Key Activation After Upgrade

I have purchased a toshiba laptop from toshiba aus that came with windows 7 starter. A few weeks later is purchased an upgrade disk from the site its not cheating to upgrade it to windows 7 pro.
The upgrade worked but now it is asking for the product key to be entered. The problem is that the windows activation wont accept the key as it says its an upgrade key not for a clean install of windows 7.
The way i went around upgrading was to first try the dvd but when it was about to start dong the upgrade it said to use the windows 7 anytime upgrade. So i than used the windows 7 anytime upgrade and that worked for the upgrade and it now says windows 7 professional, but the other day it started to ask me to activate the key.

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Activation Key Not Working After Getting Upgrade

Earlier this month my hard drive crashed so i went out to buy a new hard drive at best buy and they told me i also needed to buy a new operating system. They handed me windows 7 upgrade saying that i can install it without any problems. Well, i put in my new hard drive and stuck the windows 7 upgrade cd in and it started to install etc. When it wanted me to activate the product, i put in the key that was in the box but it said it wasn't valid. I retyped it over and over with the same problem. I decided to skip it and would ask online later. So here i am wondering what i should do to fix this problem. Do i have to buy a new key? Did best buy hand me the wrong thing? Do i have to go out and spend more money just so i can have an operating system?

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Re Enter Activation Key - Product Key Invalid

I've just purchased a new pc and now using the original software of windows 7. That operating system has been used before on my previous pc, but i took the hard drive and put it into my new pc slot which makes my previous pc left with no hard drive. I installed the software using the original copy and try to re-enter the activation key, but it does not work, what should i do? I though that it will work because i am still using my previous hard drive.

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Activation Key Is Not Being Accepted

I bought windows 7 upgrade about 4 months ago and upgraded my pv from xp to windows 7. My pc subsequently broke and i have replaced it. The new pc had (i think vista on), the guy in the shop uploaded my windows 7. I am trying to activate windows 7 and my activation key is not being accepted, saying "the product key you typed cannot be used to activate windows in this computer", with a code of 0xc004008. Surely i do not have to purchase another windows 7 upgrade - i have already purchased one.

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Interchangeable Activation Key

A few months ago i bought the windows 7 upgrade license. It wasn't a family pack, just for an individual. I installed it over xp and it works fine. Then my wife got a netbook, and we bought one for that as well, again going from xp to win 7 and again just an individual license.

Since then, she's sold her netbook to our friend, who wiped everything off and is running ubuntu on it. And today we ordered a laptop that is coming preloaded with vista.

Will we be able to use her version of the upgrade for this new computer, the one that is no longer being used on the netbook, or will we have to buy a new license for it?

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Activation Key Is Blocked

I bought 64-bit win7 in october thru the school program via download. I installed it at the time in a dual-boot configuration since it was going to take me a while to move programs & data to it (was going from 32-bit xp, had too much stuff that wouldn't run). I installed it & activated it no problem.

Eventually, i got fully moved to it & deleted the xp. About 10 days ago, i got what appears to be major ntfs corruption (machine wouldn't boot, if i put one of the drives - hardware 3ware raid1 - in another machine it didn't recognize a valid file system, etc. ). So i have rebuilt it, but it wouldn't take my key as valid during the install. I thought it was odd, but i didn't realize what was going on at the time. It's because it's an upgrade key and i no longer have xp on this system.
So now i have perused various websites and found 'workarounds' for getting it activated doing a clean install with my upgrade key.

But none have worked. And in fact, the last one returned the message that my activation key has been blocked! It's only been used/activated one time, on this same hardware, so i imagine it's the repeated attempts at activating it. I cannot find a number within the os to call ms about this. I can provide order details, key, etc.

Who do i contact, how do i get this resolved? If i have to install xp again and do a clean install while it's on there, i guess that's what i have to do. It's ridiculous, though. But it appears my key is no longer going to work. I am worried that i have been permanently locked out of what i paid for.

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Activation Key Not Being Accepted

I had windows 7 home premium installed on my netbook and decided that i wanted it on my desktop pc. I installed another operating system on my netbook and then installed windows 7 on my desktop. I tried to activate it with the key which came with my windows 7 disk. It didn't work even though it worked on my netbook before. I know you can only have windows 7 running on one machine but it isn't running on my netbook now even though it was activated on there before. Is there anything i can do?

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Activation With Oem License Key

I received a copy of windows 7 ultimate with an oem license key through the house party promotional deal and so on; the license was used to upgrade the version of windows 7 already installed on a computer i bought not too long ago from home premium. Everything went well for that; my father's computer however has ceased to work properly because the license key we used to upgrade it to windows 7 ultimate turned out recently to be counterfeit; that was no problem, we simply went to buy a new key for it.

