Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Touchpad Multi Touch Gesture Settings

I have a dell inspiron 15 laptop with windows 7. I wanted to now that weather i could get the touch screen gestures (mainly scrolling and zoom) for my laptop touchpad? Also, is there any specific kind of software i would have to install?

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How To Disable Mouse Touchpad On Dell Laptop ?

I have a dell vostro 1500 laptop. When i opted for the yahoo task bar, i was pushed into yahoo 8. I wasn't happy, so i switched back to yahoo 7. Since then both my mouse pad and the hand mouse have been on simultaneously. When i go to the control panel and click on 'mouse", i receive the message that it can't open the synaptic pointer device. What is that? How do i get to it? I just want to turn off the mouse pad and stop my cursor from jumping around the screen. Does anybody know about this and can help?

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Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop - Bsod - Bugcode_usb_driver

I just got a dell inspiron 15 laptop about a month and a half ago for a graduation present, i bought it from best buy. It's been working great ever since i got it, except this week, i've gotten a bsod twice saying that the error is bugcode_usb_driver. The only thing i've ever had plugged in via usb has been a computer game controller, a mouse, and my dad's external hard drive when i first got it to transfer my files from my old computer.

I've looked up this problem on these forums and have found some answers, one of them being that i should update my usb drivers, but i'm honestly not sure why my usb drives would need updating if this laptop is brand new and i've had hardly anything plugged into my usb ports.

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15-hole And 7-hole Connector Port On Dell Inspiron Laptop

I have a dell inspiron laptop with a 15-hole connector port and a 7-hole connector port (black).could someone pls tell me what those connectors are for?

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Touchpad Settings Problem

I recently bought my hp pavilion dm3-1030us and installed win7 professional. When i started, i could access my touch pad settings via the control panel (under devices and sound) by clicking on "mouse". In order to have a real mouse as well as a touch pad, i plugged in a usb mouse, which installed itself (as would be expected). However, the problem is that now the only mouse settings i can find are the ones for the installed usb mouse. I really want to change the settings on my touch pad so that it's less jumpy and doesn't "tap-click" while i'm typing.

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Issue: Sony Vaio Laptop Keyboard And Touchpad Stopped Working

I have a sony vaio vgn-nw270f that came with windows 7 already installed. After booting up, the touchpad and keyboard stopped working. The keyboard works in the bios but only then. I can use the pointer with a usb mouse and type using the on-screen keyboard but that's about it. Everything else works normally. I spoke with sony tech support and they recommended i restore my machine to it's original factory state but i would definitely rather not do that.

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Dell Studio 1749 Touchpad Scrolling Problem

Recently my laptop, dell studio 1749 lost it's proper ip address for wireless. I couldn't get a resolution to the problem by working with the router support people or internet provider people (should called dell). But i did get help from someone much more computer savy than me who fixed it by reinstalling, i guess pretty much everything. The computer really works fine now, with wireless connectivity, the only thing i no longer have is the capability of using the touchpad to swipe to scroll instead of using the scrollbar. How do i get that back? Windows 7 home premium. Is it a driver that didn't get reinstalled? How do i do that?  Should i try it myself if that's the case? 

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Install On Dell Inspiron 545 Mt

I would like to know is it possible to uninstall win7 64-bit version and download win7 32-bit version using cd-rom drive? I am trying to use win 7 32-bit version i have more programs that are more compatible with this (os). I am using the following: dell inspiron 545mt, 750 hd, 8gb ram, 2. 33ghz will this version run much slower than the 64 bit version?

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Can't Install On Dell Inspiron 9400

I have a dell inspiron 9400 which is about 2. 5 yrs old and comes with a t2250 processor 1. 73, 2mb, dual core yonah, c0. I ran the windows 7 upgrade advisory and other than issues with outlook and my ricoh card reader, it indicated that it should work. I upgraded to 2 gb of ram and put a fresh install of windows xp home edition complete with updated xp drivers. When i look at the system settings in the control panel, i do not see 64- bit so i know my system is 32-bit. However, according to microsoft, windows 7 home premium runs in both 32 bit and 64 bit.

