Computer Will Freeze, Lock Up During Game Play

So i just bought a new gaming desktop this year. It was $1300 and i'm very disappointed, i bought 500gb of hard drive space and only 9 out of my 46 games work with it. Mostly because a lot of the games were made before 1998. I'm only asking about 3 of the games that i've managed to get working: civilization 3, civ 3 play the world, and civ iv/beyond the sword.

Problem: all of the games start and will play normally but at certain times during the game-play the computer will freeze, lock-up, or just kick me out of the game for no reason. It happens at different times in each game. In civilization 3, i can play fine for the most part but if i accidentally scroll too fast on the map it just locks-up or freezes and i have to shut it down with the task manager. In civilization 3:play the world i can play to the end of a game with no problems but as soon as it switches to the results screen after the game it kicks me out to a black screen and then i have to go into the task manager to turn it off and start over.

In civ iv, about halfway through any game it will just shut down everything and take me back to windows. There doesn't seem to be any particular action that triggers it. As far as i know these games should be compatible with vista, could these issues have something to do with the operating system hogging too much memory? 

Hope to get an answer soon, it will save me many headaches trying to fix this alone.

Comp specs: (if you need more of these let me know)
-Windows vista home premium 64-bit
-2gb ram

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Game Freeze Issue

I have recently upgraded to windows 7 32x from windows xp. The problem i am having is that i can't play any games what so ever. I can install and play them from 5 to 20 mins long before they hard freeze and need to be hard rebooted. I have nothing else wrong windows 7 it only happens during game play. The game i have tested this on are:

Sims 3 with expansion
Batman arkham asylum
Call of duty modern warfare 2

My computer has well over the recommend specs for all these games and they are all legal copies. I have tried a fresh install on windows, all drivers are up to date and windows 7 compatible, i have tried stopping all non microsoft programs running in the back ground and also tried with just using one monitor (as i have a dual monitor set up)

Computer specs
Intel core 2 q9450
Corsair dominator 1066mhz 4 gigs ram
2x 8800gts 640mb running in sli
Windows 7 32 bit (6. 1 build 7600)

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Mouse Freeze Only When Playing Game

When i play a game, my mouse start malfunctioning and after a minute or two, it freeze completely. The game run really good, the keyboard work fine as well because i can keep playing the game, it's just that i can't use my mouse. As soon as i go back to my desktop using alt-tab, the mouse suddenly works just fine. Then i go back to my game, the mouse work for a couple of seconds then it freeze again. I cant click and i cant move it.

I used to play games before without experiencing any problems. I don't see what i could have installed on my computer that suddenly cause this problem. The problem affect all my games (far cry 2, left 4 dead 2, bioshock). I tried to uninstall all window updates and all programs installed since the first time i experienced the problem, but it didn't solve anything. Please help me. I use window 7 64 bit.

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Error - System Memory - When Play Game

I have frequently used the free cell game that came with vista on my pc. Suddenly started to get a "critical error" message when attempting to run it: "the system has run out of memory. Try closing some applications and trying again. ". The other game (solitaire, hearts, etc. ) All seem to open just fine, but i don't use them. Any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot, repair or reinstall?

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Play Tripeaks Card Game In Win 7

Microsoft produce entertainment packs in the old x86 days, they continued to work well for the addicted on through xp svc pk 3. They do not work with windows 7. How do i treat my wife's addiction. Since it appear to be a ms game, even tho somebody's name "a bhogue child" appears on the about panel. So where how do i get to play these card games?

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Lock Memory Privilege

I'm trying to decide on which version of 7 to get and have a few questions. I'm leaning towards 7 pro 64 bit but concerned about compatibility issues with software and hardware drivers. I think i'll be ok with most of my software working but i'm concerned about drivers for things like graphics cards and other drives. Any thoughts?

 Which one of the windows 7 versions support the ability to change the lock memory pages setting? I know that vista premium did not support changing this.

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Blue Ray Disc Will Play But Movie Audio Does Not Play

Blue ray disc when i play blue ray disc the introduction audio will work and then when i get to the movie the audio won't work. It only happens part of the time what am i doing wrong? I get a error message unsupported audio.

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Hp Photosmart D7560 Printer Lock

If my printer is on and a restart from update or i start my computer in the morning and happen to have turned the printer on prior to starting it lock up my computer. I try to restart it goes through windows repair and says it cannot resolve the problem. I have to start of and go to recovery and select and earlier start date and it works as long and the printer is not on. I know how to solve the problem. Don't have the printer on. Learned my lesson and i have another friend with same problem. Perhaps microsoft should know. I tried to tell hp did not receive an answer.