Herein lies my issue comrades, to be as cheap as possible, my father went and bought an anytime upgrade key, and windows activation presented the error that the key will not work for a clean install of windows, only for upgrades; however the computer had been upgraded, though through a was is now know to be a phony, key, my question to you is thus: would the oem key i received and activated prior still work if i use the option to change my product key to the upgrade key i just bought, or am i out 120 bucks?

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Activation - Type A Different Product Key

I typed product key and it says "type a different product key" and "the product key you typed can not be used to activate windows on this computer. " What's the problem? I have a product key, but it's not working. I have a windows 7 upgrade kit. I upgraded windows 7 from vista. I wanna get an answer as soon as possible. It also says "3 days until automatic activation". It's an office computer so i'll get in trouble if this has a problem.

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Novatech Activation Product Key

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers! I bought a new computer from novatech and installed my windows 7 on it. When i tried to activate it, it said it was no good and i would need to buy a new product key. I have the invoice from microsoft which came with my windows 7 dvd so i know it is a genuine copy, unless bill gates has gone in for piracy, it cost me £168. 19 and i just cannot afford another copy.

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Netbook Activation Key Invalid

I was trying out some other operating systems on my netbook and uninstalled the factory windows 7 starter and was trying out ubuntu, jolicloud etc. When i went to put windows 7 starter back on my netbook it says my key is invalid. The key that is on the outside of my netbook doesn't work and says its for windows 7 starter.

I was wondering if the netbooks didn't come with the "actual" windows 7 starter but a different one just for netbooks and thats why i am getting this key error? If that is true is there a link to that iso image or installer and i could install that? I have a toshiba nb205 netbook.

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Activation Code / Key Wont Work

When windows 7 was released, i purchased the package that included three windows 7 home premium licenses. I used two of them awhile back on our main computer and my laptop, and just recently inherited another computer. When i installed windows 7 on that computer, it kept telling me the key was not valid. I skipped the step, intending to contact support, but forgot about it. Now i'm getting all of the warning signs saying that my activation period has expired and i need to activate it. I'm not sure what happens if i never activate it. But i really want to.

Is there anything i can do if it continues to tell me the code is wrong despite the fact i've only used 2 of the 3 licenses?

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Activation Error - No Change Product Key

I recently updated my computer to windows 7 64 bit version. I had no problems during the install, and entered in the activation code i was given during the install. Now, multiple times a day, i get a message box popping up saying that i may have a counterfeit version (which i don't). The link in the message box says i have to right click on 'my computer' then 'properties', then "click change product key at the bottom of the dialog box", so that i can enter my product key in. The problem is, there is no "change product key" option at the bottom. It only says:

"Windows activation
Status not available
Product id: not available"

There is no option of anything to click to input my activation key.

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Activation Product Key Not Working On New Motherboard

My dad recently purchased and installed windows 7 home premium onto his pc, which is now not working and requires a new motherboard, hard drive etc. I've installed the copy of home premium he was using onto his laptop, but it wont accept the activation/product key and is now displaying messages informing me that his copy of windows 7 may not be genuine - i know this isn't the case, as i bought it myself from a reputable high street retailer. It keeps urging me to buy another product key, but as the copy of windows is genuine and only being used on one machine, i'm not sure i should. Is there anyway to fix this?

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Lost Email Containing Activation / Product Key

On the 16th of november i purchased windows 7 during the student offer from the microsoft website. I did not install the upgrade until after christmas, unfortunately when it came to finding my product key it was not with the disc i had purchased and e-mail maintenance meant i had lost the e-mail containing said product key.

I contacted support office with an e-mail who then asked me to contact customer services. I was passed around several departments, until i was given another number to call. I called this number only to find it had nothing to do with windows.

This of course is incredibly infuriating and insulting due to the fact i have the order number and my certificate of authority. However, it seems that no one wants to help and so i have paid good money for an operating system that wont work to its full potential.

Ps, is there a way of contacting higher management to complain about how i have been treated.

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Activation Of Product Key - Reinstalling Windows

Hello all, my question is about reinstalling my windows on my pc i want to do a re-installation of my windows 7 but i am not sure if i should for the following reasons. I updated my windows vista to windows 7 and i don't know if doing an installation they product key that i used previously would still work. More clearly i want to completely reinstall windows 7 and i want to use my current key but because it has already been activate it i don't know if microsoft would allow me to do this. I plan to reinstall on the same pc thanks for your help all. Take care.

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Swapping Hard Drives, Single Activation Key

Ok, here is the thing. I am using windows 7 professional 64-bit on my laptop. Now i need a bigger hard drive (which i already ordered). The product key for my windows i got from my university. Now it is a single activation key. It is extremely retarded but yes, you use the key once, its gone. Now i going to attempt ghosting the hdd via clonezilla and swapping the hard drive.

