Specific Drive Recovery Supported Or Not?

Let the case be:-1. I have a 240 gb hdd. I partition it into three drives of 80, 80, 80 gb each. 2. The drive names are c, d and e. I am using e: drive for recovery drive. 3. Now i create recovery of only c: drive in e: drive. Now is it possible that whatever changes i do to the d: drive, they are not undone when i recover my system. i.e. If i have copied some stuff in d: drive after creation of recovery for c: drive and hadn't created recovery for d: drive, then on restoration of my c: drive will the data on d: drive be safe or will the stuff in it will also get changed?

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Not Supported Video Transfer From Hard Drive To Camcorder

Getting video from my hard drive to my camcorder, windows says its "not supported " i have a canon hf11 camcorder and have downloaded video to my hard drive. When i try to transfer back to my camcorder iget a message saying "not supported" how do i transfer my videos from the hard drive to my camcorder. I have tried different programs the windows system, vision mixer, and d. V. D flick, but with no success. Can you help?.

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Recovery Drive Is Full

I am trying to add memory to my desktop pc; i recently installed windows 7 and my recovery drive d is full. What can i do besides delete files to clean my hard drive or de-fragmentation? I am trying to either buy or find free downloads for my compaq sr5030nx to increase its memory. I recently purchased and installed windows 7, cleaned my hard drive with a seagate external hard drive, but my recovery d drive is red! And has no disk space left.

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Problem With D: Recovery Drive

I am on a dell inspiron 1721 computer and i recently upgraded to windows 7 from vista. Now when i try to download any application it tells me i don't have enough space on d:. So, i changed the download location to c: and it downloaded, then when i tried to go and install the program, winzip, it tells me i don't have enough space on d: even though i specifically told it to install to c:program files. Is it safe to just delete d: or somehow override anything that would go into that folder? It is very frustrating.

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Recovery D Drive Filling Up

I've just installed windows 7 on a dell inspiron 1521 laptop. Although there is plenty of disk space left on the c drive, the d drive (the recovery drive) has a horizontal red bar displayed almost all across. Although it is a 10gig recovery drive it says there is only 397mb left.

For some reasonant softwarei install gets directed to the d drive, and also any files get directed there. I've just tried downloading i tunes and it fails as part of the programme is being directed to the d drive but there isn't enough space!

Apart from that, the system seems to run fairly fast and smooth. It's just this recovery d drive filling up. Hope someone can help.

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Pop Up Shows Recovery Drive D Full

Recovery drive d full, i have a dell inspiron 545 laptop that came with windows vista and i upgraded it to windows 7. I just bought this computer in november and ever since i installed windows 7 i get pop-up messages every few minutes that say recovery drive d is full click here to free up space. Every time i try that, it doesn't work. I had a new hard drive g set up and also my c drive has lots of space but when i try to send folders or do anything with them, it says that i need administrator permission.

It also won't allow me to change and allowances because i need administrator permission. I have looked at other answers to the same question but these answers don't work for me. I have tried the following steps:

1. Click the start button.
2. Type diskmgmt. Msc in the search box and press enter .
3. In the disk management window, right-click the recovery partition.
4. Click change drive letter and paths.
5. Click remove. Wheni try this, i get two messages that stop me from being able to select remove.

The first one is from disk management and says, "some programs that rely on drive letters might not run correctly. Are you sure you want to remove this drive letter?"I click yes because it does not let me close out. Afteri click yes to that, i get one from virtual disk manager and it says, "assigning or removing drive letters on the current boot or page-file is not allowed. "What doi do? Please give me an answer that is not the same! It doesn't work for me!

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Low Disk Space On Recovery (d) Drive

I just switched my dell studio 15 from windows vista to windows 7. Once i got everything set up, i started receiving an error message that reads "low disk space on recovery drive". I have already gone and changed the program files to default to the c drive by going in through the registry (?) But am not sure what else i can do. I have tried uninstalling programs, but it tells me that i don't have enough disk space to do so. I only have the following folders in my recovery partition: dell, perflogs, program files, sources, tools, users, windows. Any suggestions of what i should do?

