Hp Deskjet F4180 Print Only Get White Pages

I think i have a problem of the drivers of my printer (it's a hp deskjet f4180). My problem is that when i print i only get white pages. I am absolutely sure that my cartridge are full of ink, so i start thinking that there is some kind of a problem in the drivers or in windows.

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Cannot Print Deskjet 6540

I had my wireless connection to deskjet 6540 working until a windows 7 update. Now can't print. Need help with settings since the printer is directly connected to another desktop system in the network.
I'm running w/7 on my laptop. It's wirelessly connected to a network and another desktop system with a desktop 6540 attached. I had the printer working from my laptop until there was a win 7 update last week. I removed and reinstalled the printer but still can't print. All my jobs hang up in the queue and say there is an error but doesn't give details. I'm wondering if i set up the wrong port but can't remember what i did to get it to work before. This time i'll write it down.

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Printer Problem - Print Job In Print Queue Is Preventing Other Print Jobs

Cannot print from new laptop to shared printer - "a print job in the print queue is preventing other print jobs from printing". I recently bought a new laptop and want to print to a printer (hp color laserjet 1600) i have shared over the network from a windows 7 (x64) machine. When i try to print from my laptop it stays in the print queue and i have to run the troubleshooter on the host computer to resolve the issue and allow it to print.

If i run the troubleshooter on the laptop it tells me it could not identify the problem while on the host it tells me "a print job in the print queue is preventing other print jobs from printing" and it says it fixed the problem and prints the document but i have to do this every time. I also have this printer added to a laptop and a netbook and they both print the document just fine and have no issues. The laptop i am having the problems is running windows 7 (x64).

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White Screen On Login

I am running a toshiba satellite portable computer. Upon logging into the admin user account the screen goes white and stays white. Unlike other people i am unable to get the task manager, my only options are lock, switch user, log off and change a password. I am fixing this for a friend and have never encountered this type of issue before. Safeboot results in a black screen with nothing ever happening. Same with command prompt.

I suspect it has something to do with a process starting up. Install discs are not available as this machine is roughly 3 years old and have been misplaced. Just looking for a way even if temporary to at least get the files off it i need so i can wipe the system. I hate vista with a passion. Anyone's quick and speedy response would be great!

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Black Screen With White Mouse

I have a black screen with a white mouse when i power on. It shows the 4 colors in the square thing says starting windows, then goes to a black screen with a white mouse. After force shutting down, it gives me safe or regular mode. I tried safe, safe with networking, and safe with command prompt, and still nothing. The only reaction i got was from pressing shift 5 times, i got the sticky keys box, but that's it. Please help me, my dad's in china and i need to talk to him over skype.

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Black Screen White Cursor

I am having trouble with my windows 7. Im operating a toshiba satellite l305 series . When i power up my system i come to a screen that reads "windows error recovery' it also says "windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause" theres another paragraph and it gives you two options. "Launch startup repair" which brings me to a black screen with an arrow. The other "start windows normally" this eventually brings me to a blue error screen. Does anyone know whats causing this and have to solve it? Im a college student and desperately need my laptop up and running. Any hep is much appreciated.

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Hdmi Output Is Black And White

Built myself a screamer, core i7 920, gigabyte x58, 6gb triple channelocz ram and a powercolor (ati) 5770. Got it running, hooked it up via hdmito my sony bravia 40" and everything was sweet. After about a week, the color disappeared. I get color on the sony during post and the windows 7 (x64) logo but as soon as windows loads: no color on the sony. If i switch to vga, i get color. But it is a 30 foot run to the sony and i get ghosting via vga.

I have checked and rechecked all color and resolution settings in both windows and catalyst 10. 2 control panels. I was about to rma the video card but the color during post and windows startup makes me think it will do no good. I have been scouring google for answers but as yet i haven't found the answer.

Help anyone?

