File Extension Lost

When i boot computer, windows 7 starts in the normal way, but, for the past couple of days, i have been getting a window opening asking to know which program to run for a specific file. The file seems to be called "stephen" and is in the c:users directory. It has no file extension. It is 1094 bytes and inside entitles itself as "interface list" and contains the names of the realtek controllers and a loop back controller. What can i do to get this back doing what it should, or can i just delete it?Stephen

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Updating Software Problem 'file Pzp Extension' In Win 7

Does anyone have any ideas what programs may run . Pzp extension. This photo suite mgi i know they went out of business. I am trying to fix this problem for someone who does not update their computer too often.

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Application Icons And Extension Changed To .lnk

All my program file extension is changed to lnk and cannot open any of them. Icons are also changed to windows media player. I was trying to open a video file and was asked which application to use. I selected windows media player and that created this problem. I can not use system restore because none of the applications get executed. However, i tried to open firefox by opening the "program folder" > "mozilla firefox" > firefox. App. I use windows 7 prof.

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Media Player Cannot Play File, File Type Or Codec Not Supported

This is a new computer, win med player will not play vid i imported from my camera. Even sample video will not play.

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How To Convert Batch File (.txt) To Ms Dos File ?

Windows 7 notebook. How do i convert a short batch file (.txt) to an ms-dos file. In windows xp i could change it by using 'file type'.

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Live File System Will Not Save File

Live file system will not save file!Windows 7 and udf will copy several files and then you get to the last file which is 700 meg and the space free bar under the dvd rw drive shows 1. 2 gig left. The copy starts and runs till about 350 meg left then it slows down all the way to 17 kbs and also till 10 k was left on the dvd. By this time about 5 hrs have gone by and the copy window has showed 1 hr left for 3 hrs. The cancel button won't work task manager when used will crash the system. You can force a shut down but then you have to reactivate norton with your purchase code. A search of the internet for me was no help at all.

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Lost Drive

I have an hdd box which contains a hard disk (formated in 3 partitions) . When i used windows xp before, i can view my file in all of the partitions. But when i install windows 7, only one partition of my hdd box can be accessed . Nd the others can't. I tried to make them show but they can't. I used "disk management" and i can see the missing drive but nothing can do with them (except delete them of course). And when i bring it to my computer which is using windows xp , the first time i can still accessed all the data in the partitions but when i tried on win 7 i still can't. And the second time i tried on win xp it' missing two drive just like win 7. I know that the drive doesn't have viruses 'cuz i scan viruses almost everyday .

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Lost Desktop

I have a small ssd for the os and installed application software and i keep a lot of stuff on my desktop. To minimize ssd usage i relocated my desktop and other folders from the c: drive to another internal drive i have to support the ssd and everything worked fine till today. I went to the disk manager and i changed the drive letter to the other drive from e: to d: and now my desktop have only the recycle bin icon on it and i cannot put anything else on it.

I get the error message: e:c desktop refer to a location that is no longer there the folder on the other drive that held everything that was displayed on the desktop is still there intact. I am sure that if i changed the drive letter back to e: that it will fix everything but i would like for the second drive to be the d: drive so how can i associate the desktop with the folder on the d: drive again? I have 64bit windows 7 ultimate

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Lost Bluetooth After Upgrade

Lost bluetooth after windows 7 install. After a successful upgrade to windows 7. I was unable to find my device in device manager or my software application in the program menu.

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Communication With The Printer Is Lost

Windows message that communication with the printer is lost although the cables are all plugged in and power is on, how do i re-establish communication.

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Lost True Graphics

I have recently upgraded my sony vaio, model : vgn-fe41m from windows vista to windows 7 the operating program works fine but it seems to be running of the basic programs. I am at the moment only running from the standard graphic drivers when it should be running from nvidia geforce go 7400 but when i download these drivers an error message comes up saying that my computer is not compatible when i know it is.

If anyone has any idea's on how to fix this problem please let me know ? Or should i just down grade back to vista ?

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Lost Product Key

I bought windows 7 ultimate from my college computing center. I downloaded it to my computer and loved it. Sadly a few months later my hard drive failed and needed to be re-imaged and lenovo only re-images to windows vista. Since i got my disk i have moved out of my dorm and somehow lost my windows 7 disk with my product key. Because of this i was wondering what i could do to get windows 7 ultimate back on my computer if there was some identification from my laptop that could get my my product key back.

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Lost Access To Xp Mode

I've been using windows 7 professional edition with xp-mode successfully for some months. I have several pc's at home and run mcafee on them. In the last few days mcafee seems to have updated it's software and come to the conclusion (wrongly) that i was using the software on one more pc than i had the license for. So, it removed the anti-virus sw from that pc - without warning. That was my xp-mode virtual machine. When i tried to reload the antivirus sw it hung.