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Delay In Caps Lock Key

I've recently moved from a computer with vista to one with windows 7. There's a noticeable delay in the operation of the caps lock key, whether toggling on or off. For example, if i'm typing and the cursor is on the screen, and i inadvertently hit caps lock, the cursor goes away for a couple of seconds, i get a caps lock icon in the lower right of my screen, and i can't type nor toggle the caps lock key again until the cursor comes back. On the old vista computer, this was essentially intantaneous. Is this built into windows 7, and can i make a settings change or a tweak to change this?

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Keyboard Lock Dll Message Flags Up

Keyboard lock dll message flags up, preventing access to orange e-mail. Vista premium home edition. Home page appears, windows live mail available ok but when attempting to receive orange e-mails via bookmarks or favorites, blank sign-in form appears and as soon as the keyboard is touched all freezes, a slight fog covers the screen and keyboard lock dll flag comes up. Working through' task manager, it's start again time! Sometimes after ignoring it and working on other items it has been possible to go back and get into the e-mail, but not totally reliable.

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Cannot Lock Laptop Using Win+l Key Through Keyboard

I have an acer laptop running windows 7 ultimate.connected to this laptop is usb splitter to connect external keyboard and mouse for easy desktop use. Within the past 2-3 weeks, i can no longer lock the laptop using win+l through the laptop keyboard, but can using the usb keyboard. It's the oddest thing. I've unplugged the keyboard, waited for the machine to signal it has been disconnected, and still failed. Also tried rebooting with no luck. Anyone ever heard or seen of anything like this before?

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Win7 Lock Disables Monitor Shut Off

I worked with medical records, and i found a screen lock that also disabled the task manager, but that feature doesn't work with 7. I tried using 7's built in lock feature, but my monitors don't shut off at the 5 minute idle time setting i've set. When i use the old lock, the monitors go off after being idle, even when i have my tv card running underneath.

I tried searching to see if others have reported that problem here, but i didn't come up with anything. Has anyone run into this problem and come up with any work-arounds or fixes?

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Win 7 Freeze

I am having a problem with windows 7 freezing up as well and i wondered if anyone has figured out the problem yet? I'm using windows 7 home premium, 32 bit os, intel core 2 duo processor e7300, nvidia geforce 7050 integrated, 320gb hdd 2gb ddr2 memory. My computer can go days and you think the problem is fixed and then it just freezes and i have to shut down using the power button.control alt delete doesn't work when this happens. I have reinstalled windows 7 to factory specs more then once and it did not fix the problem.

My dealer is willing to take the computer in for service but i don't think it's a hardware problem. I think it's windows 7 problem so how do you fix a windows 7 problem when ms doesn't even admit there is a problem. I'd like to say i want my money back but i would really rather a darn fix for this problem. I'm sick of tech support telling me to just reinstall windows that should fix everything when it doesn't and i lose all my stuff. Hasn't this problem been going on for a very long time?

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Slow Down / Freeze

I am running windows 7 ultimate 32-bit and have been running it for about 4-5 months and have never experienced this problem before. What happens is that after an hour or two windows slows down almost to the point of freezing. It takes a long while to respond to anything i do. Even opening the start menu can almost take up to a minute. I have almost no other applications installed as i have removed everything. I am just running kaspersky 2010 and an anti-freeze app that opens something similar to task-manager. This app runs fine once it has opened but takes a while to open as well.

It allows me to stop processes that take up too many resources but the problem is that none of my applications use an excessive amount of resources and stopping them doesn't work either. I have run hardware test and my ram and hd are fine. Have also tested my sleep, hibernate and power settings to the point of exhaustion but nothing seems to work. I do not know if this is a hardware error or a software problem as i am relatively unfamiliar with the more technical side of things.

Sometimes even my start-menu opens fine but windows explorer starts the slow-down. Does anyone please have any idea what might be causing this?I have 2gb ddr2 800 mhz ram and 3ghz core 2 duo processor. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated as i am running out of ideas. Please also let me know if you require more information.

