Office 2003 Issue - Microsoft Office End User License Agreement

Windows 7 pro, get "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " From office 2003 programs. I purchased a new hp computer with windows 7 pro, then loaded all of the software i'd been using on my old xp system. Every time i start any office 2003 app, i get a dialog box labeled "microsoft office end-user license agreement. " I must click on "accept" before continuing. I use an old vista solution of 'running as admin' and now i receive a box asking if it is alright to modify this program(registry i think). How can i stop this box from appearing?

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Microsoft Office Outlook 2003

Running windows xp media center edition 2005. I have office 2003 professional. Today, 7 june 09, apparently there were a lot of updates not only to xp but office as well. The .net and silverlight was just a couple of them. Anyway, after that, i rebooted as instructed but now i get an error when i try and reply to someone that has sent me an email. It states :  "the message interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists try restarting outlook. "

I have restarted outlook 2003 several times and i get the same error. I haven't changed my email account or anything (it seems) that would cause it not to operate properly as it had for the last year. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Microsoft Office 2003 - Operating System Is Not Currently Configured

Downloaded windows 7 pro trial version (previously using xp pro); now microsoft office 2003 student version not in "all programs"; running directly from app location get "operating system is not currently configured to run. Using windows 7 professional trial download (previously had xp pro)
Microsoft office 2003 student version no longer in "all programs" on start menu running excel, word etc. Application from program file subdirectory generates "operating system is not currently configured to run this application" still have installation diskettes for office 2003, but box with product key is lost, therefor cannot re-install.

Microsoft office does not show up under control panel programs in windows 7. How do i get microsoft to work again without re-installing microsoft office? If i must re-install, how do i get lost product key for microsoft office? I have tried using compatibility wizard to no avail.

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Security Update For Microsoft Office 2003 Failed

Can someone please give me some clues. My computer will not allow this update. What is happening?  Other updates today ok. This one a no go for two weeks + ? Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb976382)installation date: ‎4/‎06/‎2010 9:14 pm

Installation status: failed error details: code 57e update type: important security vulnerability exists in microsoft office 2003 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

More information: and support:

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Cannot Get Updates For Office 2003

After hours of talking on the phone i turn to these forums for help. I have windows 7 x64 professional with all the current updates. I also have ms office 2003. While i'm able to receive and update the os, i get no prompt or suggested updates for office 2003. Starting office 2003 and then clicking on "help/check for updates" does nothing. Interesting going to "control panel/system and security/windows update" and then clicking "get updates for other microsoft products. Find out more" also does nothing. My question: i exclusively use firefox and i'm wondering if ie is required to enable these functions? Currently i have ie disabled and not installed.

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Downgrade To Office 2003

I still have 2003 office and professional software, i bought a new computer hp (my old one died - toshiba w/xp). It came with windows 7 home premium. Not knowing, i installed my 2003 office, but it didn't take the professional. Now it is not compatible with software and or hardware, now what. I don't have the money to upgrade everything, i just want my new computer to work. Now i can not open pdfs even though i installed my adobe professional 8. & Reader.

I am starting to immediately not like windows 7 and i want out! I have my disk to make my computer work with 2003 office professional but not with windows 7 installed. I can't use my hp printer that is working great with my other xp computer going through apple airport express as a print server so i don't want to change everything for windows 7.

What are my options that won't cost me any money. I do not want to pay to upgrade to windows 7 professional so i can download something else to make my other things work.

Here are some items that pop up: adobe acrobat: cannot use adobe reader to view pdf in your web browser. Reader will now exit. Please exit your browser and try again.
Microsoft office xp professional: the feature you are trying to use is on a cd-rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the microsoft office xp professional disk and click ok, and when i do, it basically says it won't except because there is a higher version.

Also pops up: the office assistant requires microsoft agent 2. 0 or later. This product is available on the office system pack.

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Office 2003 Installation Issue

I am running ms vista with sp2 and when i try to use office 2003 office 2007 tries to install, the computer came with a trial addition for office 2007 i have uninstalled 2007, i have office 2003 installed and when i try to update it i get a response to update 2007 instead. And every time i go to ms update it gives me updates for office 2007.

This is getting very frustrating to say the least, i feel if ms is tying to cram office 2007 down my through they should give it to me at no charge or quit the! With all the problems the ms operating systems cause i am seriously thinking about changing to mac, another plus with mac is i won't have to worry about viruses. I am an advanced computer user and i have never had so much trouble an operating system as i have with windows, even linux responds better, for all the money windows costs it should be perfect by now!