My second option is using the windows backup and restore function (i already have a dvd using the iso image which university provides). Now, i just want to know if windows backup and restore function requires a reactivation of windows or re-entering of the product key. Also, what about clonezilla?  Does ghosting, in general, require reactivation?

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Changing Activation Key - Clean Install On Dell

I want to install a 40 gb intel ssd, but windows came preinstalled on my computer from dell. I recently contacted dell and they told me that no recovery media was available for windows 7 (dubious, i know), and that they could not help me. I have a copy of win 7 professional through the msdn academic alliance, i upgraded it to ultimate and therefore would prefer not to lose it. Therefore, i was wondering 2 things:1. If i install from the win 7 professional addition cd, but changed my activation key to the win 7 ultimate key, would i run into any problems?2. And if i did this, would upgrade the additional features included in ultimate edition (i suspect yes, but i'd like a confirmation)?

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Win 7 32 Bit Professional Activation Error - Invalid License Key

I bought the 32 bit professional version of windows 7 through the offer for students that windows had a few months ago. According to everywhere i can see online, professional can be installed on two physical pcs. I installed the os on my laptop shortly after getting it, with no problems. After the rc trial ran out, i decided to install windows 7 on my desktop computer, from the same dvd that i burnt the . Iso to and so on, and i didn't have any problems, at all, during the installation. Now, though, it's telling me that i have 3 days to activate windows. I thought that it already was activated- i put the key in, and i haven't used it on any other computers, so this should by the second pc supported. However, it keeps telling me that it isn't a valid license key when i try to put it in now. Why is it giving me this problem?

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Win 7 Upgrade Activation

I installed a fresh install of windows 7. I did have a legitimate copy of xp at the time on my computer, but i was getting a repeated error on install, due to what i've read to be some conflict with the original files. Unfortunately, i no longer have my windows xp discs, let alone my key. Is there anyway to upgrade an upgrade license to a full license without spending another 300 dollars?  Like a way to pay the 100 dollar difference for a full license? I bought it in disc form, obviously opened it, and the store will not accept a return of an opened copy of windows 7.

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Activation Error Upgrade

I bought and started using windows 7 right after it came out and used it for about two months during which time the product key worked perfectly. I decided to try out ubuntu 9. 10 and did a clean install of ubuntu over win7. I decided to move back to win7 recently and after the install my product key is no longer being accepted saying that it can only be used for an upgrade, and everywhere else i have read that you must have either vista or xp on a separate partition  for this to work. However, installing vista or xp on my computer is not an option since i have neither product or product key for either. What should i do to get past this problem?

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Upgrade Activation Problem

I recently had a computer infected with a rather nasty virus and ended up having to low-level format the hd to get rid of it. The machine had xp factory installed and came with vista recovery disks. The vista recovery disks don't work and i haven't had any luck with support from the manufacturer. I tried installing xp using an disk i had lying around, but it bsods due to the incompatibility with the sata controller. So, after having read numerous articles saying that if i have a legitimate windows license i qualify for an upgrade, i went to the store and bought a copy of windows 7 professional upgrade.

The install itself went fine, but i haven't been able to activate it. I expected to have to call support because i started from a blank hd rather than an installed os. First i called tech support, which after a long series of menus gave me another number of activation. I've now been through the activation automated system a bunch of times and talked to real humans three times. The first person gave up and told me i had a technical problem because the activation program wasn't giving me an installation id and had to call a support line that is only good during us business hours.

After about three minutes of fiddling after getting off the phone i managed to get it to give me an installation id (had to shut off the internet and reboot). The second person i talked to told me i had to install xp. I argued with him for a while and he put me on hold. The he told me that he had given me incorrect information because there was a server down, and that i needed to call back in 30 minutes and the server would be back up. I called back about 45 minutes later.

I was once again told me installation id was invalid, then was asked if i had a product key. I said yes, and the support person said he was going to lookup my product key. He then put me on hold. I don't know how he expected to get the product key without me telling him, considering in order to get the installation id i had to disconnect the internet. After 5 or so minutes on hold it switched into the technical support automated system, which told me i had to call back during business hours.

This seems to be, of course, the same automated system that directed me to the activation line in the first place. There is nothing on the product packaging that would indicate that i shouldn't be able to upgrade, and i've read in a number of credible places that i should be able to do an install from a clean hd. Between the initial attempts to fix the computer and now this upgrade nonsense i've put enough time into fixing the computer that i might as well have just bought a new one.

