What Is Status.msi?

I keep getting a pop-up that says the feature you are trying to use in on a network that is unavailable. Then a popup that says wait while windows configures status, then a pop-up that says please reinstall using a valid copy of the installation package "status. Msi" then it starts this whole procedure all over again. When i reboot the same things happens. I can't get rid of this. I don't know what program to reinstall that will get rid of this problem. I am not on a network. The only thing that is used in conjunction with another used is the router and modem.

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Lost Administrator Status

I stupidly followed some instructions i found on line so that i wouldn't have to type my administrator password each time i logged on but in the process, i can no longer access the administrator account. I am now logged on as a guest account. When i go to user accounts and try to "manage another account" to switch to the administrator account, the dialog box asks me to type in the administrator password but there is nowhere to do so. I don't seem to have any way to access the administrator account. Is there any way to fix this short of reinstalling windows 7?

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Status Error Printing

I have installed the drivers for a hp deskjet 720c printer. Everytime i try to print from microsoft word nothing happens. When i click to "see whats printing" under the status bar it says "error - printing".

Further details: i am running windows 7 professional 32bit. I have used this printer on other computers and it works. The printer is switched on. I have connected the printer via usb to parallel adapter. I have installed the drivers for the printer from windows 7.

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Epson Status Monitor 3 Is Not Working

I have a epson tx110 printer and i keep getting the message "epson status monitor 3 is not working and will be closed down. " I contacted epson and they say it is my windows home basic vista that is causing it not to work. But i can't seem to find any answers to the problem. In the meantime, i can't use my printer as it will not let me get into the ink tanks, even when i disconnect it from the computer. Can anybody help here?

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Remove Styling On Printer Status Dialog

Just had a pretty hideous user experience which is a shame given how great windows 7 has been. I've just installed a printer (hp f4272). I didn't bother with the hp cd, just connected and let windows load the drivers it required. This worked fine.

The problem occurred within the. For want of a better word i'll call the printer options window. If i go to start -> devices and printers -> hp deskjet f2000 series rather than seeing the current status of print jobs i have an extra in between window that gives me printing and scanning options.

The first time i entered that window just below the address bar breadcrumb was a message asking if i'd like to update the information (sorry i can't remember the error as i was expecting windows to ask if i wanted the driver updated), to the link to the windows help associated with the message search in help for "automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware" and choose the top option. After clicking on this option it didn't as i expected update the driver but downloaded a hideous theme which as removed 1/2 of the options from the window and added an advert for hp. Image of what it looks like now:

I appreciate that this is an issue with hp not microsoft and could be quite a good feature if not abused by a vendor like this. What i'd like to do is uninstall this theme, the problem is i can't work out where to do it. I can't find any options in devices and printers, there isn't anything within add / remove programs either (yes i've turn on the option to see windows updates). Any ideas?

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Ide Channel - Dma/pio Status Check

I have been trying to check the dma/pio status of my system, but i couldn't find anything that mentions primary/secondary channel under "ide ata/atapi controllers" in device manager. From what i read in various forums, that is the way to do it, and also i noticed that a few people couldn't find the "primary/secondary channel" thingy as well. (But i couldn't find the solution to the issue)

My problem is that a couple usb ports (2 out of 4) that i normally used went slow when i transfer data to/from external hdd. Now i've been switching to the other 2 of the usb ports, and i could see the difference in transfer rate. This happened before with my xp system, but i could access the primary/secondary channel and switched them all back to dma, which is something i can't do now with my other system of vista. So now i would really like to check on that, and i need some help to do so.

My system:
Windows vista (up-to-date with all the windows update)
Intel core 2 duo p9600 2. 67ghz
4 gb ram
Nvidia geforce gtx 260 - 1 gb memory
Realtek/creative soundblaster

320 gb hdd (well, it's almost full, leaving about 20 gb of free space, but the problem i mentioned up there already happened when i still got 60 gb of free space like a couple months ago) it would be great if someone can help me enlighten my days here. I'm not a computer geek, but definitely not an illiterate as well.