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Dell Inspiron 15 - Formatted Recovery Drive By Accident

I formatted my d: recovery drive by accident. Is there a way that i can reinstall the image restore on d or what should i do ? Is there someway that i can install it back on d so i can do a dell factory image restore. I had windowvista and then updated towindow 7 butby accident formated my d drive. And ijust want tofactory restore buti cant. Because my d drive was formated. I have a dell inspiron 15.

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Full D Recovery Drive Disk Space Warning

I'm having a somewhat similar problem as a previous poster but. Have a newer computer and i upgraded from vista home premium to w7 home premium . My backup d drive is full . I guess the backup has not removed former backups . Now processing is slower and i worried about a total freeze. I used the disk manager and tried to add space onto my d from c but only ended up with an unallocated partition of 20g's .couldn't figure out how to add to d.

In the previous solution " press a special key combination when the computer starts, you can use the recovery partition to restore the computer to the way it was when it was new. " Would that remove windows 7(don't want to do that" or. Do i have to remove the partitions letters for the d? Would that just make it one big c drive? . Would that effect computers performance? How can i get that unallocated partition back to c . Or to d? Sorry for being so wordy but i could sure use some help.

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Flash Drive Bitlocker Not Recognizing Recovery Key

My flash drive with my bitlocker key died, and my work pc asked me to enter my bitlocker recovery key to boot. No problem, went to the office, got the harcopy of my bitlocker info out and typed in my 48 digit bitlocker recovery key. "Wrong key" reply. I checked, and the recovery key identication on on my hardcopy that i printed out when i installed bitlocker two years ago doesn't match the bitlocker recovery identification currently on the recovery screen. I realize i'm probably screwed, but how would the key change over time without any action on my part?

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Opening Files From A Specific Source

When using ie7 i am able to download my work tickets for my job remotely. In this i am able to open subfiles like contracts, maps etc for individual customers. Normally they will open right on my screen. But for some reason over the last 10 days when i hit the open button, itcompletely shuts down my ie7. It shuts my browser, my email that is depending on ie.

Idownloaded ie8 to take its placebut ie8 will notwork on my comp for some reason. Si had to reinstall ie7 again. There is one update for ie7that will not update sp3 info. Any ideas. I cannot use any other source to get into my company files other than iemozilla googlethey will not be accepted.

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Launch Specific .exe Without Asking For Permission

How do i launch specific .exe in win7 without it asking for permission? I set uac to high as possible because i am not bothered clicking yes a few times a day. However there are a few temperature monitoring programs i would like to start with windows without having to click yes and yes, as it takes considerably longer to have to do such things at startup it seems. I cannot find a way to cause permissions to remove this popup box, and do not want to remove the uac completely, is there any way around this?

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Specific Module Could Not Be Found Using Adobe Cs4

I've tried a lot of fixes for this but i still keep getting this message "the specific module could not be found. C:program filescommon filesadobeadobe version cue cs4client4. 0. 1versioncue.dll" whenever i try to right click on the desktop or into any folder. The only way of accessing the properties is through the organize option.

Fixes tried:


The above mentioned article includes the fix for this problem but its still coming up with the same error. I've run adobe update etc that mentioned in the article. I've also performed system restore as this problem is caused by the latest adobe updates for cs4

Please provide me a solution or the ultimate solution would be to re-install the operating system. But i would want to get it fixed without performing osri.

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Specific Contact Lists Live Email

Before upgrading to windows 7, there are several functions i had that are now not functional:

1) contact lists - i used to have a "main" contact list, special contact lists i.e. , "Historical", "family" and i moved email ids into the special contact folders/lists and they were deleted/removed from the "main" list. Now, i can create the special folders, and can move email id's into the special lists, but the email id in the main contact list remains - now in two places, not one. If i delete the email id from any of the contact folder/lists, it's deleted from all of the contact lists. Surely, the techno twits (term of endearment) didn't screw up a great function of email contact folders/lists?

2) what's with the faded look of emails now? You don't have any old *** like me who find this hard to read/see? And, my husband is legally blind and even with his enhancer the fadeout on the emails is almost impossible to "see". What were you thinking? If you want to distinguish read from non-read, use a different color or anything else. Where's the option for me to get rid of this "seeing insensitive" faded/fadeout look that came with windows 7?Again, what were you thinking?

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Is Anytime Upgrade Key Language Specific?

