Security Center Can't Change Your Automatic Update Settings

Windows update cannot be opened and windows update settings cannot be changed. When you click on the windows update tab, nothing opens. If i try to change windows update settings, it displays an error message saying, "security center can't change your automatic update settings". This error message does not cite any number. As suggested to somebody in the forum with a similar problem, i tried a virus and malware scan, the result: no viruses or malware detected. Every other suggestion i found does not get me anywhere. What do you suggest?

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Change Partition For Automatic Updates And Downloads

My c partition is the primary boot partition and it is full. 29g all used up . I have copied many program files and pasted them in d partition with 188g free. But it won't allow me to delete the original file from c to free up space. How do i do that? It says destination denied. Also, how do i change the partition from c to d to which automatic updates and downloads go? I am sick of this constant problem and i have tried everything including disk management to resolve the problem.

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Excessive Security Settings

After installing windows 7 home premium, it has apparently decided that i am no longer the administrator of my machine. I cannot access links in office, nor can i make changes to certain documents in word - they are apparently all read-only. I continually get the default message (something to the effect of) "this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator", whether it's attempting to utilize links in message in outlook, or whether trying to change or save documents in word.

Also, i no longer have access to certain folders on my hard drive. There have been other issues, but i have slowly been able to resolve some of them. I have already tried multiple attempts with the standard microsoft help desk, but they have been no help, and have since refused to answer any of my subsequent questions, and it has now been more than two months since the last time they responded to me.

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Conflict Settings In Mobile Device Center

New mobile device center in windows 7 conflict resolution settings are too simplified and hence confusing. You can choose one of two settings:

Replace items on desktop; or
Replace items on device.

Any idea which is which? My primary synching is with exchange server at work. Periodically, i want to synchronize with my pc at home (which has windows 7). My worry is that i'll choose the wrong setting and lose the contacts on my device, which is constantly synchronizing with exchange server. I don't want my home pc to change anything on my device (i.e. , I only want to synch in one direction).

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Cannot Change Backup Settings

I set up windows backup to my drive h: passport, but passport wasn't big enough. I want to backup to "networkmybookworld1public". Now when i try to change the backup settings, i only see h: passport or the dvd drive as options, with the message "windows can't find the disk or network location where backup is being saved". I can't browse to or add networkmybookworld1public. It won't let me change or delete any backup settings, or add or point to "networkmybookworld1public.

It also won't let me 'setup backup' i guess since it was already set up once. How do i delete the original setup so that i can re-setup backup? How do i select or point to networkmybookworld1public? When i go to computer, i see network with mybookworld1 under it.

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Do You Want This Program To Change Settings On Your Computer

Do you want this program to change settings on your computer? Yes. You must be an administrator to run this program for the first time. This is my problem when i try to run a game. I am the administrator on my computer. My computer game disc will not let me play because it says i am not the administrator so i cannot allow the program to change settings on my computer. I am the administrator on my computer. Geek squad said there is something wrong with the game program. So i exchanged it and it still wont work.

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Change Adapter Settings Blank

I'm using a copy of windows 7 that i upgraded from a vista pc, the problem is that every time i go into network and sharing center, and then click on change adapter settings the options are completely blank. There's nothing to click on in the windows, no icons no text, nothing. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for me, a short reinstall of my network drivers got my internet up and working again fine, but i use a program called hamachi that was destroyed in the upgrade.

To fix it, i need to get into this menu, as i said my normal internet works perfectly it's only this small glitch that's giving me problems. I've researched people having similar issues with this program that are only solved through a clean install of windows, which i'd like to avoid if at all possible. I'm almost certain it's a problem with the registry, any help would be appreciated.

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Unable To Change Backup Settings

Config: windows 7 64 bit home premium. After completing a backup to an external hdd (usb), i can no longer get a response from clicking on the backup now button, or "change settings" or " change schedule" links. Windows will complete a backup to the drive only through the auto-play function
When the drive is first plugged in. Windows backup will not function with any other external drives either, only the original one on which the first backup was done.

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Security Settings And Trusted Sites Problem

I've encountered many irritating problems since i bought this windows 7 dell computer. With enormous time and effort, i've managed to solve most of these problems but not all. Here is one of the unsolved ones:

I want to set security for general internet browsing to the highest level. This setting is located on the internet options security tab. It provides for different settings for general browsing than for trusted sites. I have added about fifty trusted sites to the list and chosen a low security setting for them since i trust them.

