Connect Xbox 360 To Laptop Running Usb Wireless Broadband Stick

Can i connect my xbox 360 to my laptop running usb wireless broadband stick and play on xbox live? I was wondering if it is at all possible to connect an xbox360 direct to a laptop that uses a telstra 21áwireless broadband usb stick to connect to internet.

I really like xbox and games and i find it hard to believe that in this day and age with 90% of the world using laptops that microsoft didn't create xbox with the capacity to connect through a laptop.
I have windows vista home premium on my toshiba laptop.

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 As Extender

Can't connect xbox 360 as extender. I know there are quite a few pages on this, but they are generally all about setting exceptions. There are a lot of conflicting pages on which ports to open etc. I have followed some of these but i fear i am doing damage that i wont know exactly what i have done. I tried with all firewall settings turned off just to see if that was the issue but still get error 'cannot connect to extender. My setup is as follows:

Pc(laptop) running windows 7, wireless connection to d link router, connected wired to xbox 360(which has no trouble with xbox live) pc firewall is norton 360, which thinks it has automatically set exceptions. I find this frustrating as at point of sale they explain how easy it is to connect them but instead spend countless hours scouring the net for answers.

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 To Win7

Having problems connecting my xbox 360 to my windows 7 pc. Previously my pc ran vista and i was able to stream media fine from one. Both pc and xbox are connected to the internet through a thomson tg585v7 router. The pc is connected wirelessly, the xbox is connected via ethernet. On my xbox, i'm generating an 8-digit code, then trying to enter it through windows media center to connect the two. Each time i get the 'cannot set up extender' error message. I've spent quite a lot of time searching forums and using ms help pages to try and solve this problem, but not had much luck. So far, i have:

Deleted previous references to old extenders from wmc and my xbox (including in the memory)
Opened up various ports in the windows firewall.

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Cannot Connect Xbox 360 To Live Through Computer

I plugged my working ethernet cable in my computer, and into my xbox. I went through settings on my network ( i connect to internet with a wireless card) and i changed it to be open for connections. I look through my network list of networks to connect to and my local area connection is not there. (As was in xp pro)i cant bridge connections because, there is nothing to bridge! And i have called xbox live support and they sent me here, after trying there way multiple times.

I need help, and if its not able to be fixed i know how to buy a ps3.

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Xbox 360 Can't Connect To Media Center Pc

I have a toshiba satellite l455, amd semron sl-42, . The very first time i setup the etender it connected perfectly, xbox as well. Later i installed a virus/ security program(eset nod32). My personal firewall was blocking a connection between the xbox and pc. So i changed my security program and removed the extender. I attempted to reinstall the extender but now i get the error msg saying that the extender cannot communicate with this computer. And the same for the xbox.

So i tried setting up a new connection on the xbox. No luck as well. It say "your console cant contact your windows media center pc. Make sure pc is on and connected to network, and it is. Ive tried opening ports and all kinds of things. But im not even sure if im doing anything right. Please help.

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Connect Xbox To Laptop

I have been trying for many days now to get my laptop (acer aspire 5740 running windows 7 home premium) to connect to my xbox 360 by the use of ethernet cable my xbox comes up as media device in network and i cannot change the type of network to public either. I have tried to use my extender code to connect via windows media center i am having no luck there either i have fixed my firewall to let my 360 through and it just wont work. This question was posted in february of this year and i got a few answers but for some reason the person stopped helping me so i am reposting this to try again. Please help me i have spent ú800 on a laptop to try to connect and windows 7 turned out to be even worse for this.

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Xbox 360 Controller Plugged To Usb Does Not Work

I've windows 7 as o. S, and i'm having some problems with my xbox 360 controllers. When i've bought the play and charge kit for my xbox 360 controller, i heard that it was possible to connect it to te pc in order to play with games for windows live. So, i've started to look for drivers, and i found them in microsoft's hardware official site. I've installed them, then i've restarted my p. C, i plugged in the usb, windows recognized the hardware.

I thought it was alright. But, even if the hardware has been recognized, it doest work. Then i've discovered that "xbox 360 accessories 1. 2" doesn't recognize the hardware, and it is not recognized as a gaming hardware, but as a generic hardware. At that point i've given up! I've surfed in the internet, trying to find something or someone able to help me, but it was useless. Now i hope you'll be able to solve my problem!

P. S: i've already tried to change controller, to change usb port, to change cable, to uninstall and repeat the driver's installation.

