646 error.

I have 87. 9 gb of free space on my toshiba satellite l305-s5955. I have microsoft office, with word 2007. The "important" updates i need to install are as follows:

Security update for microsoft office excel 2007 (kb978382)
Security update for microsoft office visio viewer 2007 (kb973709)
Security update for microsoft office word 2007 (kb969604)
Security update for microsoft powerpoint 2007 (kb957789)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb969559)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb969613)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb972581)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb974234)
Security update for the 2007 microsoft office system (kb978830)
Update for microsoft office infopath 2007 (kb976416)
Update for microsoft word 2007 (kb974561)

I put this question in windows vista section, but the system here put my question in the windows 7 section. The os i'm running is windows vista.

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Automatic Updates Error

I'm running window xp home. Every day i get the reminder that updates are ready and i click express install. After a while a pop up is displayed indicating that "some updates could not be installed". I've rebooted and tried again without success.

The following updates were not installed:

Microsoft .net framework 1. 1 service pack 1 security update for windows 2000, windows xp, windows vista, windows server 2008, windows 7, and windows server 2008 r2 (kb953297)

Microsoft .net framework 2. 0 service pack 1 security update for windows 2000, windows server 2003, and windows xp (kb953300)

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Error Configuring Updates

Installed the windows 7 upgrade from vista and things seems fine the first day. The second day when i was done it had 20 important updates and 4 not so important so i let it update and went away. I forgot about it and came back the next day and the screensaver was working so i moved the mouse and brought up the desktop and the windows explorer was in a continuous failure/restart status.

I reboot and it tries to configure all the updates and then begins a continuous loop of failure to configure and restart. So i pop my install disk in and use system restore to get back to the status i was in before the 24 updates. When done using the system it of course had the 24 updates it wanted to install again, so i clicked the install/shutdown button and let it do it's thing.

Came back the next evening and turned on the computer and went into a loop again where it would fail on configure then retry and then finally reboot itself and start this all over again. If this continues i will have to backup the files i want to keep and do a fresh install. Anyone know what is causing this?

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Unable To Download Updates

Using xp sp3 and ie7.

In order to download updates, i have to go to a different computer, download the update and copy them over to this computer.

When i go to the microsoft download/updates section and try to download anything, i get the message "internet explorer cannot display the web page".

So far, i have:
1) reset ie to manufacturer settings.
2) purged all temp files, browser history, etc etc
3) disabled all firewall apps
4) enabled pop ups

What else should i try?

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Updates Not Checked For Download

There are two updates ready for download, but they are not checked. These aren't optional updates. So far, i have only been downloading the checked ones. I have a windows vista home premium 64-bit computer. These are the two updates listed:

Kb977165 (security update for windows vista for x64-based systems)
Kb968389 (update for windows vista for 64-based systems).

I would like to know why these are listed, but not checked. Should they have been checked? As i mentioned, they are not optional updates.

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Updates For Ms Office Always Fail

The following updates continuously fail. Nothing i do seems to get them to install. Please help. This has been happening since may.

Security update for the 2007 ms office system (kb982312)

Sec. Upd. For ms office excel 2007 ( kb982308)
Sec. Upd. For ms office infopath 2007 (kb979441)
Sec. Upd. For ms office powerpoint 2007 (kb982158)
Sec. Upd. For ms office access 2007 (kb799440)
Sec. Upd. For ms office word 2007 (kb982135)

Security update for the 2007 ms office system (kb982331)
Update for ms office outlook 2007 junk email filter (kb2202131)

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Cannot Get Updates For Office 2003

After hours of talking on the phone i turn to these forums for help. I have windows 7 x64 professional with all the current updates. I also have ms office 2003. While i'm able to receive and update the os, i get no prompt or suggested updates for office 2003. Starting office 2003 and then clicking on "help/check for updates" does nothing. Interesting going to "control panel/system and security/windows update" and then clicking "get updates for other microsoft products. Find out more" also does nothing. My question: i exclusively use firefox and i'm wondering if ie is required to enable these functions? Currently i have ie disabled and not installed.

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Office Updates Are Failing

I am running windows 7 32 bit and last night i downloaded microsoft office 2010 and installed it (upgrading my 2007 edition in the process). By the time i wanted to shut the computer off it reported that 6 updates had been downloaded and needed to be installed. I did not read what they were, i assume i can some hownyway, i let it shut down and it performed the updates and switched off. Then i rebooted the computer and it came up with the second update screen which shows percentage complete.

At this point i have to wait for what feels like 5 minutes (with it staying on 0%) and eventually it says the update had failed and it was reverting the changes. No error numbers are displayed. After logging on i tried the shutdown again and it followed the same process. I have not tried this morning yet. How can i get around this issue?Thank you for your help. I have been most pleased with windows 7 and up until last night i have not had window update issues. Ndrew

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Update Installs Same Updates Over And Over Again

I am running windows vista home premium sp2 on a hp pavilion a1600n. I recently reinstalled vista and have been getting many, many requests to install updates to my computer. I finally noticed i am installing some of the same updates again and again. Others come up with different kb numbers but the same name. The most prominent one is ie8 although i have ie8, i am prompted to install this app with every update. I am not sure why. Also, i read some other articles and tried running the updater in safe mode with networking, but it would not run. I don't know if this is a feature of the updater or if it is supposed to run in safe mode.

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Updates Error 80246005

This has been going on since we purchased this toshiba laptop and i hooked up with earthlink dial-up, had connection issues, couldn't update at all. Not enough signal. Just signed up to wireless. Had computer backed up, then wiped clean by best buy in jan. Had norton removed, had several security problems. They were to repair any damage. Still i can't get all updates. Finally earthlink told me they had a compatibility problem with windows vista.

I had to originally remove their program, then load a new version they sent me, update never worked right after that. That's why i had best buy crash it and reload the toshiba disc and try to start over. I have  trend micro anti virus purchased at best buy, working great. Why do i keep getting this error code, what am i doing wrong? I don't know what else to try. What can i do?

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Installed Updates Now No Sound

Ok so i am on a compaq presario f769wm laptop running vista home premium  amd athlon 64 x2 dual-core processor tk-57 nvidia geforce 7000m/ nforce 610m  with conexant hd audio internal speakers

I've tried everything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers i've resumed factory settings and when i did that everything worked fine until the updates installed themselves last night while i was running a virus and spyware scan. Is there any way besides trial and error to figure out which update screwed up my sound?

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System Restore And Updates

I have been trying to uninstall windows liveone care safety scanner because i mistakenly downloaded it and it does not work for windows 7 64 bit computers. It would not uninstall. So i tried restoring my computer to an earlier time. Two questions: the liveone safety scanner is still there and i still can not uninstall it. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

The restore point was before the latest windows updates. Would the updates have been deleted by the system restore? I checked to see if i have the latest updates and i do, but i don't understand how that is possible. Any explanation?

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