Yahoo Messenger Dialogue Box Do Not Closes

A dialogue box heading yahoomessenger.exe. Wrong volume appears whenever i open my laptop. The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume alaa center into drive e: what does it mean? It neither cancels nor it continues nor tries again. What should i do? I don't know much about softwares.

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Canon Mp460 Printer Dialogue Box Missing

I have windows 7 home premium, 64-bit os. I also have the canon mp460 printer. While the printer prints when connected to the computer, the dialogue box which used to tell me how much ink is left back on vista no longer works. I tried playing around with the printer settings but i think the issue is on the side of the os. Note that the dialogue box pops-up and shows the correct stats on my laptop which has the old xp. My question: how can i see the level of ink in the printer's cartridges everytime i print something?

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Ie7 Closes When Clicking A List Box

Ie 7 closes when a specific list box on a page is clicked. This does not happen for any other list box and only happens on certain machines. The shop runs xp pro sp2 and uses ie 7 across the board. The same users can log onto a different machine and click the same list box (or any list box for that matter) and the problem does not persist on that machine. Security settings have been set to medium-low on the machines with the issue so this doesn't seem to be the issue. Is there a setting or other ap that could be causing this issue for these three machines?

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Yahoo Messenger Error - Program Cant Start - Dciman32.dll Is Missing

Yahoo messenger error "program cant start because dciman32.dll is missing". What to do dciman32.dll is missing yahoo messenger system error?

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Shortcut Target Box Is Grayed Out, How To Enable Use Of Box?

Every time i try to unchecked the box in read-only then click apply and exit the window but then go back into the window to check to see if it did what i wanted it to do, the read-only box is checked when i want it unchecked. I need it unchecked so i can "edit" a file for a game so i can download all the images and have the game run faster. I've googled the problem for about a day and one solution seemed possible but a error comes up that says that the acl is a invalid structure.

So i googled that problem and the solution came to deleting all the acls' and putting yourself as the only admin or something along those lines. So i was wondering is their a way to get the read-only box unchecked and stay unchecked, so that i can affect the target box since it is grayed out?

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Start Menu Closes Prematurely

I have got a problem driving me mad: as soon as i open my start menu or any other application's context menu it automatically closes within just a few seconds without notification or error. The crazy thing about this is the fact that it only happens when i log in using my usual user account. As soon as i create a new one on the same system, with the same set of installed applications and services, or simply log in as another user everything starts working just fine. I have already tried disabling every single application and service one by one when logged in as the problematic user but so far all in vain. Any ideas?

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Search Yahoo Problem

Folks, i decided to give yahoo! Search a shot as an alternative to google i have been using, but there is something really bothersome, i am wondering if it is y! Causing this or it is my system, browser, etc?

When i type a search in yahoo, for example "how to edit sendto menu pcmag", it pulls up results, since i am looking for what pcmag had to say about it, i add a pcmag keyword, the link i want to see is listed in the first place, but sometimes, not everytime, when i click on this link, i end up in a totally unrelated advertisement website. It doesn't happen with google. Just a few minutes ago, i was doing another search about windows 7's media center, i clicked on of the search results and i ended up in this vlc media player advertisement. At first you don't notice, you skim through the page and once you can't find the information you are looking for, usually you wake up within a second, you go back, click the link again and this time the result displays correctly.

What is happening here? I use msse for virus protection and spybot for spyware protection, if it is yahoo abusing it, i am going back to google.

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Cannot Get Yahoo Mail To Load

Gateway profile 4 with windows xp. Through internet explorer, yahoo loads but the mail will not. I can see the messages in the quick view but can not access. I have downloaded windows service packs 2 and three and ie 8. The message where the mail loads just continues to say loading. I can access from any other computer. I have enable scripting. I was told by somebody that looked at this computer that microsoft said the op system was not authentic. Still don't believe because i was able to download and went through windows genuine advantage diagnostic; and the results were that the validation status is genuine. Ny suggestions?

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Can't Print Yahoo Email To Printer

I can't print my yahoo or hotmail email from my toshiba satellite laptop to my canon mp620 printer. It was working fine until today. I am using windows vista with ie 7 (default browser) or even firefox. Neither prints. After clicking the print button a popup displays with windows explorer has stopped working, followed by another saying windows is checking for problems, followed by windows is restarting. This takes me to my home page and i can try it over and over with the same results. Any suggestions will be appreciated. However i can print any of my stored documents not on the internet. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Will I Lose My Favorites Saved To Explorer 8 Under Yahoo ?