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White Noise Problem On All Sounds

I was in the middle of watching a movie in windows media center when the sound from the movie turned inexplicably into white noise. Window media center was the only application running. I restarted windows media center, but the problem persisted. I tried listening to the movie over both my speakers and a pair of headphones, but the white noise was the same either way. I tried resuming the movie in windows media player, to no avail. I restarted the computer, which did not help, and noticed that the system sounds were similarly overlaid with white noise. Videos, music, even the clicking-on-folders sounds were effected. I have been having the problem ever since, noticing no other existing computer problems.

I have been running windows 7 professional (a clean install, not an upgrade) for a couple of months now and have had no problems before this. I am confident this isn't a problem with my speakers, as the problem didn't go away when i listened with headphones. The only recently installed windows update addressed a problem with internet explorer (which i never use). If anyone could provide some insight or a possible solution, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Grayish White Screen Of Death

Why is my computer crapping out with a grayish white screen of death. It used to be a blue s. O. D. I don't know what happened but it is failing too often and i have performed all the maintenance tasks and spyware checks and have found no improvement. Any thoughts?

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Ie8 Will Not Display Some Pages

Iam using ie8 and vista on my laptop with norton 360, it works fine. On my desktop with win 7, ie8and norton both having same ie8 settings the desktop shows a blank screen at some sites when going into site. The blank screen has a tab saying "security settings" used to have mozilla without problems. Have tried several "fixes" that my banks software people offered, no fix. I have gotten on ebay looking at a store and could not access 2-3 pages. On netegg i couldn't access paypal after selecting items. Was reading the forum for fixes and couldn't log on to reply. Suggestions?

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Asp Pages Are Not Getting Displayed

I have installed iis 7 on windows 7 in my desktop.asp pages are not getting displayed.

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White Desktop Background Error On Vista

I have a windows vista home edition. When i boot the desktop looks normal but after a couple of minutes, the desktop is being blocked by white background. I tried scanning using ms security essentials and it successfully removed found virus. I cannot personalized the desktop anymore as it is blocked. When i right clicked the desktop, the normal personalized screen for desktop customization is not appearing. Still the white background is blocking the whole desktop.

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Printer Not Printing Internet Pages

I recently upgraded from windows xp to windows 7. I have a hp multi-function printer. It is set to print wireless. To date i have no problems printing from my hard drive. Today i was unable to print a page from the internet. For instance, if i make a payment online and the print this payment form page appears, i can't print it. Instead i get a plain page with the web address at the bottom. I've checked the print preview and indeed the page is blank. Any ideas?

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Trouble Opening Pages From Another Page

Following a spyware attempton my computer, i began having trouble opening new pages. Example - from my homepage i click on google docsin my favorites menu, and the first page of my docs comes right up. But when i try to open a file a new tab appears, but no page opens.

Some links open up just fine. It seems random which will open or won't. From one web site with a selection of videos, clicking on a choice takes you absolutely nowhere; while on a different site, the same action performs fine. This happened once before, and i did some simple thing and fixed it. Have no idea now what it was i did. Ideas. Windows 7 and ie8, brand new pc.

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Ie Problem With Password Web Pages

I am using windows xp, ie 8 with a broadband connection. I have a broadband connection and am able to go to my homepage and i can can access webpages, such as and, but when i go to page to sign-in with password, ie says it can't display those pages. I can open yahoo email with password, but can't open aol webmail, or other password secure webpages. I can tell you what i have done with help from my broadband tech support and aol tech support. I have gone to ie tools; internet options and reset everything in security, privacy, programs and advanced tabs.

My broadband company reset my modem from their office. I have unplugged it and took out the battery. Just in case. I have run about 6 different virus scans, including reg cleaners, mal-ware and others. I turned off my firewall in norton's. Started my computer in safe mode. Reset winsock and ip. I'm probably forgetting something. I re-installed i8e. I also installed firefox and it did the same thing. I can open, for instance, but wheni sign in it says that 'internet explorer cannot open that webpage'

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Computer Randomly Crashes - Screen Will Go To Black Then White

I recently installed windows 7 on my laptop and it was working great until it started crashing.

