Write Speed Of Drive Lg Super Multi Writer

When copying a dvd utilizing my lg supermultiwriter the write speed is several mb/s if i use my e drive to wirte. When writing to the g drive the write speed is . 01 mb/s. This is about 1 disk per week if you're lucky. Have checked with lg and am sending the device back. This is the second one to have this problem. Have all of the current software plus a fix suggested by lg. Am using dvd fab 6 premium as the software for copying.

Media does not appear to be a problem as it works with the e drive. Have changed connection cord to the g drive with no effect. Dma is enabled in th fab 6 program. There is no effect when speed is changed from recommended to fastest in the dvd fab 6 program. Have copied thousands of dvds but never seen this problem before. Any suggestions?

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Drive Write Protections

I had a vista 64 machine that i upgraded to windows 7. Everything worked fine in vista 64. After i installed 7, it operated fine until i shut it off. Then several areas occurred which i traced back to my bios. After setting to failsafe, getting into windows, and updating them, several of my drives are now write protected. C drive is ok (it is one hd). D and e are write protected (they are a partitioned hd). Tried undoing the read only, tried changing security protocols, but nothing works. Both just tell me the drive is write protected. None of the files show write protection, but the folders do. When i try to change the folders, it says the files are write protected. Suggestions?

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Usb Hard Drive Is Write Protected

I am an amateur photographer and have been using an external usb drive to store numerous images as well as back up other documents. I was doing this with windows xp pro, but i recently upgraded to windows 7, home premium. I can view the documents and images i have stored on the usb drive, but whenever i try to save anything to the external drive i get the error message: "the disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk". I queried the user manual and various help sites but cannot find out how to resolve this issue. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Usb Flash Drive Write Protected Message

I have recently purchased a 32gb usb flash drive. I have been using it ok until 3 days ago. I now get a message saying "write protected". There is no write protection switch on the device. How do i remove the write protection.

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Usb Flash Drive Write Protected Problem

I have a usb flash drive that will not initialize in disk management because it is being reported as write protected. There are no switches or etc on the key. It is an older 512 gb lexar key. I tried the hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetcontrol storagedevicepolicies" - dword "writeprotect" set to '0' regedit solution i see some people mention. It didn't help. I'm not sure if this really applies to windows 7.

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Error - Disk Drive Is Full Or Write Protected While Transferring Files

"error: disk drive is full or write protected" while transferring files to windows xp and no admin rights while transferring files to windows 7". Admin permissions uac win 7 external hdd, i have read alot about this subject and have used some of the advice but i am still unable to transfer my stored files on my external hdd from my lost work laptop, in assents i have a replacement laptop os win xp an external hdd with files stored from the lost machine and a home machine os win7 every time i try and restore the files back to the new work machine it has an error of the disk drive is full or write protected.

If i try the same on th win 7 machine the error is that i don't have admin permissions i have tried disabling uac giving myself ownership of the files i have admin permissions in my profile i have tried the cmd prompt cacls and takeown and this did scroll through the files when executed and appeared to do something but i still cannot copy or transfer the files in any way, i have  been through the security setting and changed them but still cannot gain access, incidentally i have backup files from other machines on the same hdd and these are fine i can do what ever, i have copied the settings from these files but still no joy.

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Slow Transfer Speed To Usb 2.0 Flash Drive

I know that this topic has appeared once or twice in these forums but there haven't been any resolutions and they've been quiet lately so i started a new one. Recently, i migrated from windows xp to 7 and found this problem. When i try to copy a file (a 1. 2gb video) to a usb flash drive that i know is usb 2. 0 hi-speed (copying files to it in xp were really fast) it takes over 2 minutes. 7 reports that it is copying at 3-4 mb/sec. When i copy from the flash drive to my computer it copies at about 9-10mb/sec.

I've also tried plugging it into the rear ports but that doesn't change the transfer speed at all. I know it isn't something related to the flash stick itself because transferring files to it in xp were a lot faster. Some random information: transferring files from one hard drive to another averages at about 60mb/sec (both of the hard drives are sata ii drives).

