Folders Hide Settings Not Working

There are a number of shell folders in the my documents folder that i want to hide, such as favorites, links, searches, desktop, etc. When i set these folders' properties to "hidden, " they act hidden in the my documents folder itself, but are still visible in the navigation pane. Is this by design? Or is there a way for me to hide these folders completely? I don't manually access these folders very often, and i don't want to see them in the navigation pane (which i use regularly) unless i have "show hidden files and folders" checked.

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Unable To Apply Settings On Folders

In windows explorer my vista settings for general items have been applied at the drive level but not on any folders or sub-folders and i seem to be unable to apply my settings. I have upgraded from vista home basic to v7 home premium successfully. In windows explorer my previous settings for general items have been applied at the drive level but not on any folders or sub-folders. Try as i might to get the "also apply this template to all subfolders" checkbox to work nothing gets changed.

In windows explorer i select a drive from the left pane. The display is as i want it. I then right click and select properties followed by the customize tab. I set the drop down list to general items and check the "also apply this template to all subfolders" checkbox followed by ok. The drive display when next selected from the left hand pane remains correct but all the subdirectories keep what i presume is the v7 default.

I presume that i need to redefine the "general items" data somewhere but where? Also, once this problem is solved, i want to apply the same settings to other drives/volumes on removable devices. Is there a way to achieve this by copying?

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Locked Folders - Documents And Settings

My "documents and settings" folder on my c: drive is locked - it has a padlock on the folder. Nothing i do changes this. I am the administrator, logged in as such. I can't look at the folder, change it's security settings - i an't do anything with it. I have other folders witht he same thing, including my profile folder under "users".

This is a a vista upgrade, but it was a basic vista setup, just one user (me) and nothing else installed as it was a new hard drive. Why on earth are my folders, on my computer, locked to me?

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Hide Update Not Working

Windows 7 pro, 32 bit, clean install. Windows update keeps offering two optional updates even after i've selected to hide them. One isan update to support sd cards > 32gb (which i don't need), and the other is an office live add-in (which i don't want). I've hidden these options several times but they keep reappearing. They aren't showing now since i just hid them (again) but i'm guessing since they've come back a half-dozen times now that they will eventually reappear. If i choose to "show hidden updates", those two are the only ones that are hidden. Is there some trick to making them remain hidden?

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Hide Inactive Icons

I am able to go to the customize notifications screen (right click on taskbar > properties > customize) and select "always hide" for each item. The ions in my taskbar disappear, but will become visible when i click the << arrows to "show hidden icons. "  Then, in a few days icons start becoming visible again and i have to go back to the customize notifications screen to reset them to "always hide. " Is there a means to fix this so i do not have to keep resetting these items?Thanks!

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Auto Hide Taskbar Option

Auto-hide option will not retain it's "hide" setting. I can set it to auto-hide, click "apply", click "ok" go ahead and continue working on my laptop and auto-hide stays active. "Shut down". Turn
On later. Desktop comes up and the the taskbar is out of "auto hide" mode.

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Hide Underlined Letters For Keyboard Navigation

Where is "hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until i press the alt key". It hide underlined letters by default. I want to show the underlined letters for keyboard navigation by default.

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Add Delay To Auto Hide Taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar on auto-hide, possible to add delay for hidden taskbar to reappear?Hello, i mainly work with my taskbar on top and with auto-hide on. The problem is if i am working with a maximized application and i try to close, minimize, or restore the window. My mouse cursor will sometimes miss and make the taskbar reappear from hiding. Is there any way to increase the timing in which the cursor can re-activate the hidden taskbar?I know it can be done with thumbnail previews of pinned items.

I'm hoping the same could be done to the taskbar either by software application or registry tweak to which i have not found a solution for yet to my specific problem. I am also aware that windows down and windows up will maximize and minimize the current active window, but i find it less of a pain to keep my right hand on the mouse at all times.

