Oki C6100 Vista Driver X64

I recently purchased this printer and it worked fine with my vista home premium edition. My laptop was having issues and it was time to upgrade for school anyway so i did. The desktop i purchased has windows 7 so i went to the oki site and downloaded the windows vista x64 that they recommended and say should work. It doesn't. The driver is on my computer but it is not recognized and the computer says my printer is working fine but will not print anything because it's(print icon) not in the print area because it has no driver attached.

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Lost Connection Between Win 7 Laptop & Vista Desktop (x64)

I did set up a connection between my win 7 x64 laptop & vista x64 desktop where i could access my desktop files from the laptop but no access to laptop from the desktop & i was ok with that. Suddenly a few days back, i lost the connection from the laptop & i don't have any clue to that. I've changed the network types between home & public but it didn't work. What should i do to restore the connection.

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Error Loading X64 Driver - Did You Forget To Reboot

Alpine skiing 2007 give error "error loading x64 driver. Did you forget to reboot?"  I did reboot after installing the program on windows 7 for a dell pc. The demo version worked on this computer but after purchasing the dvd, it doesn't. I've tried all of the compatibility switches under properties but nothing works.

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Brother Mfc-8440 Scanner Driver Win 7 X64

I installed a new pc with windows 7. My printer is a brother mfc-8440 connected via usb. Brother does not have windows 7 drivers for this mfc, but the built-in windows 7 printer driver works ok. Printing works just fine. My problrem has to do with scanning. Windows 7 also has a built-in scanner (imaging) driver. However, i have 2 problems with it:a) it won't scan to pdf. I can overcome this with a 3rd party scanner utility (pdf converter, paperport, etc). This one i'm ok with since 3rd party software works. B) it seems the driver does not include legal size paper (8. 5 x 14) in the list of supported paper sizes. I'm unable to scan a legal size document using the windows 7 utility (or 3rd party software). Since the problem is present in both programs, i'm guessing it has to do with the windows 7 driver.

I found a suggestion to use the xp x64 driver from brother and install it under compatibility mode. I attempted this, but get an error message from brother that says "this driver is meant for a different os version. "Please help while this is the only problem i'm having with the move from an old xp machine to windows 7, it's a major hassle because i frequently need to scan legal size docs and send them in pdf format (as you can guess, i work in a legal office).

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Oki B4350 Printer Fails

I have an oki b4350 usb printer that works well with xp and vista. Just got a new pc with windows 7. The driver appears in the windows 7 preloaded drivers, and the plug&play install routine appears to work properly. But upon trying to print, nothing comes out, and the printer's display reads "invalid data". The document leaves the print queue, as though printed, so windows does not appear to know there was an error. Any suggestions?

(I checked the oki website, they have nothing for windows 7, and under vista they just say it is preloaded with windows, there is no separate driver download available. ) I have also tried uninstalling the driver and printer, rebooting and reinstalling. Same problem.

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Oki Laser Printer Offline Error

I'm using windows 7 64bit edition and an oki c5150n laser printer and have downloaded the latest drivers from the website. It always says the printer is offline, and when i uncheck the "use printer offline" mode, anytime i try and print it gives an error, which troubleshoot "fixes" by turning the printer to offline mode and the file i sent to print still does nothing. I have checked the cords, rebooted the printer and computer, as well as using "remove device". Any ideas would be appreciated

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Ok To Use Vista Video Driver?

I just did a clean install of win7 h. P. 64 bit on my dell 531s. The dell originally came with vista h. P. 32 bit. Win7 install went without any issues. Can i use vista video drivers with win7? The computer has onboard nvidia geforce 6150se nforce 430 video directx 9. 0 shader model 3. 0 graphics processing unit. Got that information from the sheet that came with the computer. I do have the original dell 531s driver and utilities dvd for "reinstalling dell insipron 531s computer software". Can i use this disc for the video drivers? I went to dell support page and using my service tag number, this particular nvidia driver is not listed.