At first it only crashed when i was using pretty demanding programs but now it sometimes just randomly crashes when using music players etc, and i lose all my work.

When it crashes i'll just be working then the screen will go to black then white then flash back to the original screen, and it will do something like that for about 5 seconds then it shuts down and restarts.

When it turns back on i get a message that simply says windows has has an unexpected shutdown then it likely gives me some options to choose or something. I don't remember exactly.

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Ie8 Animated Pages Jumps & Flashes

I downloaded ie 8 and now my pages jump & flash. When i move the mouse, when an animated screen come up, the whole screen jumps. I can't even see the thanksgiving e-card my sister sent because of the movement of it. The whole thing jumps & flashes until it's done. The still picture is fine as long as i don't move the mouse. I would like to get rid of this & go back to ie 7 please.

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Ie8 Display Framed Pages Problem

When i visit a website (like a school site) that uses frames, i get the message "this browser does not support inline frames. Click here to view content in a separate window. " This is an extreme inconvenience. I have tried to use compatibility mode, but i still get the message. So my question is "how do i get ie8 to display framed pages?" Is there a setting i can change to allow ie8 to view framed pages?These pages view just fine in firefox and google chrome.

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Ie8 Won't Display Web Pages

After i installed a blackberry update ie8 won't display any web pages. It seems to start displaying msn in the tab (i.e. It says hotmail, news etc in the tab) but nothing appears in the browser window. If i click on a link in word then the website name appears in the tab but again nothing appears in the browser window. However if i click on any favourite nothing happens at all.

I have tried resetting ie8 and then i get msn as my homepage and can go to links from that page and they all display ok. However other pages, e.g. From favorites do not display at all. If i close the browser and reopen it then i cannot display anything at all until i reset again.

I tried doing a system restore but this will not work and it has failed to go back to the last two restore points. The same thing happens if i open ie8 in safe mode. I have run norton antivirus, system works and other diagnostics but nothing wrong is found. The laptop is a dell xps m1330 running vista ultimate and all ms software is up to date (as of 14th january 2010). Any ideas because i'm really stuck?

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Ie8 Crashes When View Web Pages With Flash

I've got 2 windows 7 machines, but on 64-bit processors with the 64-bit version of windows 7 installed. On both of them if we go to a web page with flash on it, and then close internet explorer 8, it will, always crash.

Why is that? I can avoid if, if i go to some other web page without flash on it, but man that can be hard to remember and sometimes the flash isn't obvious because it isn't moving, so its easy to forget to go to some web page withou a flash item on it, but that's not the point. The point is why in heck does ie8 crash just because there's a flash element on the page?

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Issue: Thin White Line On Side Of Display On Toshiba T110

I just started using this toshiba t110 yesterday. The monitor has a 1mm white line on the left side that starts 3cm down from the top and stops 4cm from the bottom. Not really in the way, but definitely something that should not be there. Tried adjusting the display size and restarting to no avail.

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Hp Deskjet 5850 Drivers Not Available

I have an hp deskjet 5850 (color) printer and newly installed windows 7 (upgraded from vista). A driver from hp for their 5600 series worked on vista but will not work on windows 7. When do you expect to certify hp printer drivers for use with windows 7, and what url will these be downloadable from?

I also can not use my netgear "n" wireless adapter since upgrading from vista to windows 7 because driver does not work. When/where will the driver be downloadable?

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Hp Deskjet F2480 Problem

So i bought a new printer (hp deskjet f2480) because my old one was passed its sell-by date. I have a dell laptop that has windows 7 on it. I was very excited to use my new printer (sad i know, but the last one was driving me mad!) And i put the disk in to set it up and when it came to attaching the device up my laptop said it did not recognise the usb cable. It recognized it with my old printer though and was working fine. So why is my laptop deciding it does not like this cable? This is preventing me installing my printer properly and printing anything :( . Any help would be much appreciated, although i have troubleshooted for ages and tried the fixit thing here and also sent a message to the technical support for the printer via email. I've been trying to fix it for 2days (as soon as i bought it).