This is my problem. When i tried to install it within xp, i get the dialog box stating " your computer can't run this version of windows. You need an installation disc that's compatible with your computer. For more information, check your computer's system information. " When i boot from the cd, after it installs windows files, it goes to a screen showing, windows fail to start.

A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem i need to run the install disk and click repair. Then it shows file:windows\system32\ootwinload.exe 

Status: 0xcoooo35a info: attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this cpu is not compatible with 64-bit mode. Once again does not windows 7 home premium run in both 32 and 64 bit? If so, why can't i install it?

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Installing Win7 On Dell Inspiron 15

I have a dell inspiron 15 (1545) laptop which came with windows 7 home basic 64-bit edition preinstalled. Now i want to upgrade it to windows 7 ultimate x64 edition. I started with initializing the setup in the existing windows but the setup displayed an error saying that the file spwizeng.dll is either not designed to run on windows or contains error.

Then i tried to install the windows at boot time so on restarting and pressing any key to boot from dvd the setup started loading files which took about 10-15 minutes to complete and after that a error screen is displayed showing an error in the file winlogon.exe and cannot be loaded plus some other things and gives two options enter to continue and esc to exit.

I exited the setup and on restarting my previous version of windows booted normally. Now what is the problem i cant understand. I have two queries- 1. Can windows 7 be installed by the method i adopted. If not is it necessary to format the partition in which there is an existing windows 7 home basic. 2. If formatting is necessary , then how to format that partition? I have two partitions c & e of equal size out of which windows is installed on c. I do not want to get my e drive formatted as it contains all the important data.

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Dell Inspiron Ac Adapter Not Recognized

I'm using the same adapter i've used for months that came with the dell inspiron computer that i purchased new. Never any problems before. Now when i plug in using the adapter, i get a message that the adapter is not recognized and battery will not charge. Anyone seen this before?

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Dell Inspiron 1520 Sound Issues

I want to take bill gate to court. The reason is no sound coming from my compute after installing win 7. No sound coming from my compute after installing win 7. I tried every thing. My laptop is dell inspiron 1520, high definition audio device driver 6. 1. 7600. 16385. The funny is that the sound working if i use headphone. Please note that the speaker is not in silence. The only way is to take bill gate to court. That was his idea to bring the win 7 with no sound.

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Dell Inspiron Bluetooth Driver Incompatibility

Dell inspiron bluetooth driver incompatibility with windows 7x64(dell wireless 355 bluetooth module (bluetooth 2. 0 + edr)) ok so ive been stuck for about 2 hours attempting to resolve the issue of incompatible driver for a dell inspiron 1525. Im almost insane so far. I cant turn it on because i don't have the drivers and all i want to do is put pics from the phone onto it, dell drivers aren't going well. Got it to install then found out that the only drivers for vista weren't compatible w 7:p. (Dell wireless 355 bluetooth module (bluetooth 2. 0 + edr))

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Dell Inspiron 1521 Microphone Not Working

I upgraded to windows 7 a few months ago and have tried everything i can think of to get my microphone working but to no avail. It is an internal array, so i don't need to plug into the jack. I have installed the sigmatel audio drivers. The device shows up as enabled and set as my default device. The microphone is not muted, but when i go to a recording program, it reads that the microphone is not picking up any sound at all. The windows troubleshooter doesn't know what to do either, does anybody have a fix?

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Does Dell Inspiron 1721 Will Be Able To Install Win 7 ?