I'm not sure what speed it should be but it doesn't feel drastically slower than on my xp machine. Windows 7 and my device drivers are all up-to-date.system specs:dell optiplex gx620 pentium 4 3. 2ghz2 gb ram windows 7 professional 32-bit avg 9 free edition anti-virus my setup is almost identical to how it was on my windows xp machine except i have less programs installed so there isn't something new that could have caused problems.

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Multi-boot System Win 7 64-bit & Vista 32-bit On One Hard Drive

Multi-boot system windows 7 (64-bit) & vista (32-bit) on one hard drive - do i need two hard drives?I have an existing windows vista ultimate (32-bit) system installed on a 500gb sata hard drive, partitioned into 2 partitions (c: and d:). I would like to make the system multi-boot so that i can back-track to vista if i have a problem with win7.

One issue here is that i plan on multi-booting vista 32-bit and win7 64-bit on the same hard drive without touching the d: partition of the hard drive. I don't know if this is possible, but i'm interested to see if it is.

I've done some research and have found that win7 has many compatibility modes, so maybe i don't need to worry about keeping an installation of vista on my system? I just don't want to be "caught with my pants down" if something were to go wrong with win7, like if one of my programs was incompatible or something along those lines.

If i can't multi-boot vista 32-bit and win7 64-bit from the same hard drive, can i do it with 2 hard drives having one os on each hard drive? Or, am i being much too paranoid about this and should i trust microsoft on this one that win7 will not have any large compatibility issues with my most used programs?

For reference, here are some of my most used programs: firefox 3. 5, steam, adobe photoshop (versions 7. 0 and cs3), ie tester (for web development), winamp, trillian (an im and irc program), itunes, skype, mozilla thunderbird (for e-mail), and fraps (in-game video recording software).

I know that this is a lot all at once, but does anyone see any foreseen compatibility issues with any of these programs and win7 64-bit ? I'm also worried about the compatibility of some of my drivers with win7 64-bit, but i've heard that there have been leaps and bounds made with driver compatibility on win7 64-bit (as compared to the mess it was with xp 64-bit). Is this true?

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Super Talent 4gb Usb Flash Not Working

How do i get my "super talent 4gb" usb flash to work on windows 7? My pc wont pick up my usb device after i loaded windows 7. It seems to be a driver issue. Does this specific usb not have an updated driver that is compatible for windows 7? If that is the case am i just out of luck and need to buy one that is compatible?

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Message - Install A Cd/dvd Writer

Unable to write to cd/dvd driver, receive message "install a cd/dvd writer" in windows 7. I cannot write to my cd or dvd. I get a message which says "install a cd/dvd writer". Where do i find this?

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Usb Lg Dvd Writer Not Working

I am having yet another usb problem with my desktop computer. I am running windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. For whatever reason, a previously installed usb lg dvd writer that i have had plugged into my computer for 6 months now has suddenly disappeared even though i have not installed/uninstalled anything except for the windows updates microsoft is recommending. I now find that the device is listed under the device manager's usb controllers section as an unknown device.

I have tried uninstalling the device and rebooting to try to get windows to re-recognize the device to no avail. When i plug the device into a different computer, it recognizes the device just fine. I have had a similar problem before with a seagate usb harddrive. The only way i was able to get windows to finally re-recognize the drive was to plug in a different drive of the same type-once i did, i could plug in the original drive without any problems.

It really seems like microsoft has some sort of "device cache" that is getting corrupted and once the device is unrecognized, there is no way to reliably recover. Can someone tell me how to flush this device from window's memory so that it will re-recogfnize the device? All of the windows help advice applies to devices that come with their own drivers but most of these windows storage devices use the built-in drivers in windows so there is really nothing that i know how to do to correct this problem.

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Hp Pavilion Dv6 1247 Et-dvd Writer Don't Run In Win 7

My dvd writer do not run. My hp pavilion dv6 1247 et model computer upgraded from vista sp2 to windows 7. After cd/dvd ram don't open. Locked.

