Pc Will Not Allow Me To Scroll Lists

Whenever i try to scroll a list, ie, a paper size in my printer is defaults on one size and won't let me change. In addition, it defaults to the xps document driver and won't let me access my two printers. Sometimes it won't let me pick a program in the start menu. Any ideas.

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Microsoft Intellipoint 7.0 Mouse Scroll Wheel Does Not Scroll

Microsoft intellipoint 7. 0 (wireless optical mouse 2. 0) scroll wheel does not scroll (very slowly or not at all) in yahoo mail in google chrome, internet explorer or firefox on windows 7. When i am in the list of messages in yahoo' new mail, the scroll wheel does not properly scroll through the messages. It barely moves at all (maybe one line with five scrolls). Scrolling seems to work fine in all other parts of the browser. I have this same problem in chrome 4. 0. 288. 1dev and firefox 3. 5. 7, and ie 8.

I have checked the scroll settings and tried selecting the highest scroll rate and the advanced setting to increase speed when scrolling faster. This has not changed the performance at all.
This problem is new since upgrading from xp to windows 7 ultimate and reinstalling the mouse driver.
I have another laptop, no external mouse or keyboard, windows 7, and there is no problem with the scrolling (using it's touchpad, so i assume it has something to do with the intellipoint software.

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Not Able To Use Mouse Function To Scroll Down

I installed windows 7 premium home edition. Since then i have not been able to use the mouse function to scroll down. Now i have to scroll over to the right side of the screen and scroll down. Does anyone have a solution for this.

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Scroll Bar On Photo Viewer

How do you enable/show the scroll bar on the windows photo viewer?†I am using†two thinkpad t400, one running vista and the other is 7. On the vista machine, when i open up a large photo, the scroll bar will appear so i can go to the top or bottom quickly. On 7, that scroll bar disappeared. Is there†a patch i can apply to get it back? It seems it is not in the option or settings. This is really painful because i have to deal with large pictures. And i've been going back to the vista even if i hate it so much.

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Explorer And Browsers Windows Scroll Bar Issue

All windows programmes (such as browsers firefox, chrome, explorer) force the scroll bar to the bottom of the page and will not allow you to scroll back up. Even re-booting the machine several times does not immediately resolve the problem. All windows programmes force the scroll bar to the bottom of the page and will not allow you to scroll back up.

Even re-booting the machine several times does not immediately help. Environment using win 7 on a laptop (acer), with usb mouse. When the mouse is not used (i.e. Tracker pad is used) there seems to be a number of system freezes. We did not get these problems prior to windows 7 upgrade. The lap top is relatively new with 4gb ram.

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Explorer Mini Mouse Scroll Wheel Problem

I seem to be having some problems with my explorer mini mouse scroll wheel. Most of the day the mouse works perfectly well, but around 2:00pm each day the mouse scroll wheel seems to stop working properly. It becomes jumpy and sometimes stops all together. Around 3:00pm it starts to work again. I've been investigating this for some time now and think it is related to the sun. The mouse rests on the table beside the window and as the sun shines in and hits the mouse at a certain angle it stops working, then when the mouse is out of direct sunlight it works again.

I've tried when it isn't working to put the mouse in the shade and it works, i've also put my other hand in front of it when it's not working and this also fixes the issue. Has anyone else heard of something like this or can this make sense, i don't know how the mouse senses the movement of the scroll wheel but if it is not mechanical but light related, perhaps this is the reason for my issues?

If you have any†experience†with this or have some news to stop me thinking i'm a bit mad here that would be great. Also if this does make sense and is an issue, how do i get this feedback to the microsoft r&d teams to take this into account for the v2 design?†

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Contacts Lists

I'm looking for some way to have the same functionality with windows contacts as i did previously with windows address book. In a windows xp environment, windows address book entries were used by microsoft works calendar and†outlook express. In a windows vista environment, the windows address book entries were used by microsoft works calendar and windows mail.

Now, with windows 7, the windows address book has been replaced with windows contacts; and, the windows contacts are not the same as the windows live mail contacts. With windows 7, my understanding is that two address books have replaced one. And, these two address books don't communicate with each other. Plus, a birthday entered in windows live mail contacts cannot be used to update the microsoft works calendar. Or, an entry in either address book is not seen in the other.

