Sleep Interferes With Backups And Virus Scan

I'm running windows 7 on a dell desktop (optiplex gx620) i'm having a problem with some scheduled tasks that are scheduled to run during the night.

My system is using the "balanced" power option with the "put the computer to sleep" setting = 2 hours. I assume that this means that the computer goes into sleep 2 hours after i have stopped using it. I usually reboot the computer when i finish using it in the evening.

I have a seagate black armor ws100 external usb drive. It comes with its own backup software (apparently written by acronis). I have scheduled backups to occur at 3 am every night. I have checked the "validate after backup" box on the backup description. When i look at the backup log file, it appears that the backups do begin properly at 3am, but the validate job doesn't begin until i wake the computer in the morning.

I thought this must be a bug in the backup software, but i noticed something strange about my symantec antivirus software. That is scheduled to do a full system scan at 11pm every friday night. I noticed that it had begun its scan before i went to bed friday night. However, when i checked sat morning around 8am, the backup job was not finished. My impression was that it stopped sometime during the night, and restarted when i woke the computer in the morning.

Is there something wrong with the way i have power settings configured?

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Unexpected Shut Down During Virus Scan

My son has a emachine laptop, when we try to run a full virus scan (norton antivirus 2011 beta) the machine will let the scan run and then after a while it will shut down due to an unexpected error. Any ideas why?

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Saving Scan File As Date And Time Using Win 7 Fax And Scan

A friend has a brother 8840d all-in-one printer. He used to be able to use the scan function on the printer and send the scan in .jpg to the computer running xp with a unique name that had the date and time embedded in the name ie: 111709214200001.jpg.
He doesn't have the windows 7 driver to use the scan function as above but the windows 7 fax and scan viewer will let him scan. Question: is there a way to default win7 fax and scan to save a scan with a name similar to above that would have the date incorporated? I now saves it as img01, img02. I am still running xp so i don't have the ability to check.

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Problem With Backups

I previously set up backup to occur at a certain time each week and set up the manage space. The backup has been working fine. But i recently tried to change the schedule. In trying to get a response i turned off the schedule in the box at the left. Now in the window backup and restore there is absolutely no response when i click on manage space, turn on schedule, change settings, or even the button back up now. The only way to back up is to click on create a system image and it does a full backup. There is no response when i click on restore my files, restore all users' files or anything at all in that window. I click on the blue word, or the buttons, and absolutely nothing happens. So the backup program is non-functional. How do i fix this?

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Backups To Changing Locations

I'm backing up to external usb hdds using the windows utility. I plug the hdd in and out just for backups and it can be assigned a different location by windows (drive letter eg. I:, j: etc) from the last backup. I can change to the new location with "change settings" but windows wants to do another backup as well to the "new" location.

Question: what do i do to tell windows to default to a new drive letter so that i can use the "manage space" function without forcing another backup? I'd rather not permanently assign drive letters to the removable hdds partitions.

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How To Access Incremental Backups?

In windows xp, the os provided for incremental backups after the iniitial full backup. I find nothing similar in windows7. Every time i do a backup, the system insists on doing a complete backup that takes as much as 8 hours. As a result, every backup doubles my backup drive disk space. I have tried everty work around that i can think of with no success. Actually, a workaround should not be necessary. Windows 7 should have the same incremental backup approach as xp.

I note from many, many online comments that this is a major issue for people like me who need to back up image files frequently. In xp, all i had to do was ask the system to back up those files that had changed by adding only the additions and not redoing the entire drive. Does microsoft have a fix for this issue and, if not, why not? What can be done to perform a simple incremental backup? 

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Backup Does Not Allow Backups To Network Drive

Win 7 home premium backup does not allow backups to a network drive but it will allow a restore from network drive. Vista home premium allowed backup and restore to a network drive. I assumed win 7 home premium would have the same capability - wrong. Win 7 allows you to restore from a network drive - so how can you restore if you can't backup there? I thought the win 7 restore capability may have been included for previous versions of backup but it doesn't recognize my old vista premium backups.

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Backup And Recovery, Moving Backups

When i set up the automatic backup, i directed it to use the space i had available on a hard drive. Within a few days, it began to give me "low backup space" messages.
I have since bought an external hard drive and have redirected backup and restore to store backups there. I am still getting frequent "low backup space" messages for the first drive i used.
1. How can i convince the system that it needs no more space on the first drive because i will not be storing any more backups there and to stop telling me about the "low backup space"?
2. Can i move the backups from the first drive to the second drive so that all of my backups are in one space and the space on the old drive is freed for other purposes?