Does anyone have any information at all regarding whether or not dell, amd, microsoft. Etc plan on releasing any software/hardware driver updates so that the dell inspiron 1721 will be able to install windows 7? I find it annoying that the windows upgrade advisor advises that windows 7 can be installed on my laptop, however i have not been able to get through installing the upgrade. I get the following: "these devices might not work properly after the upgrade. -Storage controllers: amd raid console"

I've been unsuccessful finding an upgrade to the raid console driver. I've tried continuing the installation anyway (via the upgrade, and the custom install) however the installation hangs at the very end of both (completing installation) and then reverts back to vista. Does anyone have any insight into this?

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Battery Life For Dell Inspiron T4300

I have a dell inspiron t4300. It has an option to select a power plan for saving energy on the laptop as well as on the battery. You can "click" the disable battery charger while working on your laptop at home. This option is supposed to save energy without giving up speed or power and prolongs the longevity of your system. Per the instructions, if you keep your computer plugged in all the time, this feature will stop the battery from charging until the next time you reboot your computer and your battery will continue to perform normally. Well, when i turn my laptop off at night and reboot in the morning, won't my battery be dead?

I also have a computer service that runs updates, checks for viruses and takes care of running my back-ups every night. I don't think this will affect my services with them, but what would happen if my computer is turned off and my battery is dead? If anyone has worked this feature of their laptop, please let me know if you're satisfied with the results.

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Record Using Line In With Dell Inspiron 1520

I am attempting to record through line in. I have opened up my recording devices menu, and i have two options: microphone and line-in. I have selected line-in as my default device, and it has the green check mark symbol, which i assume means that it is enabled and working. Despite this, however, the monitor level to the right of line-in does not respond to noises. Instead, i hear noise from the computer's built in microphone, the microphone monitoring level reacts to noise, and when i mute the microphone, it mutes everything.

Does the green check mark not mean that i am actually using the line-in?If it matters, i am running windows 7 ultimate on a dell inspiron 1520 with an onboard sigmatel sound-card. I understand that most people have had numerous problems with dells with sigmatel cards, but 7 seems to have fixed those problems, so i think this is a problem with the recording devices menu. Also, it appears that my drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can set things up to record with line-in?

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Dell Inspiron 15 - Formatted Recovery Drive By Accident

I formatted my d: recovery drive by accident. Is there a way that i can reinstall the image restore on d or what should i do ? Is there someway that i can install it back on d so i can do a dell factory image restore. I had window vista and then updated to window 7 but by accident formated my d drive. And i just want to factory restore but i cant. Because my d drive was formated. I have a dell inspiron 15.

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Dell Inspiron 546 System Audio Problems

Windows 7 - system audio works sometimes and sometimes does not. Sound card question. Audio recording question. Speaker sound quality poor. I log on-the system sounds work fine. Media player works fine. Next time i log on-no system sounds. Everything is plugged in just fine, troubleshooter finds no problems, media player goes through all the steps and looks like it's working, still no sound. Dell recommended i download a fix for the via driver.

I did that, and it still has the same problem. I can shut down, log on again, and then the sound will work. Sometimes i have to shut down and log on twice in a row to get it to kick in. Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? I am working on a dell inspiron 546 with amd athlon ii x2 215 2. 70 ghz and 64 bit with 400 gb of ram. I have windows 7 installed but when i dug deeper into the service code for this machine found that at one point in time it had vista installed.

Could this be the same vista to windows 7 audio problem everyone else seems to be having? I bought this from staples new with windows 7 as the advertised operating system. I have been researching all of the forums and answers and am having trouble figuring out if i have a "sound card" or not.

I am not well versed with the terminology so, even though i can follow microsoft instructions to find the correct place to check and see, i do not understand what i see when i get there. It says: ati high definition audio device and via high definition audio. Does this mean i have a sound card or do i need to purchase one? If i buy a sound card will this fix my audio problem?

Even if i get my audio problem fixed, i have been disappointed in the sound quality of the speakers on this new, up-to-date system. My speakers on my old computer (which ran windows 98) were by far superior in sound quality. I don't understand why they sound so crappy and barely get loud and when you do turn them up they have a rattle to them.