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Office 2003 Will Not Install Updates

Here is a list so far. I tried installing one at a time as suggested but did not work. Tried resetting internet explorer like suggested but didn't work. Anybody have a real solution.

Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 junk email filter (kb2279246)
Update for outlook 2003 (kb943649)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb921598)
Office 2003 service pack 3 (sp3)
Security update for microsoft office powerpoint 2003 (kb948988)
Security update for office 2003 (kb945185)
Update for microsoft office 2003 (kb978551)
Security update for microsoft works suite 2005 (kb943973)
Security update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb945432)
Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb953404)
Security update for microsoft office publisher 2003 (kb950213)
Security update for microsoft office word 2003 (kb954464)
Security update for office 2003 (kb954478)
Security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb955466)
Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb953432)

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Install Different Office Assistants In 2003

I lost my choice of office assistants (office 2003) when i got my new computer with windows 7. The same thing happened when i got vista. I found a knowledgeable tech at hp and it was a simple matter of installing the correct command prompts which were easily downloaded from microsoft agent and it worked great. I could choose my office assistant, instead of just having "clip-it" and nothing else. I made a copy of the correct prompts; unfortunately, may old laptop with vista crashed and the hard drive was replaced. I lost my notes.

Does anybody know how to get the command prompts from microsoft agent to install the different office assistants in '03.

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Install Office 2003 Pro

I just upgraded (got a new) laptop with win7 home premium 64bit, pre-installed. No e-mail. I do have a license for office pro 2003. I installed said office product, mostly it works. But when i try to set up my e-mail accounts i get an error message "the operation failed due to a registry or installation problem. Restart outlook and try again. If the problem persists, please reinstall"
I had read in one of these forums that office 2003 does work in win 7, but i failed to mark that spot.

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Office 2003 Application Crashes

All, we're rolling out numerous desktop and laptop pcs /w win7 enterprise x74 (mostly new dell stuff) and with office 2003. (Upgrade is not an option at this time as we're a >5000 employees company)we're experiencing some strange appcrashes lately like in word 2003 when using it as e-mail editor in outlook. As soon as we close outlook, word crashes . This happens every time, so it's predictably. Starting outlook in safe mode w/o extensions didn't help. When word is open /w another document (from local disk or server share) then outlook can be started and stopped w/o any issues - so word only crashes if it's started with and stopped with outlook.

Another strange thing is excel dying in an appcrash randomly especially when using the clipboard to paste stuff into a cell. This is not predictable because we don't exactly know which action actually causes the behavior. This happens to fresh installations which are patched to the maximum available level (sp3 including all following patches).

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Unable To Reinstall Office 2003

Unable to (re)install office 2003 after repeated failure of security updates to office 2003. The security updates to office 2003 on my xp (sp3) kept failing all of last week. I contacted ms pc security support by phone and i was transferred from office setup dept to security update dept to customer service. And none of them had any idea of what the problem is. I lost patience with ms support. I followed others' technique posted on the web for same issue and tried to uninstall office 2003 and re-install. However my new office 2003 installation encounters the following error (same error i got when i tried to apply the security updates)

"Error 2932: an internal error occured.

(C:windowsinstaller{91e30409-6000-11d3-8cfe-0150048383c9)graph. Ico 131 )
Contact microsoft product support services (pss) for assistance. "

After the installer rolls-back all installs. Now i am left with no office 2003 (i tried office 2007 install with the same result). I would really appreciate if ms support engineer or other users can help with a fix for this. My desktop is hp pavilion pc running xp (sp3).

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Office 2003 Programs Flicker After Upgrade

Since upgrading to windows 7 home premium from vista home premium, excel 2003, word 2003, and access 2003 from office 2003 professional sp3 have what i would call a refresh flicker. I'm running a dell intel core 2 duo with a samsung syncmaster monitor and had no "flicker" problems prior to upgrade. I tried the compatibility troubleshooter with no success. Other non-office programs work fine. Any suggestions?

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Office 2003 Programme Problem With Eula

Having just installed a brand new office 2003 programme on a new computer running windows 7 i keep getting the eula up every time i open any of the office programmes despite clicking on accept on the eula. What can i do to stop this happening?