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Wireless Network Automatic Connect But Does Not Stick

Windows 7 home premium (x86) user is running as administrator. Mcafee a/v corporate is installed.
In wireless properties, connection tab, the top box is checked (connect automatically when this network is in range) and the box to "connect even if this network is not broadcasting its name (ssi)" also is checked. I have checked these boxes manually and also had the network "troubleshooter" fix the problem of not automatically connecting. As soon as the top box is checked and ok is clicked, the connection to the wireless network is made. However, on the next reboot, both boxes are unchecked and the user must connect to the network manually. What is unchecking the boxes and how can i stop this from happening?

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Win 7 Will Not Connect To At&t Wireless Broadband Router

I am using a new computer, dell latitude running windows 7. The thing will not connect to my at&t wireless broadband router. I can find nothing wrong with the router. It was working with my old windows xp machine so what has changed is the operating system.

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Laptop Does Not Connect To Printer Connected To Wireless Router

Windows 7 wireless laptop does not connect to printer connected to netgear wireless router the printer must be restarted every time i want to print from the wireless windows 7 laptop (through the use of the printer on/off switch. ) The hp 2820 mfp printer has a network card and is connected to the netgear dgn2000 router. I have used the built-in troubleshooting devices from the windows control panel but the problem continues. (Note the laptop was upgraded from vista and the printer worked ok. Also the router was upgraded from an old 2-wire router that died. So, unfortunately i have two variables).

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Cannot Connect To Wireless Network Using Usb Wireless G Adapter

Using linksys wusb54g wireless adapter.connected fine when win7 first installed. Now i cannot connect via wireless, using ethernet cable. Win7 diagnostics thinks everything is fine, but can't connect. How do i get in & reset my wep password? Drivers all up to date, i believe.

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Xbox 360 Driver Not Working

I have a madcatz xbox 360 controller. It was working fine with windows vista home premium 32-bit, but since i updated to windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, it has severe issues. A summary of the issues is this: the buttons are always mixed up, a is x, rs is start, (etc. ) And the joysticks move wildly when i start calibration, beyond control.
I have tried every microsoft driver i can find, and even xbcd drivers, which make the pad undetectable by most games and even my pc sometimes. Seeing as windows won't let me at least switch the buttons (for instance switch button 2 to be x instead of b) ios there any way to fix this?

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Xbox 360 Controller Used For Mouse

I just purchased the game of the year edition of elderscrolls oblivion and i bought an xbox 360 controller to use seeing how it is compatible with windows 7. Everything works fine with one exception. The right analog stick on the controller is supposed to control camera movement however it does nothing, thus i must resort to using the mouse which can be quite the pain. How can i set the right analog stick to act as the mouse for camera control?

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Media Center To Xbox 360

I have been trying to connect my windows 7 home premium to xbox 360 using an extender. I have got all the digit code correct and my pc can see xbox on the home network. But when i try to configure the extender - when it tries to get the list of library (xxx items) - it just freezes there and xbox reports a connection failure message xbox cannot connect to media center. Please switch off xbox and on again and try again. I did that but nothing happens. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

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Madcatz Fightstick Controller Drivers For Xbox 360

I have a madcatz fightstick for xbox 360 that is supposed to be able to be used on pc as well. When i plug it in it shows up as street fighter iv fightstick for a moment then as xbox 360 controller for windows. On the controller the ring just blinks. In device manager there is a little yellow flag and in properties it says "this device cannot start. (Code 10)"i am using an emachine computer with windows 7 home premium 64bit.

I've downloaded the latest drivers and i still get this issue. I have tried to use the stick on another computer (xp) and it installed correctly so it would appear the issue is on the pc side rather than the stick side. If i have posted this in the wrong section i apologize even though it is game related it seems the issue is with the drivers so i felt this is the appropriate section.

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Media Center Extender Support For Non Xbox 360

Does any know if windows 7 media center has any support for media center extenders beyond using an xbox 360. I know that earlier versions of win media center had 3rd party extenders but iádidn't think they supported windows 7? I have three other pc's in my house all connected with windows 7 and i want to be able to play back live tv from my one htpc that has a dual tuner to the other win 7 pc's. Right now i can only play back recorded video content & i don't own an xbox 360 to use as an extender and don't plan on buying one. If the answer is no, is there any plans for microsoft on allowing 3rd party vendors to supply mc extenders.

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Pc Sound From Speakers And Voice Chat Through Xbox 360 Headset

How can i get my pcs sound to come out my speakers, while have incoming voice chat come through my xbox 360 headset? I am trying to play a game through steam and talk with a friend through the steam overlay. Is there a way to have the game's sound play through my speakers, while having the incoming voice from the steam chat play through my 360 headset.