I've rebooted but now i can't start the virtual machine - i get a message saying "could not enable integration features". If i continue without that (one of the options) it just gives a blank black window without all the icons for my xp programs. Any suggestions as to how i can regain access to xp-mode?

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Lost Disk Space

So i was trying to help my friend delete his old windows 7 beta partition on his new copy of win 7. So far, using disk management, he has formatted it, defragged it with the built in windows defragger, and deleted the partition. At that point it still wouldn't let him extend his main drive to include this newly free space. So he right clicked the free space and deleted it. Instead of changing it too unallocated space like it expected it to, it just vanished completely! And now thanks to me, my friend is missing some 80gb.

Then, for some reason it separated 112gb of "free space" from his new install. So i extended the drive and put the 112 gb back into his new install. And now i'm stuck.

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Lost Home Networking

I just got a new dell with windows 7. I am having no luck getting on my vista laptop and the same with my new desktop with win 7. Both can see each other and both ask for a user name and password. I tried from the win 7 pc using my user name and password that i log on with everyday but it tells me wrong user name or password. I also tried the homegroup password from the win 7 pc and no go. From the vista pc i get a user name and password box and it is the same error. I tried using my user name and password which i just set up and no luck. I was really looking forward to no more home network issues by moving to a new windows 7 pc but here i go again!

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Lost Ethernet Networking

I upgraded to windows 7 with a dsl connection to the internet. With dsl both wired and wireless internet connections were working on both of my laptop pcs. Since changing my dsl to a cable modem with a router one of my two windows 7 computers is is only able to connect wireless. The other computer can connect both wired and wirelessly. The wired connection on the one computer only assigns an apipa (169) address and therefore i am unable to access the internet with a wired connection. Router tech support and modem tech support are both pointing me to a windows 7 problem but do not have any idea of what the problem could be.

I have updated the nvidia ethernet drivers but that did nothing to help my issue. I have also tried to use a static rather than a dhcp address but that did nothing to help my issue. Finally, i have tested different ethernet cables but that did nothing to help my issue. Any thoughts or suggestions on how i might fix my wired connection?

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Lost Administrator Status

I stupidly followed some instructions i found on line so that i wouldn't have to type my administrator password each time i logged on but in the process, i can no longer access the administrator account. I am now logged on as a guest account. When i go to user accounts and try to "manage another account" to switch to the administrator account, the dialog box asks me to type in the administrator password but there is nowhere to do so. I don't seem to have any way to access the administrator account. Is there any way to fix this short of reinstalling windows 7?

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Lost Administrator Rights

I had extreme difficulty adding a remote printer to my user account that is supposed to be part of the administrator group. I was totally unable to add printer. I got the following message: "the operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator. " When i logged into the administrator user account i was able to immediately add the printer with no problems. When i run "gpresult /h report.html" it tells me that i am in the debuggers and home users groups, but not the administrators group. When i log in the administrator account it says my user account is an administrator. How do i repair this so that i am a full administrator?

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Lost Files & Folders

I have been in the process of migrating from win xp to win 7. Whilst installing the new operating software, i transferred all my files to my laptop, as a temporary store, within the shared folder, so i could easily access it across the network.

Once i had complete the win 7 installation, i connected up to the local network to look for the files on the laptop, which i found no problem. So, from win 7 i dragged the folder from the laptop shared folder containing 2gb of data, to the win 7 desktop. Whilst transferring, i accidentally pressed cancel, now i can't find my files on either of the two machines! All i am left with is the original folder with 4 single files on the win 7 desktop.

I can't find these files anywhere, having used an undelete recovery, i cannot see the files on the laptop hard drive or anywhere. Can anybody please make any suggestions?

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Lost Emails After Update

I am running windows vista on this pc, with all updates automated and up to date. There were 2 vista updates which occurred this week. Numerous critical emails have disappeared. My email box has email to 01/20/10 and then nothing until 03/09/10. I have currently done nothing to resolve the problem, other than search (and breathe, breathe). Until i understand the problem, i hesitate to do anything that could potentially delete all these communications.

I had previously asked it to store emails on my secondary hard drive. (Light bulb went off when i typed that sentence - there is a 4 minute pause while i check the settings). Sure enough, new mail updates returned storage settings to default. Alright, do over! How can i synchronize all emails from my storage area on an alternate hard drive and the default windows email storage area?

