Cannot Do Network Backup Of Computers

I was able to do a network backup using vista. Now with windows 7 home premium i am unable. Why was this change made. I have 5 computers networked and i don't want to go out and buy an external drive for each computer. Why the change? I cannot do a network back up of my 5 computers that are now running windows 7 premium. If i had known that i could not backup to a network drive, i would have bought the new version.

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How To Network Printer Between 2 Computers ?

My printer is connected to my pc with xp. It can "share", supposedly but my laptop with windows 7 can't find/see the printer or the network. How do i fix this? And i need to know in simple/easy terms.

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Network Computers Not Connected

I have a desk top pc with windows 7 and a laptop with vista. I am unable to get the two connected on the home network. I have a router. The laptop is set up wireless. Neither computer shows the other on the network. Only in the security system (trendmicro) does the laptop show up as being on the network. The laptop shows a second computer with a mac address but it indicates "offline" so i can't determine the ip. The network map on each computer shows this computer - network - internet. Both computers are named the same as is the network. Is this an os compatibility problem?

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Home Network Computers Do Not See Each Other

I have a hybrid home network with a cisco linksys wireless router and linksys voip phone adapter. I say hybrid, because my pc is hard-wired to the router while my laptop is wireless. Both computers are running windows 7. Both computers see the internet and work fine; however, i can't get the computers to see each other on the home network. I tried setting up the home network through windows 7 rules with no luck. I installed the cisco network manager software and the router software will not link the two together either. I have the network wired per the voip phone adapter instructions, which is to capture the modem stream through the voip adapter and send it to the pc. Phone also works fine this way. Anyone got a clue why the computers don't see each other, and if it is because of the way the voip adapter is connected, how should my network be wired?

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Remote Shut Down Of Network Computers

We are a public library. We are now running 10 public computers-6 with windows 7 and 4 with windows xp. We were shutting down all the public computers from our main circulation (xp operating system) with psshutdown. I can't get the new windows 7 computers to shut down this way. What can i do? Is there a program? Could i set up something similar psshut down on one of the windows 7 machines to shut those 6 machines down? What do i need to do to make that possible?

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Connecting 2 Computers In Lan Network With Cable - Win 7 And Xp

How can i connect 2 computers in lan network (with cable) if one is running windows xp professional and the other is running windows 7 ultimate? Please, step by step answer.

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Wireless Network Issue - Two Separate Live Messenger On Two Computers

Hi i am posting this for a friend who has their network set up as follows:-

Pc 1 - a laptop running vista and connected to a wireless router.
Pc 2 - a laptop running win 7 and connected to the same router.

Pc 1 logs into windows live messenger and works ok without second pc switched on.
Pc 2 logs into windows live messenger and works ok without other pc switched on.

When both are switched on then live messenger cannot get logged into on the windows 7 machine. The machines are not networked other than to the router. Can someone help to identify if this is a common problem that cannot be fixed or what can be done to correct this problem.

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Backup Does Not Allow Backups To Network Drive

Win 7 home premium backup does not allow backups to a network drive but it will allow a restore from network drive. Vista home premium allowed backup and restore to a network drive. I assumed win 7 home premium would have the same capability - wrong. Win 7 allows you to restore from a network drive - so how can you restore if you can't backup there? I thought the win 7 restore capability may have been included for previous versions of backup but it doesn't recognize my old vista premium backups.

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Cannot Create Backup To Network Share

Why did microsoft make backup useless in windows 7 home premium by disabling backup to network drive? Clearly a lot of development time went into the code necessary to prevent that. What was the reason?Windows 7 home premium - there is no way to use it to backup to a network share. I have a machine in my home designated as a server, and i'm using an open source solution to backups today.

I really like the concept of backup in windows 7, but for some bizarre reason ms poured tons of resources into disabling that functionality. It's almost as bad as the absurd limitation on manipulating groups (e.g. I cannot create a backup users group in home, that's another features that's limited to "pro"?!