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Use Other Application To Scan

I'm using the dutch version of windows 7 home premium. When i click on "scan properties" in the context menu of a scanner, under the tab "events" there are no applications listed to handle scan data. When i press the scan button on my scanner (canon pixma mp250) windows asks which program i want to use but the list is empty. I have several applications that are capable of this, how can i tell windows to use them?

Please note that i don't want to use the manufacturer application, drivers are correctly installed though.

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Scan File Type Pdf

I installed a scanner. In the "new scan" window under "file type" i have 4 choices: bmp, jpg, png, tif. Question: is there any way that i can also have the choice of pdf?

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Fax And Scan Full Setup

Windows 7 fax and scan. I am still having trouble with windows fax and scan. When i had windows xp i used windows fax console as the fax software. I simply scanned the fax message into a word document and used the fax wizard to send off the fax. I wish to do a similar thing in windows 7 fax and scan but i always end up with attachments which i do not understand.

Is this attachment sequence the new thing - i am certainly not used to it? I am also unable to send any fax though the fax settings are correct. When i try to send a fax reference is made to a fax server. I have set up the program to be used with an external fax modem - a fax server should not be involved. The fax printer present in the printers folder in windows xp is missing in windows 7.
Do i need this ?

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Dvd Drive Not Recognized Unless Scan For Hardware Changes

I have 2 ide optical drives in my desktop, a sony ddu1612 dvd-rom (cable select in the slave position), and a pioneer dvr-116d dvd-rw (cable select in the master position).

These worked great until i installed windows 7, and actually still work great. The only problem is that each time the computer is booted, the pioneer will not show up until i go into device manager, under dvd/cd-rom drives and "scan for hardware changes" (the sony is always recognized as it should be) - then everything works fine, until i reboot the system.

Is there a permanent way to fix this so that both devices are automatically recognized each boot?

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Bitlocker Message - Do You Want To Scan And Fix Drive

I'm using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on a 3 drive desktop pc, using bitlocker to encrypt drives d and e. After several weeks without any issues i'm now finding that every time i unlock drive d after booting up i get a message saying there are disk errors and asking me whether i want to scan and fix drive d. Or continue without doing so. If i confirm a scan and fix, the pc will take about 90 minutes to complete the task but then report that no errors are to be found, yet the next time i reboot the machine, exactly the same message appears.

If i continue but ignore the 'error' there's no problem until a scheduled backup to drive e is due, which then fails, telling me it can't backup drive d because there are errors on it:( i've run registry mechanic to fix any registry errors but this hasn't eliminated the problem, and i'm now at a loss to know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions what steps to take to resolve this? 

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Import Scan Error Access Denied

Hp scanjet 4600 scans and imports ok in admin user account but not in my personal one that is also admin account. Scan proceeds ok until import is attempted. Subdirectory and file name is created (visible in windows explorer) in the target location but the wizard aborts before completing the save and indicates that the import could not be completed: access denied. The only way to get out of this loop is to cancel and answer yes to delete the file. Any ideas what is causing this or interfering with the import function?

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Hp 4850 Scanner - Unable To Scan Photos Using Printmaster 18

Does anybody know how to get printmaster 18 to scan photes ? I have windows 7 and a hp 4850 scanner and i'm unable to scan photos into printmaster 18. I did notice the i don't have hp image zone .

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File Location For Windows Fax And Scan Program

Where is the file location for "windows fax and scan" program. I had to rebuild my computer because i lost my motherboard. I used a new hdd and still have my old drive which is intact. I have all my data except for windows fax and scan files. I just cannot locate them. I see a fax folder which appears to be empty except for the welcome message. Even in the new system i recently received a fax and see it within the program but cannot find where it is stored on the drive. Any suggestion?

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Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual Iv Driver

Need win7 driver for "konica minolta dimage scan dual iv" slide scanner! This scanner is no longer supported by the manufacturer, and i'm trying to get it to run under 64-bit windows 7 ultimate - with no success. I've even tried winxp emulation, but even that failed. Anybody have any suggestions or access to a driver that might work for this device?