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Disable Auto Hide Taskbar From Getting Focus

How do i disable an auto-hidden taskbar from gaining focus when a program opens or requires input?
"Foreground flash count" isn't the answer because that just changes the number of times that the taskbar icon blinks. Foreground-lock-timeout isn't a fix either because that's just a delay before the program steals focus. I want to completely disable/disallow a program icon in the taskbar from gaining focus-ever. Why? Because i don't like the auto-hidden taskbar taking focus, appearing and maintaining that focus until i switch over to the program that has just opened or wants input.

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Hide Administrator Account At Normal Logon

How to hide the built-in administrator account at normal logon? I am now using windows 7 pro at work, and i am trying to recreate the system we had previously on windows xp pro. Namely, i had it set up so that each computer had a standard user account and an admin account. I used the built-in administrator account which is invisible on the normal logon screen - you have to start windows in safe mode to access it.

I have been into advanced user accounts and enabled the administrator account, but it shows up on the standard logon screen - is there any way on 7 to hide this account like it was on xp?

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Rearranging Folders And Sub-folders

Rearranging folders in folders. How to? Need it badly.

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Cannot Access To Some Folders

1st. I login as administrator user and didn't make any permissions on  these folders also didn't install any folder lock apps. When i try to open some folders i got an alert message " access denied " the folders size is zero but i know there are a big files inside i put it before.

Also when i go to security tab. I see another alert mean, you don't have any permission to change the effective security on this folder. Also i can't change folder name or delete it can't change ownership for this folders can't modify security permissions via acl. I know it's a complicate but i hope to solve it asap. Os : xp pro, 7

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Files And Folders

I installed window 7 last october. Running windows 7 home premium. Really love it. Recently, i went to access some old saved email messages i have saved in a folder, in my documents. When i go to open up (any) file that is a . Eml file from my documents, an outlook 'new message' window opens with a shortcut link at the top of my new message of that file. I click to open it and nothing happens. I try right-clicking the file within my documents folder using 'open with. ' and a window opens with the only option to select or recommended programs is internet explorer.

I tried using this option and the same occurs, outlook new message opens up with the icon shortcut. I try right-clicking /open with/ and browse and ( this is where i think i went wrong!) I browse and select microsoft office/office12/and select the outlook icon for the outlook application, click save. Then the window of 'open with' choose the program you want to use to open this file: and i select microsoft office outlook, the 'ok" with the same result - - - an new outlook message with the shortcut appears and i am back in that same loop with a file i cannot open.

I only have hundred of these . Eml files that i now cannot access. Please someone help me with the solution to what (i am sure) is an easy, but unknown resolution to my issue!

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Getting Access To Folders

I recently upgraded to windows 7 ultimate and i am running into problems. I had to remove my blackberry desktop program and reinstall it. Upon reinstall i get an error 1303 that i need administrator right to the file folder that i am extracting files to.

I not sure why, as the administrator on my laptop, i have to give myself admin right again but i did. I still cannot download the files. I logged into the administrator profile and i am still having the same issue. I cannot get full access of certain folders that i had access to in vista and i need to understand how to fix.

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Cannot Create Folders

I am running windows 7 on a brand new lenovo lap top. It is a new environment all around. I found one glitch in the windows explorer application. I created a sub-directory in the documents library and named it michigan. The whole path is c:usersmikemcbdocumentscustomersmichigan. I have done the same for folder for indiana, illinois, and kentucky etc. Etc. With no issues. But the one i created and named michigan (not the first one i created either) i cannot add sub-directories to it, or when i try to copy and paste a sub-directory, the files go in but not the directory.

Across the top of the all the other directories there is an option for "new folder" but not in the one i named michigan. I don’t want to delete and rename the file as i have a spreadsheet that has many hyperlinks pointing to many word documents in the michigan folder. I can do all of this with success from the command line (dos prompt) but when i go back to windows explorer, the new directories/files do not appear there. Have you seen this before? Is there a fix?

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Mcx1 Folders

On my w7 pro box i have several folders such as these.

Users/mcx1-mycomputername. Mycomputername

As i understand they have to do with windows media center extensions. I did have to reinstall the xbox360 extender a couple of times and i am thinking this is where the multiple folders came from. I would rather not have all these extraneous folders clogging up my drive but simply deleting them does not work. I get an error message that they are all in use. Can someone please tell me how to clear this up so that i only have the folders actually required to use wmc?