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Aero Status Not Automatically Run When System Boots

Have windows 7 home premium oem. Each boot-up of system gives message 'color scheme changed-the following program has performed an action that requires windows to temporarily change color scheme to windows 7 basic-windows will automatically change color scheme back to windows 7 aero when this program or other programs performing similar actions are no longer running. This is the program that could be the problem which is qttask.exe, published is apple computer. Process identifier (pid 2204. (Note-i loaded a family disk copy of rosetta stone language that probably created this problem) in order to reinstate windows 7 home premium aero i use my computer's troubleshoot diagnostics and perform seven steps.

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Msi 790gx Lockups And Crashes

My mother board is msi 790 gx with onboard graphics and no additional graphics board. I am using windows 7 ultimate. I frequently get lock ups or crashes when using a movie editor. Should i install a graphics card and will that stop the crashes.

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Running A Msi File As Administrator

I am installing a msi on windows 7 from a user account. It doesn't get installed properly since it don't have administrator rights. I want to run my msi as administrator. What changes should i make in the msi? How should i make them. I don't want to write another program to run my msi like using shell-execute. I don't want to use command prompt also. I just want to change my msi so that when i double click on it, it should run as administrator on windows 7 irrespective of the account from which i have logged on. Can we use orca tool for this problem? How can i use it.

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Failed To Retrieve Broadband - Error - Http Status 404

I have tried every solution i have seen in the microsoft forums, and can still not see netflix or internet tv on my laptop or my desktop. Laptop has a clean install of win7 x64 and desktop has an upgrade from vista to win7 x64. When i try to update on both machines, i get the same "guide could not download" error, and when i check the event log, it states† "failed to retrieve broadband. Enc (error: http status 404: the requested url does not exist on the server)". I have uninstalled and reinstalled media center, have cleared out the ehome directory, and have tried running mc update from command prompt. I am at a loss as what to do next.

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Office Communicator 2007 - Enable Appear Offline Status Option

Iím currently using windows 7 and iím trying to enable "appear offline" status option in microsoft office communicator 2007 .

As per many forums the steps are as follows:

1. Open registry editor and go to the following registry entry


Here my answer is:: when i opened "registry editor" i didn't find "communicator" in "hkey_local_machinesoftwarepoliciesmicrosoft"

What is the problem?

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Printer Fatal Error - Msi.dot4wrp40

My hp printer has a "fatal error" and " msi. Dot 4wrp40" message during the install. Says installer service could not be accessed. Im running windows 7 and need help reinstalling the installer? I guess.

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Msi Installer For Adobe Program Fails

I am having problems installing a new adobe program (creative suite 5) on my windows 7 x 64 computer and the installation logs plus some testing i have done point to a failing msi in the deployment package. I've written on the adobe forum and am trying to get tech support, but wonder if in the meanwhile, there is anything i can do about the msi to fix it?

The msi is named: microsoft_vc80_crt_x86_x64. One remedy for installation problems on the adobe forum was to run each msi separately, then repair by right-click, then uninstall. After this, it seemed to help. So, i tried (first 3 worked ok) and came across the above noted msi: when i ran it failed and would not complete. The 1935 error message: hresult 0x80073712 and the (apparently essential) component that it is failing to install: 844efba7-1c24-93b2-a01f-c8b3b9a1e8e.

I checked that all installer permissions are set ok. My installer version is 5, which seems ok. This non-networked computer is used by me, so i am the administrator with admin rights. I also tried the same installer in another, separate adobe package, and the same failure occurred. Is there anything i can do to get this installer to complete properly, install the component?

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How To Change Compatibility Setting Of Msi Installer?

I am trying to install an msi for an application called "encryption plus" from guardian edge. When i right click the msi and choose compatibility, i am presented with the check box to select "run this program in compatibility mode for:"but the drop down menu contains no items. It is an empty list. When i click it, it does not show windows vista, windows xp sp3, etc. , Etc. Like it should. If i try to do this on any other setup exe, it comes up fine. This only is happening with . Msi setup files.

