System Does Not Stay Connected To Internet

Upgrade to win 7 ultimate 64 bit, m2nsli mb, 8mg ram, sli, did driver upgrade for nvidia nforce 570sli system does not stay connected to internet every few minutes lost connection then i have to reset network adapter?

Constant reset network adapters
M2n-sli mb
8mg ram
Nvidia nforce 570sli mcp drivers installed for 64 bit

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Cannot Stay Connected

In december, i purchased a new laptop with windows 7. Ever since i got it, i have had nothing but problems staying connected. Random drop-offs occur for yahoo messenger, some web pages (pogo) and email. They seldom last more than a few seconds, but happen frequently. At no time do i completely lose connectivity. I have tried everything i can think of, including paying someone to look at it, all to no avail. It should be noted that 3 other computers at this location do not experience this issue, but they run vista or xp. Any suggestions? I'm ready to take a hammer to it!

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Wireless Internet Is Connected But No Internet Access

I just bought a new computer with os windows 7. As i was doing the set-up, it asked about the home wireless network and i identified it and entered the internet key. After the set-up was over, i cannot connect to the wireless network. It says connected and no internet access. It has the public icon and "unidentified network".

I have a "network error" window that keeps popping up that says "another computer on this network has the same ip address". I tried one of the solutions on this site to resolve it. I used the command prompt to release and renew the ip address and seems to not have worked. How can i get a valid ip address? And how can i make my computer recognize the home wireless network?

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Icon In Tray Shows Connected With No Internet Access

I upgraded the os in my two year old fujitsu laptop from vista home pro to win 7 home premium, 32bit. I have had since problems connecting to my home wi-fi with the strangest being that though the icon in the tray shows connected with no internet access i have in fact access but other times it does not connect at all. I checked the driver and is the latest and device manager shows the device working well. Ny ideas on how to solve it?

The router is relatively new and has been working fine with the vista machine.

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Connected To The Internet But Can't Browse The Web In Win 7

I'm connected to the internet, but i can't browse the internet. At my own house the wireless works perfectly fine but then when i go to my friends house it doesn't work. My skype signs in perfectly and i can talk to people and make calls, when i try to connect to msn it says dns and key-ports is the problem. I don't know how to resolve this problem and its really getting on my nerves as i really need the internet. I'm not sure how this works but my email address is

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Cannot Stay Signed In To A Website

First, my apologies if this takes a while to explain. We have 2 laptops. Mine runs vista and ie8. My partner's was originally running vista when he bought it last spring. He recently had it upgraded to windows 7 (64-bit version) and ie8. There is a website that we both sign on to with the same user id/password. I have no problems. He continually gets bounced out and it acts like he never signed in. He tries to look at something and it says he is not a member and to please sign in. Or it says he has been idle too long and to please sign in again (when he's been right there trying to click on something).

Every time he tries to click on something, it bounces him out. You can imagine the frustration this is causing. He did not have this problem until his pc was upgraded to windows 7 and ie8. Has anyone else experienced this? Just for full disclosure this is an adult website and he doesn't have problems with any other website.

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Crt Monitor Stay In Suspend Mode

We are currently upgrading the operating system on our computers from windows xp to windows 7 and i have picked up a problem. After the os is installed and the computer reboots the monitor just stays in power save mode. I have tried booting in safe mode and setting the screen resolution, the color depth and even refresh rate lower. When i connect a lcd to it instead of the old crt it works fine. Any suggestions on how to get the old crt monitors to work?Blue screen of death is not the end, it's merely the beginning!

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Larger Text Won't Stay

Just bought a netbook with windows 7 starter installed. Can barely see font, and changed it under "tools, " "options, " and set minimum font at 12. I unchecked the box that" allows pages to choose their own fonts, " but am still stuck squinting at tiny text. Is this a glitch, or is there something i am supposed to do in addition to the steps i've just outlined? I am a mac user (have 3, but cannot afford mac's laptop), and generally don't run into problems like this.

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Text Boxes Won't Stay Scrolled Down

When entering text into text boxes like on a forum, often, and seemingly at random, when it starts to scroll, ie when there is more text than the size of the box and it gets the scroll bar to the right, it will keep the scroll bar about in the middle, and every time i enter another character it will jump down to the bottom briefly before jumping back to its original position. So if i am typing fast, it causes a spastic dance.