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Multi Monitor Spanning

I put this under hardware and drivers because it pertains to the functionality of windows with hardware, more specifically video cards and monitors. We in the it department are evaluating windows 7 currently (skipped vista because of functional needs) and in our tests we came across this problem. Granted we can drag the windows open across the monitors or manually set the window size, but this to us is an extreme problem as we would have to instruct all of those users on how they can achieve this goal.

Why is this an issue?We have a good number of people and workstations/laptops (well over 5, 000 currently). All of these use excell and about 30% use visio. Currently in xp, when a spreadsheet/document is opened (more for excel spreadsheets) the user double clicks the top window bar to maximize it and it fills both monitors (no need to drag it open or set the window resolution). This function is not available in later operating systems as i have found out. I actually have two questions, and though i doubt i will receive a cognizant answer, i will ask them.

1 " why was this feature removed from later productions?

2 " is there an effort to re-institute this feature in later windows versions?

I know windows vista/7 (as i read) will not have this ability, but i need to know if this will become part of the next generation. As it is i will have a very hard time explaining this to people that use our board room with 2 x 2 displays on the wall without having to expend more money for something that was at one time a feature of the windows environment.

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Bug - Multi Monitor And Apps

I have 2 monitors.

Master monitor (left)
Secondary monitor (right)

I moved office and for cable length reason i changed the secondary monitor to be on the left. I set windows 7 to tell it that the secondary monitor is now on the left not the right.

Previous apps that i've used on the second monitor seem to default in the past to always loading on the screen on the right. Now when i open them application i can only see them in the task bar, they do not appear on screen. If i tell windows 7 my secondary monitor is on the right, i can then see the application on that screen.

This is a bug, windows should know that the secondary monitor is no longer connected on the right and it should not be loading the application window to a monitor that does not exist.

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Multi Monitor System Issue With Cursor

Touching the touchscreen monitor causes the cursor to appear on a different monitor in a windows 7 multi-monitor system. There are three (3) monitors on this system. Two of them are dell 2407wfp-hc lcd monitors and one is the acer t230h touchscreen monitor. The dell monitors are connected to an nvidia quadro fx3500 and identify as monitors 1 and 2. The acer monitor is connected to an nvidia geforce 7600gs and identifies as monitor 3. The system is running windows 7 ultimate x64, with current updates. Everything works properly except for the touchscreen feature.

As instructed i used tablet pc setup to configure the touchscreen. In setup, dell monitor 2 reports incorrectly as having touch input available, and the acer monitor 3 reports as not having touch input available - also incorrect. When i touch the acer monitor, the cursor appears on dell monitor 2 and moves according to the motion of my finger on the acer monitor.

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Unable To Locate Scanner On Multi-function Printer

Windows 7 unable to locate scanner on multi-function printer (print/scan/fax/pc fax). Despite all functionality, including scanner, of multi-function printer (brother mfc-5440cn) working properly in vista, subsequent to upgrade pc unable to locate scanner utility and scanner unable to locate pc.

In reviewing hardware/devices detail, system has been defaulted to lexmark scanner, which has never existed or been in prior iterations (e.g. Xp, vista, etc. ) On prior or new pcs. Unable to delete or uninstall lexmark to install brother model and apparently multi-function capability is not recognized by windows 7.

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How Do I Obtain Info And Cost For Multi Licensing For Win 7?

I'm using win7 ultimate rc. I'd like to purchase now. However, i've been told win7 pro is pretty much the same as win7 ultimate but without all the different languages. Question #1 is: i'm currently using 6 computers in my growing family home and will be adding another or two downstream. Will win7 pro still have all the features as win7 ultimate? Question #2: how do i obtain info and cost for multi licensing? In reality, all the computers are for personal use. I just have a large family. I like to play fair here, you know, up to now opposed from the past (from vista back to 3. 11) never had this issue. My questions have been lengthy but i'll greatly appreciate any answers, info, etc. You can provide.

