Gtx 260 Dual Graphics Cards

Is there any gain in using twin sli graphics cards? i.e. If you had two gtx 260 cards how much would you gain? Would it double the cards memory or would you only get a percentage, of the second card. Hope thats clear.

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Problems With Nvidia Gtx 260

I just recently upgraded to win7 home premium 64bit. Am having problems with driver for my gtx260 card. The driver installed by windows is driver provider: nvidia, driver date:5/14/2009, driver version 8. 15. 11. 8593. My problem is stability and compatibility. It usually takes several attempts to get to the desktop (computer freezes during various stages of window startup). I proceeded to install latest driver 257. 21 but i can't even get to the desktop with this driver. I had to go into safe mode and roll back driver.

I don't know if i should start trying older versions of drivers 197. 45 or earlier.
I have updated all my other drivers and windows.system is not overclocked

Motherboard gigabyte ga-p35c-ds3r rev1. 0 with latest bios 12e
Bfg tech gtx260 video card, 896mb, mc8960cde
Intel core 2 duo email removed for privacy
Memory 4gb crucial ballistix ddr2 800
2 western digital wd2500aaks 250gb sata drives run as sata no raid
Logitech usb wireless keyboard and mouse lx700

Ocz fatality 550w power supply

I also have an old msi 8600gts board i could try. I'm hoping you experts can give me some direction.

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Bfg Gtx 260 Won't Support Aero

My last graphics card didn't support aero, so with my hard earned cash, i went out and bought this card. The technicians i spoke to said it should work just fine. Well, it isn't and while i like how the fan is a lot quieter than my previous card, the whole point of getting it was so i can stare at a pretty, aero-enabled screen. If i wanted to stare at windows 7 starter, i would have just stared at my netbook.

Here are my system specs if it helps.

1000 watt psu
250 & 500 gig hdd
Creative 5. 1 sound card
4 gigs ddr2 ram
2. 66 ghz core 2 duo
Bfg gtx 260

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Dual Nvidia 240 Gt Pcie X16 Cards

Recently migrated my system from windows xp sp3 to windows 7 . Hardware consisted of:- asus a8n32-sli deluxe motherboard- amd fx-60 dual core processor- 4gb ddr2 memory- multiple hard drives with much space- dual pcie x16 xfx nvidia geforce 7900gt video cards w/256mb memory and sli support, but slinot enabled- two samsung monitors: syncmaster 214t and syncmaster 244t, each plugged into its own video card- other stuff. It all worked great under windows xp. I recently migrated to windows 7.

Before migrating, i ran the windows 7 adviser app. It indicated no hardware heartburn, but pointed out a few software items that needed to be addressed (corel paintshop pro x, and so on).

Unfortunately, after migrating, i immediately noticed problems with the 7900gt cards as documented in the faq thread in this forum.


As documented in that forum entry, no amount of driver updates or fondling would fix the loss of sync issue. I finally tried changing the color resolution to 16 bits from 32 bits which resolved the problem, but then aero no longer did its cute transparency thing. I purchased 2 asus engt240 nvidia 240gt cards w/512 mb memory to replace the nvidia 7900 gt cards. I also downloaded the latest nvidia drivers for these cards (the drivers apparently support most of the cards with nvidia chips). The problem is this: windows 7 refuses to recognize the 240gt card that is installed in the upper pcie x16 slot in my motherboard.

Both cards work correctly when either one of them is installed in the lower pcie slot. But neither of the cards work (or is recognized) when installed in the upper slot. The monitor is blank. Device manager does not show that the card is present. When i install either card in the lower slot, device manager properly shows that the card is installed and windows 7 works properly. It does not matter which monitor is installed on the card: both monitors work when attached to a 240gt card in the lower pcie slot, but neither works when attached to a 240gt card in the upper slot.

However, when i re-install either of the two old 7900gt cards in the upper pcie slot with a 240gt card in the lower slot, device manager recognizes it, along with the 240gt card in the lower slot. The problem is that windows 7 once again has the sync problem on the monitor attached to the 7900gt card. Windows 7 has no problem with the newer 240gt card. As before, the only way i can resolve the sync issue is to change the color depth on the 7900gt card to 16 bits.