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Customization Of Folders

I have a rather random bit of an annoying bug that only shows up sporadically. At times, after i've gone and set up the folders and file icons to display the way that i want, and "apply to all folders, " they will decide to set back to the default view, with no input on my part nor any other active running program. Even more baffling is the fact that it doesn't always apply to the same folders, sometimes folders within folders will still be in the view mode that i had applied, while other folders within the same folder will have set back to default. Granted, it's a small-ish bug, but for me, it's annoying none-the-less as this is the only actual issue i've had with windows 7 in almost a years time of use.

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Offline Folders

I have a general question having to do with offline folders. If you have offline folders and say someone then on the server moves some files into a subfolder. When you resync back up how is that handled? Are the files deleted and the copied on your offline folder cache or are they moved? And what happens if you happened to make a change to a file, but it's been moved on the server? I've been looking, but can't find any documentation as to what happens when. Can somebody please help me out?

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Deleting Old Folders

I need to delete some old windows folders after switching my drives around. When i used "disk cleanup" i was able to get rid of one old installation, but i had another that i had previously partially deleted manually file by file. It left a bunch of empty folders that i am unable to change the attributes from "read only" even though i am the administrator and the only user on my computer.

When i try to delete them they say i need permission from system to delete them, well how do i get that permission? I am at wits end on this and short of backing up the drive and reformatting then doing a selective restore i don't know what else to do and if it wasn't a nearly full terrabyte drive i would do just that.

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Folders Are Read Only

I am currently working on a musical project which has a severe deadline and many people are counting on me to complete this. My career is in the balance at this very moment! I recently purchased windows 7 and am trying to continue my work using ableton live 7. Windows 7 will not let me use my vst instruments as ableton needs a writable directory for them and, no matter what i do, (i have tried unticking "read only"

- To find it resets automatically, i have used the cmd prompts, i have checked all permissions, i am logged in as administrator, i have tried running in safe mode. ) It still says that the directory i am trying to use is "read only".

If i cannot complete this project, my reputation is utterly ruined and i am going to lose all the good will which i have built up over the past year. Essentially, due to this problem with windows 7, my career is finished. Please can you provide with a solution as this is extremely urgent!

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Public Folders

I have windows 7 and a few days ago had a problem with not being able to exit a program. When all else failed, i simply did a soft shut-down from the start menu. When i turned it on again, all my files were missing. I thought i had lost everything but when i restarted, everything came back. I'm suspecting that the system started up and somehow i was in the public folder 'profile'? How did i get there? And how to set up a profile for someone to view only public folders on my desktop?

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Synchronizing Folders

Upgraded from xp to windows 7 and imported from outlook express to windows mail. Now i have the windows mail folder structure mirroring the folder structure of outlook express (it is a little scrambled). But i have also a folder that is called imported folder which has the entire folder structure duplicated in it.

I can't simply delete that folder as i realized the duplication only later and saved e-mails into both folder structures. Not only that but also my old sent messages have not been properly transferred and my old messages are still in the old folder. What can i do to synchronize these two structures, transfer my old sent messages to ultimately delete the duplication to avoid further confusion?

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Folders Are Not Visible

I am using windows 7 64 bit edition. I was not having any problem with windows 7. But today, when i open my drives, there is no folder in any drive except in c drive where my window is installed. In every drive, there is some used space wich shows that folders are there but they are not visible. When i put complete path of file in run dialog box, files become visible and working. But still i am not able to open files through my computer or windows explorer.

Then i created a new folder, it is visible and working correctly . Only old folders are not visible in any drive. I am quiet sure that there is no virus. These folders contain my important data. I also did checkdisk and defragmentation. But still the problem remains same. Please help me to resolve this problem.