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Mouse And Keyboard Freeze

I have looked at several threads in the forum but i haven't seen a real answer to this problem. I have a wireless comfort keyboard 4000 and wireless laser mouse 5000 (mouse and keyboard set). I have a motherboard with the nvidia 630i chipset and nvidia 8600 video card. I am running win 7 pro x-64.
At seemingly random times my mouse and keyboard will freeze. Tasks appear to still run and my disk activity light in on. Sometimes the hdd activity light is solid and sometimes it blinks. I used to be able to clear the problem by pressing the sleep key on my keyboard but that does not work any more. Sometimes the mouse an keyboard will unfreeze but most of the time i have to reboot.
I found a reference to kb976972 concerning nvidia usb but that did not solve my problem. I found a reverence to using a usb mouse instead of a wireless mouse. I don't have a usb mouse and besides if it is a wireless mouse problem then microsoft should fix it. I found a reference to removing kb9980302 to fix the problem.
I saw a reference to running a "clean boot" to see if there is a driver causing the problem. I have seen a process for changing power management for usb hubs. What i haven't seen is an answer that everyone says has cured the problem. Lots of people are having this problem. Can someone from microsoft please resolve it?

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Taskbar Freeze At Startup

I had tried several times now, but the same happend. When i upgraded first time from xp to win 7 everything went ok until a few days later. Then started the taskbar to freeze, i could not click any items in the taskbar etc. Until i start the task manager by pressing #ctrl-alt-del" when i had dne that the task bar can be used again !I had tried to run 5-6 different virus scanners, i have avg installed, nothing from any of them, i thought in the beginning it could be a problem with the csrss.exe file as in the task-manger can i not see the properties, it not come up at all, also it not show who user ise the csrss.exe, my notebook does that !

I had re-installed the win 7 2 times again, and now it seems like the taskbar freeze at sratup, so when had had started the task-manager 1 time it works all ok ! That is quite strange !Any have a brilliant idea about what is wrong ! My computer is an acer stationary, 2 gb ram. Intel core duo e4500 2. 2 ghz. Windows / 32 bit.

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Taskbar Freeze Lockup

I occasionally have an issue with my taskbar locking up in windows 7. Usually, it seems to be happening after gaming, or maybe from waking up from a sleep or hibernation state. When i wake windows, an mouse down to the taskbar, its frozen in the minimize/hidden state. You cant get it to show again, even if you hit the windows key on the keyboard. It also seems that the computer is non-operational. I cant click icons on the desktop, etc. The only resolution ive found is to power down the computer and restart. Im running an asau p6t deluxe with latest bios.

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Media Center Freeze

Windows 7 media center freezes my computer when i am skipping ahead through hd tv - five or six skips and my computer freezes. (Reproducible problem. ) It sometimes freezes when i am watching an hd program while it is taping and i skip (say the football game starts at 1 and i start watching at 2 and skip commercials). It sometimes freezes when i flip channels when watching tv. Sometimes it issues a constant "screech" when frozen, sometimes it is silent.

This is a recent windows 7 upgrade. I had an infrequent sound issue in vista 64 when i installed sound blaster, but not the consistent freezing. I suspected the sound card as i added it recently, but now i suspect some kind of  memory issue - that the skips or channel changes are exhausting the ram - but that doesn't seem to make sense given the 6 gb. I do notice it takes more skips to crash if i close memory consuming applications like the memeo sync program i use with my external hard disk.

I have updated drivers and i have defragged my internal hard disk where tv programs are stored. External hd is for backup only. Any suggestions for narrowing down the cause?

Dell studio xps 435mt - i7-920 processor 2. 66 ghz. 6 gb. Titantium pro sound blaster. Two monitors -second monitor is 720p tv through hdmi connection and optical sound out.

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Cd Spin Up Causes Audio Freeze

I'm using a new-in-november dell latitude e6400 which, according to their website, was and is completely compatible with windows 7. I've not had too many problems, but i do have a rather significant one that i need to solve, or else i'll be downgrading to xp. Which i just do not want to do.

If i'm listening to audio via itunes or any other program and want to rip a cd into the computer using any other program (or even the same one), the audio i'm listening to (and essentially all of the ui) will freeze, either shutting off completely or skipping quite fast while the cd spins up. After the cd has spun up, the audio begins playing again normally.

To my knowledge, i have downloaded all of the most recent updates (microsoft and dell) and applied them promptly - to no avail. Dell is not willing to help me on this either as i purchased the windows 7 upgrade from digitalriver (the student discount).

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Installing Win 7 From Cd Freeze

I am installing an upgrade for windows 7 ultimate x64 from cd at boot-up time. I have windows vista ultimate x64 installed but i want to install windows 7 ultimate x64 in its own partition and not overwrite my vista installation. I boot from the cd, get the screen which says files are being loaded, the progress bar goes to 100%, then i get a screen which just says "starting windows" and then nothing else happens.