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Pc Only Starts Up In Safe Mode After Running Scan Disk

I was running scan disk to attempt to speed up my son's computer. I also got rid of some files that he had on it. The files were for his old apple ipod and he doesn't use it anymore. So i figured it couldn't hurt anything. The file were "safari", "bonjour", and some other apple files. I also removed a program for my old samsung camera. I tried to do a system restore from before i removed these programs/drivers. But that didn't work even though it said the restore was successful. I am at a lose of what to do and school is just starting. I hope he don't need it soon. Can anyone help? Thank you for you time and any help you may be able to give.

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Konica Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Install Problem

I'm trying to use my dimage scan elite 5400. I'm sure i did this in the wrong order and messed things up.

1.connected scanner-computer couldn't find a driver

2. Downloaded and installed driver from website (disconnected scanner some time at the beginning of this process-probably my biggest mistake?)

3. Restarted computer as instructed

4. Plugged in made frowny noise. Then started software, but computer said scanner connection could not be detected. Tried restarting and connecting a few more times. No luck. I'm running windows 7, 64-bit.

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Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 Driver Doesn't Work

Just got a new computer with windows 7. The minolta dimage scan elite 5400 driver i used to work in windows xp doesn't work anymore.

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Scan Fax Application In Win 7 Doesn't Show Paper Size Option

I have a new hp with windows 7. I'm trying to scan in legal size docs. With my printer/scan/fax machine. The scan fax application in windows 7 doesn't show a paper size option for legal size paper. I could perform this operation on my old xp computer. Did microsoft forget to add legal size parameters in this application?

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I got a message that i thought came from microsoft  saying i had several hundred viruses and several trojan virus. I ran the fix problem that i thought was from microsoft. I have not shut my computer down since i did this. I did run a virus check and nothing was found? Did i just install a virus on my computer? The http address at the time which i did not put in was: I would really appreciate any help. Is there a way to undo the run/execute program?

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Help With Virus What To Do?

My computer is a dell xps which is fairly new, bought in october. Anyway i've never had a problem with any viruses or bugs but suddenly yesterday while on the internet, just on facebook and nothing else my computer pops up with all these security warnings. There's one that says antivirus software alert that talks about my computer being attacked and if i want to block it or not. Windows is also showing me a message saying my computer is infected. And i can't run most programs or actions because a security warning pops up saying the file is infected do you want to activate your antivirus software now? 

The program that pops up looks like it's called antispyware soft but all of this sounds like spyware and viruses to me rather than actual windows trying to warn me. So my questions are: is there a way to get rid of this? Say will buying an actual virus removing program work to remove it? Also i bought my computer before windows 7 came out but then got my free copy of windows 7 since i bought my computer right before it came out, if i need to is there something on the disks that installed windows 7 that will let me wipe and restart my entire system?

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C: Drive Backups Larger Than C: Drive, Why?

My c: drive has 519gb on it, but the total backup space usage is 732gb (system image is 396gb; file backup is 265gb; other files 71gb). I frequently need to delete backups to make room for new backups. I never delete the system image. I let windows manage the space used for backup history. I have had space issues since using the windows 7 backup utility, well prior to accumulating 519gb on my system. My 1tb external drive is partitioned to 750 dedicated for backups. Why do i use more space than what's on my system, and how do i fix this problem? What are the benefits/drawbacks to keeping the system image and dumping backups, and vice versa?

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Post Virus Repair

After a day and a half of cleaning i was finally able to remove the infections on my computer. There were a few keyloggers, couple of trojans and some adware. Now everything seems to work okay. However the viruses made some changes and i can't undo them. I am unable to download anything from the internet. Ie8 simply states that my security settings do not allow downloads and ff does download but deletes files immediately after. I have no idea how to fix that or where to even start looking.system restore was affected as well so i can't use that. Can someone help me figure out how to restore my settings without having to reinstall windows yet again?

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Update Installs Virus

Every time i use windows update a trojan by the name of backdoor. Win32. Pcclient is installed and most of the updates fail. My antivirus tells me it's there and i have to restart my computer to remove it. This either automatically or manually running the update. I have downloaded all the security definitions for windows malicious removal tool and windows defender. Running the removal tool my antivirus kicks in when it reaches the file and i can delete it that way. But it just reinstalls when i run windows update again.

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Possible Virus Or Update Error

I updated my automatic window vista update @ 06/12/2010 around 10:00 cdt from my laptop. After the update was complete it shut it self off for the night. This morning i restarted my laptop and it went through it's normal start-up mode but went the screen went black for couple seconds one or two files showed up ( file name .dll ). After that microsoft insignia came on then configure update comes on the screen supposedly updating but it is not instead it shut it self off and restart the whole process over again, and again you get my point.