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Homegroup Write Access Denied

I have 2 pcs running windows 7/64 home premium. I have successfully set up a homegroup, and can browse and open files within shared folders on each pc. However whenever i want to save a file, access is denied. I have ensured that the homegroup on each pc has read/write privileges. Not sure how to paste an image of the folder permissions but in effect it says:

File sharing choose people to share with:

Name             permissions
Everyone         read/write
Homegroup        read/write
Owner            owner

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Media Center Dual Monitor Multi Seat Setup

I am trying to configure my media center pc to work with two monitors, one is my tv, the other is a standard pc monitor. In this way i am hoping to use media center on the tv and surf and play on the other screen at the same time. I have encountered two problems. 1. Media center will not let me select a different sound card from default. Some applications including i believe windows media player will let you do this. 2. Media center when made full screen captures the mouse and keyboard. I hope i can get around this with a media center remote to control the tv while i use the mouse and keyboard on the other screen.

I can take back control with the windows key, but i have to give back control to use media center. Hopefully with the remote i can control media center while keeping control of the keyboard and mouse. I am reading this may or may not work. Ideally i would hope that microsoft could address these issues, as they seem rather trivial and would enable our over powered multi-core pc's to be more useful, its a waste for all that power just to watch tv. I have been assured on multiple forums that microsoft does not care and will do nothing to fix this.

This is an unfortunate sentiment to have in the community and i challenge microsoft to prove them wrong. Seeing as i have had great luck reporting issues to apple and having them fixed within a reasonable time, i thought i might give it a shot with microsoft and see if i had any luck. Is this the best way to contact microsoft about these issues? Are there other contacts i can try? I would love to be able to select a playback device in media center other then the default as well as being able to control media center with the remote while maintaining separate keyboard control. Please make this happen microsoft and prove your customers wrong, that you do care.

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Can't Write To Programs Directory - You Do Not Have Permission

Can't write to programs directory "you do not have permission" contact the administrator. I am the only acct on the pc & the admin. Trying to download a pgm & save it in the programs directory.

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Write Protection Drivers Wont Load

I have a brand new asus g51vx loaded with windows 7 ultimate. I tried to load 1701 ad gold ed. And it says drivers (write protection drivers) need to load, says (run as administrator), try that and won't load. Tried to do it from the folder right on the cd, and i get the same results. When i boot up my computer, i get a message that an incompatible driver was blocked (that driver). Tried to fix it with the compatibility troubleshooter and still won't work.

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Cannot Disable Write Caching On Usb Flash

Brief intro: i have a problem with my windows 7. It exists since the windows 7 rc (7100) and it's also on my windows 7 home premium (7600). It also appears to be in both the x86 and x64 version of the system, regardless of the computer i use.

Problem: whenever i start writing files onto my usb drive, it starts filling up my ram and also completely slows down windows 7 as the hard drive is being read from at its maximum speed. It usually fills about 500-600 mb of my ram. Until the file is completely written onto the device, the ram is being occupied. As the file manager i use to copy files with (be it windows explorer or total commander) reports the copy process is at 99%, the amount of occupied ram gradually starts to decrease until all of it is written onto the device, at which point the process of copying finally finishes.

I'd rather completely disable the write-caching to this device, as it would not affect the speed of the copy process and it wouldn't prevent me from using windows 7 since the primary harddrive ( the source of the file i am trying to copy ) would not be strained to its maximum capabilities by having to read the file into the ram write-cache.

I tried setting the usb drive in my device manager for quick removal, but that does not affect anything at all. I am a very advanced user, so do not be afraid to assume or suggest registry edits or other things.

Used software

Os: windows 7 rc x64 / windows 7 rc 32 / windows 7 home premium x64
File manager for the copy process: windows explorer / total commander

Used hardware

As i've stated before - this happens with more computers than just one, but i'll just post the details of my main pc here.

Mb: gigabyte ex58-ud5
Cpu: core i7 920
Ram: kingston hyperx ddr3 6gb (triple channel)
Gfx: nvidia gtx295
Hdd: samsung spinpoint f1, 1tb, sata ii, 32mb cache (running in ahci mode)

Usb flash : patriot xt 32gb, filesystem ntfs. Write speed ~9-10mb/s, read speed 27-31mb/s.