Bravo, microsoft ! You have made an installation program which stops during the install without telling the end-user what is happening. Has anyone experienced this who might know what is causing the freeze ? I have read some reports about usb problems with windows 7, but my mouse is a wireless using a usb port and my keyboard is a wired usb so if i remove both i do not think i can install anything .

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System Freeze On Boot

I recently purchased win7 ultimate. The win7 advisor says that my computer can run all the bells and whistles of win7 64bit. I was previously running xp pro. I have attempted numerous boots from both the 32bit install disk and the 64bit install disk to begin the install process. Both disks and two different optical drives make no difference.

Within about 5 minutes of startup, regardless of whether i have begun the install or are in some other portion of the setup, the computer will completely freeze and the only option is to hardboot. Shortly after the system freezes, the optical drive stops spinning (though i can still open and close the optical drives). I had no previous problems with xp so i would tend to doubt a hardware issue.

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Win7 Would Freeze After Sleep Mode

Windows 7 would freeze after sleep mode and a hard reboot would fix it. Until this last time went to awake it up and i got the normal freeze screen when i went to hard reboot nothing happens other then my fans spin lights come on and the cd drive.

Programs you are having problems with my keyboard will not light up nor will my screen turn on. I tried removing ram and swapping it around, unplugged hard drives, unplugged everything and checked all connections and even removed the battery from my mother board. My motherboard is an asus m2n-sli deluxe with a 3. 2 duel core athlon.nvidia 8800 gt i believe.

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Program Installs Continuously Freeze

I have been having a major issue with win7 ult. First, i upgraded from xp and needed a clean install, i've done this many times over the years without a hitch, and for whatever reason. When i went to install 7, the install would simply freeze at a random percent. Finally, after about a week, 7 installed. Since then, i have had repeated issues when trying to download drivers. My creative driver d/l froze as did my nvidia display driver.

After about 5 -10 attempts each i was finally able to finish the d/l's. Also, my microsoft update d/l have frozen on me several times. Again, after trying several times they completed with the exception of the additional language packs, which i didnt see a need to d/l. All the drivers i d/l were made for win7 x64, i made sure before proceeding.

Now i am trying to install my games: dragon age: origins, crysis, age of conan, etc. All of them freeze just as my win7 ultimate install froze. To say that i am mildly frustrated would ofcourse be an understatement.

Before you ask:  prior to installing win7 i ran the upgrade advisor and my system passed with flying colors. No conflicts were found. I am running an xfx 680i lt sli motherboard, xfx nvidia gts 250 512mb dx10 gpu, 6 gb ocz sli memory (two 1 gb chips and two 2 gb chips), a creative extreme gamer soundcard, an intel core 2 duo 2. 66 cpu.

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Win 7 Pro 64-bit - Random Freeze

I used windows 7 rc 32 bit before this, it worked like a charm. Now, i installed windows 7 pro 64 bit, it works for a couple of weeks smoothly.

Today, i did a few things:

1) installed thunderbird
2) installed a huawei e160g wireless broadband modem
3) changed my dns to 8. 8. 8. 8 and 8. 8. 4. 4
It froze a few times already, and this is what i recall:
1) firefox was open in all cases
2) the modem was being used in all cases
3) thunderbird was uninstalled, still happening.
However, it cant be firefox, i have been using it for weeks.

I just tried uninstalling the modem, smooth so far, but i cant be sure yet. I want to ask: has anyone else had problems with modems or their drivers/programs?

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Freeze On Boot After Auto Updates Installed

I have been experiencing a very frustrating problem with my win 7 32 bit machine. 3 ghz dual core, 4 gb 800 mhz dual channel ram, 8800 gtx graphics card, 500 gb hd. After installing some unknown set of windows updates, the computer will not boot, but instead freezes on logo screen. Start up repair sometimes suggests restore option, which sometimes works but others does not leaving me no option but to reinstall windows and rebuild. I have tried to turn off auto windows update but it still tries to install everytime, which leads to freezing on next boot.