But here is the problem: when i set the highest level of security for general internet browsing, some of the trusted sites no longer display anything. I just see a blank screen. It makes no sense, because there is a different setting for trusted sites, and they shouldn't be affected by the setting for general browsing. So it doesn't work as it should. And in order to visit my trusted sites, i have to set security for general browsing to medium high instead of high. That is the problem.

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Action Center Security

I was a windows xp user until my computer was destroyed by a trojan virus (that mimicked windows. )  This left me feeling a bit paranoid about downloads. Now i'm using a computer with windows 7 and am having a hard time understanding the security features. Ction center notified me that intel active management technology needs a driver for my chipset. It suggests that i download and install a driver from the dell inc. Website.

My virus protection program shows no threat, so i download the driver, but then my computer makes a click sound and it asks me if i want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to my computer. Why would windows suggest that i download something from an unknown publisher? And why do i get the same notice when i try to open my image editing program, which i installed directly from the program's original cd?If someone would help me understand this security feature, i would appreciate it!

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Cannot Add New Users Or Change User Settings

I cannot add new users or change any user settings when i'm logged into my admin account. When i click on any of the change setting links nothing happens have even tried to used the built in admin account but the same applies on this. The settings i try to change all have the uac symbol beside them so wonder if it is anything to do with this can't even change the uac setting as when i click the link nothing happens, no slider appears etc. I am running windows 7 home edition.

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Reset Security Settings / User Permissions To Default

I replaced my winxp computer with a new windows 7 machine this weekend and i'm still getting my feet wet with the new os. I tried to download and install a game, but i kept getting error messages indicating that i didn't have the proper rights. The solution ended up being to set the uac settings to zero. Before i got there, i made some unfortunate attempts to change permissions on the c: drive that got stopped part way through due to errors popping up.

Is there a way to set my permissions all back to default without recovering back to before the changes were made? There would be quite a bit of work (downloaded programs, rearranging files after the transfer from my old machine, etc) lost if i just use the recovery tool.

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Unable To Locate Files After Changing Security Settings

Thought i changed security setting for file, but instead, all files gone. No error messages, but after having "fiddled" with a parameter in file security, the system seems to have altered my administrator profile. It appear as if the underlying file structure/names have been altered, so that previous i had c:usersole, and so on, now i have c:ole. And so on. This means that all my files are out of reach.

However, by starting an old application program from the installed program directory, that program still retains and can access earlier file kept as "recent" file in that application. I cannot copy these files to my new directory structure, as the application will tell me, that the directory (new) stated is not accessible. It appears that my earlier underlying file structure was parsed to eliminate the "user" folder, how can i get it back?

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Change Security Icon

In windows 7, when i go to a website that pops out a security window to enter in a user name and password. I'd much rather use my own picture in there than the flower it has. Does anyone know how to change the image in the windows security popout screen?

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Media Center Loops On Test Channel Change

I have an hp pavilion 6180t with the remote receiver and blaster. On setup everything works fine until i get to the test channel changing, where it prompts me to input a channel number. I do, it changes correctly and asked me if it changed ok, i click the yes it did option. Then it returns a prompt to ask me to input a channel number, i do and again it asks me if it change ok again i click yes it did, but if just keeps looping back to enter a channel number. I click its ok, but it doesn't advance to the next step, just keeps looping. This is a p. I. T. And that is not the greek bread. Anybody have a fix for this?

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Automatic Update Error

My other computer is currently running win7 home 64-bit has a startup error. I am assuming it has done an automatic windows update as it worked fine last night. Started it this morning and just as it gets to the windows loading screen i get the message "applying update operation 50 of 50 (registrymachinecomponents. )"The screen is frozen at this point and will not load windows. I have tried rebooting but it does nothing but offer loading windows normally (which goes back to this) or doing a startup repair, which then fails, reboots and back to this. I cant get into windows or a desktop at all. Anyone help please?

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Failed Automatic Update

I tried to update the latest microsoft updates last thursday and after 4 hours the system froze, so i canceled job and went to sign off and got the usual message "updates being applied" and 12 hours later it was still on 1 of 14, so i powered off. I then went back in and found that all updates had failed. I can not find a way to try and reinstall the updates, and when ever i try to sign off it says "installing updates 1- xxx and just stays like that for hours. Had lunch with a friend yesterday, who told me she had same problem as well as another friend that she spoke to. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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How To Pause An Automatic Update?