I have to do a system restore on windows 7, will i lose my favorites saved to explorer 8 under yahoo?

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Issues Download Files From Yahoo Mail Using Ie8

I am not able to download any files from ie 8 from my yahoo email account, does not happen on all my pc's but is happening on 2 of my pc's one is windows xp and the other is vista, what happens is if i click on an attachment to download from yahoo mail, norton from yahoo scans it and says the file is virus free, then once i hit the download button the pop up window on where to download the file shows up for a split second and then disappears, not allowing me to download the file.

I have also search my pc to see if it downloaded the file without asking where to download, but to no avail. This issues seems to be an issue for many on yahoo since the new yahoo mail and ie from what i have been able to read and search from other forums, but have yet to find a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried other browsers and have so issues downloading at all

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Yahoo Mail Doesn't Appear In List Of Email Programs In Ie8

Yahoo mail doesn't appear in the list of e-mail programs in internet explorer 8 options although i have installed the latest version of yahoo toolbar. I have an e-mail account on yahoo. I want to use yahoo mail as the default e-mail program so it opens directly when i click on any e-mail link.

I went to this page:

It says that i need to install the latest version of yahoo toolbar to do that. I have done that but yahoo mail doesn't appear in the list of e-mail programs in internet explorer options, there are only hotmail and outlook. I have contacted yahoo customer care and they told me that i have to contact microsoft support about this issue, and when i tried to do that, i found there is no support by e-mail, it's only by phone, and i like to use the e-mail one.

Anyone from microsoft support or community member can help me in my issue, which is to make yahoo mail appear in the list of e-mail programs so i can choose it as default email?

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Usb 2.0 Tv Box Driver

I bought a new tv tuner card(mron). Installed all required drivers provided by the company. When tv plugged in, the os is unable to detect the drivers. The error msg is "device driver software was not installed successfully". And when clicked on the software it is giving "failed to initialize tv". The same device is working in winxp. I tried to run the tv software in winxp using program compatibility utility from action center. But, that didn't solve the problem. Can some one help me on this.

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Win 7 Vs Media Box

I have a generic media box connected to my network and my television. When the video server computer used windows xp mce, the media box connected to shared folders on the computer. When the video server computer used vista home premium, the media box required a user id and password. Entering the same user id and password i used to logon to the computer allowed the media-box to connect to shared folders on the computer.

No the video server computer uses windows 7 home premium, the media box requires a user id and password. Entering the same user id and password i use to logon to the computer does not work. Creating a new user account does not work. Removing the password does not work. Changing the network security settings so that no password is required does not work. The windows 7 computer's network settings are:

Turn on network discovery turn on file and printer sharing turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders media streaming options are 'allow all' enable file sharing for devices that use 40- or 56bit encryption turn off password protected sharing use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers. I use an xbox 360 to show avi videos, pictures, mp3 music, and recorded tv, however most of my videos are in vob format. I realize that i could convert all of my vob files to avi files, but i would lose the dvd functions, and i have a lot of videos in vob format.

I used to have the functionality i wanted in windows xp mce, and also in vista (even though it required a logon). I would like to have exactly the same functionality using windows 7.
My preferred option is to disable or completely remove the windows 7 network security, so that a shared folder is totally unsecured as it was in windows xp.

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Start Search Box Error

Using ie7 in windows vista home premium. Most times when i start to type in the "start search" area to find a file or program etc windows explorer shuts down immediately then restarts. Any suggestions?I was going to install ie8, but was holding off since this was working fine and in computers with me if it's working leave it the heck alone! But any chance the ie8 could fix the issue? I use dreamweaver and photoshop etc. , Any chance installing ie8 could affect those?

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Network Password Dialog Box

I have windows 7 pro on 2 computers. Both a can access computer b just b is always always always always prompted for a network password when trying to access computer a and it always says it is incorrect! I have done the following:

Enabled network discovery

Enabled file/printer sharing

Disabled password protected sharing

None of the above work. Same situation. I then tried:

Disabling user account for "guest"

Setting password for "guest"

Creating a user that matches my username/password on computer b

Nothing works! Why can i access computer b from computer a but not the other way around?

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Startup Command Box Has Disappeared

The command box that appears when one clicks startup (e.g. Where one types commands) has disappeared. How can i get it back?

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Drive Select Box On Desktop At Startup

Why does "drive select" appear on the desktop at startup? I've installed an additional dvd burner (bluray) on my computer and the drivers loaded and it is working fine. My problem occurs when i start my computer and the desktop appears there is a box in the center of the screen that says "drive select" and then asks me to "please select your dvd burner from the list provided below". The drop down shows my two dvd burners to select from. Why is this appearing and what can i do to stop it?  It's very annoying every time i start my computer.