I tried to plug my old speakers into my new computer but nothing happens. My new speakers have a plug and a usb. I don't know what the purpose is, why can't i use my old ones? Eventually i want to record my old lp's onto discs and need a great sound system. Any advice?

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Dell Inspiron 580 64-bit Spontaneous Freezing

I have a dell inspiron 580, with an intel core i3 (3. 07ghz) with 8gb of ram. Im using windows 7 home premium with a 64-bit. I've noticed only the last few days (ive had the computer for a month or two) that at random moments (sometimes an hour of two after logging on, sometimes during start-up) it will freeze, and the mouse, and keyboard fail to work. At this point i have to turn the computer of manually. I have no idea what causes this and no idea how to fix it. I've used system restore (and chnged the power settings to 'performance' but it doesn't seem to be helping.

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Dell Inspiron 1545 Problem With Integrated Webcam

I have a dell inspiron 1545 with an integrated webcam. It came with vista but i upgraded it to a windows 7 64 bit. The webcam used to work in the beginning. I don't know why but one day it stopped working and never worked anymore. I've looked all over the internet for ways and tried many ways and it still doesn't work. The device manager identifies it as "unknown device" and identifies it as a universal serial bus controller. I've tried uninstalling it and letting it detect it, but it still detects it as unknown device. I've also tried reinstalling the driver, the vista one since it doesn't have a windows 7 one.

What that did was uninstall the old one, and tried to install the new one (which is the same). But the thing is, installing it doesn't work. It'll try to install it, and then a message saying "an error occurred while installing the driver" or something like that and then it doesn't work. I ended up having to do system restore to get the driver back. I've tried many ways and still doesn't work. Even the usb cable way. I have been using a usb mouse. I even plugged in usb cables in all my usb ports and it didn't work. I tried not plugging in anything too and it doesn't work either. I can't even ask dell for help cause there is no support thing i can get. And, my drivers are all up to date. Can someone help me fix this problem?

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Reformat And Reinstall Win 7 For Dell Inspiron 1545

I purchased a dell inspiron 1545 with windows 7 home premium 64bit included. I'm looking to re-format and re-install the os (for the sake of a fresh start).

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Geforce 8300 Gs Graphics Card Failed On Dell Inspiron 530

I have a dell inspirion 530 with windows 7 ultimate installed. Recently the original graphics card failed (128 mb geforce 8300gs). As mentioned in that post i did cobble together an old fan onto that old graphics card which worked for quite a while. I also purchased a 512 mb ddr3 geforce 8400gs as a replacement had that ready if needed. My cobbled card finally went south again so i shut down and carefully installed that card (the new nvidea 512 mb geforce 8400 gs).

The first "post install" start-up showed the normal "starting windows" logo: the floating balls coming together as the pulsing windows logo - all in the normal high resolution. Then it all switched into low resolution and finally opened windows "as if in safe mode", appearing to be using only the standard vga graphics adaptor.

I opened the installation cd that came with the graphics card and read the installation manual. I then clicked autorun and installed everything that came up. Opted for the "clean install" and though everything took quite a long time, the installation appeared to proceed normally. I was then asked to restart to complete the installation, agreed, windows shut down and began to restart.

Everything on that boot-up appeared normal at first, i saw the dell logo, heard the first post "beep", boot screen showed "starting windows in 5 seconds, counted down, screen went black for a second (also as usual), then it started with dell logo again. This endless loop is all that happens; f8 has no effect at all so i can't even boot into safe mode now.

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Install On Dell Inspiron 1564 With Ati Radeon 4330 Mobile Graphics Card

Windows 7 32 bit on dell inspiron 1564 (with ati radeon 4330 mobile graphics card). I have purchased a dell inspison 1564 laptop. My dealer tells me that the installed graphics card will only work with windows 7 64 bit edition. One key reason for purchasing this laptop was its graphics card. I own a windows 7 32 bit key. Shall i install it or would i need to buy a 64 bit key? Will installing the 32 bit version lessen the graphics experience on my system?