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Is This Windows Update Or A Virus?

Last night i closed my laptop and left the room. When i came back, it was shutting down. It had also locked up. I lost what i had been working on. I didn't see it say anything about installing updates, but i was out of the room for a decent amount of time. The only reason i would think this might be windows update and not a virus is that when i turned the computer back on, a green shield in the taskbar told me windows had installed updates and automatically restarted. I've always had my computer set to download updates and then ask me whether to install them.

So, automatic updates should not have been turned on. When i checked it was, so i changed it back. According to a google search, a couple years ago people's update settings were changing themselves to automatic. But it never asked me to shut down. Shouldn't it have? Should i be worried about this, or just annoyed?I'm running xp home sp3.

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Strange Behaviour - Virus?

For starters, i'm running windows 7 home premium on a core2 duo with an nvidia geforce gts 250. Everything was running fine yesterday, but today i have several odd/annoying things happening with my machine.

1) when i mouse over running apps in my task bar in order to bring up the mini previews, they only show up for a split-second. They will repeatedly flicker as i move my mouse back and forth over the icons, but never stay there for more than that moment. Unless i focus the task bar by clicking somewhere on it. Even disabling aero leaves me with flickering tool-tips when i mouse over task bar icons.

2) alt+tab behaves similarly, i hold alt then press tab. The switcher window pops up for a split-second then goes away, having no effect. I can get alt+tab to behave properly if i completely disable aero.

3) pressing the windows key to bring up the start menu only works intermittently, it will sometimes bring it up on the first press, sometimes i have to press it several times, and it's not a matter of lag/needing to wait for it to pop up, it just won't pop up.

4) sometimes when i open a new window, or when i get a dialog box in an existing window, it will pop up underneath existing windows instead of somewhere i can see it.

5) this one may not be related, but it just started today so i figured i'd note it here; in chrome, doing a google search and using the arrow keys to navigate the auto-complete menu, it will skip lines. (I press the down arrow to go to the first result, the selection moves down once when i depress the key and once more when i let up on the key. ) As far as i know, no settings have been changed since when things were working and now.

I ran the visual effects troubleshooter and it found nothing. I've ran a full scan with adaware and ms security essentials and gotten a clean bill of health. I tried removing my video drivers and installing the most up-to-date beta drivers from nvidia, no change. Changing themes to classic and back does nothing. It may go without saying, but rebooting doesn't help.

I've been browsing around for a few hours looking for people reporting similar problems, but none of the solutions i've seen so far have had any effect. I guess if i have to, i will reinstall/repair windows, but i'd sure like to avoid that if possible. It sure sounds like some kind of virus could cause all these things, but it's odd that nothing at all has shown up on my scans.

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Issue With Messenger After Virus

A few nights ago, i found myself infected a virus (antivirus soft) that caused fake virus warnings to pop up constantly, and locked down most of my other programs, claiming they were infected. I was able to get rid of it eventually by shutting down it's startup process long enough to run malware bytes and avira, which together seemed to have knocked it out. (Aside from one registry entry that keeps coming back every time i remove it. )
For a few days, everything worked fine, until yesterday, when windows live messenger stopped working (as well as aim for that matter, but gtalk worked fine). I did some googling about, and learned that it might have to do with my ie settings, since the virus seriously messed with ie, changing the proxy settings and whatnot so that people who used it as their only browser would be unable to look for solutions. No dice there though (at least to the best of my skills, perhaps i missed something).

I've tried reinstalling, setting things back to their defaults, shutting off every firewall i have, but still no luck (error code 80072efd from msn, and aim (via pidgin, but windows is using it's own program) gives me "unable to connect to authentication server: ssl connection failed. " (And for the record, trying msn in pidgin gives me "connection error from notification server: connection timed out. ")
Everything else with the internet works fine, if a little slow (i dont know if that's a problem on my end or not though anyway), though the weirdest thing is, not only can i not log into msn or aim, but i can't even access either web messenger sites, they both just time out on me, but i can still access my account via ebuddy.
The fact that i can't access the web messenger/aim express leads me to believe that i may have not totally gotten rid of the virus, and in fact, while i was typing this, avira found a few more things, but upon removing them, nothing has been solved, so i'm
Honestly stumped at this point, any insights someone can offer?

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