And as before, aero quits working. Perusing all the various bios screens did not offer any ideas as to what is going on. I am currently working with a 7900gt card and a 240gt card installed with no aero support.

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Nvidia Gtx 280 Graphics Problem

Running w7 ultimate 32 bit. My graphics card is a nvidia gtx280. Problem- when i run a game or even spider solitaire, the screen gets covered in a pattern and pixelated (at one point it was shutting my screen down to power saver mode). Will use this game as an example - rainbow 6 las vegas - i have downloaded all latest patches and also drivers 196. 21 and beta driver 196. 34. I booted in safe mode and removed driver, then did a clean with driver sweeper and installed new driver as above. All worked well until i turned machine off. On next startup all was the same again so went through the process with beta driver - same result again.

I checked the driver in device manager and what seems to happen is that win 7 uploads its own signed driver everytime as follows

Driver files

Version wddmv1. 1
File version 8. 15. 11. 8593
Driver date 14. 05. 2009

Now this is an old driver but keeps reinstalling itself no matter what i do. How do i get 7 to accept the new driver? The funny thing is it affects spider solitaire but not frecell on the freebie windows games - go figure. I am totally at a loss and fed up rebooting my machine with what is obviously a windows problem and no support there now as i'm told to contact my comp manufacturer. Sorry but he is miles away from me since i moved.

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Asus En 9800 Gtx Graphics Card Trouble

I performed a clean install of windows 7 on my pc and now i have some major graphic performance issues. At first sight the graphics seem ok, but they are very very slow. Resizing windows, scrolling on webpages, or starting up a game all looks like i have a 1mb vga card. Even a 2d game runs on less than 1 fps. I have tried various drivers for my graphics card, even physically swapped it for an old 6800gt (same thing, but then again also the same drivers).

There is no abnormal cpu or memory usage and other than the graphics the system runs fine. The very same system worked perfect on xp and vista.system details:windows 7 pro 64 bit, directx 11. Sus striker ii formula mbintel core2 duo e8400, currently unlocked at 3. 00 ghz asus en9800 gtx graphics card 4 x 2gb ocz memory - 4gb dual channel did anyone experience this, and maybe have a solution to it?

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Magnifier On Win 7 With Ati Graphics Cards Flashes / Blinks

I've been dealing with this since i built my new development workstation for work. I rely on the magnifier as i have bad eyes. I have a triple monitor setup with a 24" in the center and a 20" on either side. I just built a new core i7 workstation with two ati 7000 series cards. The ati cards and drivers seem to be causing a problem with magnifier where parts of the image blink in and out of existence in the docked magnified image.

I have the latest drivers from ati. Here is a video i shot that shows the problem:-

One suggestion was that it was maybe ati's power saving features causing the card to run too slowly and causing the issue. I have confirmed this with another system like mine in another office, his where 4000 series cards. This does not appear to be a problem in vista (but it could be that the vista machine i tried had older ati drivers).

As i said, i've tried getting help from ati with 0 luck. They apparently don't care.

Note: i'm actually running server 2008 r2 with the desktop experience installed and aero turned on. This is not a problem with aero off. I like aero with the magnifier (with nvidia hardware anyways) as it's much smoother and faster. I've seen this happen in windows 7 as well though and to my knowledge the code bases re: aero are the same.

This configuration works fine with nvidia cards and drivers, i.e. No flashing / blinking. Please don't tell me the solution is to switch back to nvidia hardware, that would suck.

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Flash Cards Not Working

None of my half dozen different flash drives (520mb to 4 mb) will work with my dell xps 9000 w/win 7 64-bit pro. All of these flash cards work on my xp computers. I have reformatted most of them. But any file over 400 kb freezes the copy or paste process. The usb ports all work for other hardware (except the printer which works erratically on the win 7 computer but reliably on xp. ) The only way i can easily transfer files is by using a flash card from my camera in the card reader port.

I have updated the bios, uninstalled root hubs, applied the nvdia usb ehci hotfix, pulled the power plug with the computer shut off and waited two minutes to plug it back in, spun a dead frog clockwise over the cpu 4 times. (The power plug idea seemed bizarre but i did it anyway. ) 

The tech at dell at first said i needed a new motherboard but then changed his mind and said i needed to buy windows 7 compatible flash drives. Is there really such a thing? I have seen flash drives advertised as being compatible for use as virtual memory but i have  never heard you needed special flash drives to work with system 7. I've seen this problem discussed other places and have applied the solutions suggested. Any other suggestions?