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Office 2003 Update Error 0x80070643

I have just completed an upgrade from vista h p 64 bit to windows 7 h p 64 bit. Windows 7 updates went through until it got to these office 2003 updates:

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb921598)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb951535)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb972580)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb974554)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb975051)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb976382)

Security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb982311)

Security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb2264403)

Security update for microsoft office outlook 2003 (kb980373)

Security update for microsoft office powerpoint 2003 (kb982157)

Security update for microsoft office web components (kb947319)

Security update for microsoft office word 2003 (kb2251399)

Security update for microsoft works suite 2005 (kb943973)

Update for microsoft office 2003 (kb978551)

Update for microsoft office outlook 2003 junk email filter (kb2279246)

Update for office 2003 (kb907417)
Update for outlook 2003 (kb943649)

Whether i try to install them together or individually or manually i receive the message 0x80070643 or that the installation has ended prematurely.

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Cannot Install Office 2003 In Win 7 64-bit

Before going to windows 7, i checked to see that my old office pro 2003 software would be compatible. It is, but only sp3. Of course, i had sp3 on my computer, but what i missed is that the installation disks i have only have sp2, so it won't install. Well, i'm not actually sure why it won't install. The error is "the requested operation requires elevation" code 800702e4. I upgraded from xp 32-bit to 7 64-bit. Is there a workaround for this, or am i stuck? I've seen that they are supposed to be compatible, but not for me yet.

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Office 2003 Installation Error 1311

I am trying to reinstall microsoft office student and teacher edition 2003 after a full, nondestructive recovery on my pc. I run on windows xp. I am getting " error code 1311, source file not found: e: etc. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it. " I don't have a clue as to what to do. I tried to search for the file and came up with "no results". I wouldn't know what to do with the results if i came up with any anyway. The installation process stopped and i am at a loss.

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Cannot Install Office 2003 Error 1723

I'm looking for help in installing my office 2003 dvd onto my netbook. I've tried connecting a dvd drive to my netbook (no good) and followed that up with copying the entires contents of the dvd to my netbook via a flash drive (also no good).

In both scenarios, i'm getting the following error: microsoft office 2003 setup: error 1723. There is a problem with the windows installer package. A dll required for this install to complete could not be run. "

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Update Error 646 Ms Office 2003

1 update - security update for microsoft office 2003 (kb976382)
Error details: code 646

A security vulnerability exists in microsoft office 2003 that could allow arbitrary code to run when a maliciously modified file is opened. This update resolves that vulnerability.

2 update - update for microsoft office outlook 2003 junk email filter (kb981725)
Error details: code 646

This update provides the junk e-mail filter in microsoft office outlook 2003 with a more current definition of which e-mail messages should be considered junk e-mail. I have problem with this. I couldn't update this update. How can i rectify this?

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Installing Ms Office Small Business 2003

I just installed ms office small business 2003 on my new computer with windows 7 pro. No problem installing it however, when i try to use word or excel i get a eula that says i must register. Then i get the message " the activation wizard is unable to find a connection to the internet. " When i am connected to the net and updates come through just fine. I tried un-installing and re-installing the disc but ended up with the same message. Any ideas on what to do?

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Security Update For Office Excel 2003

Security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb973475) and previously_security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb969681) and previously_security update for microsoft office excel 2003 (kb958436) and previously_. Said updates repeatedly attempt to install, which creates a restore point and stalls out the hp6663us running vista ultimate 64 version 6 sp 1 and norton 360 version 3. 8 until the update fails, which frees the laptop until the next time, usually the next day.

I spent hours with hp chat trying to resolve the issue but with no success. Update history shows this has been happening since at least 12/23/08. Other than for turning off microsoft update, how do i keep un-installable updates from wasting my time?

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After Upgrade To Win7 Office 2003 Programs Flicker

Office 2003 programs have a "flicker" when running in an upgrade to windows 7 home premium.converted from windows vista home premium to windows 7 home premium on a dell intel core two duo. Everything works well except that in office 2003 sp3, word, excel, and access have what i would describe as a "refresh flicker".

It appears that there is a continuous refresh of the page selected that causes various parts of the page to "flicker". In addition, the cursor has the continuous running circle, instead of a pointer or arrow. Tried the compatibility wizard, and it did not work. This did not happen in vista. Do you have a suggestion on what is causing this?

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Move Address Book And Contacts From Office 2003

I am trying to move address book and contacts from office 2003 pro on old computer with thumb drive ( only able to boot in safe mode) to new pc with windows 7 already installed office 2003 pro.

I have copied files to from outlook folder on old pc running xp to thumb drive and saved them on new pc running windows 7 to the my documents folder, but i do not know where to find outlook folder on new pc, windows 7 is very new to me only been using for a couple of days.