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Restoring Backup To A Network Drive

Is it possible to restore a backup to a network drive? I created a backup of my win7 rc to a mapped nas. I'd like to restore the backup to a folder on the nas to verify the contents of the backup before installing the full retail version. I would also like to be able to hand pick what files i copy from the nas to the new install. When i chose to restore the backup to a different location, the restore button is greyed out when selecting a folder on the w: mapped network drive. I can only click the restore button if select a location on the c: drive.

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Can I Backup Network Drives With Win 7?

I'm running windows 7 home premium on my laptop. I realize that home premium will not do any kind of backup with network drives, but i'm wondering about the detail of the professional version. Here's my setup and what i'd like to do:

1. Laptop running windows 7
2. Home file server running linux (intel atom 330)
3. Very basic home nas (d-link dns-321)

I'd like to setup some kind of automated backup from my main file server to the nas box. I realize that windows 7 professional can backup my windows 7 hard drives to a network drive, but can it also backup a network drive to a network drive (#2 to #3, above)?

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How Do Backup Win7 To Network Attached Drive ?

How do backup a windows 7 machine to a network attached drive (wd worldbook) - using the windows backup utility? When i use the tool, it only lists a dvd drive as an option to backup, it does not find the network drive (and the tool does not seem to give you an option to search for it manually - just has a refresh button).

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Backup Create System Image On External / Network Drive

I am running windows 7 home premium 64bit and i have 2 internal hdds plus a networked windows home server. When i go to backup and select create system image i am only shown the option of backing up the system drive (c drive) and not the other hdd (d drive). And as destination for the backup of the system drive i am presented with no option other than the d drive. I am not shown the option of an external drive or the whs network drive. Apparently the option of an external or network drive should be available as long as they are ntfs formatted.could it be that these options are not available for the home premium edition?

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Lack Of Ability For Win 7 "backup" To Access Network Drives

Lack of ability for windows 7 home premium "backup" to access network drives. I am very disappointed to find out that windows 7 home premium doesn't support backing up files to network locations. To make things worse it also will not allow you to make a backup to the same drive being backed up which precludes the option of making the backup and then doing a xfer of the data to the network drive. I think this is nuts, that now i find out i need to buy windows 7 professional to get this capability.

First is this all true, and secondly, if this is true, can a person buy an upgrade from windows 7 home premium to windows 7 professional or do you have to buy the full price of a windows 7 professional upgrade. Disappointed to say the least.

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Switching Computers

I recently purchased a copy of windows 7 for 2 computers in my home. Both installed and ran without issues. Today, one of the computers failed to boot and appears to be a fatal issue in the bios and the death of one computer. With that, i'm am off to purchase a laptop though any laptop i look at already has windows 7 installed. That leaves me with a copy of windows 7 that was purchased only 3 months ago, (i still have my receipt as well) that i can no longer use. I do intend to replace my motherboard on the currently dead computer, but with the laptop, i can use that computer for different things.

With that, i plan on getting a new more capable hard drive though i have read that copy of windows gets registered to the hard drive itself. I have seen reports that this can be corrected when replacing computers but i can not seem to locate how to accomplish this. If anyone has any information on where i can go in order to reinstall my copy of windows onto a new computer would be appreciated.

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Cannot See Workgroup Computers

I set up a work-group on my xp computers and windows 7 computer to be able to share files, but my xp computers can't see the windows 7 computer in the work-group, and vice versa. These computers had previously seen each other fine, but they have now somehow become invisible to each other. I can access the shared folders directly by ip address ([xxx. Xxx. Xxx. Xxx][shared folder name]) but not by the host-name of the computer. I also can ping by ip address but not by host-name. Any ideas?

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No Computers In Homegroup

I have a windows 7 desktop and a vista laptop. Clean installed windows 7 on laptop. Both computers say "no other people in homegroup".executed several solutions found on web but nothing worked. Discovered the following:on desktop, under control panel/network and internet/network connections it says network in the status column for the ethernet local area connection. On my laptop, under control panel/network and internet/network connections is has a bunch of letters and numbers in the status column for the ethernet local area connection.