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Hp Pc Destroyed 2 Memory Cards

I just bought this hp desktop 2 weeks ago - today i put in a camera xd card, and it started running slowly and wouldn't load all of the pictures stored on the card in the folder. I ejected it safely and put it in again, and this time, to my horror, discovered that every single picture had been erased from the card, it was now empty. I confirmed this by putting it back in the camera, which said the card was empty. I had just taken several photos for a project due tonight and have lost them.

I took some random shots of nothing and put the card back in the pc - this time it told me the card (drive h on the pc) needed to be formatted, and that if i did, everything would be erased. Since it already erased everything, i selected "start" on the format window, and after 30 or so seconds, it told me the drive could not be formatted.

So i used a different camera with a different card entirely (this time an sd card) and the same thing happened. It erased everything, made the computer lag, and then asked to be formatted only to declare itself un-formattable. I put the sd card back into my camera - the camera then told me the card needed to be formatted, i selected yes from it's menu, it then told me the card had some sort of error. So it's basically ruined.

Why is this happening?  Are the cards just too old for windows 7 to acknowledge?  Is a newer card the answer or do i need to download something?

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Output To 2 Sound Cards Simultaneously

I have many reasons why i would want to output to multiple sound cards simultaneously. I know i am not the only one who was this problem based on a couple quick bing searches. I would like to be able to output sound to multiple sound cards at the same time instead of having to switch the "default device" in the audio panel all the time i want them all to be the default device. I want to use my usb headset and my speakers at the same time. I know windows is capable of this because while one is playing i can "test" the other and they both play sound at the same time as far as i know there is simply no setting for this.

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Nvidia Gtx 295 Update

I am running windows 7 ultimate. Windows update recently offered an optional update for the nvidia geforce gtx 295 graphics processor (approximately 145 mb). Since i started using a windows 7 machine, i don't recall windows update has ever offered an update for the nvidia graphics processor before. I am already using the latest nvidia driver which i obtain directly from nvidia (which was an approximately 117 mb install file).

I'd like to find out more information about this update before i opt to download and install it. I want to know specifically what it is and if it differs from driver releases from nvidia (does it contain additional functionality specific to windows 7). How can i do this?

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Downloading Photos From Memory Cards

Windows xp was great for downloading pics, eventhough it would freeze at times. Vista was horrible. Windows 7 is very confusing. When i insert a cd-r to copy pics from memory cards, it promps to name the cd if you want, i don't so i just click next, than it gives me a blank/shaded screen, and a message at the bottom right saying there are pics ready to download, but when i click on it, it does not do anything. It send the photos to the c drive and there is where i can copy to the cd, horrible. Leave it like windows xp nice and simple. Tell me what i am doing wrong

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Ati Radeon Hd 3200 Graphics Graphics Problem

I just upgraded windows 7 (twice now) and i'm experiencing graphics problems. It is most prevalent in windows media player and mozilla firefox.

Here's some pictures:

It seems like the colors just drop off. And i know that windows media player does not look like that! The only internet browser that isn't affected by this is chrome. I've experienced another slew of graphics problems including a really bright wallpaper, but that inexplicably went away. I'm pretty sure i've updated my graphics card drivers. I've tried to load games, and they work with no problems; the problem only exists in these programs (as far as i know).

Computer specs:
Hp artist edition (this may contribute to the problem?) Laptop, pavilion dv6
Amd turion x2 ultra duel-core processor
Acpi 64 bit system
Ati radeon hd 3200 graphics card
4 gigs o' ram
Any additional specs needed? Just ask.

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Nvidia 8800 Gtx Drivers Issue

Whilst installing windows 7 ultimate, signature edition 64bit, on a machine using nvidia 8800 gtx xxx cards, windows 7 installer will eventually progress to installing drivers and updates, and upon doing so it will halt to a black screen and pop up an 80x25 (dos) cursor in the top left of the screen.

This is apparently (and was) a common issue with nvidia drivers on the newer cards (installing 182. Xx drivers) - however it appears that in at-least the dvd sent to me from microsoft, the drivers are automatically installed, causing the lock.