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Upgrade From Vista Sata Driver Problem

Im trying upgrade from vista ultimate to windows 7 rc1, however during the compatibility check it fails, saying i need to upgrade a sata controller driver. So i do that, ie right click, select update driver, it says the latest driver is being used, but the problem remains, and i cant upgrade. Ive tried doing  a clean install booting from disk, and an upgrade, and all fails.

The error message is below, any ideas? The following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

* For these items, make the following changes: install updated drivers for the following devices. Open control panel and search for "update device drivers".

Storage controllers: uli sata/raid controller (m1573). The following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.

* For these items, make the following changes: install updated drivers for the following devices. Open control panel and search for "update device drivers". Storage controllers: uli sata/raid controller (m1573)

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Using Win 7 Or Vista Driver 64-bit In Xp Pro For Printer

Can i use the windows 7 or windows vista driver 64 bit in windows xp pro for a printer? I have now two printers that will not work with my xp pro systems. One is a lexmark 1200 and the other is an hp laserjet 3100. I can find the driver for windows 7 at hp for the 3100, and was wondering what would happen if i installed that on my xp pro 64 bit system. Any advice would be nice.

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Xp And Vista 32-bit Support Driver Can Be Run On Win7 32-bit?

I face some of the printer and scanner 32-bit xp, vista driver can't support by windows 7. Xp or vista 32-bit can't support by win 7. If i want to use 32-bit win 7. I need to re-install all the driver program and i need to search driver can be support by win 7. If no support by win 7, i can't use this unit.

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Win 7 X64 Not Using All Available Memory

Windows 7 ultimate x64 version not using the full available memory on a computer with a 64 bit processor.system memory 4. 00 gb (2. 93 gb usable). The bios show 4. 00 gb memory available, windows shows 4. 00 gb available why is only 2. 93 gb usable on a 64 bit intel processor and os?

In the future i plan to build an i7 desktop with 6gb of triple channel memory and put on windows 7 ultimate does this mean it will show 6. 00 gb 2. 93 gb usable?

Windows edition:  windows 7 ultimate
Installed memory: 4. 00 gb (2. 93 gb usable)
System type:      64 operating system
Computer:         acer aspire 5730z

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Win 7 X64 Losing Ram

Ok, i have searched around and answers forum and haven't anything that answers my question. I just did a fresh install of windows 7 x64 and had 4. 00 gb of ram usable. After installing all my usual program like anti-virus and music players and run windows update once. After like 3 or 4 reboots, windows reports that it now has 2. 99 gb usable memory. I checked the forums and went into the bios and its seeing all 4096 mb there and memory remapping feature was already enabled. But when i turn it off, i gain 3. 2 gb usable. I just don't know where the other gb or so of ram disappeared to in the last couple of hours. Will someone help me?

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Program Compatibility In Win 7 X64

I am trying to make various older (win xp-32) programs compatible with my win 7 64-bit pc and always get the same results: "incompatible program detected. " In the detection details i get the following results: my computer name; windows version: "6. 1" ; and architecture: "amd64". I do not have an amd pc. My mobo is an asus p6t deluxe v2; my cpu is an 3. 07 gigahertz intel core i7 950. What gives? I upgraded to win 7 x-64 from vista ultimate x-64. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Win 7 X64 Information Needed

I downloaded and ran windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if my system was able to support windows 7. It said that my system could support windows 7 x86 and x64. I am thinking of getting windows 7 full version and needed to know if i do a clean install can i get x64 and have it format the hard drive and let it remove what the factory recovery discs put on my system and then proceed with the installation.

Also i am planning to upgrade my system soon and if i already own a retail copy of the full version of windows 7 can i put it on the new system if i put my current system back to the way it was when i got it out of the box (meaning if i use the recovery discs that came with my current system). Also, are the system requirements for windows 7 x86 and x64 the same for hard drive space, ram, and processor or are the different. If they are the same for vista home premium x86 (before sp1 came out - i got my system before the release of sp1) then i am fine.

