Slideshow Gadget Not Working

I'm a brand new w7 user and was trying out the gadgets. I placed the calender and sideshow on my desktop and they worked fine. The slide show gadget appeared to default to the windows wallpaper which was fine as i didn't have any pics transferred into the computer yet.

After i placed a few pictures in a new folder and pointed the slide show gadget to it, it utilized the photos just fine. I moved around the folders and files for a while while i messed around and learned the library function.

Now i cannot make the slide show bring up those pictures, even when i re-point it to the folders that i want it to utilize. It defaults back to the windows wallpaper and the additional wallpaper folder i created and added to.

Also, the timer and transition function disappeared. I have already done the uninstall and the reinstall gadget within the control panel to no avail. Anyone have a possible solution?

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Weather Gadget Application Not Found

Why wont the weather gadget connect to the internet? When i click on the weather gadget that comes standard with windows 7 this message be appears "application not found". The gadget will also not connect to the internet. How do i fix this?

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Dell Aio Gadget Date Changed

Original title: date changed to 2075 on dell aio. One program that has been affected is the weather gadget. Once i reset the date the weather gadget, when in the larger mode that shows the 3 day forcast, shows the wrong days for the forcast. On thursday the 3 day forcast should be for friday, saturday and sunday but on my gadget it shows tuesday, wednesday and thursday. When i add a new weather gadget for a zip code i have not previously set up, the days are correct. When i deleted the existing gadgets and add a new one for a zip code i had when the date changed, it is wrong.

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Where Does Win 7 Show Images As A Slideshow ?

How and where does windows 7 show "images as a slide show" choice (as in xp) when opening a jump drive?

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Unable To Play Slideshow On Dvd

Problems putting slide show using windows live movie maker on a dvd

I have a brand new 6 week old toshiba satellite a500 series laptop computer -everything was installed on computer by techs at best buy.

I created a slide show on the computer using photographs from a recent vacation. Everything plays really well on the computer without a problem. However, now i want to transfer this slide show over to a memorex dvd-r disk so that i can share it with family and friends on other computers. Everything seemed to work correctly without a problem, but when i put the disk into the drive to watch it i got an error message which read "this file cannot be played back".

Computer task bar says "dvd rw drive (d:) blank"

Further down on the same screen though it says "files currently on disc (1)

Florida movie type: wlmp file size 418kb

So it does seem that the movie transferred over to the dvd, but did i do something wrong? I just dragged the movie over to roxie. Was that piece of it done incorrectly?

Please help i am very frustrated. I have had several people try to help me in the past without success. Friend from work is telling me how easy it is, not true for me. Fyi- i can do the basics when it comes to the computer, but not very computer savvy.

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Music For Slideshow On Dvd Maker

I am making a video/picture dvd using windows dvd maker. I am trying to add music to the slideshow part of the dvd. When i go to add music it brings me to my music library, then i click that and it brings me to itunes, then i click that and it shows all the albums in my library but when i click on an album to finally get to the song it says the folder is empty. When i look it up on my computer it is there. I am assuming i need to change the file type or something but i am not too computer savy. Please help asap. Need this for a birthday present for tomorrow (1/15/10).

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Cannot Save Desktop Themes In Slideshow

I am running win 7 ultimate on my main computer. When i save a desktop theme slideshow it only lasts for the duration of the session and when i reboot only one picture is saved and so i have to re-save the slideshow every session. I recently purchased a laptop with win 7 home premium preinstalled and when i save a slideshow on this computer it stays saved no matter how many times i reboot. What is wrong with the installation on my main computer?

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