Is there some way to merge these address books? Is it possible to revert back to windows mail while using the same address book as is used by microsoft works calendar? Is there a single address book that can be used by both microsoft works calendar and windows live mail?

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Jump Lists Not Working

I have been using windows 7 for quite a while now without problems. I have pinned word, excel and other programs to my task bar. I have been able to pin documents to these programs as well. When i right click it pops up the pinned and most recent. Yesterday, excel decided that it would not do this anymore. I cannot pin anything to the program in the task bar and it does not show history. My word program works fine as well as the other programs i have pinned to the task bar. How do i fix this? It is quite annoying as it takes a few minutes to open excel files by going through "my computer. ".

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Jump Lists Problem

Pinned items on internet explorer and windows media player jump list for at least the past month or so, i have been unable to pin any links to the internet explorer 8 jump list nor the windows media player 12 jump list. Additionally, on the windows media player jump list, the frequent items list has stopped showing. I do not recall exactly when†they stopped working, possibly after i installed windows live essentials wave 4 beta. The jump lists for any other programs are functioning properly. My computer is a sony vaio running windows 7 home premium 64-bit. And†let me know if any additional details are required†from me to fix the problem.

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Contacts Lists Issues

My contacts lists shows 6770 addresses, here on the main board. In reality, it shows 14, 300 on my pages. The difference being duplicates. The system dictates i delete one at a time, this will take half my lifetime. How can i delete all of them in one go i have several lists formed but cannot keep contacts in them for more than a few days, they just disappear. For instance, a really valuable list of over 100 agents shrank overnight to 22 virtually ruining my work for weeks amassing them, whats up with it?

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Jump Lists No Longer Working

My jump lists no longer work in windows 7 32 bit edition. For instance, the windows explorer icon pinned to the taskbar no longer displays recently opened folders when i right click on it. Likewise, with recently opened files in word 2010, sites in internet explorer and opera 10. 5. I've gone into the settings under the taskbar and start menu properties to ensure that "store and display recently used items in the start menu and taskbar" is enabled.

I also have the "number of recent items to display in jump lists" set to 10 (which is the default). But windows does not seem to be keeping track of the files and folders i open. Word 2010 lists recently opened programs perfectly in backstage view. Any ideas about how to get my jump lists working again?

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Specific Contact Lists Live Email

Before upgrading to windows 7, there are several functions i had that are now not functional:

1) contact lists - i used to have a "main" contact list, special contact lists i.e. , "Historical", "family" and i moved email ids into the special contact folders/lists and they were deleted/removed from the "main" list. Now, i can create the special folders, and can move email id's into the special lists, but the email id in the main contact list remains - now in two places, not one. If i delete the email id from any of the contact folder/lists, it's deleted from all of the contact lists. Surely, the techno twits (term of endearment) didn't screw up a great function of email contact folders/lists?

2) what's with the faded look of emails now? You don't have any old *** like me who find this hard to read/see? And, my husband is legally blind and even with his enhancer the fadeout on the emails is almost impossible to "see". What were you thinking? If you want to distinguish read from non-read, use a different color or anything else. Where's the option for me to get rid of this "seeing insensitive" faded/fadeout look that came with windows 7?†Again, what were you thinking?

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Filemaker Pro 11 - Jump Lists Not Working

I recently upgraded to a new computer, running windows 7 premium x64, 8 gigs of ram i5 quad processor @ 3. 2 ghz. I love the jump lists feature of windows 7. However, the jump lists stopped working for filemaker pro 11. I went to the filemaker forums, and one user there said that the jump lists work fine on filemaker 11 for him. I can't figure out what i could have done that would have stopped them working.

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Office 2010 Files Not Appearing In Jump Lists

Iím running windows 7 home premium (64-bit). Recently, i upgraded my existing office 2007 to office professional plus 2010 (32-bit). Since the upgrade, iíve noticed that office open/recent files no longer appear in the jumplists. This is driving me crazy. Iíve searched and searched, but none of the fixes iíve seen for similar problems are working. This issue is restricted to office 2010 programs only. Notepad, windows explorer, and internet explorer (for example) do not have this issue. I realize this isnít a necessity, but i became sadly dependent on them with office 2007; and i†feel a bit†cheated that i can't use them with 2010. Please point me in the right direction.

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