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Fake Folders

I had to get some data off a drive from a crashed system. I added it to my system as a 2nd drive so i could copy things off it. I wasn't sure if there was anything in shared documents that needed to be copied so i tried to look. For one thing there i see at least 4 places to look: e:docs&settings all users, e:docs&settings public, e:users all users, e:users public. In all of these i find my own public files. Do you remember the commercial where a dummy keeps messing things up but all the while happily saying "i'm helping!"? Clearly w7 is "helping" and showing all public docs throughout the system under these paths.

I only see my own public docs so i'm assuming there were no public docs on the other drive, e:. What if there were? Where would i find them? How would i sort them out from my own public docs that are on c:. Or better still, how do i look at this drive as just a drive and what's really there and none of this &$*#* aggregating and "helping" and phantom folders etc?

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All Program Settings

I have a question about how to organize my "all programs" settings. When i click start then all programs, all my folders are at the bottom and misc. Files are on the top. I would like to put the folders in alphabetical order and have the misc. Files last. It was easy to do on all the other window's programs but i can't seem to find a way with windows 7.

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Services Settings

I have been trying to maximize the performance of my rig since i only have 4 gigs of ram and my ancient 1 year old mobo can hardly cut it with windows 7 (sarcasm intended). So, i have been fiddling with services but i occasionally mess things up and i end up painstakingly trying to reset those service back to their defaults, one at a time. How hard could it be for the services panel to have a ‘default" or "reset" button? So when people like myself (i’m not very smart) mess up a setting, we can simply click "reset" and the ole’, comfy, default services fix my screwup. Are there other ways to do this other than the aforementioned "by hand" method. Software? Utilities?

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Regionalization Settings

It appears that when i change the regionalization settings to prc china, all menus become chinese regardless of how i configure it. In xp, i was able to change this and the menus remained in english. My problem is that with visual basic 6 programs, the text is not unicode. In order to read chinese in my program, i need to maintain english menus but support chinese as big 5, etc and not unicode. This effects microsoft sapi function for foreign languages. Does anyone know how to configure this?

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Always Available Offline Not Available For Network Folders

I have a netgear stora nas. All is well with my network access to the device, but windows 7 will not index any of the folders. Right clicking on the folder does not give me the "always available offline" option. All help topics say that i need to have the folders available offline in order to do the indexing.

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Infinite Documents Folders

I have what seems like an infinite chain of documents folders, one inside of another. Forever. And ever. I've deleted probably a hundred of them. Where did they come from and why can't i delete all of them at once? Had this problem in vista but the folders weren't infinite, they just existed and wouldn't let me open them. Now that i have 7 they have become infinite. Can anyone help me?

Because my friend tried working on it and he named the files he moved them to "stuff you need to sort and delete" and "needs to die. " He also did it because it annoyed him severely.

I have tried deleting the top most folder, but i get a "source path too long" error message. "The source file name(s) are larger than is supported by the file system. Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name, or try renaming to shorter name(s) before attempting this operation. "

I don't really understand why or how they got created, or what's in the last one (if there is one!). How can i just delete all of them? Forever?

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Cannot Navigate Folders In Mce

When viewing my video library in media center/videos, media center stalls as though it is searching for content (large circular cursor in center of screen), indefinitely. This is extremely frustrating when trying to select a video to watch. Partial fix is to shutdown media center and restart but this only allows media center to view 1 or 2 folders before media center goes into what seems like an endless loop, searching for content, even though the folders contain several files and on occasions have been successfully navigated.

I have waited several hours for media center to resume normal operation with no success. I have rebooted windows to no avail and tried running sfc /scannow. I have also seen similar behavior in 'windows explorer' on another machine but that problem did not survive a reboot. There is nothing in event viewer, no error or warning messages other than network related problems with another machine on my home network. I only have microsoft essentials, winamp, additional codecs and leadtek winfast pvr2 installed. No other software installed other than windows updates.

Power settings: performance has anyone experienced this problem and does anyone know the possible cause/fix for this problemny help would be greatly appreciated. Regards andy m intel i7 920 asus p6t deluxe - oc palm corsair dominator - 3gb asus/ati hd4870 - 2 cards - crossfire mode windows 7 ultimate 32bit

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