Wireless adapter has been disabled in device manager. Since it does not say network like my desktop computer, could this be the problem of no computers in homegroup?On my desktop in windows explorer under network, it shows my laptop and i can access what is shared. On my laptop in windows explorer under network, no desktop computer is shown. Ll settings for sharing on both computers have not been alter and are the defaults setup at installation time. Before converting the laptop from vista to windows 7, it could see and access all shared foldes on my windows 7 desktop.

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Win 7 Activation On 3 Different Computers

I purchased a windows 7 disc that supports 3 computers. I installed the product on my laptop and then had a problem with it and reformatted my computer and reinstalled both vista and windows 7.

When installing windows 7 using the custom mode it did not reformat my computer. It left my programs on the computer and in the registry. I also had desktop that i installed it on but windows 7 did not recognize my graphics card so i uninstalled it. I would like to know what i need to do to still be able to use windows 7 on 3 different computers.

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Swap License Between Computers

I purchased and installed w7 home premium upgrade to my desktop and w7pro upgrade to my laptop. Later, i decided to reinforce my desktop hardware and make it a more powerful environment, so also decided to switch and install the w7pro on it with the intent to take the laptop down to home premium. Windows allowed for the pro upgrade on my desktop during activation but it is not allowing me to use the home premium key on the laptop. In the case of the desktop i used the anytime upgrade option while on the laptop i reloaded clean install from home premium disk to ensure it removes any pro settings.

Any ideas?

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Win 7 Virtual Xp Backup By Microsoft Backup & Restore

Windows 7 virtual xp backup by microsoft backup & restore - does it backup "both" c drives? I am running microsoft windows 7 professional with virtual windows xp. If i use microsoft backup & restore (and let it backup per its recommended selection), will it backup all my files on my "regular" windows c: drive as well as the virtual c: drive of xp?

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Backup Failed, Backup Drive No Longer Detected

Windows 7 kept bugging me about creating a backup, so i finally decided to. I chose to backup the default items onto my d: drive. I let it run, left for a bit and came back. It failed at 70ish%. Tried again. Same thing. I didn't have a whole lot of time left so i decided to just forget it.

I deleted the incomplete backup files on my d: drive (there was a c: backup file and mediaid. Bin) since there seemed to be no use for incomplete backup files.

When i got home and turned on my computer, post took longer than usual. My sata 2 drive was undetected. Sata 2 = my d drive. When windows starts to boot, it freezes when the windows animation is doing it's thing. I tried repairing and restoring from previously known good configuration and still nothing. I used my win7 disk to check for problems, and i even used that to restore to a point prior to my failed backups.

What else could i try? Why would my d: drive suddenly be undetected in bios, and why would a failed backup cause my windows installation to freeze? Edit: i unplugged the data cable from my d: drive and now windows boots. So deleting backup files royally screwed up my d: drive?

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Dell Datasafe Local Backup Vs Windows Backup

I recently purchased a dell desktop with windows 7. One of the first things i did was configure all of my back-upsettings / schedule in windows. I used the recommended windows default settings in regards to what data is being backed up and set my back-up location to an attached external wd drive. All seems to be working fine. That said this machine also has dell factory installed back up software (dell datasafe local back-up) that does it's thing and backs up data to a partition on the "c" drive. My question is if i've set up windows to back up my data to an external drive do i even need the dell datasafe local back up program at all? The concern is this program is using space on my c drive and if the c drive were to crash having the back up info on it seems kind of pointless to me anyway.

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How Many Computers Can You Use Win 7 Upgrade Key?