I am currently in the middle of a windows automatic update download (for vista). I have dial-up internet access so downloads of this nature tend to be very slow.concurrent with this i am trying to download another (large) program via the internet. Progress on this other program has virtually stalled and i'm thinking that the on-going windows download maybe an obstacle to my other download. Given this i would like to "pause" my windows activity until i can complete the other.

How can i do this (i try right clicking/left clicking on the windows download icon at the lower right task bar but nothing pops up to facilitate a pause. ) I see that this option for a pause is not available w/xp, is it the same with vista? If so, what if i changed "automatic updates for windows" to "manual updates for windows" - would this allow me to pause it. If so would the conversion to manual take effect immediately w/the current download?

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Automatic Update Notification Of Old Updates

I reinstalled xp professional and office 2003, then retrieved what i thought was all the updates. My system shows that i have sp3 for both. I received an automatic update notice this week that included approx. 26 updates for office 2003, office 2007 related to compatibility and others. When i go to the link for many of them, they have a publish date in 2008. Ironically i did the reinstall in december of 2009.

I don't appear to have these fixes/updates when i look at add/remove programs but my question is why am i just now getting these updates.

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Unable To Update Automatic Or Manual

I am unable to update windows either automatic or manual. For example i cannot upgrade from ie7 to 8 because it needs upgrades i need and can't get. I tried to install windows 7 to get around the problem, but it won't install because it needs updates.

My system: vista hp, sp1, 32bit.
Last successful update 11/10/2009 (power point sp2)
Failed updates kb96915 (daily) other kb915597

I sometime get error 4397 when i try manually updates anti-virus installed: avg and threatfire. I also have system mechanic.

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Automatic Update Crashes Computer

Windows update automatically updated and then restarted my computer yesterday. The computer will not restart. I did f8 to restart at last good configuration but it will not restart - it runs through all the drivers and then freezes. If i click "start windows normally" it will try to go to the welcome screen but it closes down, restarts, closes down, restarts repeatedly until i just turn the computer off. I have windows xp. In safe mode, it will run through the drivers and then freeze. I cannot get it to go to the welcome screen. I cannot get to the desktop to run anything. I cannot get to the start menu.

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System Crash After Automatic Update

An automatic update to windows was installed tuesday jan 19 when i shut-down my computer. The screen requested that i allow the update to complete before turning off the system. I returned to the computer 2 hours later to find that the update was still 'in-progress' i turned the machine off and re-booted. Upon reboot the system is unresponsive. There is continuous disk activity and 99 percent memory usage but only 3 percent cpu usage. The desktop takes almost 5 minutes to appear - when i select windows explorer the system freezes and will not respond to anything other than the power button. When i restart i receive a window that states there was an abnormal termination.

I am given the option to enter 'safe boot'. The system does not respond - instead it waits 25 seconds and then does a normal start. The process is repeated each time i attempt to start the machine. I have rebooted in excess of 10 times with the same result. I attempted to use the system repair disk i created when i installed windows 7 home premium - the system asks if i want to boot from the dvd - i respond 'yes' and nothing happens - after some period of time it reverts to a normal start.

I have called microsoft support 10 times - i have been cut-off 3 times, mid sentence and have received a flawed recording 7 times - the recording starts ok and then starts repeating a partial sentence over and over.

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Blue Screen After Automatic Update

3 day old win7x64 computer repeatedly bsod . Worked fine for a day and problems appeared to appear after i updated windows via automatic update. Have tried to restore -crash occurs during restore. Tried an update/repair reinstall which could not complete. Checked memory twice - no problems. Have lost internet access and windows firewall - "diagnostic policy services cannot be activated"games videos and music is playing well on the desktop but most services cannot run error for network trouble shooting is 0x800b0003 and that for windows firewall ox609. Sfc does not find any problems and chkdsk repaired a few file fragments but did not change any of the problems.