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Hp Deskjet 1000c Is Not Detected

Windows 7 professional is being used. The computer is a dell studio xps 9000. The usb cable is a sabrent "usb to parallel (printer ieee1284) cable". The printer is the hp deskjet 1000c. This computer does not have a lpt port. When the cable is attached to the computer's usb, the cable is recognized but the printer is not. I tried to print a word and an excel file and neither program could detect the printer. I also tried to use the virtual pc utility, in xp mode, with some works files and got the same results.

The windows 7 compatibility list did show this printer as being compatible. Do i need different drivers, a different cable or what?

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Ie8 Hangs With Flash Based Banner Ads On Web Pages

Ie 8 hangs with automatic flash based banner "ads" on web pages. I do not know what to check but sometimes ie 8 seems to "hang" when accessing web pages that have automatic loading flash banner "ads. " It seems to occur often on windows 7 and occasionally on windows xp versions of ie 8. I have removed flash player and the activex entries a few times but it did not seem to fix this yet.

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Hp Deskjet 3420 Printer Drivers

Just purchased new hp satellite with windows 7. Have old hp deskjet 3420 printer, hp has no driver, they comment that windows 7 operation system contains basic driver for printer. How do i find and us the basic driver?

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Printer Drivers For Hp Deskjet 930c

Printer drivers for hp deskjet 930c printer on new dell studio 1749 windows 7 64 bit. My brand new dell studio 1749 windows 7 64 bit laptop do not have printer drivers for my hp deskjet 930c printer but a dell inspiron 1545 windows 7 64 bit has all the drivers. Windows update did not help.

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Hp Deskjet 722c Printer Is Not Working

I bought a new asus windows & home and i went to install my hp deskjet 722c printer and the computer doesn't even recognize the software. I can see the printer is on my computer but it is not working. An error message tells me that the printer is a 32 bit and the computer is a 64 bit. I like the new computer but all this aggravation it isn't worth it. I need a free download to get my printer to work.

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Hp Deskjet 9800 Printer Errors

Error messages-some postscript specific settings(interpolation, calibration, encoding) will be ignored since you are printing to a non post script printer. -Result print of 1/2 inch of 4 by 6 print, print about 25% of specified size, no print etc.

On hp932 and hp deskjet 9800. Error message, incompatible ink cartridges- even though using original hp60 cartridges supplied with printer at purchase and they worked for maybe 40 pages printing text only. Hp9800 and hp932 printers, hp scanjet 4470 all worked perfectly well on old windowsme- i know they're old, but are there no fixes for these issues for acomputer user without great technical knowledge. Or is the cure the dumpster for all my old peripherals?

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Problem Installing Hp Deskjet F2180

I had vista home premium and an hp deskjet f2180. I upgraded to windows 7 home premium (32) but the system will not recognize my printer. I have been to the hp website and downloaded the correct drivers. It runs through the installation process but takes ages to configure then comes up with a notice saying the installation has failed. Solutions suggested by hp don't work everything just goes round and round in circles. I've carefully followed correct installation procedures. I've spent about 48 hours in this now and am shattered. My computer tells me to consult hp for installation help. The website and forums are no use.

This morning i rang them and they wouldn't help me without me agreeing to pay 15. After i went on at them a bit about their 'award winning' service which doesn't exist for free if you are out of warranty the person i spoke to came back and said the problem would be fixed if i did a 'fresh install' i.e.completely new disk of windows 7 (if i can persuade the person who installed it for me to do that). Obviously these things take time and cost money. Even then i don't know if it will work or if hp are just passing the buck by saying its a windows 7 issue. Has anyone else experienced this because i am at my wits end. I'd buy a new printer but then if7 is the problem that won't help.

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