Youtube - Javascript Is Switched Off

You-tube tells me that i can't view the video because "javascript" is switched off or i have an old version of adobe's flash player. I have downloaded it but it still needs to be installed but now lost it!

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Win 7 Switched Positions Of Dual Monitors

When i installed windows 7, it switched positions of my dual monitors. Now the mouse works backward. How can i correct this? My right monitor is smaller than my left monitor and i want to keep it that way.

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Youtube Video Crashes

Youtube video crashes in windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit, using flash player 9 or 10, videos play in chrome just fine. I have 1gb ati 5770 vapor video card, intel system board, i5, 4 gb ram. I have tried both windows 7 64 and 32 bit to no avail. The screen flickers and system reboots.

Video crashes in ie 8 and firefox. They work fine in chrome. I am think of installing vista 32 bit. I wish there was a solution. I have installed whql video drivers. If i disable hardware acceleration in flash. It is more stable, but video quality suffers. Windows is sending the memory dumps, but no solution is available.

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Javascript And Flash Player

Two days ago my vista ultimate machine worked fine on youtube and other sites for viewing video. Yesterday, when i visited the site and later the youtube site, i got the following message:

Hello, you either have javascript turned off or an old version of adobe's flash player. Get the latest flash player.

I loaded the latest flash player and this made no difference. After checking here in the forums i found a couple threads that led me to the help page for script enabling. I followed those proceedures to no avail. My first question is how do i fix this. My second question would be, what happened two days ago?

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Cannot Open Youtube Videos

Using windows 7, 64 bit, new hp computer, have itunes installed for audio books, use ie, office pro plus, windows media player. When i try to use media player, i get:windows media player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct. When i try to view a youtube from e-mail or ie site, it goes to the youtube video, but will not play. Just black video screen. Have looked through many messages on line to try to fix, tried 7 or 8 that looked reasonable, but none worked.

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Javascript Is Required To Log In Errors

Ok, i have a new laptop (1 month) with windows 7 and i am having problems. Java is installed and updated. I could not even log into this page on the laptop. Error said javascript is required to log in. Then there was a continue button but it doesn't work. I updated java. It still doesn't work. Noticed the problem when i went to travelocity and expidia, and the calendar would not appear when i put the mouse over the dates. It works on my desktop with xp. Tried to download java again. Get my security level is to high. I set everything to low and turned of my firewall. Got the same message.

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You Either Have Javascript Turned Off Or An Old Version Of Flash Player

You either have javascript turned off or an old version of macromedia flash player. Click here to get the latest flash player. What does this mean? I have tried this download and cannot hear music on myspace.

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Javascript Void (false) Error Message

I am running vista on a 64-bit gateway system, and use ie7 as my browser. I did upgrade to ie8, but had to uninstall and go back to 7, which i'll explain later.

The problem: whenever i visit specific sites on the web, i end up getting knocked off of them and redirected to the at&t web search page (since they are my internet provider), with the "javascript:void(false)" error in the search field, and results listed below on how to fix it. Included in the results are usually downloads for software to fix system registry errors.

The sites that usually give me this trouble are and I have encountered other sites however, that load, but fail to do so correctly. And i know its directly related to the java, and not because the people who wrote the code did a crappy job.

I tried upgrading to ie8 as i said earlier, but seemed to have even more problems accessing the internet (because my system's 64-bit, i had no adobe anything, and the java still didn't function correctly). So it had to be uninstalled.

I have deleted and reinstalled the latest java updates, and still have the same issues.

I've changed java settings by going to internet options and changing selections under the security tab for java; didn't help.

I cleaned up my registry, but am still having the same issues.

I've disabled add ons in ie to no avail.

I've restored ie to default settings, deleting cookies, temp files, etc. , But that didn't work either. I've run virus/malware/adware software, and haven't found any viruses or other hazardous things. My system appears to be clean. So, needless to say, i have no idea what's going on.

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Youtube Video Sound Sputters And Slows Down

Sound cut out and online program slow down. Since i installed windows 7 64 bit os, i've now (in the past few days) suddenly encounted sound sputtering and when i watch a yt video, it jerks, sound sputters, and slows down. Yes, i've already tried the 'disable enhancements' routine, deleted both audiodg.exe and wudfhost. Ext files from taskmaster. Still not completely fixed. I left task master open while i ran some online videos on youtube. Something is grabbing 100% of my cpu and i can't see what it is. I have a hp workstation with two 3. 2ghz dual core processors with 8gb of ram, and feel my computer should be doing much better than what i see. Anyone out there have a different solution?

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Computer Freezes While Downloading Videos From Youtube

A few days ago, while having a video conference with my friend from spain(i'm in ireland), my pc froze completely and nothing worked but the hard reboot. Now it's happening almost every time i try to download any . Flv video. Sometimes i can see . Flv videos for 1 hour, some times for 5 minutes before i have to reboot the machine again.

I was thinking it was firefox browser  but by my surprise it happened with explorer too. I was googling the subject and some forums suggest update drivers. And they are updated and still the same. Another sites blame on windows 7, but i bought my laptop in december2009 and never had this issue before. It's happening since 21st of march 2010. Why is faulty now? I've been on the same web pages always, no hacker's or weird sites. I'd really appreciate if some one can help me out with this issue before is getting worse.

My features are:
Windows 7 home premium
Hewlett packard hp g61 notebook pc
Pentium dual core cpu t4300 @ 2. 10 ghz
4. 00 gb ram
64-bit operating system

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Movie Maker Issue With Video Length On Youtube

I am trying to make a video to put on my face book, youtube, i have finished making my video but when i try to put it on youtube it says the movie is 12 minutes long when it is 4 minutes long why does it say that and how can i change the length of the movie, one more problem when i import music to it it say the audio clip is double then what the song really is why does it say that and how can i fix this problem so i can start uploading movies i have been trying to fix this for three days now please help!

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How To Enable Javascript ? Problem Downloading Java And Adobe

It seems my javascript problem prevents me from downloading java or adobe. I did check my list of programs and i have both. I have adobe flash player 10 activex and java (tm) 6 update 14 64 bit and java (tm) 6 update 17, so what is wrong? Does anyone know how to enable javascript? 

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Cannot Play Youtube Videos - Upgrade Adobe Flash Player

Cannot play videos such as youtube, i get a message saying "upgrade adobe flash player", but that's not the problem. Ever since i upgraded to ie8, whenever i go to youtube, the player won't play. It gives me a message that says i need to upgrade my adobe flash player. I've done that several times, and it doesn't help. I still get the same message.

Now here's the funny part. When i use firefox, youtube works just fine! Which tells me the problem is in ie. I would actually prefer to use ie instead of firefox (more familiar) but i'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what the problem is, or how to go about fixing it.

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Error Message - Windows Live Id Requires Javascript To Sign In

Windows live id requires javascript to sign in. This web browser either does not support javascript, or scripts are being blocked. To find out whether your browser supports javascript, or to allow scripts, see the browser's online help. Windows live id requires javascript to sign in. This web browser either does not support javascript, or scripts are being blocked.

To find out whether your browser supports javascript, or to allow scripts, see the browser's online help. Pplication name: iexplore.exe application version: 8. 0. 6001. 18928 application timestamp: 4bdfa327 fault module name: stackhash_fd00 fault module version: 0. 0. 0. 0 fault module timestamp: 00000000 exception offset: 0766822b exception code: c0000005 exception data: 00000008 os version: 6. 0. 6002. 2. 2. 0. 768. 3 locale id: 1033 additional information 1: fd00 additional information 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160 additional information 3: fd00 additional information 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160

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