After this lock, leaving it there for around 3 hours of no activity, the machine can be manually reset, and windows 7 starts up to a point, and (before logon) it says:

The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click "ok" or restart the computer, and then restart the installation.

This also occurs in safe mode. Is there a way (software) around this and if so how? If there is a way to do a manual install (ie like in xp where you could type in the command line a bunch of parameters to tell it not to install drivers) then that would be fantastic since i can just tell it to skip nvidia drivers, and then manually install the correct ones later on.

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Realtek Ac'97 Sound Cards Problem

I went through every step ms support could come up with and the issue is the same. In xp pro, my sound was perfect. The upgrade to w7 did something strange to the sound i couldn't put a finger on. Then a speaker test revealed distortion in my left (front) speaker and the center speaker. They were also very low compared to the right side.

Installing the driver vista_win7_r238.exe turned all my speaker levels to an equal arrangement, but there was extreme bass distortion from the left and center. What was really fun was when my speakers suddenly stopped working altogether. There appears to be damage from high frequencies sent to my speakers. How w7 screwed up on audio is beyond me. This is the heart of any multimedia setup.

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Geforce Gtx 275, No Sound To Tv Using Hdmi

Hello, i've tried to search for a resolution with no luck so i hope you can help. I recently bought a new tv, the murphy hd ready digital lcd tv (with usb record) model number: tv32uk30d. I have the geforce gtx 275 and have now for 2 days been trying to enable the sound to the new tv. The video is fine, it's just the sound. I cant even see it in my sound options:


Although i'm not sure what the usb item is, as i have no usb sound device plugged in, just headphones (mic built in) plugged directly into the sound card. The tv guide tells me the hdmi is up to 1080i, thats enough ye ?

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Geforce Gtx 260m Video Drivers Will Not Install

After windows 7 clean install video drivers will not install and say hardware that worked a mere few days ago no longer exist. When i first received windows 7 in the mail a couple weeks ago i decided to do an upgrade from vista rather than a clean install. At first it seemed fine, but then i noticed windows were crashing left, right and center and my computer was freezing at random occasions and quite often. So this week i finally caved in and decided to do a clean install and start from scratch. Backed up my files on an an external hard drive and got down to business.

Windows 7 finally installed and i had absolutely no freezing or issues. Then i realized aero, thumbnails and other effects were not working. I decided to do a windows rating and for some reason my video card was a 1. 0 and diverted to "standard vga graphics adaptor" from my normal 1gb nvidia geforce gtx 260m. I then tried to install the proper driver downloaded directly from the nvidia site only to receive the error "the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware".

I then tried disabling the drivers in the control panel, in the bios menu, auto repair though system security in the control panel and every other method from reinstalling windows 7. The most frustrating thing was that when i did an upgrade the driver worked perfectly and i had no problems whatsoever with it despite all the crashing and freezing. This is a brand new laptop from only a few months ago.

Does anyone have any recommendations? 

Edit: one of my hard drives are now missing, the computer tried to boot up and said no os existed, i've had my computer start and go to a black screen where the desktop should have been, froze on startup and various other problems. None of these issues occurred with vista, let alone the upgraded windows 7 and now i'm beginning to worry just what the clean install did to my computer.

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Win7 Won't Read Standard Sd Cards

I have this front panel card reader , just plugs into a standard usb port. If i format the card in my camera (fat), win7 won't read it, says i need to format it. However, if i boot back into xp, the same card reader reads it just fine.

Also it reads 2gb cards as 971mb, as you can see.

I do have the disk that came with the card reader, but it says if on xp or later you don't need to install the driver, which i didn't in xp as it just worked when i plugged it in. And actually, win7 won't even read the cd, i have to boot back into xp just for that too. So apparently win7 can't read certain file systems or something. I can burn disks just fine, tho, and the cd is readable in xp using the same drive so it's not the drive or the disk that's the problem.

Oh, i have 2 separate sd cards, both with the same issue.

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Slow Boot After Installing Nvidia Gtx 470

I've been having an issue where, after i install a recently purchased asus engtx470 without installed drivers, the computer takes 10+ minutes to boot. When the boot first starts, i can hear the hd accessing information, but about 30 seconds to a minute in, the hd activity stops, and the boot simply hangs on the w7 logo. After about ten minutes, the hd starts to access again, and it finally gets to the login screen. When i log in, the computer's performance is horrendous, and a gadget that i have on the desktop tells me that it is using a great amount of system resources, but doing basically nothing.