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Install Openoffice 3.2.1 On Win7 X64

Trying to install open office 3. 2. 1. On windows 7 x64 on a dell inspiron 1525.

Get an error box titled 'microsoft visual c+ 2008 redistributable - x64 9. 0. 21022'

The contents of the box read 'error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly
'microsoft. Vc90. Atl. Version= "9. 0. 21022. 8", publickeytoken= "1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", processorarchitecture="amd64", type="win32"'.

Please refer to help and support for more information. Hresult: 0x80070002.

I have searched under the 0x800. Number and found something telling me to try the windows installer cleanup utility, i have tried this and there is no mention of any open office software installed though there was of windows visual c+ so i selected those, but this has made no difference and i am still getting the same error message.

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X64 Blue Screen Error

I am running windows 7 x64 and i notice that sometime when i am using internet to download or upload my computer crashes. I used blue screen view search for the problem and i found that hal.dll is the problem and also ntoskrnl.exe.

Here is the pic:http://cid-990e0cdabd415c49. Public/bluescrens. Bmp

I include also my dump files:http://cid-990e0cdabd415c49. Public/minidump.rar

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Lost Win 7 Ultimate X64 Disc

I've managed to lose my windows 7 ultimate 64-bit disc. Also, being a fool, i don't remember if it was a full install or upgrade, (i'm running the rc over vista home premium x86. ) I was planning to get this taken care of sooner or later, but the rc expires in ~13 days, so it just got urgent. First order of business: is there any way to tell what version you have by looking at the product key? I have that copied down. Second: is there an iso i can get so i don't have to go get a disc? 

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Broken Win 7 Pro X64 Download

I downloaded windows 7 professional x64 from the e-academy and well it's broken. Their tech forums said to re-download it. Same result. Now i have a perfectly good product key code and no software to use it on. Where or how can i get a working copy of win 7 professional x64 downloaded from? It was suppose to be an . Iso file but 5 different burning softwares say "invalid . Iso file type" and the microsoft dvd/usb tool software says the same thing.

From the e-academy the file size was on 1st attempt 0. 99gb on second attempt 1. 2gb. I also tried the 32 bit version and this worked like a dream. Would be fine but my pc needs 64 bit not 32 bit. I can use the 32 bit on my laptop. I can not try to download the 64 bit any more as my download limit has been reached and their support will not offer further assistance.

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Cannot Run Xp Mode On Win 7 Pro X64

I have problem with installing win xp mode on my system, check with hardware support has message "this computer is configured with hardware-assisted virtualization". Bios is newest version with intel vt are enable.

Install windows xp mode first and windows virtual pc after that. When i click to start menu, then select all programs > windows virtual pc > windows xp mode, setup not responding and no message, i try to reinstall, still same problem.

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Right Click Explorer Crash Win7 X64

I am having an issue with windows explorer crashing after right clicking. This only seems to happen after my computer is on for 10+ hours continuously, and restarting the computer fixes the problem until another 10 hours has passed.

Currently using windows 7 ultimate x64. I've been doing some research and some think it is the antivirus. While using the x64 rc i had the same problem with avg. Now that i'm on the retail version i get the same problem with microsoft security essentials, so really i have no idea what is causing the problem.

I just installed the retail version yesterday, so i don't have many programs installed. Just firefox, feeddemon, itunes and ms office, all with the latest updates.

System specs, if it helps:

Dell xps 410
Windows 7 ultimate x64
Intel pentium d 820
768 mb nvidia geforce 9600 gso
4 gig ram

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Win 7 X64 Card Reader Problem

I've got a teac ca200 13-1 internal usb card reader which was working fine on my windows x64 bit machine (dell precision 490). Then clean install of windows 7 x64, and it no longer works. Tried installing dell chipset driver (for vista x64) - no difference. Tried installing dell card reader driver and firmware update (for vista x64) for card reader and running in compatibility mode (vista sp2) now the card reader shows correctly in explorer and is listed in device manager until i insert a card. Then the green light shows on the card reader, but the drives disappear from explorer and card reader disappears from device manager. If i remove the card, the green light remains on the front of the card reader.