I bought a windows 7 professional upgrade that comes with just the product key and not the oem disc. That bring me to my question i have two laptops and one desktop computer. One of the notebooks runs windows vista home premium and the other runs windows vista home basic and on my desktop i'm running windows xp home edition. How can i upgrade to windows 7 professional on these computers. Also on how many computers can you use the windows 7 upgrade key till you have to purchase another key. Please help me guys as i'm a newbie when it comes to computers but i want to learn more about them.

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Win 7 Activation Installed On Two Computers

I successfully installed windows 7 professional on my two computers using the same upgrade disk, not realizing that i was violating the agreement. If i buy another copy to get a second product id, can i simply enter that new product id to activate the second installation, or do i have to go through the windows 7 installation process all over again? In other words, is a unique product key embedded in each individual copy of the software?

If so, do i have to uninstall the functioning copy of windows 7 on the second (desktop) computer, and then repeat the entire installation process? And if i uninstall, will i run the risk of losing data, settings and all other programs? While it is 5 years old, this second computer meets my needs very well, but having to reinstall and update other software accumulated over 5 years would be a major nuisance. I might be better off just replacing the computer.

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Locate Share Folder From Xp Computers

I've encounter some problems since i bought a laptop running on windows 7 home premium, i cannot locate the share folders from other computer running on windows xp in my office. I've already turn on network discovery on my share option and make my laptop into the same workgroup as my other xp computers but i still can't seems to see their share files.

However, my colleague just bought a laptop running on windows 7 professional and could locate the share folders with no problem.

May i know where the problem lies? Is it with my os or my laptop?

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Sync Outlook 2010 Between Two Win 7 Computers

More specifically my goal is to sync "outlook 2010" calendar, contacts (including 5 sub-folders), tasks and notes between 2 windows computers?I have an office computer and a laptop. Both have windows 7 and outlook 2010. Both are on my home group. I currently use briefcase to sync specific document files between the two computers. (I am currently syncing my palm treo 850 to my office computer and then to my laptop via mobile device center but, the outlook contact sub-folders (5) won't sync without the new pocket pc 2010 version - not yet released.

Only the main/default folder syncs. Therefore, i have to find a new solution until pocket pc 2010 is available for a full sync. Unfortunately, any new computer-to-computer syncing set-up might exclude having the outlook contact sub-folders on my phone though. )Help?

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Files Stored On Usb Cannot Be Accessed On Other Computers

I recently upgraded to windows 7 and added my documents, music and video folders from my usb hard drive to the relevant libraries as that is where i store all of my data. It all worked quite well on my home pc and i was happy with it. However when i went to college i could not access any of the files. When i tried to open the folder i received an access denied error message. When i checked the properties of the folders they were all reported as being empty despite the gigabytes of data in each. When back at home i can access the files and folders.

Evidently the issue is tied to the folders being added to the libraries. I suspect i can remove the folders from their libraries to restore regular access however i will not then be able to access the multimedia files via windows media center. Also having all my document folders accessible via the documents library is very convenient. Is there a way i can have these folders included in the libraries yet be able to access them on other computers not in my homegroup? My operating system is windows 7 professional operating system is windows xp professional x86. Usb hard drive is formatted to ntfs without any security restrictions.

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How To Upgrade To Computers That Doesn't Have Dvd Drive ?

I want to upgrade three computers from windows vista to windows 7. One of the 3 does not have a dvd drive. The family pack is not a download. How do i upgrade the one that doesn't have a dvd drive? Two of the three computers run windows vista home premium. One runs windows vista basic. All three meet the requirements for upgrading to windows 7.

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Backup Files To Dvd Drive Can't Change It To Backup To "c"

Win 7 wants to backup files to dvd drive can't change it to back up to "c" and can't get the back up utility to run. Instructions run you around in circles. Dvd back up always fails. Back up utility. Back up to dvd fails want back up to "c".

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Can't Backup To Dvd Drive - "backup Was Unsuccessful"

I can't back up to my dvd drive. "Backup was unsuccessful". I want to run a back up on my recovery drive has 4 gig space . How many gigabite space will it use? Will the back up overwrite the information or keeps on adding?

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