Reinstalling Win 7 Activation Code Problem

So, i had already upgraded to windows 7 home premium but felt the need to format, you know because of the viruses that mess up your windows pc. Stupid me, i made the mistake of not checking a thousand forums and making sure that microsoft hadn't gotten over its as*holicity and that i couldn't re-install an upgrade version of 7!I went ahead anyway and reinstalled windows 7 on an existing windows 7 running pc and boom, it wont let me activate. And to make matters even better, i do not have access to the windows vista installation drive that came with my laptop and so i have no way of re-installing one of the old versions and then re-re-installing windows 7.

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Activation After Formatting / Reinstalling

I am looking to purchase and install windows 7 home premium (full-dvd) on 3 workstations. These workstations are constantly being "fiddled" with and may need to be formatted and re-installed.

Will i face any licensing restrictions if i install and activate on computer a, format computer a (changing no hardware), re-install on computer a and attempt to activate?

If this is allowed - how many times can i do this? Or does wga prevent my re-activation after x-amount of activations?

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Activation Of Product Key - Reinstalling Windows

Hello all, my question is about reinstalling my windows on my pc i want to do a re-installation of my windows 7 but i am not sure if i should for the following reasons. I updated my windows vista to windows 7 and i don't know if doing an installation they product key that i used previously would still work. More clearly i want to completely reinstall windows 7 and i want to use my current key but because it has already been activate it i don't know if microsoft would allow me to do this. I plan to reinstall on the same pc thanks for your help all. Take care.

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Activation Code Trouble

I'll just chronicle the events
1. Bought a computer at best buy with win 7 64 bit - recovery disk only
2. Purchased an intel solid state drive to use as my boot disk
3. Downloaded a windows 7 iso from digital rivers but i downloaded 32 bit by mistake (which becomes important)
3. The activation code that came with my computer wouldn't activate this install
4. I called ms tech support and got a new key code which worked
5. Realized i had installed 32 bit by mistake
6. Downloaded and installed 64 bit and now neither activation code will work.
 I am allowed to choose which version i want, 32 or 64, so i should be completely legal with the current install (or i'll make it right). I don't have the stomach to spend 3 hours on the phone with tech support again, any other ideas?

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Activation Error Code 0xc004f009

After flashing my motherboard i got this error code whenever windows start "activation error code 0xc004f009. I already re-flash the bios to its previous version. But still like that. I also re-install my os in my laptop and re-enter the product key under my laptop, same thing also, before this (in which i haven't flash the bios yet), everything works fine. My os is 100% genuine, mine is windows 7 oem which installed already in my laptop when i 1st bought it. How to fix this?I want my windows to be genuine again. My laptop is asus k52jr.

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Activation Error Code 0xc004c008

The following information was found for this error: code: 0xc004c008

Description: the activation server determined that the specified product key could not be used.
This is what i keep on getting when i click the details for the error that requires this change. I keep on getting this message to activate the windows. I've typed the product key. But it says type another product key. I've also downloaded the windows genuine software and yesterday it has proved that mines genuine. But now. It's asking again for the product key that i've typed already but it doesn't want to accept.
What's the possible solution for this?

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Activation Product Code Has Been Blocked

I purchased a retail copy of windows 7 ultimate and installed and activated the 64 bit version successfully. After a couple of weeks, i received a message to say that build 7600 copy of windows is not genuine. However i'm still receiving automatic updates. The packaging appears to be the same as shown on the microsoft website as being genuine and also the disc has the holograms including the "microsoft" and "genuine". I have tried to validate the software and get the message that the product code has been blocked.

I have been on the windows script host and get the following:

Partial product key: dqtc2
Activation id: a0dce89c-3304-4157-b61c-c8ad785d1fad
Extended pid:00426-00172-067-063493-00-1033-7600. 000-0912010
Installation id: 01390212809129332393578444308785508652896074146621

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Activation Error Code 0xc004f061

In october, the day windows 7 was released, i purchased the family pack of the upgrade version of windows 7 home premium. I upgraded my home pc to windows 7 from winxp. Recently, i purchased two toshiba netbooks, both of which are more than capable of running win7. The netbooks came with win7 starter pre-installed. I went to windows anytime upgrade on both netbooks, and chose the option of entering the product key i had already purchased back in october. Windows anytime upgrade accepted the key, and upgraded both netbooks to windows home premium. Win7 home premium runs fine on both netbooks, but now i'm getting activation reminders.

I try to use the same product key to activate, and get this error code. I have done the slui.exe 4 thing, spoken to a real person, who told me i needed to call tech support. I call tech support, and they transfer me to the activation center. The activation center tells me, again, that i need to talk to tech support. None of the real people i talked to could understand or speak english well.