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Office 2003 Archive.pst File Problem

Fresh install of win 7 home edition 64 bit. Office 2003 installed ok after emulating xp. Imported all . Pst information without any real problems except for the archive. Pst file. This file is older and large, so i elected to rename it and attempt to then create a new archive. Pst file based on procedures posted on numerous forums and websites. None of these procedures worked and when i am prompted to archive my new install of office 2003 i am unable to do so.

As best i can tell, i have all the required administrator authorities. I have not changed any registry information as suggested on some websites. Office 2003 has been updated to all current service pack updates. On an identical computer and install in my wife's computer, she can archive by adding to her older archive file, but we cannot create any new archive files in her application either.

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Unable To Install Security Updates For Office 2003

I have been receiving continual unable to install error messages for windows update for security updates for my ms office 2003 components beginning 04/17/2010. On 04/15/2010, an update for 2007 ms office system was auto-installed - kb981715 - as were 9 other updates. After that, all office 2003 security updates have failed. Should i uninstall the 2007 ms office system update & reattempt to install the office 2003 updates? 

Failing to have updated security for my office components is quite concerning. Update provides links for the 646 error code, but the "fix" doesn't help. Since 06/08/2010, microsoft .net framework 1. 1 sp1 security update for windows vista and windows server 2008 (kb979906) has also failed to install - error code 643. Same deal - troubleshooting process fails. How can these be problems be corrected?

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Office 2003 Won't Run On Win 7 64-bit

I have two new computers that came pre-installed with w7hp 64-bit and both come pre-installed with the obviously non-commercial office 2007 product which we do not want to use. I own copies of office 2003 and want to use those products on the two new computers. I tried loading office 2003 on one pc and got heaps of errors especially trying to run outlook 2003. I am now using thunderbird as it works, and really miss word/excel 2003 - (office 2007 ribbons wah! What were you guys thinking!)

I also have 16-bit test scoring programs and programs written and compiled years ago using quickbasic 4. 5 for specific use in my practice. Any ideas as to how i can get these running on w7?

I understand that there is a professional version of windows 7 that incorporates wow64. Will this allow me to run office 2003 (outlook esp) without errors?

Can i run the qb4. 5 programs with w7pro?

If yes, please advise how i should proceed?

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Compatibility Between Ms Office Project Web Access 2003 And Ie8

Compatibility between microsoft office project web access 2003 (sp3) and ie8 on windows 7. My organization will upgrade all the client desktop computer from xp (sp2) to windows 7 (64-bit) with office 2010 (32-bit) and ie8 by the end of this year. Our group is currently using project server 2003 (sp3) with sql server 2005 (sp3).

I would like to know if the current configuration of client - project professional 2003 and pwa 2003 (sp3) - will be compatible with the new windows 7 environment. In the official microsoft windows 7 compatibility site, project professional 2003 is certified as "compatible", but no information on pwa. I also concerned about pwa and ie8 compatibility. I wonder if anyone knows if pwa2003 can work with ie8 on windows7?

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Office 2003 Error - Operating System Is Not Presently Configured

Office 2003 error message: the operating system is not presently configured to run this application. My old xp computer quit and i have purchased a new new computer, hp pavilion p6210f, running windows 7. I moved the old hard drive (now drive f) containing my old programs including a legal copy of office 2003. Most of the old programs work, but when i try to load an office 2003 app, i get this error message. I can't reload office as i have moved twice in the last year and can't locate my office disks and product key (along with about 50 other program disks all in the same binder). Any suggestions?

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Office Pro 2003 Installation Error Code 800702e4 With Win 7

I have been trying to install ms office pro 2003 onto my pc w/ windows 7 home premium (32-bit).
Every time i get past the product key part ok i get a very irritating little box that says this:
Windows script host script: d:autorun. Vbs line: 12 char: 1 error: the requested operation requires elevation.code: 800702e4 source: wshshell.exec

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Microsoft Office Outlook Malfunctioning

After microsoft automatic update, outlook in vista has stopped working properly. I can open program, write an e-mail or two, and may be able to forward one mail, then program freezes. This happened right after an overnight update. How do i fix this problem without taking away the new updates ? Or stopping automatic updates for the future. Also automatic updates changed all my internet home pages. This was very upsetting. Why? I still have firefox but all my settings got erased. That was not ok with me. I have given permission to do automatic updates to programs but not to reset my personal
Settings. How can i prevent this in the future?

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