I have talked to asus, even rma'd the card and received a brand new one, but the card is not the issue. I have taken out all other devices looking for a conflict, and one is not to be found. I have replaced the psu and the problem still exists. I have gone into safe mode and removed all display drivers, and the problem still exists.

I have used a selective startup, eliminating all non-microsoft services and the problem still exists. I have installed latest nvidia gtx 470 drivers and it still exists. I have performed a clean install of windows 7 and the problem still exists (the install actually went slower than it normally should). If i uninstall the new gfx card and re-install an older one, the problem goes away.

I have booted into xp and used a furmark stability test on the card, and it works fine. Xp boots perfectly (doesn't hang on load and its performance is normal) and it utilizes the card just fine.
I originally believed this was a hardware problem, as did asus after we attempted many software solutions. But after trying twice as many hardware solutions, i am again under the impression that it is a software problem, specifically with the os. I have come here hoping that someone can help me after reading of people having similar boot issues; i.e: extremely long boot times as well as the hd accessing at the beginning of the boot, but ceasing to do so after about a minute.

This is realistically my last hope. I have literally no clue what is going on here or how to fix it, and i consider myself very good with pc troubleshooting.

System specs:

W7 x64 installed on a 320gb western digital sata 2 hd xp installed on a partition of an 80gb maxtor foxconn renaissance motherboard intel core i7-920 6gb (3x2gb) ocz 1333 ram kit asus xonar dx sound card lg sata dvd burner zonet wireless lan card ocz 700 watt psu asus nvidia gtx 470

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Using Several Lan Cards On One Computer To Share Internet Connection

I'm aware that there are many threads and questions already posted about internet connection sharing but i find my problem very specific. I have one computer running on windows 7 and it has 3 lan cards:

1) internet connection
2) connection with 2nd computer
3) connection with 3rd computer (via wifi, ad-hoc)

The idea is simple - i want to share the internet connection with 2nd and 3rd computer. I belive i understand idea of ics but there is one thing bothering me - when enabling ics i have to specify the interface that i want to share internet connection with. When i set it to connection [2] there is no problem with internet connection on the 2nd computer but still there is no internet on the 3rd one and vice-versa. The whole configuration was running fine on xp, but as far as i remember there was no need to specify the 'share' interface so the [1] connection was shared with all others. Is it possible to set up such configuration on windows 7 without using any additional switch or router devices?

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Graphics Error - No Suitable Graphics

Why would "no suitable graphics" pop up when using microsoft games? Worked well yesterday.

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Dual Monitor

Is there any option available with using dual monitor in a "stretched" view instead of extended? What i'm trying to do is run 1 application over my 2 monitors in full screen mode. So far i haven't found anything that would make this possible. I can extend and i can enlarge a window over 2 monitors but i can't really use a resolution of ~3200 * 1050 for example. This was possible under xp but neither vista or windows 7 i can get this to work.

I've tried searching the forums but alas i have not found an answer for this. If someone can find a topic already covering this sorry for double posting. But mostly i found extending and not really stretching it over 2 screens.

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Dual Monitor Help

Dell couldn't seem to solve my problem, so i'm desperately in need of help. I have a dell inspiron 580, i3 processors. The machine has one vga output, and hdmi. I want to run two monitors, so dell informed me to buy a second vid card. I did, installed a raedon jd2600 pro 512mb with two dvi connections and one dvi adapter. I hooked both monitors up, and it will either run one monitor on the ati card, or one on the intel card, but i cannot extend the display. I was on the dell support line for over an hour, and  they told me to just go buy another dvi adapter and plug it in. So if that's true, i cant run two cards?

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Dual Boot

I am currently running windows xp and need to upgrade for school. My computer has a 120 gb harddrive split into two partitions. Can i use the other partition that xp is not on to install and run windows 7? My primary drive is listed as os c: and the other one is listed as data d:. My system is as follows:

Emachine el 1200-01e. I meet all the system requirements except for the ram, which i will be upgrading anyway. Will it be better to buy a new computer if i can't install windows 7 on the other partition or should i perform a clean install? The clean install worries me a bit because i can't be without a computer very long as it is needed for online schooling.