Have also tried disconnecting and reconnecting internal cable from card reader as suggested on other forums. Doesn't make any difference.

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Problem Installing Win 7 Pro X64

I am installing oem win 7 pro x64 on a new build using gigabyte ga-890gpa-ud3h motherboard with an amd phenom ii x4 955 black edition cpu; 2 seagate 500 gb sata hdds (st3500641as-rk)(not in a raid); 4gb ddr3-1333mhz ram. Problem is when installing and setup gets to where it ask "where do you want to install windows?" It gives me a choice of the 2 hdds. No matter which one i choose, i get the error message "setup was unable to creat a new system partition or locate an existing system partition. See the setup log files for more information. "1. Where do i find the setup log files? 2.

Why can it not create the system partition?B. If i just hit the next button at the screen where the first error message is located. I get the message "no signed device drivers were found. Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click ok. "1. I'm thinking that the hdds are the devices being talked about. 2. Where can i get the drivers? This is the second build. I have built a previous build with the same mb, cpu, ram, and simular hdds. Windows 7 had no problem with that build. I did have 4 hdds in it 2 500gb and 2 1tb drives. I am not trying to load the os from the same dvd. I purchased 2 copies of the os.

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Remote Desktop Printing Between Xp / Win7 X64

I'm trying to access my work machine from 2 different locations. The work machine runs win 7 pro x64. I setup remote desktop hosting on it. When i access the work machine from another win 7 pro x64 machine, everything works fine, including local printing (to the printer next to me), as it should. But when i access the work machine from a win xp pro machine, i can't print. My local printer (attached to the xp pro box, next to me) doesn't appear in the list of available printers when i'm logged into the work machine. (Yet i can print locally on the win xp pro machine just fine. ) Fwiw, the printer is a canon mp830.

How do i get printing working? Do i need to install a driver? On which machine? And do i install the x86 or x64 version of the driver? (I don't think it's even possible to install the x64 driver on the win xp machine, since it's a 32 bit version of windows. )

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Malicious Software Removal Tool X64

In the past, i once let the windows update install this program. Not aware of the headache it caused me after my computer had to restart. The removal tool program just took over my computer and when it was done "scanning for problems", i was then prompted if i wanted these issues resolved i had to pay well it would be very helpful that in the future that you all include that little bit of information in the notes before anyone commits to this download.

Personally, i found it to be nothing more than cheap way to sneak something into one's computer and not fully disclosing every detail about this particular product at least give the user a choice to cancel the program if he or she choose's to download this program. I the past i tried to do that and it wouldn't let me, it just ran it's course and i really thought i had a problem when in fact i didn't.

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Cannot Print From X86 Platform Through Printer Connected To X64

Just installed win7 enterprise. Now my problem is: i can't print (my printer is canon ip4200) from my laptop through the net, it asks for a x86 driver to install on my win7 computer, but when i click the . Inf file that comes with the driver from canon usa, and it says it's not compatible and i can't install it. On my win7 computer it works just fine. For now i've uninstalled all the drivers from my computers.

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Sound Blaster X-fi, 4gb Ram, Win 7 X64

I've recently upgraded to windows 7 x64 and also added 2 gb of ram to my system. I have a soundblaster x-fi (sbo467 per the dell website) on an xps 710. After installing the new ram, the computer boots up with static sound, and if i play anything with sound after bootup, the sound cuts out completely. I've read some about 3rd party drivers working but i've been unsuccessful so far in getting these drivers to work. Can anyone tell me how to get this problem resolved?