Please help if i completely turn off updating it seems to not have the problem, e.g. Uncheck all update options. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Occasional Freeze / System Locks Up For Several Minutes

For a good while after initially putting my system together, i would encounter one or two crashes regularly upon boot-up. Gradually, through perhaps either cleaning the system and/or installing more recent drivers that problem no longer exists. However, at about the same time the crashes ended, the system began operating relatively sluggishly. Not only do programs run slower on my new system, but the system locks up for several minutes at a time. Cpu usage and memory usage randomly and frequently maxes out, despite only running one or two programs at a time.

I have installed and ran ms security essentials, cc cleaner, and malwarebytes anti-malware and at this point, they can't tag anything for removal. I'd appreciate it if someone could recommend one or several things to do to troubleshoot my problem. There are a few things i've mulled as the root of my computer's performance issues:i have a malicious file or program that isn't being detected by software?System is not freeing up resources once they are not being used? System registry was damaged by a virus or uninstall?My 2nd internal hard drive, which was the primary hd from my last computer is adversely affecting performance?Poor graphics card?Faulty memory?

Os: windows 7
Processor: amd athlon ii x4 630 propus 2. 8ghz 4 x 512kb
Memory: ocz gold 4gb (2 x 2gb) 240-pin ddr3 sd
Ram ddr3 1600 (pc3 12800
Primary hd: wd10eads 1tb 32mb cache sata 3. 0gb/s
Motherboard/video card: gigabyte ga-ma785gpmt-ud2h am3 amd 785g hdmi micro atx amd

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Ati Display Driver Cause Windows To Temporarily Freeze

Microsoft security essentials and ati display driver cause windows to temporarily freeze for 1-2 minutes after system startup. I am running windows 7 professional 64 bit with an xfx ati radeon hd5750 graphics card with the latest ati display driver (ver 10. 6). I have also installed microsoft security essentials and there appears to be some sort of conflict between the display driver and security essentials.

Everytime i start windows, shortly after the desktop appears (within 1-2 minutes) windows freezes. The mouse will move on the screen but you cannot click on anything nor use the keyboard. This frozen state lasts for about 1-2 minutes and then everything appears to return to normal. I have isolated the issue down to these two components. If i disable the microsoft security essentials service and then re-boot the computer then it starts up just fine without any pauses or freezing.

Also, if i uninstall the ati display driver and allow security essentials to startup automatically then everything also boots up fine with no pauses or freezing. The problem is with both of these components together. Do you have any idea as how to resolve this issue. I need the display driver in order to use the features in the graphics card and i would like to use security essentials as my antivirus software. However, the continual freezing of the system everytime i boot up is very frustrating.

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Safe Removal Of Any Usb Device Causes Win 7 To Freeze

The problem just started about a week ago. I'm running win 7 ultimate 32-bit. The problem will occur on a gps, thumb drive, or my maxtor external drive. As soon as i click to safely remove the device, the screen freezes and i have to power off to continue.

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Flash Player Causes Internet Explorer And Firefox To Freeze

Every time i open chess titans my computer blue screens hard drives running through ide disappear. When flash drive plugged in adobe flash player causes both internet explorer and firefox to freeze. Windows 7 professional 64bit, p5w dh-deluxe motherboard q6600 2. 4 ghz processor 2 gb g. Skill 800mhz memory, geforce 8800 gts video card, 10, 000 rpm hard drive, ultra 1, 600watt power supply w/ 117 amps on 12v rail ect. All windows updates and newest drivers on everything.

I have multiple possibly unrelated problems. First, every time i open chess titans my computer blue screens (doesn't actually show the blue screen) just flips off and back on. I am running the minimum amount of ram for windows 7 x64 but i will play hard core games fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Second, i have 2 hard drives running through ide (non raid) they work fine until i plug in my flash drive then they disappear i can't even find them under disk management.

My flash drive is formatted in ntfs and is 64gb so possibly windows in recognizing it as a hdd. Finally, adobe flash player causes both internet explorer and firefox (whichever one has the page open) to freeze when loading certain web pages eg.  some pages work fine like adobe (it says flash player was successfully installed) but most pages do not. Any ideas?

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Explorer.exe Freeze Playing Logoff Sound

I want to take my machine in for service and want to be able to make sure the repair person knows what they're doing before i let them mess with it. I have had my dell xps studio 64bit for less than a month. Have installed minimal additional programs besides what it came with and when using explorer it has frozen on several occasions forcing me to shut the whole computer down and then displays this error with the only option to force the program to close. (Waiting for) explorer.exe playing logoff sound.

What exactly is wrong? And how can it be fixed? Thank you so much for your help. As you can see i'm very frustrated and concerned that i just spent a lot of money on something that is not working properly.

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