This happens on more than one forum site, so i'm pretty sure it's a problem with ie8 or win7. I should also note that i wanted to be sure it wasn't any peripherals, so i disconnected everything except the monitor and keyboard. I even took a video of it happening, but i'm not sure where or how to embed that.

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Acer Aspire 6920 Wireless Card Will Not Stay On

Wireless card will not stay on after a windows 7 ultimate load. Worked o. K. During install but quit working after a reboot. New download fom intel for wireless driver did not work. Is there a registry hack that is needed? Hardware is acer aspire 6920

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Stay "genuine" And Keep Receiving Updates And Support

Does enterprise require a subscription to stay "genuine" and keep receiving updates and support? Long story short i bought a copy of windows 7 ultimate from a seller on ebay with a "valid" key. Turned out to be a subscription based developer key instead! After about 3 months of use windows went "not genuine" on me. The seller claims he was unaware and has offered to replace the disc and key with, again, "valid" windows 7 enterprise software instead.

I understand enterprise and ultimate are just about twins. Now, assuming that this new software and key really are genuine, this is my question:if i am a home user, without any kind of subscriptions to volume licensing or whatever, will the same thing happen again? Will the key work until a subscription i am unaware of runs out and then stop working again? With enterprise, will i still receive home user support?  And will i continue to recieve automatic windows updates? I hope that is clear. A quick response is really appreciated if possible because i am in the midst of this deal!

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Can't Share Internet To Lan From Huawei 3g Internet Adaptor

I am in severe need of some help because i am about to go crazy trying to figure this out. I recently upgraded my mom's pc to windows 7 and i'm having trouble getting her network back in order. She has a huawei mobile broadband adaptor (3g), model ec168, that i'm trying to use to supply internet to her laptop and xbox360 via her router. I had it working for the last year when windows xp was still on her pc, but since installing windows 7, i can't get it to work. I'm using the same settings as i was before but i get nothing.
Here are the settings that used to work:

1. I enabled internet connection sharing on her 3g adaptor and shared it to the lan adaptor.

2. I set the lan's ip address to "192. 168. 0. 1"/subnet mask was the usual "255. 255. 255. 0" and the default gateway/dns server fields were left blank (since the pc was serving as the gateway and the dns sever).

3. I turned off dhcp on the router and set the router's ip to "192. 168. 0. 10"

4. I left the xbox360 and laptop set to "automatic"

With these settings it worked like a champ on xp, but i get nothing on windows 7. Also, everytime i turn ics "on" through the 3g adaptor, it says that it has assigned the ip address of "192. 168. 137. 1" to the lan. Not sure why but it does.

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Ipv6 - No Internet Access - Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet

My laptop has connected with the wireless router before and had internet. But now it says its connected but says error when pulling up a webpage. When i go to wireless network connection the ipv4 has internet but the ipv6 does not.

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Security Updates Stop Internet Explorer From Connecting To Internet

All ie7 security updates i install (cumulative or not) cause ie7 to not be able to connect to the internet. I have to uninstall the security update in order to connect to the internet. I have windows vista 64, ie7 and cable internet. I have checked for virus's several time using microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes antivirus and it always comes back clean. I am also running windows firewall and have put internet explorer on the exception list as well as turned it off to see if that was causing it from connecting and it did nothing. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

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Network Computers Not Connected

I have a desk top pc with windows 7 and a laptop with vista. I am unable to get the two connected on the home network. I have a router. The laptop is set up wireless. Neither computer shows the other on the network. Only in the security system (trendmicro) does the laptop show up as being on the network. The laptop shows a second computer with a mac address but it indicates "offline" so i can't determine the ip. The network map on each computer shows this computer - network - internet. Both computers are named the same as is the network. Is this an os compatibility problem?

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Connected To The Wrong Network

When my father was setting up his new windows 7 pc he created a network connection that defaulted to "network 2". I had already established a network called "armadillo" that has two windows 7 pc's on it and wireless access. I can not get rid of the network2 connection nor can i connect to the armadillo network even though this pc sees that network in the network map.