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Usb Error - Remove Write Protection

I have a usb with no physical locks when i try to add or remove anything it says remove write protection but i can find no solutions to this anywhere on windows 7 can anyone help me please.

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Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop Touchpad Multi Touch Gesture Settings

I have a dell inspiron 15 laptop with windows 7. I wanted to now that weather i could get the touch screen gestures (mainly scrolling and zoom) for my laptop touchpad? Also, is there any specific kind of software i would have to install?

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Speed Up Windows

I keep reading as part of the windows 7 promotional effort that they have listened to users complaints, praises and suggestions and adopted these into windows 7. My main question is where do we add these complaints, praises and suggestions? I've been using microsoft since my first 386 computer running msdos, and have upgraded on release days my entire life starting with 3. 11 > nt > nt4 > 2000 > xp pro > vista bus and now win7 rc and no one has ever asked me for any suggestions nor have i ever seen an opportunity to provide them anywhere?

I have a major suggestion i have always wanted to make to microsoft!

I help alot of people get their pc's up and running again, either when completely dead, or more often just running slow, and then progressively slower to the point where it drives the person insane to even try using it anymore.

It seems acceptable to people that their computer runs fast and fine out of the box, but over time eventually slows to a crawl or locks up often.

The majority of us are aware what cuases this primary complaint, so why does the problem still exist with every new version of windows that gets released?

The stupid and pointless "startup" folder, and the "run" key in the local machine and current user hives, not to mention some additional locations software developers have discovered to cause their software to begin running at startup for absolutely no reason what so ever other than to use up resources and slow pc's down.

Some apps should auto start up and run, like anti virus or firewalls, thats acceptable, however it seems to be the trend of software developers everywhere to make all applications they develop automatically start up and run in the back ground for absolutely no reason what so ever. Even microsoft has been known to do this with office, adobe does it, all the garbage-ware applications create entries here to run in the background. The typical stupid user can in just the course of one year have literally hundreds of pointless application entries in these registry hives that are bogging down their computers and causing lock ups and severe slow downs.

Isn't it about time that someone at microsoft fixes this well known issue once and for all?

Make programs start only when a user starts them, make them 100% stop when a user stops them. At least make a pop up option take place when a user installs an application that gives alerts to people that "this application wants to start up every time you boot your computer, do you want to allow this behavior? Yes[] no[]".

99% of the applications out there that auto run when the system is booted have no business running in the background everytime someone boots their computer. 100% of these applications lead to significant slow downs and problems.

While there is software out there that in many cases can be purchased to solve this, you not only in many cases are paying for it, but your also just adding in more auto running software to solve the problem. Why not just fix the problem at the heart of the issue, that being the way windows allows this to just take place in the first place?

Making windows prettier is great. After all, my favorite reason for using windows over linux or mac is just how it looks and feels so much better. Prettier. However addressing a major known issue that directly affects millions of simple users and could very easily be solved such as this problem just repeatedly gets over looked version after version.

Can someone at microsoft who i hope reads this please address and solve this problem for the final production release of windows 7?

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Computer Performance / Speed

Before i switched to 7, i was running xp with little problems. I was able to play most of my online games at the highest settings with minimal video lag and a ping of around 60. I was also able to run crysis , crysis: warhead , and crysis wars on the "high" setting (setting levels from lowest to highest are: "low", "medium", "high", "very high") with a few of the options on "very high". But now with windows 7, i can't play any of my online games without having a ping of at least 200 and i can't even run crysis or any of the other crysis series games listed before on "low" or any other setting.

In addition, with xp my hard drive that i use for everything other than the os (games, programs like audacity, videos, pictures, etc. ) Was about 3/4 full, and with windows 7 the drive that is serving the same purpose has 218 gigabytes free of 414 gigabytes and my hard drive that has the os on it has 29. 6 gigabytes free of 50. 6 gigabytes. I have no idea what is going on. I have a legitimate copy of the os, my friend has windows 7 as well and isn't experiencing these problems, and isn't windows 7 supposed to make your pc run more efficiently?