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Import Pictures And Video Box Will Not Close

About a month ago i started having a random issue with the "import pictures and video" box. The computer completes the import of pictures and video from my digital camera, a noise tells me it is done, but the box remains on the screen. I click on "cancel" and then "yes" when it asks if i want to cancel importing. Yet the box still remains. It remains even if i disconnect the cord to my camera. I have to end the program using the task manager. I am doing nothing differently to have caused this problem. I import pictures about 4 times a week. Any ideas?

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Randomly Empty Windows Search Box Will Pop Up

Randomly a empty windows search box will pop up. The box says " > search results" in the address bar and "to begin type in the search box" in the main screen of the box. The box pops up randomly and sometime as soon as it is x out. There's is no bar with options or tools to deactivate.

I have replaced the key board thinking it may have been commanding window to search. I have updated all software. This happens completely random. This typically happens in spurts lasting around 10mins. It happens often, around four times a day. Im off and on my desktop all day long. The box is empty and has the search in the right corner and an address bar to the left of that taking up 3/4 of the top permitted of the box.

I have never had a problem like this with windows that i cannot figure out how to eliminate. This has been happen since i loaded windows about three weeks now. If someone can point me in a direction it would be helpful.

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Login Dialog Box After Returning From Sleep Mode

When resuming after coming out of sleep mode at login dialog box, cursor and screen flashes and cursor goes back to beginning of login box. Example - if trying to enter 123456 as password, i may get to 123 then screen flashes and cursor goes back to beginning of dialog box and i continue entering password of 456 but now my entry would be 456123. Had a hard time figuring out what was going on until i actually saw the cursor reposition back to beginning - i was pulling out my hair as
I knew i was entering the correct password. Using ms7 on new hp notebook d4v, any ideas or experience with this?

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Update Does Not Work - Box Flashes On Screen But I Can't Access It

My windows update does not work. When i try to access it, a box flashes on my screen but i can't access it. I have tried to use windows update via online, and the same thing happens.

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Error - Unloading The Box - The Application Cannot Find One Of Its Required Files

I bought the student windows 7 upgrade. When i downloaded the upgrade and tried to run it, it came up with an error: unloading the box - the application cannot find one of its required files, possibly because it was unable to create it in the folder. Please make sure that the folder in which this application was downloaded is accessible and not read-only. The files are not read-only and it took me several days to download the upgrade. My computer has all the needed specifications to run the download and windows advisor said i was able to upgrade vista to 7. The upgrade is the 32 bit version for my 32 bit system.

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Sharing Printer With Linux Box Connected To Win 7 Pc Using Crossover Cable

How do i share a printer with a linux box connected to my windows 7 pc using a crossoevr cable? I have what seems to be a blockage since i upgraded my winxp pc to windows 7. Prior to the upgrade i had a successful connection using a crossover cable such that printing was achieved from a linux mintv6 installation to a canon ip4000 printer - usb connected to my winxp pc. Since the upgrade, each of the two pc's can 'see' each other, can be pinged ok but all attempts to set up a print path fail as i'm asked for a user name and password on the linux box and despite trying all combinations that may be valid [i think] i cannot establish a print path. Any ideas or do i seek help from the linux community? It used to work and the main 'change is that to windows 7

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Messenger Error

My problem started yesterday when i reinstalled windows live and all of the features due to an error. I was getting where i couldn't add or receive contacts. The install ran smoothly and when i finished, i tried logging on. As i was waiting for the install, i was logged on to another laptop on the same email address that was running on a different internet connection.

When i logged on on my other laptop having finished the reinstall, i got a message on both screens which said that i had to log off on one of the machines, so i logged off on my other laptop (not my main laptop, where i reinstalled the software) and then the msn on my main laptop sign out automatically.

I continued trying to sign in for a while, but with no avail. I kept managing to sign in and then after about 10-15 seconds it'd automatically sign out again. So i went online, found some fixes and tried them which changed my problem; now i couldn't log in at all. It'd start signing in for a few seconds and then return to the original log in screen without so much as an error message. A friend told me to try a system restore, so i went back a few days til before i was having the problem which changed the error again.

Now, instead of returning to the original log in screen it just "signs in" without stopping; the little revolving head icons keep going until i stop, the longest i've gotten before raging and turning it off was about 30 minutes :p i tried running the msn connection troubleshooter which yielded two results; when i plugged my internet in (i'm living on campus) to the university connection via ethernet cable it gives me a "key ports" error and when i try to log in via my mobile internet connection (usb) it gives me an "ip" error, neither of which can fix.