It does not make sense to me that the upgrade key i purchased, in order to be able to upgrade three computers, will not work to upgrade two of them from windows 7 starter to home premium. Do i seriously need to purchase two more keys, when i already have a perfectly valid key that was accepted by anytime upgrade in the first place?

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Unable To Enter New Activation Code

I recently brought a pc off a friend, for some reason i got a message saying that my windows needed to be activated, even though he told me it had windows 7 on it. After getting a serial code, i was unable to enter it any where. I even tryed the cmd command and that didn't work either :( can anyone help me?

Diagnostic report (1. 9. 0027. 0):


Windows validation data->

Validation code: 0x8004fe22

Cached online validation code: n/a, hr = 0xc004f012

Windows product key: *****-*****-cm74g-rphkf-pw487

Windows product key hash: 71brymecvasxedfumfu8zryhjvy=

Windows product id: 00371-177-0000061-85672

Windows product id type: 5

Windows license type: retail

Windows os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 00010100. 0. 0. 048

Id: {581fadde-3c88-4a50-bebf-b58dffca42cc}(1)

Is admin: yes

Testcab: 0x0

Legitcheckcontrol activex: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Product name: windows 7 professional

Architecture: 0x00000009

Build lab: 7600. Win7_gdr. 100226-1909

Tts error:

Validation diagnostic:

Resolution status: n/a

Vista wgaer data->

Threatid(s): n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Windows xp notifications data->

Cached result: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

File exists: no

Version: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Wgatray.exe signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

Wgalogon.dll signed by: n/a, hr = 0x80070002

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Activation Code Isn't Being Accepted

I'm a student at a technology university, and i recently installed a copy of windows 7 on my primary computer. Due to a power surge not two hours ago, that machine is inoperable for a while. So i pulled out an old tower and brought it back up to speed, but the same activation code isn't being accepted. Is there any way that i can use the same code, or is it actually impossible to install this same copy of windows twice on two machines?

If so then that's really a very negative point for the windows os. I plan to get my other machine up and running again, but i don't know if the surge knocked out more than just the psu. If i have to rebuild it then i can't use the windows 7 i am legitimately the owner of?

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Activation Code / Key Wont Work

When windows 7 was released, i purchased the package that included three windows 7 home premium licenses. I used two of them awhile back on our main computer and my laptop, and just recently inherited another computer. When i installed windows 7 on that computer, it kept telling me the key was not valid. I skipped the step, intending to contact support, but forgot about it. Now i'm getting all of the warning signs saying that my activation period has expired and i need to activate it. I'm not sure what happens if i never activate it. But i really want to.

Is there anything i can do if it continues to tell me the code is wrong despite the fact i've only used 2 of the 3 licenses?

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Activation Process Won't Accept Valid Code

Why won't the activation process accept my valid activation code i've used this code 3 times already when i formatted my hdd, is this a problem? I finally replace my hdd and now it's not working.

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Clean Install With Upgrade Media - Activation Code Wont Work

Im a student in the pitt system. We were issued a copy of windows 7 ultimate upgrade version. I have a laptop with vista on it and would be happy to keep it on there. I recently built a new computer from scratch and would like to put my copy on windows 7 on there.
Everything worked up until i got to the activation code since it was as fresh of an install as it could be. The activation code wont work though. Being a college student, i don't have enough money to buy even an old copy to install so i can upgrade to windows 7. Are there any very low cost (under $30) options in order to have my windows 7 work?

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Uninstall / Reinstalling Programs

I have three main troubles. 1)i installed game awhile back but uninstalled it. It was installed with most info on memory stick. I want to reinstall now but when program boots up to install screen two choices come up. Repair and still shows up under remove programs and does the same thing. No matter what choice i make it acts like it runs to install but then pops up short time later saying its finished. Game is neither removed, repaired, or installed. Need help on that. Also, 2) i have tried erasing history on internet explorer but it never clears. I set it for 0 days but it never works either. 3)i was trying to remove another game but it tells me path or dll is not valid.

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Reinstalling Live Messenger

After receiving a small spam virus from one of my friends on windows 7 x86 (programme files x86) i removed all windows live messenger aspects from my pc, and went into task manager to neutralize the harmful download. After locating the file in my windows live messenger folder. I deleted it, then going into task manager and removing every other windows live messenger programmes, however. When i try to re-install it, my pc says i already have it installed. Yet there is no trace of it on my pc.

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Removing / Reinstalling Laserjet Printer

I have a problem with my hp laserjet 4m plus printer. No print jobs are going to the printer. I have it hooked up with a usb parallel cable to a usb port on my computer. I am running windows 7 on an hp pavillion system. I tried to remove the printer from the 'devices and printers' display by right clicking on the device and selecting 'remove device'. The printer is removed from the display. But, when i come back to the 'devices and printers' display, the printer reappears.