I'm planning to upgrade from windows 7 home premium to ultimate using windows anytime upgrade.

The installation of home premium is a czech version that came preinstalled with a notebook as an oem license. Unfortunately, the online purchase doesn't work due to the limitations of the online store, so my only option is to purchase the anytime upgrade license outside of windows and then enter the purcahsed key to perform the upgrade.

I'm currently on an extended business trip in asia, so i can not purchase the wau from a czech store where i originally bought the notebook. My best option is to purchase the upgrade kit via an online store like amazon.

I haven't been able to find out whether or not the upgrade kits differ based on territory or language, so i would like to make sure that i won't purchase something that won't work. Can anyone confirm that the windows anytime upgrade key purchased in an english-speaking country work on a non-english version of windows?

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Import Specific Photos From Media Card

Is there a way to import specific photos from a media card? I can only seem to find a way to import all photos and i do not want to do this.

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Installed Win 7 On Laptop, Now Have "recovery (c)" Drive

I recently reinstalled windows 7 on my new dell laptop using the microsoft disk. When i check "computer" it shows the (c) drive as "recovery" - "recovery (c)"- (which is nearly full at 14. 6 gb)and there is an "os(d)" drive that has much more data and all of my programs and applications in it. When i start up the computer a text screen comes up that gives me the option to choose "windows 7" and then another "windows 7" beneath it.

It asks you to choose but if you don't choose within 30 seconds it will automatically open the first "windows 7" which turns out to be the "os(d)" drive which is good because that is the one with all of my programs on it. My question is: what can i do to make the computer automatically open up to the "os (d)" drive without showing the text page where i am asked to pick an option? Also, do i even need the data on the "recovery (c)" drive if i don't intend to use it?It is taking up 14 gb of space. If i don't need it, is there a way to delete it or the contents of it?

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Error - Hardware Acceleration Is Either Disabled Or Not Supported

Error: "hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and the hardware accelerator is turned on" solitaire quit working right after update downloadthis has slowed game. I have checked the video card is correct, and hardware accelerator says it is working properly. This started after i downloaded two optional updates, one of them kb968930. I have uninstalled both of them and tried to restore system with no results. The remainder of the message is"hardware accelerator is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and the hardware accelerator is turned on. I have verified those things.

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Links In Ie8 Not Working - No Such Interface Supported

Links in ie8 not working: "no such interface supported". Error occurs with javascript or target links.

Computer 1: windows 7 pro (64 bit)w/ie8
Computer 2: windows xp pro w/ie8
Computer 3: laptop w/windows 7 pro (64 bit)w/ie8

On computer 1, links just do not work if the onclick is sent to a javascript function (eg: openwindow(); showdiv(); etc. ) Or if the link has a target set (target="_blank", target="_parent", etc. ).

If the link is directly to a page only (eg: href="mypage.html"), then it works.

On computer 2 and computer 3there are no problems at all.

I have read through forums, uninstalled and re-installed, disabled all extensions, disabled anti-virus, lowered all security settings, tried the 32 bit version, the 64 bit version and the "no add-ons" version (with compatibility view both on and off) - and still no luck.

I do not have google desktop or toolbar installed.

I have gone through all the settings on computer 1 & 3 and made sure that every checkbox and radio button had the exact same selections - made no difference. Ie8 worked on this computer before updating to windows 7. I have also downloaded and installed all the microsoft and software updates.

Is there something else i am missing? I have run out of ideas and have spent too much time on this. I hate to have to go "backwards" and return to ie7.

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Webcam Driver For Xps M1340 Is Not Supported

I have an xps m1340 computer and just upgraded to windows 7. I tried to reinstall my webcam manager, but it won't work saying that no supported webcam driver is installed. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the cd and looking up on the internet for updated drivers, but cannot find anything.
Any help?

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Error - Color Change Not Supported By Apple Program

Pid3320i purchased windows 7 upgrade from vista less than a week ago. I try to change colors in the task-bar and i get a notice the color cannot be changed because of an apple computer program does not support the color change. Pid3320 what is this? I have a dell computer.

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Ati Driver - Catalyst Control Center Is Not Supported

Ever since installing windows7. I get the following message at start up: "catalyst control center is not supported by the driver version of your graphic adapter. Please update your ati graphics driver or enable your ati-the display manager. " I have toshiba p305d-s8834. Going back and forth between microsoft and toshiba, can't get the solution. If i don't fix this, what kind of problems will i have?