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Transfer Settings Via Usb Enclosure To Win 7 Laptop

My laptop died and i purchased a new one with win7. I installed the hd from my dead computer in an external usb enclosure. Is there a way i can transfer my dead (xp) computer's settings to the new win7 laptop?

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Restoring Dell Computer To Factory Settings

Last year, i downloaded the beta, window 7 rc and it has worked very well for most of the time. Since i like it better then vista i continue using it. However, about a month ago, something went wrong with the computer. My system restore seem not to work as well and it would lock up and crash from time to time. So since window 7 rc was going to expire, i thought it would be a good time to do a complete clean recovery and then do an upgrade of window 7. But i have not been successful. I tried every possible way to do a complete recovery. I need to do this, as you all know, and want to get this done before march 1, 2010.

If someone can just tell me what i need to do. One more last attempt, which might be helpful, but did not work is, that i clicked on recovery drive (d) then i click on tools, then i click on pc restore (run as admins), then a window comes up called: welcome to dell factory image restore, then i pressed next (which says as a reminder, that this utility will restore the system software to the state it was in when it left the factory. And then, the window came up that says, confirm data deletion, which i would confirm by simply checking the box, for yes). I thought finally i got it. But 1/3 it loaded and stopped with a small box saying (error). So i hope someone can help me with my problem.

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Install On Dell Latitude D820 Laptop

I want to install windows 7 on a dell latitude d820 laptop. What's the status of needing drivers, since dell doesn't offer any on their support site for windows 7 on this model? Whenever i install winxp on it, i would have to go out to dell's support site and get the drivers for the intel chipset, network, audio and video to all work. Xp is the original version, and then i would have to install sp2, followed by sp3.

Will i need to do the same when installing windows 7? Get the drivers for the various components to work? Or will windows 7 make installing much more simple?

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Dell Laptop Studio 1555 Issues

I have a dell laptop studio 1555 and i was just abut to uninstall i-tunes and i noticed that there are some programs in there but don't actually work. I tried to repair them and i would get a message stating verify if the source exist and that i can access it. But i also don't have windows installer. Should i have it? Below are the programs do i need to download them?

Adobe acrobat add in   go to assist 8. 0. 0. 514   msxml 4. 0 (2 dif. Ver. )
Adobe shockwave player  microsoft native runtime native 1. 0 x86
Advanced audio fx engine  microsoft native service native 1. 0 x86
Bantec service agreement  microsoft visual c+ (i have 3 them)

I've only had my laptop 2 1/2 months and several problems. My cursor jumps backwards, i need a solution for that. Sometimes when i start up it will be a black screen for awhile. I did a resource and monitor report and i have error. I was told i have to many things running at start up. I've looked in services and i don't know what should say started and what should be disable. Can anyone please give me solutions to the above problems. Especially, my cursor problem!

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No Sound Coming From Dell Xps Laptop

My sound has suddenly stopped working. I am running win 7 64bit. I have run the audio playback troubleshooter, to no avail. I have also tried to see if the audio device was hidden and not set as default but no. I don't seem to get any errors from windows but spotify says that there is an error with my soundcard. Also when i try to configure the sound device and i click on the test button a message comes up saying it failed to play test tone. These are the only two times where the software has picked up on there being no sound but the message that was returned was non descipt as to the problem. Has anyone got any ideas?

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Internal Adapter Issue On Dell Laptop

I just bought my first laptop, dell w/ windows 7 and an internal adapter. I used an external adapter because i can't figure out how to go about using this internal one. I went through the setup using a netgear router and was able to go on line but when i was done and tried to use my dell pc, it wasn't able to connect to the lan. I have cable internet through cox. I unplugged the modem and put the ethernet back into the pc and re-booted and it worked fine but then my laptop couldn't connect. What step did i mess up? Surely i can use one and then the other without having to disconnect and re-boot every time, right?

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