I, also, tried selecting the printer and clicking on 'remove device' (on the tool bar). Again, the printer is removed from the display. But when i come back to 'devices and printers', the printer reappears. I, then, tried clicking on 'print server properties' and then on the printer (under drivers) and clicked on 'remove' and 'remove driver', i get an error message: "unable to remove hp laserjet 4/4m plus ps300, x64, type 3 - user mode driver. The specified printer driver is currently in use. "

I don't see how that could be. The printer is turned off and the usb parallel cable is disconnected. All i want to do is to remove the printer from the system, attach a new usb parallel cable (since i suspect the old cable may be bad) and reinstall the printer and driver.

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Difficulty Reinstalling .net 3.5 Sp1

Machine name: maelstrom
Os: windows 7 professional 64-bit (6. 1, build 7600) (7600. Win7_gdr. 100618-1621)
Motherboard: asus rampage extreme
Bios date: 07/27/09 14:31:42 ver: 08. 00. 14
Processor: intel(r) core(tm)2 duo cpu e8400, ~3. 0ghz
Memory: 8192mb ram

Page file: 1952mb used, 14427mb available ati radeon hd 4870 x2i have been tweaking/updating files in order to get the game fallout3 to run for more than 6 minutes at a time. In the course of these actions, i uninstalled the .net versions and tried to reinstall them. The versions visible in the programs and features list of programs included .net versions 1. 1, 3. 5sp1, and 4. I figured out how to install .net framework 1. 1 and 1. 1 sp1 from articles on this site. I am capable of installing .net framework 4, but that should be installed on top of .net 3. 5 sp1, which is where i am having the problem. First of all, .net versions 1. 1 and 4 now appear in my list of programs and features, but not 3. 5 sp1.

I can find no documentation stating what versions of .net framework belong in windows 7. I have noted that all forum solutions say to replace only the versions of .net  that were previously installed. Were this windows xp pro x86, i would install all versions, service packs, and patches. Apparently that is not applicable to win 7 x64. It would be useful to know the ground rules for this situation. I can run the setup executables for .net 3. 5, 3. 5 sp1, and the 3. 5 family updates - but no install appears to take place. Alternatively i may get messages saying that i should use the 'controls' in turn windows features on or off.

I find that disturbing because i managed to uninstall 3. 5 sp1 - without turning it off as a feature. Additionally, it does not explain how i can re-install the .net 3. 5 sp1 software. Have i done something wrong by uninstalling a program in the list of programs that can be uninstalled?So, why am i having a problem? Is it necessary to slip 3. 5 in, much as i had to do 1. 1? Should i uncheck the windows features boxes for 3. 5 to install it?

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Partitioning Hard Drive Without Reinstalling Windows

I am having windows 7 home basic. How can i add more drives in to it, normally i have c: drive, i need to partition to two more drives and i need without reinstalling, please help me regarding this.

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My computer was update in 2007 from home version to pro version. The program was "activated" and the number was interned and shows on the system properties that it was "activated". And the system "updates" have been working "somehow?" But on a daily basis when i sign on it comes up with the fact the it is not a valid license for microsoft? Why? The computer [a friend just has come by] and found that all the update since 2007 have been installed, i am on service pack 3, ie-8, and all seems to be working. Yet it insists that it is an not a registered copy. How to get this resolved? Any ideas?

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Activation Again

I rebuilt  an old pc for my dad and tried windows 7 on it (an oem packet, i had practically a  new pc built) and with installing it, windows activated automatically. Afterwards it turned out that the motherboard and the graphics (build-in graphics) didn't work as one would like, so i rebuilt it again, with another motherboard, processor and graphics, and installed the same packet which now runs as windows 7 should run: smoothly and fast. Now there is the problem of activating and registration. What can i do best? Live in the netherlands.

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Two Activation Codes

I have installed an upgrade windows 7 professional on a windows vista home premium computer. I am having problems with a d:/recovery file and want to reinstall windows 7 to see if i can rectify the problem of low disk space on the d;/drive. When i try to reinstall windows 7 i get an invalid key message. The system file shows windows 7 but has the activation key for the vista. Each time i enter in the correct activation key for windows 7, it accepts the key, but the new number does not change in the system file.

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Windows Activation

I'm having issues with windows activation. I'm running windows vista home premium, and i do a clean install every a couple of months. Lately i've been doing more clean installs then usual due to some problems. Usually when i install, i enter the serial key, and the windows activates automatically without problems, but now after like 5 or more clean installs, and after all these times i've entered the serial key for windows activation, it's telling me that my key is already in use.