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.msi Installation Directory Must Be On A Local Hard Drive

Every time i try to run a particular . Msi i get this. "Installation directory must be on a local hard drive". Its not the msi as ive tested it on another computer. The msi is a plug-in tool called t-splines by autodesk. Ive also tried older versions with the same error, things i've tried so far:

Sys restore
Safe mode
Right click - take ownership

I uninstalled 7zip which i already had, then reinstalled with the . Msi from the website to test if it was all msi, however it actually worked. I was looking around for other . Msi install software just to test it but can't find any. If you could point me in the direction of some . Msi files which i can test on my rig. Edit, just tried a few other msi's i had on my computer and i get the error 1723.

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Error - Admin Policy Is Set To Not Allow To Install .msi Programs

Can't install programs (. Msi?), And the error message says that it's because the admin policy is set to not allow it. But i'm the admin, i've recently installed windows 7, and, as the title says, there are some programs i can't install. What i've noticed is that they are "msi" files (i think) - don't know if this means anything or not. I get an error message (red†"x")†that says that the system admin doesn't allow such a file to be installed, but i'm the sys admin. I took a gander at the admin tools (control panel), but i don't understand most of what's there.

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Msi 780-g65 Motherboard Problem On Win 7 64-bit

I have been having issues with a motherboard, that was only showing up after i installed windows 7 pr 64 bit. I dual booted with xp pro 32 bit. The motherboard is a msi 780-g65 and has a phenom ii x4 965 be and 8 gb ddr3 ram. I seemed to be going fine for a while when i only had xp pro on it. I am not exactly sure what my technician said the problem was, they just changed out the motherboard (i then rma'd the bad one). Thank goodness i did buy another board, now it is under warranty. Let's hope they'll honor the warranty. I have decided to make sure my room is real cool and that this time all the fans are working. I think it may have been over heated, which is their fault. I asked to plug in the fands and use this lcd controller i bought from them. Does anyone know, or is there any intel on this sort of thing? I know this is a software forum, but i can't seem to find anything specific about the motherboards interactions with the os. I am looking to msi, but, you know how manufacturers can be.

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Hp Printer Software Fatal Error Device Manager 40

Error "write to c:windowsinstaller1397b. Msi. Fatal error device manager 40" while installing hp printer software.

I get this message when installing hp c4780 printer software on windows 7 home premium. "Write to c:windowsinstaller1397b. Msi fatal error device manager 40. The installation program fails to load and un-installs. I spent 5 hours with hp support. No joy. Had this problem with another hp printer on the same hp laptop. There is a solution involving changing 2 dll's as i remember, but anyone know which ones and how to fix this?

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*.msi Not A Valid Win32 Application Error When Installing A Security Program

Whenever i try and install a security program i get the following: "*. Msi not a valid win 32 application". Noboby seems able to help. Vendors are all blaming another vendor. Meanwhile, i do not have any security on my computer. I am not terribly computer literate so please bear with me. I have rolled back, tried to run as an administrator, have downloaded software umpteen times (to satisfy vendors). This has something to do with microsoft installers. Anyone else had this problem?

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After Printing Screen Says "printer Status Not Available"

After printing we get a msg on the screen that says "printer status not available" how do i set windows 7 so the msg printer status not available does not show up every time we print. It is annoying.

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Audio Problem When Audio Driver From Msi Are Installed

Audio disturbance problem when i install retalk hi definition audio device driver- windows 7i am using msi ex460 note book, recently upgrade os to windows 7 32 bit. I download the audio driver from the msi website. After installation i am facing audio disturbance and i uninstall retalk hd audio device. After restart window 7 install the high definition audio device and now† my audio/speakers having no disturbance but while making calls the other party cant hear my voice properly even all the volume mixer at maximum level. Kinldy advice the updated retalk audio driver suits windows 7.

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