If it helps, i have my headset plugged into my 360 controller which is connected to my pc via the 360 wireless gaming receiver, which is running windows 7 home premium. And i have the most up to date drivers for my 360 receiver and my realtek sound card.

Any advice or tips that don't pertain to steam may still be able to help (which is why i came here), so feel free to pitch anything that might help. Because this issue may not be with windows i have posted this same question on the steam forums , too.

Edit: i should have stated that i am trying to do this on my windows pc, while playing a pc game (no xbox 360 involved, just alot of xbox 360 accessories that work for the pc).

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Xbox 360 - Win7 Classifying Ethernet Connection As A Public Network

I'm trying to network my xbox to my laptop, i've gone through the whole thing, setting the ip address, gateway, sub-net mask, and blah blah blah. Whats got me now is that windows insists on classifying my ethernet connection with the xbox as a public network instead of private, and because of my firewall settings, it won't let me enable file/media sharing. Any solutions?

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Ipv6 - No Internet Access - Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet

My laptop has connected with the wireless router before and had internet. But now it says its connected but says error when pulling up a webpage. When i go to wireless network connection the ipv4 has internet but the ipv6 does not.

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Belkin F5d8053 N Usb Wireless Adapter Cannot Connect

It would seem that plenty of people on the forums have had similar problems to mine but no real solutions are forthcoming, so i thought i may as well put my problem up in case the specifics make it easily solvable. Bear with me cos i've tried a lot of things and i don't want to leave anything out incase it's useful. Ok, i got a new laptop recently and wanted to transfer my music collection from my desktop to the laptop.

At this time both machines were connecting to the network properly, i was using a belkin usb g wireless adapter and windows 7 ultimate x64 in the desktop, and the inbuilt wireless with windows 7 home premium x64 on the laptop. I tried to do this through homegroups and for some reason the laptop couldn't join or even see the homegroup, so i ended up connecting the hard drive from the laptop directly to the desktop via sata cable. When i put the hard drives back the way they were originally after the transfer was complete, the wireless on my desktop had stopped working.

In the adapter settings panel, the wireless connection was set to disabled and whenever i tried to enable it, a box came up saying "enabling" followed by "enabled" but the main icon in the panel would still say disabled and the network wizard would say "not connected". To eliminate hardware malfunction as a cause, i tried disabling the integrated wireless on the laptop and using the usb adapter from the desktop to connect to the internet. This worked better than it ever had in the desktop. I tried updating the drivers in various compatibility modes and removing every trace of belkin software from the computer to start again, but to no avail. In the end i bought a new usb adapter, the 802. 11n adapter in the subject line (i needed an upgrade anyway as the router is two floors below the computer).

This worked better in the desktop, allowing the wireless connection to enable, but still not seeing any wireless networks in the area (of which there are around 6). After much uninstalling, reinstalling, updating, rolling back, shouting and pleading, the adapter finally started picking up the wireless networks for the area, including mine. Unfortunately that is all it would do - it refused to connect. All the while, the laptop has been able to make a strong connection with the router. I have tried going into the routers firmware from the desktop but inexplicably while the networking wizard can see the wireless network, the computer cannot get through to the router.

A wired connection works, however having the router and computer in the same room permanently is impossible due to the position of the cable entry point in my house. Removing the router security does not work. Resetting the router and rebuilding the network connection does not work. Threats do not work. I was hoping that somebody would have a suggestion as to why this is happening and what can be done.

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Cannot Connect To Broadband Service

Iárecently connected to a local grocery stores' public wireless internet service, which took forever to do and was so slow that i gave up on it. Now i cannot connect to my own broadband service at my home, either wirelessly or by ethernet cable. I spoke to someone at comcast and he guided me through the usual (scripted) fixes then told me to call microsoft, who told me to call dell. I'm assuming something changed by connecting to the public service but it is beyond my capability to figure out what. They hadáme delete browsing history, restore settings, etc. I tried the "repair connection" option on my laptop and some other simple things, but so far no help.

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T-mobile Webconnect Laptop Stick Problem

I installed t-mobile webconnect laptop stick using windows 7 and internet explorer 8 as stated to be compatible with, but, the system when troubleshoot compatible is run it says detected as not compatible. I am having trouble with my webconnect tmobile webconnect laptop stick. The drive said it installed properly, but, it showed the program did not successfully install complete.

When in trouble shoot the program through the computer system it states "incompatible detected". I have the updated version from tmobile that is suppose to work with windows 7 and internet explorer 8 now. I do not know what else to do from my end.

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How To Connect Win 7 Laptop To Xp Laptop Wirelessly?