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Blinking Desktop Icons On Win 7 Pro X64

Last week the icons on my desktop started blinking when i logon to my account, after cold booting. The icons blink to a white color then go back to normal every two seconds. If i logoff and back on the problem clears, but always returns after a cold boot. I don't have a clue as to why this has started. The most recent program i installed was office communicator 2007 r2 which i have to use for work, and i believe there were some system updates from microsoft.

The cpu runs at about 25% busy when the blinking is happening. If i press the start key, the menu appears briefly and then disappears so it's very difficult to quickly choose an option. I think there's something upsetting the explore.exe process. I use avira antivir premium v9 and a licensed version of malwarebytes, and neither report any virus or malware infections. Any ideas?

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Explorer.exe Crash - Win 7 Pro X64

I'm having some problems lately with my windows 7 pro x64. About 2 weeks ago explorer.exe(the shell, not iexplorer.exe) start crashing without a (obvious) reason. A few days later i noticed that this problems usually but not always occurs when i'm using visual studio 2008. After explorer.exe crashes, every time i try to right click on the desktop or an opened folder, it crashes again. However this doesn't happen if i right click a folder(icon not inside the opened folder). Since this problem appeared out of the blue, i first suspected a virus or other malware so i did a full system scan with my norton 360 without finding anything. The second thing i did is to check every software installed short before the problems appeared. Except a few system updates the only apps i installed this month were metro 2033 and a video driver update. I removed the game and rolled back the driver to the previous installation but the problem persisted. Since after the first crash i can't right click anymore i checked every single non microsoft shell extension installed(adobe extensions, winrar, winamp, xnview, folder highlight, nvidia control panel, norton scan, alchool 120% and a few more - i know i have a lot of extensions but i never had a problem with this before neither on windows xp nor windows vista).

I also tried every single solution provided on this forum or any other ms forum or any other windows 7 forum i could find but nothing worked. Since i run out of options i replaced ntdll.dll and explorer.exe with the files from my hp laptop running same windows and 80% of my desktop apps(except games and drivers) but no effect again. The only thing i didn't do is to remove every update installed this month. I also performed a hdd test, ram test, vga test and cpu test and every thing is fine. (I had some technical problems with my pc so i ended up by changing my mother board and video card so i thought it's a hardware problem again). So, so far. Everything i know about this error is the info provided by event viewer and reliability monitor.

Here is the info provided by event viewer and reliability monitor:/*faulting application name: explorer.exe, version: 6. 1. 7600. 16450, time stamp: 0x4aebab8d

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Lost X64-based Display System After Optional Updates

I accepted "optional" updates and lost my x64-based display system. Was left with only a x32-based system. How do i get my x64 back without reloading hard drive and losing data? I used windows updates to accept "optional" updates to nvidia -display-geforce g105m; and atheros-network-atheros ar8131 pci-e pci-e gigabit ethernet controller. Afterwards, the screen popped up super large and i had adjust screen resolution. It only allowed me to adjust it to 32-bit resolution. 64-bit was no longer available. When i checked my system, the x64-based display system had disappeared. I now only have a x32-based system.

How do i get my x64 back without having to completely reload the back up disk and lose my data?  This happened about a week before as well, i had taken it in to the "geeks" who had a special disk and were able to just load the video part of the back up disk. I don't want to have to do this every week when there is a new update or, lesson learned, never download an optional update again. Any other options?

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Constant Bsod On Win 7 Pro X64 Dell Studio 1557

I wonder if anybody can help me. I have been having constant bsod on win7 pro x64 dell studio 1557 icore 7 720qm, ati 4570 hd, intel wifi-link 5300 agn. All drivers and bios are up to date as of 21/10/2010. I have reinstalled the os at least 3 times, these bsod come and go, sometimes up to 10 times a day and then sometimes not at all for a few weeks. I have mini dump files to upload but do not know how to upload them to this forum yet? All of the mini dump files i have looked at point to probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( ntkidoublefaultabort+b2 )

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