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Wireless Connection Lost

I have a wireless connection for the internet set-up to my neighbors house and although my pc says there's a good signal between us, i often lose my internet connection, especially when microsoft have downloaded an update. I am sure the fault is somewhere in my own pc. When it does happen, i have to use system restore every time to re-establish the internet link. The fault number which appears is: 80072ee7, i being a silver surfer have no idea what that means or what to do about it.

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Lost Administrator Permissions

As no one seems to have an answer to this problem or the many other similar ones posted. I guess i have no option but to re-format the hard disk and reload everything which will take at least three days. Seems like the days of early windows are back! Can anyone tell where to go to resolve this problem?

I seem to have lost quite a few administrator rights which is a real pain. How can i reset them as i am the only user on this computer and because i have lost them i can't update my web sites. Outlook will not let me import my old . Pst file.

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Lost Admin Account

I had changed my login to automatic. After that i managed to install still programs. But when i started windows again, it didn't let me to change settings which demand admin rights. I'm now a guest and there isn't any other accounts. When i try to make changes in uac, for example, it demands to log in as admin and "then press yes", but there is no fields to log in and "yes"-button is gray. Is there any chance to get admin back without reconfiguration with windows cds. I also tried to recover the system but it demands, of course, admin rights.

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Lost Volume Indicator

I recently upgraded from windows 7 home premium to windows 7 professional. Before the upgrade, i would see a volume indicator box that would pop-up in the middle of my screen whenever i would adjust the volume via the keyboard. However, after the upgrade, i've noticed that the volume indicator box no longer pops up when i adjust the volume. The sound on laptop works fine, but i was wondering how i could get this to reappear. I have a e525 model emachine.

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Lost Connection To Cd-rom

I have a new system including a cd-rom: ad-7240s sony nec with s-ata physical connection. It has worked but now windows refuse to recognize it. I have found a "firmware 1. 03" that perhaps should be installed, but sony optiarc warns me: "sony optiarc europe gmbh is not liable for any damages caused by incorrect installation of firmware updates on its devices. Also note that our firmware updates are not compatible with those provided by oem vendors (e.g. Hp, dell, fujitsu siemens computers, apple etc. ). You may damage your drive if you flash it with incompatible firmware. "

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Offline Files Lost

I have map network drive on my computer. Which is connected to a data folder on an other computer in my small office network. I hade activated the service "enable offline files".

Today when i loged on sync process started. When it was in process i disabled the function  "enable offline files". Sync was stoped. But some files from that folder on another computer are now missing. Now from where i can find those files.

 Perhaps when sync was in progress i disabled the offline files and the files from my computer could not be copied to that network computer. Please tell from where now i can restore those files. They are five files which are missing.

I am much worried. I dil not know that how offline files work so i did by mistake. But that data in those files was very important. That contains record of my company for many years.

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Lost Ability To Dual Boot Into Xp

After formatting my vista drive and installing windows 7, i lost my ability to dual-boot into xp. How do i restore that dual boot option? I was previously running a dual-boot for vista and xp. Yesterday, i formatted my c: drive (vista) and installed windows 7 onto it, and now i can't boot into xp. I now understand that in doing that i erased the old boot loader. How do i modify the boot loader to allow me to boot to xp?

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Ms Office 2007 Lost And Did Not Transfer

After win 7 professional installation and completing 'transfer of files', my ms office standard 2007 did not transfer along with my (other) previously loaded ms programs. Are these programs now lost or can i retrieve them? I have been using vista since it's release and i have noted no problems of this type before.

I purchased your ms step by step win 7 manual prior to my win7 installation, but was unable to fix this problem. I don't want to loose all my ms word program, data or files. I have tried using the windows easy transfer (win 7) at least 3x w/o success! I don't want to reload the office standard again. I also don't want to purchase a new ms office 2007 either. (I had to reload it previously due to a hd replacement (after it's failure)).

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How Do I Recover My Lost Programs After Upgrade?

I recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista. In the process i have lost use of works, money and numerous other applications. How do i recover my lost programs? The disc used to install these programs is my vista o. S. Disc. I can't even open my documents. How do i recover my lost programs?I have attempted to use the setup w/o success. I even tried to run as administrator still nothing.

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Lost Mouse After Kaspersky Update

Tried to install kaspersky internet security xp, and then downloaded kaspersky w7. After the install seemed to go well, and a re-boot was required, i no longer have a mouse cursor. Once i log on, i get a kaspersky reboot required message lower right taskbar, and the round circle wait symbol intermittent in the middle of the screen.

Various mouses do not work, other usb ports install driver but mouse does not work. If i boot from the w7 cd the cursor works for the first install page which i abort. This is a brand new machine clean install. Any thoughts? I can't do much without the mouse.

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