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Slow Download Speed

I am experiencing terribly slow (20kb/s) download speeds yet 1mb/s uploads ( on my hp hdx series laptop. I have tried both wireless and wired connections directly to the modem and both are the same speed. I have updated all my laptop's drivers and the firmware of my wireless router (netgear wnr3500).

This laptop sold with vista where download speeds are fine but was eligible for the free windows 7 upgrade which i installed. The desktop running vista that is wired to the router has 8mb/s download speeds which is perfect. Please microsoft stop denying this problem isn't with windows 7 because it it, an also the countless others with the same problem would appreciate this being fixed right now.

List of things i have tried: changing power settings, disabling teredo tunneling adapter, disabling windows update, disabling ipv6, editing the registry, cleaning the registry

A screenshot of my ipconfig if it is helpful:

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Very Slow Download Speed

I bought a new top-of-the line hp pavilion when win 7 came out - fastest proc they offer, 12gb ram, win 7 64bit preloaded. I've had it about 2 months. The machine itself is lightning fast - but the internet download speed is slow. Would be faster to chisel in stone.

My home lan has the win7 box, my old hp running vista (4gb ram, about 3 years old) and an imac (4 gb ram, about a year old). All 3 machines are connected physically to the router (no wireless connections). It's a basic and no-frills network - i don't have a web-server, torrents, file-sharing or anything like that. Basic connectivity between machines, and internet access. That's it.

My isp is comcast.

Here are my ul/dl speeds:

     Upload    download   ping
Win 7   ~3 mb/s    1 mb/s    88ms
Vista   ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   89ms
Imac    ~3 mb/s    20 mb/s   88ms

(This according to

The upload and download speeds on the old clunker vista machine and on the imac are as expected. The win 7 box upload is the same as the other machines - the download speed is slow. Less than 1/20th of the vista box or the imac.

I also bought a new linksys wrt210n gigabit router. Updated the firmware last night. Updated the drivers for the intel nic in the win 7 box. Problem persists.

Rebooted the router & cable model (and the win 7 box). Problem persists.

Disabled ipv6, discovery mapper - basically everything except ipv4, qos packet scheduler & file and print sharing. Problem persists.

Booted into safe mode. Problem persists.

Tried firefox, safari, chrome & ie8 - no noticeable differences.

Disabled norton a/v, firewall, win defender. No change.

Swapped the ethernet cable. No change.

There is only one net device in device manager - the intel 82567v-2  gigabit nic. No conflicts of any sort that i can see.

Ran windows update to get the latest stuff - then disabled it. No change.

Checked all the logs, ran diagnostics, and tried all the "netsh" tweaks i read about. No change.

So, ultimately, this machine i sunk about $3k into is performing (online) like a snail. It's almost unusable, especially since 90% of my job involves online stuff.

I've read dozens - no, hundreds - of similar threads all over the internet, with people reporting the exact same conditions - expected upload speed, awful download speed. So, this is obviously not an isolated problem, and it's not a problem with my isp, router, modem, nic, drivers, firewall, a/v or anything else. It looks like a win 7 problem - my question is, what is the solution?

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Poor Internet Speed

After several weeks of good internet speeds on windows 7 i was all of a sudden i was down . 5mb download speed yet my old laptop on xp and on the same wireless network is running at 7. 0 mb i have tried all the tricks and tips  from the forums to no avail. So i tried a fresh install and bingo back to full speed. A week later back to square one and the 0. 5mb internet speed traced it down to one of two updates but i can, t uninstall them any suggestions

Security update for microsoft xml core services 4. 0 service pack 2 (kb954430)
Update for microsoft xml core services 4. 0 service pack 2 (kb973688)

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Internet Connection Speed

I have a fairly new samsung r580 notebook with win7 home premium. My internet connection speed is fixed at 65mbps. My wife's notebook speed today was again 130mbps. Our top speed with cox cable is 156mbps. Our modem and wireless router max out at higher speeds than the 156mbps from cox.

So, why am i maxed out at 65? I tried to trouble shoot as well as updating the driver and still, my speed is 65. My notebook has a high-end processor. Is this a problem with win 7? Or. ?

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