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Dell Upgrade And Activation

I received from dell a full upgrade version of windows 7 (w7 64 bit) i installed it and worked fine for 30 days, then i was getting a pop up that said "windows version not valid please enter product key". The packaging was just a sleeve that had no product key, but had an what appears to be a dell id number of some sort and not enough digits and letters to qualify as a product key. Also on the sleeve there is message indicating that in order to authenticate w7 a coa might be needed to complete setup located on the bottom of my computer which i found. However this product is for windows vista and it too does not work to activate.

I also ran belarc and it said that the product key may be a windows key and not necessarily your own
After many phone calls and emails to both microsoft and dell, microsoft tells me to call dell. Dell says to reinstall again. Install from startup and use w7 disc to boot from. Dell indicates that when doing install from startup product key "should" be acknowledged from microsoft and activated automatically (bios?). But i am now in the same position i was before getting the same you need to activate w7 as the version i am running is not genuine or valid.

Is there anyway to "find" the product key on the disc? Or is there a setting that might need to be changed? If so how do i do that? I like w7, although i am prepared to go back to vista if need be.

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Clean Install With Upgrade Media - Activation Code Wont Work

Im a student in the pitt system. We were issued a copy of windows 7 ultimate upgrade version. I have a laptop with vista on it and would be happy to keep it on there. I recently built a new computer from scratch and would like to put my copy on windows 7 on there.
Everything worked up until i got to the activation code since it was as fresh of an install as it could be. The activation code wont work though. Being a college student, i don't have enough money to buy even an old copy to install so i can upgrade to windows 7. Are there any very low cost (under $30) options in order to have my windows 7 work?

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Upgrade Key Not Working

I bought the upgrade to windows 7 back when it first came out, when it was a $50 preorder. So i got it and upgraded my desktop with no problem. That's the only thing i upgraded. But when i upgraded it from vista to 7 on my laptop, i got the 0xc004c008 error code. I read on the support site that thats for when the key has been activated more than 10 times on 6 different computers. I have only used the key once and gave it to no one. Please help, i don't want to buy another key when i have one already.

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Product Key Is For Upgrade Only

Problem entering ultimate upgrade keyi purchased windows 7 ultimate upgrade on dvd and ran anytime upgrade to install it. The key was entered at this time. All seemed ok, ultimate worked fine. Now i need to activate ultimate but when i enter my ultimate key i receive a message saying that i can only use this key to upgrade not a clean install. I have not performed a clean install, nor do i want to. The original key for 7 starter is not accepted either. The window 7 ultimate upgrade disc appears to be genuine from a reputable dealer. I now have a message on my screen saying this windows is not genuine. How do i fix this ?

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Activate Upgrade With New Key

I purchased a genuine windows 7 upgrade disc for dell pc. Installed it and activated the product. Went with clean start, used home premium 64 bit. Then i installed the same disc as an upgrade on this pc which is my hp laptop. Install worked took 4 hours. Then when i tried to activate the product, it said invalid activation code or key. I didn't know that the key was good for only one pc. I have located a new genuine windows 7 upgrade key for sale and want to use it to activate my product on this pc. Will i have to re-install the disc and possibly loose my programs, or can i just use the new key to activate what i already upgraded on this laptop. Please advise me as to how i can solve this issue with the least amount of time and pain. Thanks for your help. Tony

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Windows Anytime Upgrade Key

I have lost my windows anytime upgrade key that i had purchased for upgrading my windows 7 home premium to ultimate. I am upgrading the windows home premium that came pre-installed on the toshiba qosmio laptop i purchased. I used the windows anytime upgrade option found in the start pearl (i.e. I didn't buy the wau disc from a store, etc. ) Is there a way that i can contact someone to get this key recovered? I really need it, and i'm not much interested in paying another $140 or whatever it is.

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Upgrade Version Product Key

I have a laptop and a netbook, one legitimate vista key, one full retail win 7 key and one upgrade retail win 7 key. My question is this: currently the full retail version is installed on my laptop and is activated. I have also installed the full retail version on the netbook - this is awaiting activation after changing the laptop (to which the vista key belongs) to the upgrade version.

My question is - can i just change the installed product key on the laptop from the full version to the upgrade version without having to re-install vista first and then doing the upgrade? If you find my response helpful, please click on the "vote as helpful" button!

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Key Was For Upgrade And Not For Clean Install

When i purchased windows 7 online from the ultimate steal, it wasn't clear that it was an upgrade until it was too late and i'd already paid for it. Since it was intended for my brand new tower i have no previous operating system to upgrade from. I managed to do a fresh install regardless from a bootable disk. When i went online to enter the product key, it told me it was for the upgrade and not a clean install. I have 27 days to enter a product key. The reason i got it online was because of the offer for students. Being a student i can't afford to pay for a whole new operating system again and was wondering what i could do to avoid this?

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