I didn't know that there was a install limit on windows? Help would be appreciated!

Note: i have a purchased, valid, legal, with a receipt windows vista home premium cd. Lol

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Invalid Activation

I have a laptop for use away from home and my desktop for use at home. My desktop needs to be the same version as my laptop due to certain programs that i'm running. When i tried to upgrade it to windows 7 using my disk that i just bought for my laptop, it says invalid activation. Surely i don't have to buy a separate copy of windows 7 for each computer in my home, do i? I already have windows xp on it. I just need to upgrade it to 7. If i have to keep paying for multiple copies of everything from microsoft, i'll probably just migrate over to a mac next time i'm in the market for a new pc.

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Win 7 Activation

I have recently re-installed my windows 7 on my machine and since installing i have been getting a message saying to activate. It's been going on for 30 days, and every so often i try inputting the code i have printed in my box. It says, however, the code is not valid. Being as it is a perfectly legal copy bought from i'm wondering if one of two things have happened :

1: sent me a copy of windows 7 that had been returned (though their return policy surely would negate this).

2: i used this copy of windows on my previous machine, which unfortunately broke. I did uninstal windows 7 prior to it's return but perhaps activating it on that machine means i can't now install it on my new machine, despite having removed it from the old, broken one.

If the fact that it has been put on a machine now sent back is there a way i can reset my activation key online or something? Paying out another $109 is very silly in my opinion being as i don't want a second copy of windows 7, i just want my original, store bought copy to work.

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Activation Not Working

So here's my problem a while back i had bought a windows 7 ultimate retail. It has only one license; my computer that was running it had crashed and since then i've gone over to mac. I've tried to install it on my mac and it works flawlessly except for one thing. It won't allow me to activate and asks me some "buy a new product key" bs! I'm using the genuine product key that came with my purchase *** is this and how can i fix the issue for free? I just want my windows working and fully activated so i can connect my 360 through media center.

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Activation Trouble

I have a toshiba netbook that came with windows 7 starter. I upgraded that to windows 7 home premium. I am getting a message that says i need to activate it now or loose features (i have been using home premium for a couple of weeks now). When i try to activate it, it gives an error saying the product key can only be used for upgrading, not a clean installation. This was an upgrade though.

The product key on the laptop does not work b/c that is for the wrong version of windows 7.

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Activation Error

I purchased a computer that had windows 7 home pre-installed. I needed windows 7 professional so i purchased an upgrade and loaded it. Now when i try to activate i am getting an error. If i use the product key from the upgrade it says it is an upgrade and if i use the product key from the back of the computer it says it is not the correct windows version. Is there anyway around this or do i have to purchase the full windows 7 professional rather then just the upgrade? 

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What Happens If Activation Fails?

I made an error. My husband purchased the windows 7 upgrade and told me i could use it on my computer, too. (I now know this is an error. ) So, i installed windows 7. At that time i entered the activation code and i thought it was accepted. However, i got the message to activate, tried, did some research and learned that installing this copy of the system on my computer was not allowed. I started with xp, then upgraded to vista, then windows. The xp discs were given away at a garage sale, because i thought the windows 7 activation code had been accepted. So what happens in two days when the 30 days are up? Does my system revert to vista? Xp? Does the system allow the code for windows 7 to be overwritten.

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License & Activation

I own a pc at home which had xp sp2 installed. I also own a laptop which came with oem vista home premium which i upgraded to vista ultimate. (Upgrade from home premium to ultimate boxed product). Recently i bought a windows 7 ultimate ( full package boxed product) and upgraded my laptop to win 7 ultimate. I installed the same media to my home pc to feel how it works in the old pc. It works fine but obvious can not activate.

I bought one more win7 home premium (boxed product) for my home pc with win 7 ultimate.

In the mean time i found the in-built camera in my laptop is not recognized at all after win 7 installation and when the oem service people checked and advised to go back to vista if i need to use the webcam. I have following questions

1. If i revert to vista in my laptop can i use the product key of win 7 ultimate in my home pc.

2. If i keep win 7 in my laptop can i use the vista ultimate in another computer ? Though it is upgrade boxed product i remember it had a clean install option.

3. Can i use the win 7 home premium product key in my home pc with win 7 ultimate installed yet to be activated.

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Activation Problem

I purchased windows 7 about 6 months ago and installed it on my lap top. A few months later that lap top crashed and no longer works. Since i spent the money on the new windows 7 software, i didn't want it to go to waste, so i installed it on my work computer. Everything installed ok, but now i'm getting a message saying i have one day to activate windows and that product key is invalid. Is this because i have already installed it on another computer? If my other laptop is not longer functioning, why cant i use my original product key that i got when i purchased the software? Can anyone help?

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