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No Display When Ps2 Keyboard Is Connected

I have my computer which is windows xp before and upgrading it into windows 7. I have formated and installed a fresh copy of windows 7, in the middle of the installation the display suddenly didn't show up. I thought that it something that the windows is installing the drivers or testing the display, so i waited for about minute but it seems there is still no display. After a while i have restarted my computer. And still there was no display. I have unplugged all the cables attached to computer and attach only the vga cable to my cpu.

When turning on the display showed up. :) So i did attached the other cables but then again the display didn't showed up. :( Eventually what i did i attached 1 by 1 the cables to determine which makes the conflict with the vga. And finding it out that when i attached the ps2 keyboard the vga doesn't show up. Any comments and suggestion on how would i fix this.

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Server You Are Connected To Is Using A Security Certificate

The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. Do you want to continue using this server? Brand new computer running windows 7 64-bit, outlook and office 2007 installed, initial problems with temporary user profiles, followed advice and removed user profiles from system registry and all seemed to be fine.

Computer been running for about one week with two user profiles and now i am suddenly getting an error message when i start up outlook and occasionally when browsing the internet, it reads:
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect. Do you want to continue using this server? (If i hit yes i can then send emails).

When i open view certificate it says: this ca root certificate is not trusted. To enable trust, install this certificate in the trusted root certification authorities store. (Issued to and by: cisco appliance demo certificate - valid from 2/10/2009 to 3/10/2019). Problem is i don't know what the certificate is, what i need it for, how to locate it, how to move it etc i have read some forums but they start getting too technical. I need easy step by step help.

I tried uninstalling outlook 2007 and reloading and clearing ssl states in internet options and reseting to default(as suggested by someone) but it made no difference. Problem is when you leave the store with new computer nobody wants to know you if you need help! Can anybody please help?

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No Wireless Connection - Message: Not Connected

Have a dell inspiron (os=win7) with a wireless 1397 wlan mini card on board. Till yesterday i was able to make wireless connections to the internet, but after that i was not able to make this connection. Receive message: not connected. Removed this wireless card, updated the drivers but nothing works. The windows problem solving application does not give information that solves the problem or provides info/details to solve it.

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?

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Drives Not Connected After Going Into Standby Mode

Frequently when i try to access files on network drives i can't re-connect after i come out of standby on my laptop. I usually have to reboot to be able to access the drives which takes several minutes and completely goes against the convenience of having a laptop that supposed to restart quickly. Has anyone else had problems with this? This laptop is less than 3 months old and this wasn't a problem when first purchased. I suspect this might have been a quirk inherited from some system update. I personally think it might have something to do with an "ecomode" utility that runs now.

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Cannot Get Second Computer Connected To Home Network

I installed windows 7 upgrades to two of my desk computers at home -computer a and computer b. In computer a the home group network to share pics, music etc is automatically set up and i took the password and went to computer b in my network, computer b shows that there is a homegroup established in computer a, and i tried to connect computer b to a using the password i got from computer a after setting advanced settings including streaming multimedia, allowing access to everyone in homegroup etc.

But the error message says "a homegroup cannot be set up in this computer (b)" and so i cannot connect b to a. Both computers are connected through a wireless modem by ethernet cable. In computer a i can see computer b in the a has symantec anti virus and computer b has microsoft security software. I disabled symantec in a and tried too. But still the same problem.

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Will Printer Connected To Win7 64-bit Accessed By Xp ?

I am using windows 7 pro 64 bits and i have a printer connected to my machine that i would like to share with other computers on my network not using windows 7 but xp pro 32 bits is there such a miracle? I use windows 7 64 bit and have a printer connected to my machine the other computers on my network or homegroup are using xp 32 bit and cannot print out on printer. Is there any way to share my printer with the other oss on my network?

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Pc To Pc Connection Unable To See Usb Connected Printer

Pc to pc connection with crossover cable - unable to 'see' usb connected printer from a second linux pc. I had a shared printer connected to an  winxp pc from a linux second pc connected by a crossover cable. Since upgrading from xp to windows 7 although i can ping in both directions, i am unable to see the printer from the linux box. I fear this is something simple that i am missing, but am mystified as to how to set up a printer share between the 2 pc's.