I can't understand why it's doing this when i can get on the internet just fine on either of the two. Also, when i run the connection trouble shooter, it says "progress.complete" even though i still can't connect which means i don't get an error message or code.

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Messenger And Outlook Issues

The icon for msgr shows on my taskbar and shows that i am offline, however when i click on the icon and select sign in from the options it does not present the sign in page. For a moment something on the right hand of my screen flickers, but that's it. I have uninstalled it and then downloaded it again (more than once), each time doing a shut down/restart to be safe, but to no avail. I am able to use messenger on other computers (not windows 7) and was able to use messenger on my computer on saturday, but on sunday no? It is not pinned to the task bar, never was, in fact it was not positioned on the task bar to start with?

My outlook messenger is doing the same thing. I had it open, was reading an email, closed the email and then wanted to open it again and it would not open. It shows as a smaller icon"window" for lack of a better word behind the outlook icon on the task bar, but it will not open. I cannot reply to emails either, as the email will not open to allow me to reply. I have run a virus check (using norton) and made sure that my virus definitions are up to date, no virus found.

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Issue With Messenger After Virus

A few nights ago, i found myself infected a virus (antivirus soft) that caused fake virus warnings to pop up constantly, and locked down most of my other programs, claiming they were infected. I was able to get rid of it eventually by shutting down it's startup process long enough to run malware bytes and avira, which together seemed to have knocked it out. (Aside from one registry entry that keeps coming back every time i remove it. )
For a few days, everything worked fine, until yesterday, when windows live messenger stopped working (as well as aim for that matter, but gtalk worked fine). I did some googling about, and learned that it might have to do with my ie settings, since the virus seriously messed with ie, changing the proxy settings and whatnot so that people who used it as their only browser would be unable to look for solutions. No dice there though (at least to the best of my skills, perhaps i missed something).

I've tried reinstalling, setting things back to their defaults, shutting off every firewall i have, but still no luck (error code 80072efd from msn, and aim (via pidgin, but windows is using it's own program) gives me "unable to connect to authentication server: ssl connection failed. " (And for the record, trying msn in pidgin gives me "connection error from notification server: connection timed out. ")
Everything else with the internet works fine, if a little slow (i dont know if that's a problem on my end or not though anyway), though the weirdest thing is, not only can i not log into msn or aim, but i can't even access either web messenger sites, they both just time out on me, but i can still access my account via ebuddy.
The fact that i can't access the web messenger/aim express leads me to believe that i may have not totally gotten rid of the virus, and in fact, while i was typing this, avira found a few more things, but upon removing them, nothing has been solved, so i'm
Honestly stumped at this point, any insights someone can offer?

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Live Messenger Is Crashing

Recently i'm having a problem with windows live messenger. It crashes while the contact list is loading.

The problem details are as follows:

Problem signature:

Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: msnmsgr.exe
Application version: 14. 0. 8089. 726
Application timestamp: 4a6ce533
Fault module name: msnmsgr.exe
Fault module version: 14. 0. 8089. 726
Fault module timestamp: 4a6ce533
Exception code: c0000005
Exception offset: 0026e40f
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 768. 3
Locale id: 3081

Additional information about the problem:

Lcid: 1033

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


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Cannot Install Messenger Or Itunes

I just recently got a new computer with windows 7 on it. Naturally i want all the programs i had on my old one on here. When i open up messenger it says it needs to be updated, so i let it do what it needs to. When it starts the installer it gets to 57% and than stops. It gives me error code 2203 and says another program was preventing the installer from finishing.

I don't have anything running and i have it close everything when it asks. Regarding itunes, i downloaded the 64-bit installer after i realized the 32-bit won't work. I start it up and it says that something is preventing quicktime from being installed and that itunes requires quicktime. Then it closes. I don't know what to do.

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Messenger Live Disconnecting

Messenger disconnects every few secs after signing in. Turning my internet connection on and off in the process. Each time it disconnects. Just installed windows 7. Never had this issue with any other os. Looked threw several differnet things. Found nothing that seems similar to my problem. Internet works perfect without attempting to use messenger live.

Ok first off. I messed up with trying to just delete messenger live. Now i can't reinstall it. Since it says i already have it. Plus i can't find a way to use it either. If i do still have it. I have no idea how.

So if i can find a way to get messenger back working again. Then i need to find a way to get the original problem. Of it disconnecting all the time on me. For what seems no reason.

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