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Error - Your Device Is Using Outdated Driver That Is No Longer Supported

Whenever i open windows media player, an error which says "your device is using an outdated driver that is no longer supported by windows media player. " Comes up. Can somebody help me solve this problem?

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Hardware Acceleration Is Either Disabled Or Not Supported By Your Video Driver

Hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video driver, driver needs updated. No driver for vga video card that works with windows 7. Dvd's will not play on computer since windows 7 installed; web cam no longer works. No drivers for vga video card; webcam stopped working, dvds no longer play; games such as spider solitaire do not play; all this since moving to microsoft 7 home premium.

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Error - Adobe Flash Player Is Not Supported For Playback In 64-bit

I have windows 7 problem with flash player, error reads-adobe flash player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser. How do i correct? I can not download newest flash player. How do i correct to watch videos? However, you can run flash player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit operating system. How do i correct this?

At adobe reader doesn't support, how do i correct? Adobe says this : to use flash player to view flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser. For details on setting this up for windows seemicrosoft help &support.


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Media Player Cannot Play File, File Type Or Codec Not Supported

This is a new computer, win med player will not play vid i imported from my camera. Even sample video will not play.

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Os Recovery

I recently got a new hp all in one pc (model ms 227) and the first few days were spent exploring the changes from earlier versions of windows on previous pc's. (I used vista for a short time on my old pc, but after suffering apower supply failure which fried mymotherboard, i had more recently been using my other halfs pc which wasnt a name brand, more like homemade pc running xp. ) Anyhow starting on only the 2nd or 3rd day of "learning through experimentation" i began to experience the "blue dump screen" syndrome. I attempted to restart the thing, and very shortly it happened a 2nd time, followed by a third. It seemed that it restarted slower each time until it finally got stuck.

As you maybe can tell, i am relatively "technologically limited", but am willing to try almost anything when nothing else seems to work. And one of the prompts that i was given was to "repeatedly press f11 on boot and run system recovery. (Can you guess where this is going?) Yes, i mistook system recovery for what i know as system restore. Anyway when the thing restarted again i received the error " no os system found". So apparently i inadvertently wiped my os from my hd.

As luck would have it this thing came pre loaded with the os (with no disks) and i, like an idiot, did not create the recovery disks i was advised to because i thought: this thing is brand new what can go wrong? I'll do it as soon as i get done checking it out. (And now that i know what i did wrong, i.e: inviting "murphy" in) can any bosy help me put an os back on here. I'd hate to go out and spend more money(i dont have) on something if idon't have to.

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Error Recovery

Im having some issues with windows 7, the screen is saying "windows error recovery, windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. If windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly. Startup repair can help diagnose and fix the problem. I have two choice's to choose from one is launch startup repair(recommended) and the other one is "start windows normally". I tried start windows normally , it just goes back to the windows error recovery screen and i tried launch startup repair that is recommended it loads and then it just goes to a black screen. I waited for it to do somethingbut nothing happen.

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Recovery Disk Gone

In the course of trying to resolve a problem with a "low disk space" error message that i have been getting i apparently my entire recovery drive (d:), about 8g.

I went to the "my computer" icon and right clicked and selected "manage", found the "disk management" section, selected my "hp-recovery (d:)", right clicked "format", changed from "fat32" to "ftns". The drive formatted and showed up empty. Then the directions i was following told me to right click on the new formatted drive and click "delete volume". It then talked about following some other steps about renaming the drive but mine has completely vanished.

So in conclusion, i'm an idiot. I deleted a recovery drive and didn't even fix the problem i set out to fix. Please if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

Hp-pavilion dv-9000 cto notebook

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Admin Password Recovery

I bought a samsung r519 laptop today with windows 7 installed, i done all the set up and everything works fine i set up the admin account it asked me for my name and a password which i entered correctly twice, now when it asks me for the password for the admin account it wont accept the password that i have for the account. I need to reset the account somehow and reset the password otherwise i will have just wasted 400 on a laptop i can not actually use. Any ideas would be helpful asap as i want to use it within the next few days?

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