I have the crosover tcpip connection set up as 192. 168. 13. 55 and 60 respectively with a subnet mask of 255. 255. 255. 0 and both pc's declared as members of a workgroup called workgroup - nada, nothing zilch. What haven't i done or where can i look to check the set up required to re-establish the share i had with winxp?

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Computer Shows Usb Device Is Connected When It Is Not

Recently i started up my computer and plugged in my ipod to charge it (as usual). The charging worked fine, but a window popped up saying that it failed to install the proper software. It also started looping the sound played when it finds a new usb device, despite the fact that my ipod had remained plugged in and apparently connected the whole time.

Naturally, i unplugged my ipod. The computer kept giving me the generic error message (device software was not installed, or whatever; no specific error number), as well as playing the sound every 10 seconds or so. I tried restarting my computer, to no avail.

When i look in my device manager, it shows that there is two unknown devices present. But there is nothing connected to my usb drives. I tried uninstalling the unknown devices; the sound continues to play, and after a minute or so the unknown devices reappear in my device manager. I also tried uninstalling all of my usb root hubs, but this did nothing: the sound kept playing and the unknown devices reappeared.

I'm out of ideas and i haven't been able to find any info on the internet pertaining to this problem.

My computer is an hp pavilion dv3t-2000, running windows 7 home premium 64-bit. Also present in my usb controllers menu is:

 - Intel(r) ich9 family usb universal host controller - 2934 through 2938
 - Intel(r) ich9 family usb2 enhanced host controller - 293a and 293c
 - Usb root hub (x5)

Let me know if you need any more details on my set-up. I'm no pro with this computer stuff, but i'm relatively able, in most cases, given the right support to refer to.

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Printer Is Connected Wirelessly But Have No Network Access

Hp 460 mobile printer is connected wirelessly, but no network access. I am trying to use an hp 460 mobile printer with wireless capabilities on my new laptop, but i am unable to print with it. I get a response saying that my printer is connected wirelessly, but i have no network access.

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Can Win 7 Computer Share Printer Connected To Vista Pc ?

Can a windows 7 computer share a printer connected to a windows vista computer? My two teenagers just received new laptops for christmas, both run on windows 7 (64-bit). I have an epson stylus nx100 printer connected to a desktop{router is also connected to this comp} running windows vista (32-bit). I was wondering if i could share a printer that is connected to a computer running on vista with my two daughters' computers. I know windows vista doesn't have a homegroup option and i'm totally confused about how this whole thing works.

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Connect Win 7 Computer To Networked Printer Connected To Xp

How do i connect a windows 7 laptop to  an hp laserjet 1320 printer connected to an xp computer in a common workgroup.

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Cannot Print From X86 Platform Through Printer Connected To X64

Just installed win7 enterprise. Now my problem is: i can't print (my printer is canon ip4200) from my laptop through the net, it asks for a x86 driver to install on my win7 computer, but when i click the . Inf file that comes with the driver from canon usa, and it says it's not compatible and i can't install it. On my win7 computer it works just fine. For now i've uninstalled all the drivers from my computers.

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Laptop Does Not Connect To Printer Connected To Wireless Router

Windows 7 wireless laptop does not connect to printer connected to netgear wireless router the printer must be restarted every time i want to print from the wireless windows 7 laptop (through the use of the printer on/off switch. ) The hp 2820 mfp printer has a network card and is connected to the netgear dgn2000 router. I have used the built-in troubleshooting devices from the windows control panel but the problem continues. (Note the laptop was upgraded from vista and the printer worked ok. Also the router was upgraded from an old 2-wire router that died. So, unfortunately i have two variables).

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Printing To Remote Printer Connected Via Usb To Xp Computer

I am using my c5580 as a remote network printer. The printer is hooked up via a usb cable to my main (xp) server computer. The rest of my (xp & vista) computers are accessing and printing through my wireless network connection with no problem. It is my newly purchased pc with "windows 7" on it. 64 bit that can't print. I setup a new printer by adding a "network printer". It found the hp printer through network search and the drivers loaded ok. When i go to print i get the following message "windows can not print due to the current printer setup, try one or more of the following".

* Check the printer by test page from windows
* Make sure the printer is turned on and on-line - done
* Reinstall the print driver -done

I have loaded all windows updates and went to hp to get the latest printer drivers. Still no luck.

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