Does anyone have a simple explanation on how to connect my win7 laptop to my win xp laptop wirelessly. What commands?

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Install Vista From Usb Stick Using Win 7 Usb Tool

I have the iso image that i used when i bought windows vista. Can i use the windows 7 usb tool to load this iso image onto a flash drive? I want to totally reinstall the os, but since i've had this computer, the dvd-rom drive has broken and using the dvd is no longer possible. Windows 7 usb tool:

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Memory2go Usb Stick

I have a memory 2go 8gb usb drive but my windows 7 refuses to install it i have tried uninstalling the drivers and turning off the computer but still cannot get it to show up. Every time i try to install, it also says driver updates aren't automatically installed when detected by windows update, also the trouble shooter says that there are some problems with pnp devices and will take additional steps to troubleshoot these devices and thats it i am given no more information.

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Usb Stick Not Detecting

I recently got a new pc with windows 7 home premuim 64 bit.

When i plugged in my kingston usb stick/flash drive yesterday, the installing driver message came, but after about 5 minutes it still wasn't done, so i restarted the computer. When i plug in the usb stick now, the device sound comes, but it does not show the drive. The usb ports are working as they are detecting my mouse. Is there a way i can fix this?

I also have an another question which might or might not be related to this. I am getting a random error message: "windows explorer is not responding, explorer is restarting" when i am using the computer. e.g when i create a text or office file using right click-> new, the message might come. It also took a while (30 - 45 secs) for the files to appear the first couple of times i did it. Is this normal on a new computer? Would it be better to just restore to factory settings, as i haven't copied anything to this computer as yet.

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Transferring Data From Other Pc Download Via Usb Stick

New pc with win7 ultimate. Purchased outlook 2007 from microsoft and delivered via e:mail link on my other office pc that has outlook 2002 running my e: mail, downloaded direct to a new 4 gig usb stick and copied to the new win7 pc via this stick, when trying to extract the program, the process starts but very quickly windows 7 reports an error basically saying not enough memory to complete the task.

This is the first s/w package put on this pc, it remains basically the way it was delivered. Has 1t/byte raid 1 drives with 12 g/byte memory. Cant seem to be able to contact microsoft or the s/w provider (digital river) to see if the s/w packaged is faulty or corrupted.

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Starter Upgrade To Win7 With Usb Stick

How to install windows 7 home premium to my computer that has windows 7 starter already? I have bought the package that includes the disc and cd key, but i don't have dvd-rom in my mini laptop. I have a desktop computer that has dvd-rom and 4gb usb stick. How will i continue?

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Creating Ad-hoc Connection Via Broadband Usb

I'm new to the windows community and a few weeks out of the box with windows 7. I've gotta say, while the change is mostly for the better, i find that more trouble has come out of this upgrade than sticking with vista. While i had vista (best buy set it up, while i set up 7 on my own), i had no trouble setting up an ad-hoc connection to share internet with my ipod and such, but no such luck anymore. I run on an hp pavilion tx 1000 and have had trouble with enabling my wifi detection.

I've followed several forums-some that said to uninstall then reinstall hp wireless assistant and the ones that said sheerly to nix the little amber guy (though he should be blue. The switch stopped working with the conversion) and leave the program uninstalled. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled and updated drivers repeatedly from hp's website (vista drivers. ). I've updated my bio's as well, no nada.

I've tried the fn+f4 (which yielded results once and then decided it liked being lazy and dormant and stopped working) combination instead of using the now unresponsive switch, to no avail. I've also tried making it so i could "share" my internet connection by changing my adapter options, but the ad-hoc still won't connect. It just keeps coming up with a troubleshooter that thinks a while and decides it can't find a problem (sigh).

I might also mention that i use a verizon broadband usb 720 internet thing-a-ma-jig that is pretty finicky. Like i said, everything was smooth in vista with the same equipment, i'm not sure what happened. Several weeks of googling later i can only come up with thinking that i need to replace something internally or i need help beyond what i can do.

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Win 7 Hangs On Usb Broad Broadband Dongle

Windows 7 hangs on usb broad boradband dongle & wlan/lan internet sharing. I am using wireless broadband served via usb broadband stick. When i enable wireless lan and connects to internet, windows start hanging randomly. On sharing internet it hangs more frequently. Disabling wlan/lan, windows work fine, or if i disconnect and removed usb broadband dongle and enable wlan/lan, windows works fine.

You can find the dongle's details on isp'z webste Pk/wirelessbroadband.html

Dongle is made by huawei.

I have used it with xp and vista with no issues.

And yes i have testd it on 2 machines hp tx2 touchsmart 1025dx and hp 2140.

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