The status of my computer is that it only crashes during the bootup when starting windows. Afterwards games, videos and music play perfectly but none of the services seem to work properly - network, upgrade, diagnostic services, firewall. Have tried to start the services from service panel but they give errors as delineated above. My computer specs are

Coolermaster 690 case
Intel core i5 750 processor
Asus p7p55d motherboard
Corsair cmx4gx3m2a1600c9 xms3 memory pair ddr3 2 x 2gb 1600 mhz
Western digital 500 gb caviar green sata 7200 rpm 32 mb cache
Lg dvdrw
Samsung syncmaster 2233sw
Palit gtx 260 216 graphics card
Tagan 800w psu
Microsoft windows 7 home premium retail 64 bit
Operating system: windows 7

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Automatic Update Tried To Kill Computer

The only thing installed yesterday was a windows vista automatic update. I turned off my laptop, and when i got home i tried to boot it up. Windows would not start up in normal mode, so i booted up safe mode, scanned with my antivirus, antimalware. Etc. And found nothing. So i used system recovery and set the laptop back to the day before thinking maybe something odd had snuck in. It worked fine, so i thought it was good. I created a new recovery poin, re-installed the windows update and shut down.

Turned it on this morning to find it had the same problem. I booted back up in safemode, used system recovery again and used the recovery point i had set right before i downloaded the windows updates and now everything works fine. I've disabled the automatic updates and i havent had any problems since.

Does anyone know why the windows update is trying to kill my computer? The auto-updates run all the time and i've never had this problem before.

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Pc Does Not Boot After Installing Automatic Update

Last night, computer automatically downloaded update beofre it shutdown. Turn on computer this morning, and computer wants to restart itself to complete the installation of update. The annoying little reminder that pops up on the screen every 10 minutes or so reminding you that you need to restart your computer so it can finish. So it re-started and never booted repeat: the computer will not boot you can turn the computer on, green light comes on, motor runs, fan runs, but nothing happens. No welcome screen, no sound from the computer indicating it is trying to boot, no wallpaper, no nothing monitor goes into sleep mode and stays dark. What kind of update did it download from you that made this happen, and how do we fix this problem.

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80072efe Error Code On Automatic Update

Running windows vista home service pack 2 installed. Firewall is working, as is anti virus; there are no conflicting programs. Internet explorer is working, but it just won't let me update >:( i have tried any and all advice that i have come across and i always end up in the windows 7 area. Can't afford to upgrade to 7. (Pity since vista is pants. ) So there it is i try automatic update, i get error code 80072efe and i have tried everything.

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Internet Explorer Does Not Work After Automatic Update

Windows xp with sp3 is downloading the updates for kb972270 and kb955759. They seem to install fine, but when i reboot and go into ie, i immediately get a windows error. (Sorry, did not get the error code. ) After removing both thru the control panel, add/remove programs, ie works fine. But xp will immediately download the updates again. Another xp with sp3 is working fine. Don't know if it has anything to do with it, but according to the add/remove program list, it appears that kb955759 was installed first and then kb972270. With the other pc, kb972270 appears first in the list.

No problems with any other programs, just ie.

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Error Code - 646 - Automatic Update Keeps Failing

I have the new windows 7 home premium addition i noticed on my automatic updates, their are 20 updates for security for microsoft office program is not updating it keeps failing to update error code 646. Auto updates for microsoft office security wont update error code 646.

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Automatic Windows Update Error Code 646

I get error code 646 while trying to download updates via automatic windows update. I have vista premium installed. Up until 3 months ago, it worked perfectly. Over time, installation of some of the updates failed. Now, they all fail. Currently, i have 9 updates for several ofl my microsoft applications that have failed. I tried disabling the norton internet security while downloading. I've also tried downloading each one of the updates manually from the windows update site with norton firewall disabled. None of this has worked. I cannot believe the number of people having this problem! How do i fix it?

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System Won't Install Automatic Update Kb973688

Having a repeated problem with this installation. I receive a: code 643 windows update encountered an unknown error. This also applies to kb954430. I've come across other info on this site to fix this problem but so far with no success. (http://social.

I've read the article on this issue. I've downloaded the update and tried to install manually but that didn't work. The info said press the ignore button but i don't get this option. The only option is an ok button at which point the installation rolls back. I've tried updating the windows update component by using the microsoft "fixit" program but i get the same error: an error occurred during the installation of assembly component


The setup dialog has the status as: publishing product information

I then tried to uninstall the msxml4 file by going to the remove programs in the control panel but it states that there are no updates on the computer. Probably got wiped out by one of the pc "cleaners" i've used (ccleaner and the such). Other than this problem, the machine is up-to-date and all other updates have installed successfully. Also tried it with the firewall and antivirus turned off. This is a six week old machine running windows 7 64.

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