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Dual Boot Two Drives

I have installed windows 7 64-bit on a new hdd, and i have vista home premium 32-bit on another hdd. Can i dual boot these two drives as they stand and how. With windows 7 64-bit installed on one drive and registered, i have windows vista home premium 32-bit on the next drive and registered, i find a couple of programmes will not run properly on the windows 7 system. So i unplug the windows 7 system and run vista, what i want to know is can i install windows 7 32-bit as a clean install on the vista hdd. Fter re formatting the drive and then making this a dual boot system.

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Dual Monitor Support

I got windows 7 professional rtm through msdn. I have a 19" samsung and a 26" samsung monitor (t260hd and 941bw). When i start windows 7 with both monitors attached, it boots on both monitors, then goes black at the login screen. If i boot with either monitor plugged in solo, it works fine. Last, if i start with one, then plug the second one in on the fly, it automatically defaults to my 19"- the display manager shows both as active, and i can drag windows over to the invisible second desktop- but i can't see it. I installed the latest nvidia drivers for my 7600gt and installed the drivers that come with both monitors. I'm out of ideas. Can you guys help me out?

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Issue With Dual Monitor

I have an i7 machine running windows 7 - 32. It has an nvidia 9400 gt video card and i am having an issue when i open word or notepad in the second monitor. Once i maximize the program on the second monitor, the mouse becomes unresponsive when in the primary monitor. If i manage to move the mouse back to the second monitor, the problem stops and as soon as i move the application to the main monitor the problem stops also. I am baffled about this issue since i have never seen anything like this. I have all the latest drivers for my hardware and all of them are for windows 7.

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Dual Monitors Malfunction

Dual monitors, whilst using dual monitors i could not maximize the windows as shown in the task pan when i hover the cursor on it. I disconnected one monitor and the problem disappeared. I disconnected the other monitor and again the problem disappeared. I switched connection between the sockets ( i.e. Monitor to plug b and vice versa) and the problem disappeared. Any ideas how to restore to dual monitor viewing?
My machine is up to date, machine specs:

Intel i7 cpu / 950 @ 3. 07 ghz / ram 8 x 950 @ 3. 07 ghz  / win7 ultimate 64bit  / asus p6t delux v2 / ati radeon hd 5700 / 2 sets of 2 x seagate 1 tb in raid 1 /  2 x samsung syncmaster p2350 /  hl-dt-st bd-re bh08ls20 / .

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Dual Monitors, Trying To Get Them To Work

Me and my friend are attempting to connect two monitors to his desktop, and we have the computer connected properly, but the monitor is not receiving any kind of signal from the computer (it won't turn on, just has a black screen or says in power saver mode). The main monitor works (obviously, since l am posting this) and it connects to the nvida dvi card (a installed video card), and the second monitor is a vga. The second monitor we want to hook up we want to use on the old video card that came with the computer, and we have the ports for it.

However we cannot get it to work, and it is quite frustrating. We have tried to update the software, but we believe he may have disabled the second video card without meaning to, and we need to know several things at this point:

1. Can we use dual monitors from two different computers and use them to do different things (i.e. Use it to surf two different websites with two different keyboards/mouses, or play two different games (our intention is to play wow off the computer) in this manner)?

1a. If so, can someone please link to a site that would be easier to read and understand? (We have been to a few already posted but they are confusing or just say the same things and aren't working).
2. How would we re-enable the video card should it be turned off? Again, simple steps please.

3. Can we use the two separate video cards to run the two different items on the computer, or would they both be forced to run off the one video card?

3a. If so, is there anyone who can explain how to link one monitor to one video card and not the other?

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Create A Dual 7/xp Boot

Is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot? I have a dell xp system with a relative small and relative full hard drive. I'll probably have to upgrade to a new pc with win 7 in the near future. I have a number of programs that have upgrades upon upgrades (mostly downloaded) and i'm seeing a ton of work in my future. So i've seen some virtualization possibilities (e.g. Zinstall xp7) but is there a way to create a dual 7/xp boot by just installing - as a second drive - my existing drive into a win 7 machine. Don't know if it matters but there is a hidden small partition on that drive as well as the main c partition by the way, in case it's not obvious, i'm definitely not a hardware person.

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